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VP DEBATE: Sarah Palin knows names of dictators, but not the names of American newspapers

Posted by kayinmaine on October 2, 2008

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If you watched the debate and thought Sarah Palin was the smartest person in the room, then you’re a moron. She obviously had an earpiece because she would pause a lot and then sometimes her answers were as if she was repeating what was being said to her! Parroting the neocon talking points from 1980 on in an incoherent way, and that’s because, she was trying to talk, listen, and repeat.

She failed. She sucked. And she will be dangerous for our country. The McCain/Palin ticket is ANOTHER BUSH REGIME ABOMINATION TO OUR COUNTRY!

Joe Biden was mature, wise, and NOT condescending. He’s a pro and will make a fine VP of the United States. He lambasted Dick Cheney tonight, so how could anyone not love him? He understands the Constitution, oh but Sarah….she uses it as a fly swatter!

If you can’t name an American newspaper when asked which ones you read to stay up-to-date on national & world issues, BUT YOU CAN SUDDENLY NAME THE WORLD’S DICTATORS, then that means something is up. There is no way she learned all she said tonight in one week. What we witnessed tonight was a rerun of George Bush being wired back in 2004. The neocons of America have not progressed at all!

What was your reaction to the debate tonight? I was over on FireDogLake liveblogging with them. We did 7 rounds of liveblogging and then a wrap up. LOL We were on fire!









Check out the pictures on the posts. Hysterical!


65 Responses to “VP DEBATE: Sarah Palin knows names of dictators, but not the names of American newspapers”

  1. gage said

    Oh my Christ, if that woman gets elected and I’m gonna have to listen to that voice for the next four years, I swear to god I’ll puncture my eardrums!

  2. Homer_J said

    Well I wish I could say I’m surprised, but I’m not. I was listening to NPR the other day and they were talking about the debates when Palin was running for governor. The other candidates would answer the questions given while she went on and on about nothing just filing time.

    Say, kinda reminds me of someone else? **cough** Bush **cough**

  3. Morris said

    Except for the fact that Biden was flat out wrong on 11 of the facts he quoted as “facts”, he did well. I felt bad for him though. He was obviously out classed tonight and new he couldn’t throw a punch which was what he was hoping to do. No major gaffs but lots of factual error–very sad! I expect more from him and Barrack but no one can deliver.

  4. clif said

    No major gaffs but lots of factual error–very sad!

    Yes McClellan was a US Army general, In ther fuckin’ Civil War in the 1860’s NOT afgahanistan in 2008, she is so fuckin stupid it hurts.

    And Joe Biden has NOT supported the stupid ideas of John McCain has proposed like 100 years in Iraq and Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran which could very well stat WW3

  5. Grant in Texas said

    The TROLL says Biden was WRONG on ELEVEN FACTS but then doesn’t tell us what they were nor give any credible links to any of them.

    TYPICAL TROLL!!! Talking out his ass.

  6. Grant in Texas said

    Let her enjoy her 15 minutes of fame as tomorrow the real world comes back to hit her, as a judge has ruled today that Troopergate goes on!


  7. gage said

    Along with all the winks shouldn’t palin have blown kisses and shook her boobs?

  8. gage said

    And christ that woman’s voice could attract screech owls. Not kidding, I’d rather go deaf.

  9. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    The reich are calling it a triumphant victory for Palin, as we all knew they would. Ghouliani claimed Palin wiped the floor with Biden. Sadly the polls will reflect otherwise and Obama will go on to defeat McCain in a landslide victory.

    Best gaffe that nobody picked up on. Palin saying “the toxicity of main street has reached Wall street. She also mistakenly used name Taliban when describing our allies.

    Palin is nothing but fluff. No substance. A caricuture who craftily uses campaign slogans in her answers and asks America to bow to McCain for saving America. *Puke*

  10. molly said

    I went into Lincoln yesterday. 2 hours north of Bangor. NO McCain /Palin signs in the yards. Last election there were Bush signs every where. Lots of Snowe signs in ’06. No Obama/Allen signs either. Lots of people won’t vote up here.I thought the debate was too boring to watch. Neither candidate is exactly truthful.

