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Joe LIEberman wants the Wall Street bailout to help John McCain’s campaign

Posted by kayinmaine on October 2, 2008

Joe LIEberman hates America but loves Israel. No further discussion needed. Case Closed. Thank you for shopping K-Mart.

It’s my hope Sarah Palin says the same thing in the debate tonight, and it sounds like this, “Oh yeah, Joe? Well, we want to give $810,000,000,000 to Wall Street (and us, but I bet the “and us” won’t be felt for years to come) because we love America, and we know this will help John McCain’s run for the presidency! How do you like that, Joe? *fires shotgun*

(hat tip to Crooks & Liars for providing the video of Joe Blow)

8 Responses to “Joe LIEberman wants the Wall Street bailout to help John McCain’s campaign”

  1. kayinmaine said

    I bet if Sarah Palin bombs tonight, the RNC will urgently pull her off the ticket and replace her with either Tom Delay or Newt Gingrich (these two have been on our tvs of late, so it makes me think one of them is in and the RNC is pushing them out there, so the public gets used to seeing their ugly mugs).

    Wouldn’t surprise me. If she does well tonight and sounds mature & smart, then we’ll know she was wired and cheated.

  2. kayinmaine said

    FBI is prohibiting agents from discussing 9/11 or their role in it:


    And don’t forget to get your Palin Bingo cards to play tonight!


  3. Grant in Texas said

    Some are looking to see if she wears her hair down covering her ears tonight, or holds her bandaged hand (with a chip?) up to her ears!

  4. Palin is a Whore/I Heart Joe Biden said

    So, Kay, what did you think? Palin never even answered the fucking questions! She would just go on a tangent and start talking about what she wanted to. Mainly the “Maverick”, “energy!” and “Alaska!” I was hoping she would really make a gaffe, but no such luck. On CBS, some Average Joe redneck said he thought Palin did a better job than Biden because Biden “didn’t answer the questions”. A Hispanic lady who could barely speak English (I know, I sound mean right now, but it’s just frustrating) said she liked Palin better because she talked more like an “average” person. You know, shootin’, runnin’, comin’, fuckin’ the American people.

    Everytime the bitch winked, I wanted to smash my TV.

  5. kayinmaine said

    New post up about the debate! Holy cow am I exhausted.

    And yes, Palin Is A Whore/I Heat Joe Biden (LOL nice name change…it’s getting longer every time I talk to you!), Palin kept changing the subject because she can’t scribble outside the lines! She was told to stay on message…well,okay….through her earpiece she was told that!

  6. kayinmaine said

    She acted like one of those women who flirt with the men in the bar and then when her husband notices, she causes him to have a fight with these men. Wolf in sheep’s clothing she is.

  7. clif said

    She’s a TWIT case closed.

  8. Chris from Maine said

    wow.. Lieberman told the truth. The bailout is all about helping McCain win the presidency.

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