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McCain/Palin supporter under Federal investigation for violating the Hatch Act

Posted by kayinmaine on October 8, 2008

Bah hahahahahahaha! I love it. Remember on Monday of this week when a UNIFORMED police officer got up in front of the crowd in Florida to introduce Sarah Palin and used Barack’s middle name ‘Hussein’ in the introduction? Well, because the asshole was wearing his on-duty police uniform, he’s now under investigation for violating the Hatch Act!

Of course, the McCain/Palin supporters will get away with yelling, “Kill him!” when Palin is talking about Barack Obama or Bill Ayers, or threatening & strong arming the media before a rally event, or yelling out ‘treason’ (when we all know George Bush, Dick Cheney, and the rest of the neocons are the ones who have committed treason) to incite violence against the Obama campaign! Oh yes! Inciting violence against the black man’s political campaign is perfectly legal and no one gets a trip to jail! Spit.

Good gawd, I love this, because Johnny & Sarah keep saying they and their supporters are white, just, pure, and good…and would never break any laws or would never allow anyone around them to either.  😆  😆  😆

Oh, and it gets better: MR. CORSI WHO WROTE THE ANTI-OBAMA BOOK, OBAMA NATION, WAS DETAINED IN KENYA THIS WEEK! Bah hahahahahahaha! Hysterical. Why don’t we just arrest all the wingers to save our nation right now? I think that’s a great idea.


8 Responses to “McCain/Palin supporter under Federal investigation for violating the Hatch Act”

  1. carol said

    That McPalin campaign is a total disgrace….we can all see what kind of warped, evil people they have rooting for them.
    I am so thrilled to see that vile Police Officer being investigated….he should be fired as far as I’m concerned…what trash these McPalin supporters are!!!!
    I think most American people are disgusted with what is going on now with that disgraceful, despicable McPalin….how honorable you are now McCain you vile piece of trash.
    We don’t want to see your grinning, smarmy face and your sideshow
    ignorant, caustic Sarah….who can’t even speak properly and badly needs to learn command of the English language

  2. kayinmaine said

    Carol, was it me or did the audience at the McPain rally today on my television earlier sound like a Brazilian soccer game where the people are out of control and the negative/positive energy is high enough to collapse the stadium? Holy cow. The republic Party is full of scary people. For sure.

  3. carol said

    Yes Kay you are right, the are just like soccer hooligans out of control!!!!
    Hard to beleive that this is supposed to be a campaign for the Presidency…total embarassment.
    I’m sure the whole world must be looking at this McPalin fiasco and be shocked at the antics they are pulling off!!!

  4. Grant in Texas said

    The Aryan skinhead cop says he will not make an apology as all he did was repeat Sen. Obama’s full legal name. However, when introducing Saraj Palin and mentioning Sen. McCain he didn’t use their middle names!


  5. carol said

    We all know full well what this cop was up to….he looks and acts just like a skinhead and that really sharp salute he gave to the adoring sheep in the audience was almost like a Gestapo salute….ZEIG HEIL!!!!
    McCain’s campaign has been a total disgrace….but all these losers on the stage will have to go and face family and friends after this election and I’m sure there wil be many of them who
    may not have liked what they have seen!!!

  6. Grant in Texas said

    My partner, a retired Navy Chief with 23 years in the military, commented right away about the “salute” as not being proper, “beyond snappy” thinking it more like an obscene “FU” hand gesture. I thought neoNAZI when I first saw that video clip. His predecessor in the sheriff’s office made national headlines when he was arrested while insisting he would violate the court order and take water to Terry Schiavo. Palin seems to do well in these reich-wing enclaves of Florida and elsewhere. She was born in Sandpoint, Idaho, and has many family members still there. The Idaho panhandle is notorious for the Aryan (white supremacy) Christian paramilitary types living out in the woods.

  7. carol said

    Another meeting of the demented in Wisconsin…….of course the Maverick cannot show up alone…..his sidekick MOTOR MOUTH PALIN has to be there….to fire up the rabble.
    Wouldn’t it be nice for them to once address the enormous challenges of this country instead of talking trash and inciting hatred….what has happened to this country??????
    I am ashamed of any American who can watch and listen to their vile assaults and then cheer…….what is wrong with these people?
    This election is about getting this country back on track……not about
    in the Republican’s eyes making sure this” young upstart….above his station Senator does not get elected!!!
    Shame on McCain and all those despicable people at these rallies who have the nerve to call themselves PATRIOTIC…….the next thing you know they will be wearing the Rebel Flags draped around their shoulders.

  8. carol said

    John McCain has proven himself to be totally erratic…..he stomps around the stage…wagging his finger….grinning like a cheshire cat…..if that isn’t unstable I don’t know what is!!!!!
    We see all these demented antics by McCain and these ridiculous cult like followers hang onto his every word…….I seriously think that McCain…Palin and the rest of the crew, plus all the followers should be shipped off to a compound somewhere!!!!!
    I just can’t beleive that they are running for the office of President and VP with all the vicious attacks…Gestapo like cops giving speeches…followers shouting “kill him”‘ …..what in God’s name is wrong them!!!!!
    The next thing you know these maniac supporters will show up at rallies wearing Rebel Flags and who knows even white sheets!!!
    All these hate mongers out there and there are many it seems…..will get their just reward….God never pays his debts in money….but he will repay all of those hate mongers believe you me.
    All I can say is GOD HELP AMERICA if that demented pair get into office….what a sad, sad day for this country.

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