  11. kayinmaine said

    Bah hahahahaha! As Grant pointed out, troll has “11 booboos” by Biden but doesn’t list them out! Let me guess, he got the “#11 facts wrong” from Bristol Palin’s MySpace space where he hung out all night to find out the truth. 😆 😆

    I agree Gage! Her voice is atrocious and that anger that seeps up to her neck is horrible to watch. No different than the angry old guy we watched the other night debating Barack with an invisible cane in the air.

    Can someone please explain why Palin can’t think of a newspaper name but can rattle off the names of dictators? Earpiece? Seemed likely at certain times during the night.

  12. kayinmaine said

    Uncle I heard the Taliban-gaff coming from Sarah’s lips and said to myself…this woman is just babbling to make herself sound smart, when really, she has no idea what has happened over the last 8 years and it’s probably because she’s been chasing after her “good” children. 😆

    Molly, same thing where I live. I’m working on a post about it.

    Homer J, there are lots of similarities between Palin and Bush. Hopefully someone is making a list of them for all of us to ‘enjoy’.

  13. democommie said


    I don’t get over here as often as I like but when I do it is so refreshing to see that our blogmistress still has an “open door” policy for sub-moron shit heads like you. Sadly that is not the case where I live; fuck you, you fucking fuck.


    I sense a danger that this discussion may get too civil.

    It is obvious to you and I that Sarah Palin is an “empty frock” but we weren’t going to vote the McStain ticket in any event.

    It’s also obvious that the Bushboobs would vote it if Beelzebub was the campaign manager.

    I don’t watch debates, ever, because they never shed any light on substantive issues for me. But, for those who did watch–at least those with a higher level of awareness than, say, Terry Schaivo, it’s also obvious that Palin is a well rehearsed bonehead.

    Dan Quayle with lipstick and 3″ FM spikes.

  14. kayinmaine said

    Exactly Democommie! If one has a brain in their head and watched this debate last night, they would have seen Palin as a commercial for the last 8 years of neoconism! It was hysterical. Those with an IQ of 24 thought Sarah was terrific. Those of us with an average IQ or higher saw a Monster who has already been molded by Karl Rove into BIG LYING BLAME-THE-LIBERALS-FOR-EVERYTHING-THE-REPUBLICS-DO ASSHOLE.

  15. kayinmaine said

    Sarah said last night that Jerusalem needs an embassy. What the hell!!! And she said the toxic waste on Main St. is what is affecting Wall Street? Wow! Neoconism at it’s finest. A 2-hour infomercial.

  16. gage said

    Palin said she would only answer the questions she wanted to answer. Who does THAT remind you of?

  17. Grant in Texas said

    Moving our embassy to Jerusalem would set off the whole Muslim world, even our “friends” like Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, and even Turkey would be in rebellion. That’s why such an explosive action has been restrained by every administration since Truman.

    I don’t think she had an earpiece as unlike Bush who made numerous pauses in his Kerry debates acting like he was listening to yet another voice in his head, with Palin it was rapid, non-stop yakking. She had memorized all of her responses at “debate camp” in Sedona and “by gotcha” she was going to run them off her tongue before she could forget them…the reason she made several gaffes like calling the current general in Afghanistan, McClellan, who was a Civil War leader and not Gen. David D. McKiernan whom Biden had made reference to without naming him. Also the “toxicity of Main Street affecting Wall Street when she had memorized it the other way around. Once I swear she said “Talibany” but one mispronounced word shouldn’t sink anyone. However, I thought she sounded Bushist with her repeated “NUKEular”! Chris Matthews noted this last night saying she reminded him of the kids who memorize for spelling bees. I cannot believe more weren’t put off by her REFUSING to answer any questions but instead go on with her litany of talking points. She proved she still cannot answer a question posed to her when she hasn’t a memorized talking point to regurgitate.

  18. gage said

    “I cannot believe more weren’t put off by her REFUSING to answer any questions but instead go on with her litany of talking points.”

    More than anything else, Grant, this is what bothered me. We’ve had eight tragic years of an executive with this mindset and look where it’s gotten us. I’ll be damned if we need another executive who thinks we work for him (her) instead of the other way around.

    And, christ! that woman’s voice could curdle milk!

