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Is Sarah Palin the white woman who yells, “That black man raped me!”, in a crowd to get the whites to kill the black man?

Posted by kayinmaine on October 6, 2008

Yep. She is this kind of person and she knows the base of the republic Party is not educated enough to separate the truth from lies. When the pretty white woman says Barack Obama is chuming around with terrorists, she knows The Base (don’t confuse them with al-Qaida) won’t research it and will just accept what she says as true!

How many black men has Sarah Palin been responsible for who died after she screamed a lie? Huh. I don’t know but I would like to know. She’s currently defending herself FOR CLAIMING RAPE WHEN NO RAPE OCCURRED.

Hey, if Sarah wants to play this game then she will have to prepare herself for questions about her own ties to groups who HATE AMERICA. Because for all we know, this could be Todd Palin under this mask….

WOULD SOMEONE PROVE TO ME THIS IS NOT TODD PALIN UNDER THIS MASK? And I don’t want to hear, “But Kay! That writing isn’t American! Of course it’s not Todd”. Because this is what the terrorists are good at: DECEIVING, DISTORTING, AND MANIPULATING by using symbols to throw everyone off!

43 Responses to “Is Sarah Palin the white woman who yells, “That black man raped me!”, in a crowd to get the whites to kill the black man?”

  1. Joe said

    Palin is one dumb cunt

  2. kayinmaine said

    And John McCain calls his wife Cindy a cunt. Huh. Johnny has two by his side each and every day! Wow.

  3. http://anyonecare.wordpress.com/2008/10/06/mccain-versus-obama-on-medicare/

  4. musesofamom said

    Sarah Palin is a dangerous, cunning woman. She smiles that toothy grin and she goes for the jugular. When they plucked her from Alaska it was for this purpose. She has no knowledge of the issues facing this country so her role is attack dog. She must have missed the primaries They tried to paint Obama as anti-American it did not work then and it is not going to work this time either.

  5. clif said

    St Sarah better worry about what is happing in Alaska tin the Troopergate scandal, cause the American people don’t buy the shit sandwich she is tryin’ to sell this time.

    Not only will she be finished on the national stage after this November, she is toast in Alaska also.

    So let that stoopid Twit spew her hate and lies like the fraud she is, cause in the end she will end up the LOSER and Barack will end up sittin’ in the Oval office.

  6. carol said

    Sarah Palin needs to get a grip on the command of the English language….her little folksy…HECK…GOSH DARN…GET BACK TO YA, etc etc are not funny….just totally embarassing.
    Who does she think she is going out there attacking Sen Obama,when she herself is under investigation!!!!!
    It is amazing what lengths the McPalin ticket are now going to…when McCain was a supposedly “honorable man…no sleaze campaigner..reformer etc etc is now showing his true colours!!!
    Things are really desperate with them if they have to send GOSH DARN SARAH back down to Florida…..a lot of places here in the Panhandle will be impressed with her and her manner of speaking as they can relate to it.
    I think though they are in for a big shock as Sen Obama has made huge in roads in Florida, a state they thought they had sewn up from the beginning.
    We don’t need Maverick McCain and Gosh Darn Sarah to run this country….time for them to get over themselves and go away.

  7. Grant in Texas said

    A homepage of an Assembly of God family (Palin’s holy roller church) has a “poll” up on the sidebar. I just voted for Obama to screw it up, making 7 of us to do so, knocking McCain down to only 85% support!


    There is a concerted effort by fundie pastors and their flock to increase the hate for Obama, for sure. Should Obama do the right thing, follow his belief that Jesus would “turn the other cheek?” That worked so well for John Kerry!

    The Houston Chronicle (Hearst-owned) editorial board had recently posted a piece about the many fundamentalist pastors nation-wide who are endorsing candidates.


    Today, a Houston pastor wrote a letter-to-editor arguing that churches should be able to endorse candidates without losing their tax exemptions.


    Since the McCain-Palin campaign is so full of hate, Obama may lose if he ignores the mud from the reich-wingers who follow the Nazi edict, to repeat a lie so often that it is believed.

  8. Grant in Texas said

    Just got off the phone with a gay friend in Galveston and we talked politics for an hour. We both talked about our possibly supporting McCain in 2000 if he had won as we felt he was more of a “liberal” (well centrist) than Gore-Lieberman. And I haven’t voted Republican since Goldwater in ’64! How McCain has flip-flopped….more like “selling out” to the god crowd!

