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Richard “Dickhead” Fuld of Lehman Brothers wants us to feel sorry for him

Posted by kayinmaine on October 6, 2008

Richard the Dickhead shoving America’s money down his throat as Lehman Brothers sinks….

And here’s what he looks like after he takes $500,000,000 from American taxpayers and investors and is saved…


Okay, get your tissues ready. I’ve got a sad story to tell ya…

Richard “Dickhead” Fuld, Chairman & CEO of Lehman Brothers, wanted us to feel bad for him today when he was at an investigative hearing by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. He wants Americans to know that he didn’t know Lehman Brothers was going bankrupt, even though, he was actively trying to find some capital/liquidity a week before the collapse (one would do that when one knows there is no base/foundation to the ‘house’) and then decided it was a good idea to give millions and millions and millions away to his friends at the top of the company right before the collapse anyways. See? He was in a rut, man! He wants us to know he didn’t know when really he did know! Shame on Americans for not feeling sorry for this man!

Oh, and then….

Dickhead Fuld was reminded while on the stand that he received almost $500 MILLION DOLLARS prior to the collapse of Lehman Brothers. He was astounded by this “500 number” and decided to correct the record to reflect that he only received $310,000,000! Yep, he wants us to feel sorry for him because he ONLY received $310,000,000 instead of $500,000,000, but when the Democrats told him the ‘500 number’ came from the ACTUAL DOCUMENTS HE SUPPLIED TO THEM, he looked a little shellshocked. Yep, the guy who drove the 150 year old company, Lehman Brothers, into the ground…couldn’t believe he had given those papers/documents to the Committee! Oopsie. Let me guess….Mr. Dickhead has like 3 sets of accounting books and mistakenly grabbed the wrong one this morning to show the Committee?


And we wonder why Lehman Brothers went down the toilet! It was being run by a MAFIA-LIKE-CRIMINAL-FASCIST! But don’t you worry, there will be no HOT DOG EATING IN THE FULD FAMILY! No way. Mrs. Fuld is set to make $11,000,000 of her own fortune, so if the Fuld’s ever get in a rut, they have wifey’s measley income to fall back on!

I’ve got an idea! How about we just round up the Bush Regime, the CEO’s of the 26 Wall Street banks that are under investigation by the FBI right now, and all of their supporters (John McCain & Sarah Palin included, of course!) AND PUT THEM IN PRISON, and then ask questions later? Great idea, Kay!

Spit. I’m with Jesus on this one…

4 Responses to “Richard “Dickhead” Fuld of Lehman Brothers wants us to feel sorry for him”

  1. kayinmaine said

    Bah hahahahaha! Richard Fuld was punched at the gym today!…


    I guess he’s not very liked at the moment. 😆 Good, the fucker.

  2. WCbaboon said

    damn beat me to it, I couldn’t wait to let WNI know …love the photo.

  3. kayinmaine said

    I guess Fuld wasn’t punched today by an angry American, but was punched right after Lehman Brothers collapsed. Let’s hope all the CEO’s are either punched or spend the rest of their days looking over their shoulder for angry Americans! Sounds good to me.

    WCbaboon, are you talking about the Jesus photo? Jesus and I have a lot in common these days, which is so hysterical, because I’m an Atheist! 😆

  4. National Attention Given To “Friends On Wall St. A New Release Now Playing Coast To Coast

    After watching The House Committee question Richard S. Fuld, CEO of Lehman Brothers on C-SPAN last week, country music artist Billy Craig wrote a timely classic called FRIENDS ON WALL ST.

    “I wrote the lyrics, emailed them over to some friends and got a huge response” said Billy. In turn, his national promotions Manager, Brad Johnson of All Things Media, forwarded the lyrics and received the same response. “It was suggested to me by many in the music industry, and I agreed, that Billy needed to record this song right away” says Brad.

    As of today, the media’s incredible response has made the song a coast to coast sensation. Made available to the readers of New York’s Daily Newscaster which quotes, “Billy Craig’s new song is a voice from the American Heartland and a message for Wall Street from Main Street.” (D. H. Williams – Daily Newscaster)

    The song will be featured on San Francisco’s KALW 91.7 FM and has already been getting spins on many stations across the USA including WCTH –Thunder Country 100.3 FM Miami-Dade and The Florida Keys and KXKX radio in Missouri.


    Friends On Wall St.

    Sell my house and sell my boat
    Before I’m really going broke
    Ya know those genius mortgage dealers
    Are drivin my damn four wheeler

    Sold me some fancy finance package
    Now their stuck in some kind of wreckage
    With their hands stuck in my face
    They got the bailout what a waste

    It’s always the same ole story
    But I don’t need to worry

    Cause I got friends on Wall St.
    They all smarter than us
    Keep sending you’re hard earned dollars
    And don’t put up a fuss
    Cause I got friends on Wall St.
    They take care of me
    Live long and prosper
    In the land of the free

    Last stop is called Hooverville
    I ain’t forgot I remember still
    Packin up and goin west
    Pickin peaches I think that’s best

    My Bowl is full a dust
    But investing dollars is a must
    Look to the future seeking growth
    I watched Fuld take his oath

    And it’s always the same ole story
    But I don’t need to worry

    Chorus Chorus Chorus

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