  19. Grant in Texas said

    Listening to the “shrill shill” I had to pinch myself now and then as her ramblings came to be akin to staring at a shiny object. I had posted on another blog about her saying “Talibani” when if I had been listening closer would have known that she was referring to the president of Iraq, Jalal Talabani. At least she remembered one name poured into her skull at Debate Camp in Sedona, even though she messed up Gen. David D. McKiernan.

  20. JFH said

    Well, I don’t know about the lies, more hedging of the truth than lies, but here’s a link to theme (Some of them are weak):


    That said, Biden really appeared clueless mixing Art. I and II of the Constitution and the relationship of the VP to the Senate. And, he REALLY screwed up on Lebanon: Hezbollah was never NOT a power inside that country and to claim that Lebanon would be free if only we would have put in NATO troops (without the ruling parties permission) is pure wishful fiction.

  21. clif said

    The twit did no damage last night, but this will;

    Judge: ‘Troopergate’ probe against Palin can continue

    Alaska lawmakers can continue investigating whether Gov. Sarah Palin abused her power in firing a state public safety commissioner who refused to fire her former brother-in-law, a judge ruled Thursday.

    Bloomberg News reports:

    In his ruling yesterday, issued minutes before the start of the vice-presidential debate, Alaska state court Judge Peter Michalski said the Alaska Legislative Council can move ahead with its investigation, including having the state Senate Judiciary Committee subpoena Palin aides to testify.

    “It is legitimately within the scope of the Legislature’s investigatory power to inquire into the circumstances surrounding the termination of a public officer,” Michalski wrote in his ruling.

    Republicans in Alaska had sought to end the probe, arguing that it has become infected with politics. Republican presidential nominee John McCain tapped Palin to be his running mate.

    The judge’s decision on the probe came just a few hours before Thursday night’s debate between Palin and Democratic VP nominee Joe Biden. The trooper-firing investigation was not mentioned during the debate.

    The probe began before Palin’s rise to the national stage. State lawmakers hired an investigator to determine whether Palin acted improperly in allegedly pressuring Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan to fire her brother in law and then firing Monegan when he refused to comply. The governor’s office says budget disputes led to Monegan’s firing.

    The Associated Press has more on the investigation.

    The independent investigator, retired prosecutor Steven Branchflower, now can conclude the probe and report his findings by Oct. 10. Branchflower has not interviewed Palin’s husband Todd and several top aides who have refused to appear under subpoena. It was not immediately clear whether they now would testify.

    It remains to be seen whether the investigation’s findings will turn into this year’s “October surprise” in the presidential campaign.

    BTW JFH didn’t you claim the twit wouldn’t have to deal with Troopergate any longer?

    Damn were you wrong boy.

    The twit and her inbred redneck bozo of a husband need to think what the fuck they are gonna do come the middle of November and the Alaskan legislature is still looking into this criminal activity and the broken reich wing ain’t gonna come to their rescue no more ….. cause not only will she LOSE big time, but she could also find this investigation sends her packin’ permanently to Wasilla without gouging the Alaskans for payouts cause she is OFF the dole there.

    But she is so clueless she don’t thunk she is gonna lose big time in either case.

  22. gage said

    Geez fuck me! #4, JFH, is a deliberate distortion. Biden SAID McCain voted against the bill because it included a timeline.

    I didn’t read any more after that.

  23. gage said

    Hey folks, here’s something Jon Taplin has up on his blog. Pretty interesting polling stats.


  24. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    Heh! Leave it to JFH to come to the rescue of the dying McCain/Palin campaign as if anything “it” has to say matters to any of us.

    Woo hoo! Palins average performance has re-energized the republican base…um unfortunately those people were going to vote for McCain/Palin. Her performance did nothing to sway independent voters or swing voters.

    Next week is the second presidential debate which could very well be the final nail in the McCain/Palin coffin. No doubt McCranky will continue to lie about Obama, take credit for the horseshit bailout bill passing and tell us again he was a POW, sorry Johnny you are out of touch with Main street and clueless on the economy and neither you or the pig with lipstick are going to be able to change that perception Americans have of you!

  25. clif said

    You know when I watched St Sarah’s act during the debate I got the feeling I had seem this before.

