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Move over Rev. Wright…Sarah Palin has Stoll, Christ & Chryson supporting her!

Posted by kayinmaine on October 6, 2008

And we thought Rev. Wright was a problem for Barack Obama. Nope! Turns out, Sarah Palin a few years ago got most of her support from the likes of Steven Stoll, Mike Christ, and Mark Chryson! And for all we know, the guy in the picture above could be Todd Palin…Sarah’s husband!

Who are these 3 men? Well, let’s put it this way….you can use ‘militia’ and ‘right wing evangelical’ in the same sentence when describing these three! Yep, a group of 3 who long for blowing up stuff against those who don’t agree with their wacked right wing ideologies!

From Ornicus’ blog (emphasis mine):

According to Stein, Palin’s main base of support in that election (and subsequent Wasilla campaigns) was derived from her fellow congregants at Wasilla Bible Church and the larger evangelical Christian community. But it also included some of the Mat-Su Valley’s biggest far-right nutcases — to the extent that she even attempted to reciprocate by appointing one of them to the city’s planning commission.

The connection revolves mostly around three men known to have far-right leanings in the community: a builder named Steven Stoll, a computer repairman named Mark Chryson, and a third man named Mike Christ. All three subscribed to a bellicose, “Patriot” movement brand of politics — far-right libertarianism with a John Birch streak.

According to Stein, Steven Stoll — whose local nickname, according to Phil Munger, is “Black Helicopter Steve” — was involved in militia organizing in Wasilla the 1990s, and subscribed to most of the movement’s paranoid conspiracy theories: “The rumor was that he had wrapped his guns in plastic and buried them in his yard so he could get them after the New World Order took over.”

You read it right! Ole Sarah Palin, you know, the woman who is the current Governor of Alaska, who used to be part of the Alaskan Independent Party, and who is currently under investigation for abusing her power, WAS ALSO SUPPORTED BY RIGHT WING EVANGELICALS WHO FORMED A MILITIA FOR WHEN THE NEW WORLD ORDER CAME TO FRUITION!

Anyone thinking of David Koresh at the moment or Timothy McVeigh? Huh. It’s weird that I am, because really, Sarah likes to make herself out to be a hockey mom who is a good grammy to little Trig Palin and who freaking knits sweaters at night, when really, SHE’S CONNECTED TO THE REAL DOMESTIC TERRORISTS in Alaska and in our nation’s past!

‘God damn America’ is right! Here’s what Rev. Wright said about domestic terrorism…

I’d rather listen to this man speak, then have the likes of Sarah Palin and her ilk hiding in spider holes after forming a militia just waiting to jump out to start killing Americans! Very dangerous people and I’m not surprised they’re on Republican Senator John McCain’s ticket! It’s Americans such as George Bush, Sarah Palin, Steven Stoll, Mike Christ, and Mark Chryson who Rev. Wright speaks out against!

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Richard “Dickhead” Fuld of Lehman Brothers wants us to feel sorry for him

Posted by kayinmaine on October 6, 2008

Richard the Dickhead shoving America’s money down his throat as Lehman Brothers sinks….

And here’s what he looks like after he takes $500,000,000 from American taxpayers and investors and is saved…


Okay, get your tissues ready. I’ve got a sad story to tell ya…

Richard “Dickhead” Fuld, Chairman & CEO of Lehman Brothers, wanted us to feel bad for him today when he was at an investigative hearing by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. He wants Americans to know that he didn’t know Lehman Brothers was going bankrupt, even though, he was actively trying to find some capital/liquidity a week before the collapse (one would do that when one knows there is no base/foundation to the ‘house’) and then decided it was a good idea to give millions and millions and millions away to his friends at the top of the company right before the collapse anyways. See? He was in a rut, man! He wants us to know he didn’t know when really he did know! Shame on Americans for not feeling sorry for this man!

Oh, and then….

Dickhead Fuld was reminded while on the stand that he received almost $500 MILLION DOLLARS prior to the collapse of Lehman Brothers. He was astounded by this “500 number” and decided to correct the record to reflect that he only received $310,000,000! Yep, he wants us to feel sorry for him because he ONLY received $310,000,000 instead of $500,000,000, but when the Democrats told him the ‘500 number’ came from the ACTUAL DOCUMENTS HE SUPPLIED TO THEM, he looked a little shellshocked. Yep, the guy who drove the 150 year old company, Lehman Brothers, into the ground…couldn’t believe he had given those papers/documents to the Committee! Oopsie. Let me guess….Mr. Dickhead has like 3 sets of accounting books and mistakenly grabbed the wrong one this morning to show the Committee?


And we wonder why Lehman Brothers went down the toilet! It was being run by a MAFIA-LIKE-CRIMINAL-FASCIST! But don’t you worry, there will be no HOT DOG EATING IN THE FULD FAMILY! No way. Mrs. Fuld is set to make $11,000,000 of her own fortune, so if the Fuld’s ever get in a rut, they have wifey’s measley income to fall back on!

I’ve got an idea! How about we just round up the Bush Regime, the CEO’s of the 26 Wall Street banks that are under investigation by the FBI right now, and all of their supporters (John McCain & Sarah Palin included, of course!) AND PUT THEM IN PRISON, and then ask questions later? Great idea, Kay!

Spit. I’m with Jesus on this one…

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Is Sarah Palin the white woman who yells, “That black man raped me!”, in a crowd to get the whites to kill the black man?

