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VP DEBATE: Sarah Palin knows names of dictators, but not the names of American newspapers

Posted by kayinmaine on October 2, 2008

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If you watched the debate and thought Sarah Palin was the smartest person in the room, then you’re a moron. She obviously had an earpiece because she would pause a lot and then sometimes her answers were as if she was repeating what was being said to her! Parroting the neocon talking points from 1980 on in an incoherent way, and that’s because, she was trying to talk, listen, and repeat.

She failed. She sucked. And she will be dangerous for our country. The McCain/Palin ticket is ANOTHER BUSH REGIME ABOMINATION TO OUR COUNTRY!

Joe Biden was mature, wise, and NOT condescending. He’s a pro and will make a fine VP of the United States. He lambasted Dick Cheney tonight, so how could anyone not love him? He understands the Constitution, oh but Sarah….she uses it as a fly swatter!

If you can’t name an American newspaper when asked which ones you read to stay up-to-date on national & world issues, BUT YOU CAN SUDDENLY NAME THE WORLD’S DICTATORS, then that means something is up. There is no way she learned all she said tonight in one week. What we witnessed tonight was a rerun of George Bush being wired back in 2004. The neocons of America have not progressed at all!

What was your reaction to the debate tonight? I was over on FireDogLake liveblogging with them. We did 7 rounds of liveblogging and then a wrap up. LOL We were on fire!









Check out the pictures on the posts. Hysterical!

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Joe LIEberman wants the Wall Street bailout to help John McCain’s campaign

Posted by kayinmaine on October 2, 2008

Joe LIEberman hates America but loves Israel. No further discussion needed. Case Closed. Thank you for shopping K-Mart.

It’s my hope Sarah Palin says the same thing in the debate tonight, and it sounds like this, “Oh yeah, Joe? Well, we want to give $810,000,000,000 to Wall Street (and us, but I bet the “and us” won’t be felt for years to come) because we love America, and we know this will help John McCain’s run for the presidency! How do you like that, Joe? *fires shotgun*

(hat tip to Crooks & Liars for providing the video of Joe Blow)

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Joe Biden & Sarah Palin debate tonight…hold your laugher till later.

Posted by kayinmaine on October 2, 2008

Tonight is America’s biggest entertainment night of the year! That’s right….Joe Biden & Sarah Palin are going to be debating each other to show Americans who would be better served as the next vice president of the United States.

Caribou Barbie is coming to save us all! She’s on a mission!…

One thing I’ll be looking for is what Sarah Palin is wearing. If she’s not wearing a skin tight business suit like she always does and is instead wearing an over-sized sweater or something similar and her hair is down, then I’m going to assume she’s wired to an earpiece.

The final proof she’s wired will be how she answers the questions. If she’s suddenly a world scholar, it will be so freaking obvious, but if she says to Joe Biden, “Right back atcha babe” quite frequently throughout the night after he answers a question, then we’ll know she’s not wired. Pretty simple. Pay attention and be watching for this tonight.

Joe Biden will probably have a few gaffs himself tonight, but I don’t think they’ll be major. What he’s going to have a hard time with is not talking to Sarah as if she’s a 2nd grader….which is going to be tough for him! I mean, really, what we’ve already seen about Sarah Palin is she knows nothing outside the ‘foreign country’ of Alaska. Nothing! She knows nothing! Kind of scary, but I think what Gwen Ifill will do is ask Joe the questions first so Sarah will know what the hell is going on.

Speaking of Gwen Ifill, the right wingers are freaking that John McCain approved of her doing the debate tonight and they’re already saying if Palin does horrible tonight it will be Ifill’s fault and no one elses. Well, suck it up right wingers, because if I remember correctly, Barack Obama had to lower himself to the Evangelicals recently when he decided to join John McCain at Saddleback Church with Rick Warren on their turf! Yep, Barack is very liberal compared to those assholes, but yet, he didn’t feel threatened and wanted to share his beliefs with them. Rev. Rick Warren was FAIR in his questioning despite his own political views and it was John McCain who was the one playing the games that night!

Gwen Ifill is going to be a fine moderator tonight. She’s a pro and understands the American people would not be happy if she was partial. That said, Gwen may laugh out loud at some of Sarah’s answers, but then again, so won’t be the whole country! See?

SIDEBAR NOTE: Gwen Ifill broke her ankle a few nights ago at her home while she was carrying research material for tonight’s debate. Did Sarah Palin put a hex on Gwen after spending some time speaking in tongues and holding snakes in the air? Could be.

It’s going to be an interesting ‘debate’ tonight. All I’m wishing for is for Joe Biden to raise his voice to Hell-Raiser levels as he tells Americans about the last 8 years of the Bush Regime! I love it when he does this and wouldn’t it be beautiful if Sarah Palin nods in agreement as he does?  😉  He can raise his voice, of course…as long as he’s not doing it directly to Sarah Palin. Yes, I know, it’s sexist, but then again, we’ve been told by the McCain campaign everyone must treat Sarah as if she’s the smartest person in the room and we’re not allowed to point out she’s not. Sad really. Sarah’s presence on our nation’s stage so far has knocked back the women’s movement by at least a century. I’m honestly not looking forward to her being in the White House. Hell, I want neither she nor McCain in there because there will be NO women’s movement after they’re done with it! Gawd.

What are you expecting to see and hear tonight? Not much or the funnies night of your life?  😆

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