    After visiting my 12 year old daughter’s seventh grade class I realized where.

  26. Chris from Maine said

    Palin was an embarassment.

    I was expecting her to say “look Mom.. I’m on TV!”

  27. The Moderate said

    Comment # 16.
    Palin said she would only answer the questions she wanted to answer. Who does THAT remind you of?


    While it may not be the exact verbiage, here is a better representation of what Palin said last night. She said something pretty close to the effect of, “Because I’m not answering the questions the way YOU want me to answer them.”

    I took this to imply that it’s not a point of Palin “only answer the questions she wanted to answer”, but her answers to the questions asked of her may not necessarily be exactly what her opponents and others want to hear.

    Love or hate her, you can surely give your liberal friends here at WNI a more accurate picture of what was actually said by Palin. It’s got something to do with truth and fundamental fairness for all; something that is rarity at this website.

    On a side note, I’ve watched Joe Biden on and off since the early 1980’s and I’ve never saw him off his game as I did when Palin was addressing a question asked of her and the camera paned over at him and he appeared to on his heels trying to get back on base with his thoughts. Maybe it was just a human moment when his guard was down. Just struck me as odd for him knowing how he is normally a right back at you kind of guy and is NEVER at a loss of things to say.

  28. kayinmaine said

    She kept changing the subject after Biden answered the question. In other words, she had no clue how to answer the question even after Biden did, so she just started talking about what she wanted to talk about! George Bush does this all the time. When a question is asked of him, instead of answering it, he’ll say, “Actually, the better question would be…”. Changing the subject or creating a question that is easier to answer or creating a question to divert everyone away from the truth.

    Assholes act like this. Americans are sick of assholes and the only way McCain/Palin win is if the election is stolen.

  29. kayinmaine said

    Wrong about Biden. He was relaxed, on target, smart, and eloquent. Sarah, on the other hand, was a 2 hour neocon infomercial, meaning, her answers were canned and had no substance. Giving a jumbled answer makes the neocon base wild, because they have no idea what is going on anyways, so when Sarah is confusing them, they figure she’s smart, because they can’t figure out what she’s saying! 😆 😆 😆 She is so darn stupid! I’ve never seen anything like it in politics.

  30. clif said

    Keith Olbermann nailed Rich Lowery, and all the reich wing ass rockets who jerk off to their fantasies about St Sarah.

  31. steph said

    If this was a boxing contest she was going forward throwing more punches but she didn’t land a single clean shot. He would have won points but he should have won by KO. She’s a parochial politician, who failed to give a single coherent or substantive answer to any questions, she rambled and repeated herself endlessly. But he let her off the hook. She refused to answer a question about the economy for God sake. It was absolutely unforgivable that he didn’t point out that the question was about the economy, and that this is the single most important issue facing Americans today. But his biggest blunder was allowing her to get away with saying that the Surge had worked, it hasn’t, that’s a crucial point in this election. He could have nailed her and McCain on that in front of 70 million voters. His biggest victory came when she said they agreed on the gay marriage issue.

  32. go to googleblogsearch(dot)com

    search on term biden debate gaffes =6,007 results

    search on biden debate errors =10,491 results

    search on biden debate fact check = 8,296 results

    I’m sure you’ll find at least 19 things biden said that were not even close to accurate or truthful.

  33. kayinmaine said

    He did Clif. It was great!

    Steph, Biden had his hand on her forehead. She was swinging while he was laughing. She’s truly out of her league even being the Governor of Alaska.

    Grandpa, go to hell.

  34. kayinmaine said


    Fri, Oct 3 02:05 PM

    New York, Oct.3 (ANI): Wednesday’s vice-presidential debate between Delaware Senator Joe Biden and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin may have earned the latter some brownie points, but a fact check on what both said during the over hour and a half interaction suggests that there were more untruths than truths.

    According to a CBS reality check, the first issue that reveals this was whether McCain voted to cut off funding for troops in Iraq?

    While Biden claimed McCain voted against funding the troops, the fact check reveals that the 2007 troop appropriation amendment first had a withdrawal timetable, and that McCain urged the President to veto that amendment.

    President George W Bush did, and most Republicans voted against the amendment, but McCain missed the actual vote.