Posted by kayinmaine on October 6, 2008

Yep. She is this kind of person and she knows the base of the republic Party is not educated enough to separate the truth from lies. When the pretty white woman says Barack Obama is chuming around with terrorists, she knows The Base (don’t confuse them with al-Qaida) won’t research it and will just accept what she says as true!

How many black men has Sarah Palin been responsible for who died after she screamed a lie? Huh. I don’t know but I would like to know. She’s currently defending herself FOR CLAIMING RAPE WHEN NO RAPE OCCURRED.

Hey, if Sarah wants to play this game then she will have to prepare herself for questions about her own ties to groups who HATE AMERICA. Because for all we know, this could be Todd Palin under this mask….

WOULD SOMEONE PROVE TO ME THIS IS NOT TODD PALIN UNDER THIS MASK? And I don’t want to hear, “But Kay! That writing isn’t American! Of course it’s not Todd”. Because this is what the terrorists are good at: DECEIVING, DISTORTING, AND MANIPULATING by using symbols to throw everyone off!

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John McCain & Sarah Palin support George Bush (AMERICA’S #1 DOMESTIC/INTERNATIONAL TERRORIST)

Posted by kayinmaine on October 6, 2008

You just knew it was going to happen! The McCrazy campaign is still losing their minds and can’t seem to catch up with Barack Obama, so they sent out their pretty lipstick wearing Pet Piggy, Sarah Palin, to bring up Bill Ayers to go after Barack Obama with!

Bill Ayers the ‘scary waist wearing Muslim terrorist’ that Sarah thinks you should be scared of and the guy she wants you to believe is as bad as al-Qaida and this is “why” Barack Obama is ‘palling around with’.

Here’s what Lipstick Loser said this past weekend:

This is a sign your campaign is faltering, floudering, and failing when you start bringing up bullshit that was debunked and laughed at a year ago.

Barack Obama was 6 years old when Bill Ayers was blowing up stuff.

And what’s so funny is Sarah Palin saying she was reading the New York Times! Bah hahahahahaha! Good gawd, could this campaign be filled with more liars than it already is? It’s really embarrassing to watch. The lies just seep out and are lined with lipstick!

How come Sarah Palin doesn’t want to talk about her relationship with the Alaskan Independence Party, you know, the group that hates America and wants Alaska to secede from our nation? If Sarah loves America so much, then why did she and her husband Todd hang out with these America-Haters for so long? And why did they quit in 2002? Running for office? Yep! It looks really bad when you’re running for office while at the same time you belong to a group that hates America and wants to make your state the next Saudi Arabia…oil rich, and where all the terrorists come from!

Here’s Sarah Palin talking directly to the Alaskan Independence Party convention:

They only recognize the laws/Constitution of Alaska and think the US Constitution should be burnt!

I’D LIKE TO KNOW WHAT SARAH PALIN’S PARENTS OR IN-LAWS WERE DOING @ THE SAME TIME AS BILL AYERS BACK DURING THE VIETNAM WAR. I bet we’d shocked. They were probably neo-Nazis who were conspiring to kill ALL Americans except Alaskans or maybe they were blowing up Alaskan government buildings to replace them with their own government! Hey, could be.

The domestic/international terrorists who are supported by John McCain & Sarah Palin…


So, this leads us to why John McCain and Sarah Palin are supporters of George Bush & Dick Cheney. George & Dickey hate America and want to make her into the next Saudi Arabia where Georgie & Dickie are the Kings of it! Oh yes. These two have lied to the American people, have started illegal occupations to steal oil and to allow their cronies to rob our country blind by the tune of $10,000,000,000/month, and have allowed attacks on our nation to occur, such as:

The Anthrax attacks
Wall Street Crash of September 2008

And they have laughed when:

Hurricane Katrina wiped out New Orleans
Americans were torturing prisoners
Hurricane Ike wiped out the coast of Texas
Lying to Americans
Enron wiped out the savings accounts/401Ks of Americans
Spying on Americans illegally since February 2001
Wall Street wipes out America’s savings, while George Bush & Dick Cheney lie to Americans that they need $850,000,000,000 to keep them alive, while Americans are still suffering

Oh yes! John McCain & Sarah Palin support George Bush and his waist-wearing-terrorists who is the King of domestic & international terrorism. Sarah & John are fine with George Bush not getting Osama bin Laden! They support George in protecting Osama! Oh, but Sarah thinks, Barack Obama is a terrorist because he knows Bill Ayers, you know, the guy who was part of the Weathermen who back during the Vietnam War was attacking our government (and you know…..there were lots of people back then in America who understood his rage against the Vietnam war and the US government because of what the gov was and was not doing!). Well, if that’s the case, then…

  • Bill Ayer’s students over the years are all terrorist lovers
  • The people who work at the grocery store where Bill Ayer’s shops are also terrorists
  • The guys who works on his car is a terrorist
  • His doctor/dentist is a terrorist lover
  • Anyone who Bill Ayer’s met in his life or on the streets of America for the last 40 years are all terrorists!
  • His whole family counting the 5th cousins twice removed are also terrorists!

See how ridiculous this is? Sarah Palin made a huge mistake when she brought up old news to go after Barack Obama with. Her comment was racist too. Why? Because the McCain campaign knows their supporters aren’t too educated, so if they have the pretty Lipstick Wearing Pig come out and say that Barack is paling around with terrorists, then they’ll believe it! NO DIFFERENT THAN THE PRETTY WHITE WOMAN BACK IN THE 50’S SCREAMING THAT THE BLACK MAN RAPED HER!

Sick. The McCain/Palin ticket is sick.

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