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Suicide across America will be the result of George Bush’s failed economic policies

Posted by kayinmaine on October 7, 2008

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For some reason I have Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood theme song going through my head after reading THIS ARTICLE this morning. A commenter on FDL posted it and almost instantly I started singing this in my head…

“It’s a beautiful day in Bush’s neighborhood…a beautiful day in Bush’s neighborhood…would you kill me…or my family…”

Hey, suicide will be the answer and as pointed out in the article above, one man decided to kill his wife, his 3 sons, and his mother-in-law before killing himself, because he just didn’t see much use in going forward at this time. Nice, huh? After 8 years of George Bush telling us he’s protected us and then told us killing people overseas was crucial, now we have Americans blowing the heads off their family and then themselves, so who the hell is going to protect these Americans from this kind of domestic terrorism? Huh? Who!!?????!!!! It won’t be George Bush’s economic policies; that’s for sure! Spit. I hate him.


5 Responses to “Suicide across America will be the result of George Bush’s failed economic policies”

  1. Grant in Texas said

    The father was a “day trader” so one of those taking the biggest risks gambling on the stock market. He lived in Porter Ranch which my old California employer developed so I spent some time in that region in the late 70’s. This is the northern edge of the NW San Fernando Valley and this home was probably in the $550K range (would be less than $200K in Texas).


    We have had 2 military recruiters commit suicide here in Houston in the last few weeks, adding to 3 previous suicides here among recruiters since 2001. They have had intense recruitment pressures and may have been having trouble living on their pay grade.


  2. clif said

    It would be nice,

    …. but we know it will never happen.

  3. carol said

    It has already started with that poor lady who is 90 years old, who shot herself in the head…..thank heaven the poor soul survived.
    What a disgraceful, disgusting state of affairs….to think that the state of this economy and the mortgage crisis in this huge country could result in even one person contemplating suicide!!!!
    How George Bush, John McCain and the rest of this despicable Republican party can sleep at night is beyond me….and then for that cunning, slimy, arrogant McCain to totally ignore the issues of the day and attack his opponent!!!!
    John McCain has no credibility, no command of the real issues, no interest in the American people and their plight….sorry McCain you are not COUNTRY FIRST you are McCAIN FIRST.

  4. fred said

    John McCain wants you to forget about his role in our country’s last major financial crisis and costly bailout: the savings and loan crisis of the late ’80s and early ’90s.

    But voters deserve to know that the failed philosophy and culture of corruption that created the savings and loan crisis then are alive in the current crisis — and in John McCain’s plans for our economic future.

    We just released a short documentary about John McCain’s role in that financial crisis — watch it now and share it with your friends:


    Voters should know the facts about John McCain’s poor judgment — judgment that has twice placed him on the wrong side of history

  5. kayinmaine said

    LOL Clif! Great photo! And yes, we all wished the assholes would be the guest of honor at the 21 Century Nuremberg trial!

    Carol, I read about the elderly woman who was being pushed out of home because of a chair on the back porch (this is what the mortgage/landlord said). Unfreakingbelievable! They’re now letting her stay in her place. Assholes. Why did she have to remortgage her house? Let me guess….TO EAT, SURVIVE, AND PAY HER MEDICAL BILLS THAT MEDICARE WOULDN’T COVER!


    Fred, thanks for the link. We watched it a day or two ago. It’s a good one and everyone needs to watch it!

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