    Obama on the other hand did vote against the 2007 troop appropriation, but only after the amendment resurfaced without the timetable for withdrawal. He voted nine other times for troop appropriation.

    On whether Obama voted 94 times to increase taxes, the fact check says the Republican National Committee began using this erroneous fact in July of this year.

    Of the 94 votes, 23 did not increase taxes. They were votes against proposed cuts. Seven of the votes were offset votes, calling for taxes for some, but less taxes for others. Some measures had more than one vote, which compounds the number.

    According to non-partisan http://www.FactCheck.org, 53 of 94 votes were budget measures that had nothing to do with raising taxes.

    On whether Obama had committed to meeting Iranian President Mohamad Ahmadinejad, the fact check says Obama said he would.

    The reason cited last year was that not talking to countries is punishment to them, and therefore, ridiculous.

    On whether Palin pushed for raising taxes as the Mayor of Wasilla, the fact is she successfully pushed for a referendum to raise local sales taxes to pay for a multi-use sports complex.

    On Palin’s view on building a natural gas pipeline for 40 billion dollars, http://www.PolitiFact.com says that the actual cost is 26 billion dollars.

    It also says that Palin’s claim that Obama said, “All we’re doing in Afghanistan is air-raiding villages and killing civilians..” is a distortion. Obama did not say this was “all we’re doing.”

    Obama quote from Associated Press August 14, 2007: “We’ve got to get the job done there and that requires us to have enough troops so that we’re not just air-raiding villages and killing civilians, which is causing enormous problems there.”

    Palin also went wrong when referring to the commanding general in Afghanistan as McClellan. His actual name is General David McKiernan.

    Governor Palin claims Obama’s plan would increase taxes on the middle class is also a distortion.

    Obama voted for two non-binding resolutions that would have rolled back the Bush 2001 and 2003 tax cuts, not to raise taxes. And at $42,000, Obama’s tax plan actually gives greater tax cuts to these middle class families than McCain’s.

    Palins claim the 2005 Energy Bill gave big tax breaks to the oil companies. This is misleading. The fact is there were tax cuts, but according to the Congressional Research Service, tax increases on the oil companies– in the same bill–were 300 million greater. (ANI)

  35. clif said

    go to 538.com;

    Obama 332, McCain 205 …

    go to real clear politics.com;

    Obama 353, McCain 185 … (no toss ups)

    go to pollster.com;

    Obama 345 McCain 193 … (no leaner)

    stuff the google son.

  36. grandpa munster said

    phone calls to various Home Depot stores in Delaware say they’ve never seen Biden.

    Katies restaurant closed for 15 years!


  37. grandpa munster said

    comment 5 complained someone didnt provide facts or links. I listed them.

    Go to hell Grandpa? Why are you afraid of facts that prove that much of what Biden said was wrong? Why are you afraid of the truth?

    I ‘spose my comments won’t be published here because they list Biden’s many errors and lies?

    Previous comment=

    phone calls to various Home Depot stores in Delaware say they’ve never seen Biden.

    Katies restaurant closed for 15 years!


  38. Grant in Texas said

    Once again a TROLL claims that Biden says 19 things that were not even close to accurate or truthful, but in true TROLL FASHION, our TROLL fails to list them. With thousands of “results” on Google, that can mean blogs all over the map from far right to far left. I rely mostly on Annenberg’s FactCheck.org to get around the spin.


  39. Grant in Texas said

    Knowing the kind of minimum wage employees that Home Depot hires, I don’t imagine most would recognize any politicians, only “stars” like Paris and Britney.

  40. clif said

    BTW grandpa, Al Lewis hated reich wing assholes like you …..

  41. Grant in Texas said

    Last posting blocked by Askimet. Posted at another WordPress blog today and lost it when I hit comment. I couldn’t even retrieve it by going back to the previous page. I emailed the sitemaster and he couldn’t even find it to post as it just totally disappeared. He emailed me to say that WordPress was changing some formats next month. About time!

  42. clif said

    Al Lewis had a radio show on WBAI here a few years ago, around the time that he ran for Governor to get the Green Party on the ballot. He once related this story on the air, and I’ll tell it from memory.