    Carol. You should read Maureen Dowd’s column on how Sarah butchers more than moose.


  9. Grant in Texas said

    Two posts now in the Askimet jail 😦 Seems if I type “Askimet” they get posted. Maybe I am on to something. Later.

  10. Grant in Texas said

    Askimet….It’s interesting to me how many Republicans, the so-called elitist “Georgetown crowd”, dislike McCain, and they are starting to say so:

    “John has made a pact with the devil,” says former GOP Sen. Lincoln Chafee, who has been appalled at his one-time
    colleague’s readiness to sacrifice principle for power. Chafee and McCain were the only Republicans to vote against the Bush tax cuts. They locked arms in opposition to drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. And they worked together in the “Gang of 14,” which blocked some of Bush’s worst judges from the federal bench.

    “On all three — sadly, sadly, sadly — McCain has flip-flopped,”
    Chafee says. And forget all the “Country First” sloganeering, he adds. “McCain is putting himself first. He’s putting himself first in blinking neon lights.”


  11. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    Barack fights back with video of McCain and the Keating 5 scandal!!!!!


  12. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    If Barack Obama brings up the Keating 5 scandal during tomorrows debate old Johnny boy may just go nuts and attack Barack on stage tomorrow.

  13. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    Obama Campaign Hits Back At McCain With Keating 5 Web Video:


    Say It Ain’t So Johnny McCorruption

  14. Grant in Texas said

    Askimet….The Obama campaign is not going to sit idle and let Sarah smear the integrity of Sen. Obama, so now have this video up showing the deep involvement John McCain had with the Keating Five.


  15. 1000% American said

    I love it!!!!!!!

    The Sarahcuda takes the gloves off finally. Exposing Osama Obama for the terrorist coddling anti-American piece of shit he and his mook wife are.

    Send that shaved ape back to the Plantation!

  16. clif said

    Send that shaved ape back to the Plantation!

    Your sheet needs starch ………… and remember YOU burn the cross not worship he who was nailed to it.

  17. clif said

    BTW numb-nuts, read and weap;

    Gallup Tracking 10/03 – 10/05 Obama 50 McCain 42 Obama +8

    Rasmussen Tracking 10/03 – 10/05 Obama 52 McCain 44 Obama +8

    GW/Battleground Tracking 09/30 – 10/05 Obama 50 McCain 43 Obama +7

    So when the Twit is sent packin’ to Alaska to face their troopergate investigation, who ya gonna jerk off to son?

  18. kayinmaine said

    Sarahcuda takes the gloves off, puts the lipstick on, and what do we get? A BUSH SUPPORTING NEOCON! Not surprised. Sarah Palin & John McCain could walk out onto stage wearing holey clothes and Americans will not buy their bullshit that they’re one of us. Bah hahahahahaha! It’s fun watching the right wingers on the nation’s stage making an absolute ass out of themselves.

    Sarah should be in prison along with George Bush, Dick Cheney, John McCain, Richard Fuld, Josh Bolton, Harriet Miers…

  19. kayinmaine said

    Sarah is the elitist white woman in the crowd shouting, “That black man raped me!”, just so the knuckle draggers who don’t know any better will beat the shit out of the black man or kill him. Nice huh? We’ve got TWO RACISTS on the REPUBLIC ticket this year. Again. The McCain/Palin ticket (McCain + Palin = McPain) is George Bush’s and Dick Cheney’s 3rd term. Spit.

  20. kayinmaine said

    By the way, thanks for the link Uncle! I wonder if the neocons have a defense to the McCain/Keating video? Let me guess…they’ll scream, “But the black man raped me! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. Spit.

  21. Uncle Fester Lurks said



    Democratic congressman Brad Sherwood during the bailout debate lastweek mentioned that the Bushites told a few members that martial law would be called for if the bailout bill didn’t pass!”

  22. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    Congressman Brad Sherwood of California said during last weeks bailout debate that the Bushites told a few members of congress that there would be martial law if the bailout bill wasn’t passed!!!!!!!!

    Kay, my comment with the video of Sherwood saying this on the House floor was gobbled up.

  23. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    Hmmm I wonder what 100% American Idiot has to say about Condi Rice meeting with known terrorist Moammar Khadafi OR the Bush administration harboring known terrorist Luis Posada Carilla who blew up a Cuban airliner??????


  24. kayinmaine said

    New post up. Get your tissues ready! It’s a good one!