    He was booked on a flight to Los Angeles to film the movie version of “Car 54 Where Are You?” When he and his friend got on they were bumped up to first class.

    When they took their seats and the plane took off, Al’s friend noticed the gentleman in the seat in front of them speaking in a low German accent. As he listened further he realized that the man was none other than Henry Kissinger, talking to a young assistant.

    So he turns to Al with a really low excited whisper: “Hey Al. look it’s Henry Kissinger.”

    And Al says in his normal voice: “I know that’s Henry Kissinger. Don’t you think I know a war criminal when I see one!”

    Kissinger’s assistant stood up and turned to say something, and Al said. “Sit down, Sonny, I’m not your father.”

    No more words were exchanged, but Kissinger was flushed red for the remainder of the flight.

  43. Grant in Texas said

    Sarah Palin “debate flow chart” given to her at Debate Camp in Sedona, Arizona: [scroll to bottom]


  44. The Moderate said


    In regards to # 30, I would respectfully submit that if an attractive woman squeezed on your pecker once, you’d be weak in the knees with your tongue hanging out. You are no better than the next guy and being attracted to a woman has nothing to do with the right or left and has everything to do with human evolution.

  45. clif said

    Moderate thank you for exposing you jerked off with Rich Lowery.

    You two clowns should get a room.

  46. kayinmaine said

    Wow. The Moderate is resorting to trash talk. You know what that means, Clif! You’re winning. 😉

  47. clif said

    Kay beating these morons is like Katie curic beating the TWIT,

    It’s easy cause they are STOOPID

  48. kayinmaine said

    If Sarah Palin is qualified to be the VP, then so is 95% of America. Amazing, isn’t it? Because I’m a single Mom of a 14 year old son, have run a housecleaning business for 14 years, and have fished/gone hunting (didn’t kill anything. Yuck)/snowmobiled/X-country skied/downhill skied (once)/played Women’s softball/knitted a scarf/held parties/, and have my degree in Paralegal………..I COULD ACTUALLY BE THE PRESIDENT ONE DAY! Wow. That is something.

  49. clif said

    Kay two points.

    1. She ain’t qualified to be mayor of Wasilla,

    she fucked that job up bad,

    2. The reichwingers are gonna LOSE.

  50. kayinmaine said

    It is Clif. It’s fun too.

    Ummmm…by the way The Moderate, as a single Mother, the only time my infant son would be awake between the hours of 9pm-11pm was if he was sick. Poor little Trig who has Down Syndrome appeared exhausted last night (someone online also mentioned last night that Down Syndrome babies are very susceptible to bright lights). What the hell is wrong with this right wing white trash family? Can’t they leave Trig with someone at home so he can have a normal sleeping schedule for crying out loud? Honestly, my motherly instincts came screaming out watching this poor child. Even Jill Biden had that look on her face as if she was saying to herself, “Gawd. Would someone please put this boy in his nice comfy crib so he can sleep already!”.

    We don’t need white trash in the White House. We’ve had enough after 8 years of it.

  51. kayinmaine said

    I swear Clif, the only ones crooning last night in their livingrooms were the highly UNeducated people of our country who think the local stripper would be great for the Town Council. *shaking head* If Barack Obama had picked Britney Spears to be his VP, the same assholes would have flipped out and said, “Hollyweird has come to town! She’s stoooopid! She can’t even stay sober, take care of her kids, let alone, herself!”. Of course, when they said it there would be lots of grunts and the sound of chest beating.

  52. kayinmaine said

    Johnny McTeleprompter is pimping Sarah Palin out:


    I bet he’s also cheating on Cindy with her. Hell, this would be Cheat #3 as far as we know (or it could be Cheat #20…who knows).

  53. kayinmaine said

    Grandpa @ #36:

    Funny you should mention that, because today on the Howie Carr radio program out of Boston (he’s a right winger….dumb dumb), one of his caller’s said he called Katie’s restaurant and asked if Joe Biden was there. Well, Howie thought that was hysterical! The guy went on and on about the conversation he had with the staff.

    Liars. Republics are liars. Nothing has changed since 1770.

  54. gage said

    Moderate: “…if an attractive woman squeezed on your pecker once, you’d be weak in the knees with your tongue hanging out.”