    Uncle, I saw that video last week on FDL. Can you believe it? Of course we can because the Bush Regime hates Americans and will kill us in the streets, allow a 9/11 to kill us, or will ignore the warnings Wall Street is going to crash which will kill us again!

    This is why Joe Biden said in his VP acceptance speech directly to the House & Senate, “You will never hear the VP is on the phone”, in other words, Biden was saying this is exactly what Dick Cheney did for years: HE WOULD CALL AND THREATEN EVERYONE IN THE HOUSE & SENATE! Makes you wonder how many times he sounded like a Mafia godfather by saying he will have the kids of our Reps. & Senators killed if they didn’t do what he said? What a fucking asshole!

  25. kayinmaine said

    Uncle, it’s okay for reich wingers to meet with America’s enemies as long as they are conspiring against America. See? Sarah Palin approves this message too!

  26. 1000% Real American! said

    who ya gonna jerk off to son?

    Your bloated corpse after you swallow the entire big bottle of your happy pills when we, The REAL Americans, send your abomination black racist Jesus back to THE BACK of the Plantation bus where he belongs! 😆

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  28. kayinmaine said

    Awwwww, maybe you should try sucking on a black man’s dick, 1000% American? After 8 years of sucking on George Bush the White Man, you’ve been basically flossing your teeth with fascism! It’s rotted your teeth and your brain I’m afraid. Just look at ya…you’re a quivering bowl of jello and can’t even form a sentence. Sad really.

  29. 1000% American said

    Awwwww, maybe you should try sucking on a black man’s dick, 1000% American?

    No thanks! I’ve seen the reslut – your conception.

    Your momma should have flushed… twice!

  30. kayinmaine said

    Wow 1000% America. I see I’ve struck a nerve. And where would that nerve actually be? In your ass where your brain is? Yep! 😆 😆 😆 What a loser. You’re losing the argument so you decide to insult me instead of noticing that Sarah Palin is the one who claims the black man raped her when really….she’s lying just to get the knuckle draggers like yourself to beat your chest and kill the black guy!

    The neocon base is so easy to manipulate. Watching you morons fall all over yourselves over Sarah Palin who has an IQ of 12 is most hysterical.

  31. clif said

    1000% Moron is just the bottom of the barrel,

    the rest of the reich wing LOSERS have already given up on McInsane’s LOSING campaign so he is all they got left,

    the stoopid flunky the rest of the trolls use to laugh at till they all got depressed about the McCain campaign going down the toliet,

    and left to jerk off to the VP debate video, …. again

    He’ll be left to clean up that mess also.

  32. kayinmaine said

    I bet Todd Palin is conspiring to attack America after Barack Obama gets elected. Anyone else think so? Seems very likely he will considering his and his wife’s connections to the right wing evangelical violent underworld.

  33. clif said

    1000% Moron should change his handle to 1000% volkstrum.

  34. kayinmaine said

    LOL Clif.

    Here’s a t-shirt we can wear to the polling places on election day:


    We’re getting the last word in whether they want us to or not!

  35. 1000% American said

    Typical leftard crawling up to the gubmint for a handout. What, streetwalking for $5 johns not paying enough Miss Hermaphrodite?

    Us REAL AMERICANS (like the Palins)take care of ourselves!

  36. kayinmaine said

    When Sarah yelled “rape!” and pointed at the black man, Barack Obama, a male member in the audience yelled, “Kill him!”:


  37. clif said

    Us REAL AMERICANS (like the Palins)take care of ourselves!

    Bullshit bozo with out all her handlers she would be the laughing stock of the world,

    Oh right she is the most requested SNL skits now a days …. and she is seen as clueless as Lilly Tomlin use to be as Ernestine the gum-chewing, wisecracking, snorting telephone operator.

  38. kayinmaine said

    “One ringy dingy, two ringy dingies…”

  39. kayinmaine said

    John McCain is Mr. Tudball on the Carol Burnett Show…

  40. clif said

    Kay, another one flipped to Obama, along with 538 and Real Clear Politics with no toss-ups that makes three national tracking websites who already say OBAMA WON.

    Me thinks 1000% Moron’s widdle head is just gonna pop. (though to those around him, they might think he farted)

  41. Palin is a Whore said

    Sarah Palin is the Anti-Christ. Somebody needs to send her back to hell where she came from.

  42. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    Sarah Palin is the harlot riding the scarlet beast mentioned in the book of revelation.

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