    No, Mo’, you are describing the way a zit-faced adolescent boy would react. Grown men don’t fall all over themselves and slobber during foreplay. We’re a bit more confident than that. You’ll understand someday.

  55. kayinmaine said

    LOL Gage. Exactly! The Moderate is really just an adolescent in his mommy’s basement blogging. Sad.

  56. steph said

    @ Kay

    I wouldn’t disagree with that, he won comfortably on substance and style, and she kept winking and talking gibberish but Biden didn’t get his KO bonus. If you see my latest post, you’ll see what I mean: he could have pointed out that over a thousand American troops died as a result of McCain’s surge.

  57. kayinmaine said

    I just left a comment at your place, Steph. You are so right, though. Biden lost a few chances to really drive home the point that it’s been McCain’s support of George Bush’s war and the 5TH surge that has caused many families in our country to weep in great pain.

    Okay, going to bed on that note. Have a great night everyone! If your comment goes in the spam catcher, I’ll fish it out tomorrow. 😉

  58. Grant in Texas said

    The reich had already let it be known that the slightest bit of even PERCEIVED condescension on the part of Joe Biden would have them screaming that Joe (the author of the “violence to women act”) is MEAN to a woman. I would have loved to have seen Biden “debating” a male without that restraint. Palin was selected only for her sex and getting out the fundie religous vote. Allowing herself to be used for sex isn’t feminism and most Hillary supporters (except for the racists) are aware of the ruse.

    Heard this “dumb Blond” joke:

    So these two dumb blondes find a magic lamp, give a rub-a-dub, and out pops a very frazzled Genie.

    Says he: “Listen Ladies I’m late and you get only one wish each, so hurry with your request!”

    Dumb Blondie One says:”I wanna be Blonder than BLONDE!” And POOF, she is in fact the blondest woman on Earth.

    Dumb Blondie Two, confused and caught off guard again, blurts out “I wanna be DUMBER THAN DUMB!!”

    And Pazzooofalooof she became…


  59. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    Oh f**k the trolls they can claim victory last night, we will claim victory on November 4th! It’s all over for McCain/Palin, the only question left is when will Johnny McAngry throw a temper tantrum on national television?

  60. carol said

    Sarah Palin got a little too sure of herself after the debate.
    She now thinks she can go off to Michigan and change things there…because her Maverick McCain conceded that state and she was not told about it….boy, they sure work well together don’t they?
    Well lets face it she is JOE SIX PACK and HECK she may DARN well do it and if not SHE’LL GET BACK TO YA!!

  61. Grant in Texas said

    Even if many Republicans were as embarrassed by Palin as many of us were, having been raised in a strong Republican family, I know that few will ever admit it outside of the family and a tight circle of Republican friends. They will show “unity” and “circle the wagons” in most cases. With Raygun adding his 11th Commandment, they are even less likely to be honest with others.

  62. Grandpa Munster said

    clif @ 42:

    that’s some story, and just because you say so it must be true. (giggle giggle).

    Jackie Coogan who played Uncle Fester was a Conservative, so that must make the retard who uses UFL as his handle here an abomination. So that must mean Coogan hated liberal assholes like you.

  63. kayinmaine said

    And as Grandpa Munster…you must be butt ugly man who wears white face and lipstick.

  64. Grandpa Munster said

    wow what an intellectual response! did you complete high school, Kay? Now you’ll stay off line and magically Clif will appear writing a long list of things that are stupid and irrelevant, with no facts, and he’ll write things like, “son” and “widdle boy” and other gems that only Clif the retard disabled shitforbrains asshole could come up with.

  65. kayinmaine said

    Oh wow, and your comment at #62 & #64 is so filled with highly intellectual words that I’m starting to think you’re Sarah Palin’s sister! What is your combined IQ by the way? Does it not register anymore? Sad for you two.

    Clif will come by when he wants to. Get it moron? Oh let me guess! You’ll be lurking here all day and night and then will be back tomorrow to see if Clif leaves a comment, huh? Loser. Americans are tired of ya. Pathetic losers who think their party and wacked ideologies are what our nation and the world wants. *whistling and twirling finger around ear* You’re delusional.

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