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Meanwhile, George Bush will veto extending UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS after having HIS Wall Street bailed out

Posted by kayinmaine on October 8, 2008

You just knew the fascist Pig would do this! Oh yes, after the House of Representatives voted in favor of screwing average Americans over to bailout George Bush’s friends on Wall Street, the House right after did a vote on extending UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS starting early next year. Well, it passed overwhelmingly (I watched it on C-SPAN as it happened) by both republicans & Democrats. Well, George Bush is now saying if this bill passes both Houses and ends up on his desk, HE’S GOING TO VETO IT.

What a fucking asshole! Now, you would think ole Georgie would sign the bill, because after getting $850 billion in bailout money that he and his Pigs on Wall Street said they needed, would result in lots of jobs and unemployment would go down! Nope! THEY ALL FUCKING LIED TO US AGAIN. As usual.

I’m still feeling the same way Jesus is about George Bush, the American Taliban (the republic Party), and all their friends and family members….

13 Responses to “Meanwhile, George Bush will veto extending UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS after having HIS Wall Street bailed out”

  1. democommie said


    What the fuck should we expect from a fucking fuck like boyGeorge, the WORST FUCKING PRESIDENT THIS NATION’S EVER ENDURED?

  2. kayinmaine said

    We should expect nothing but dead and dying people in the streets, Democommie! Spit. *kicking tin can across the room* Gawd I hate the republic Party and all they stand for.

  3. Mildred said

    Well if you want more pain, vote for McCain.

  4. clif said

    Why should “georgie” worry about unemployment he gets a $200,000 pension for destroying this formerly great country.

    He just thinks everyone who doesn’t qualify ain’t worth worrying about, and unless you get a $200,000 pension from sucking ass at your job for the last 7 1/2 years to him you don’t qualify.

    (Which is why he is for bailing out the CEO’s who sucked ass so bad their corporations are going belly up, but not the employees who did the real work.)

    Typical reich wing republicanism at work here

    nothing to see

    move along

  5. kayinmaine said

    LOL Exactly Mildred. 🙂

    Clif, he just wants to see Americans dying in the streets from starvation. After watching 3,000 Americans die on the morning of 9/11, watching Americans drown down in New Orleans, watching Saddam Hussein’s hanging via live feed (just guessing but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least), so why the hell wouldn’t he want to see starving & dying Americans after he cut unemployment benefits? Huh? HE’S A FUCKING MANIAC WHO LIVES ON THE BLOOD AND SUFFERING OF OTHERS! Without it, he’ll just shrivel up and die himself. Asshole. Gawd I hate him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. kayinmaine said

    I’ve noticed this post I did back in February 2007 about Martial Law is getting a ton of hits lately:


    Read the post and think of what is going on today: the republic party is dead, Wall Street has crashed, there are no jobs available, there’s a hugely popular black man on the ticket and is going to win in November, McCain’s camp is rallying the neocons to incite violence against Barack, and we’ve got a president who says he will veto unemployment benefits for those whose benefits end next spring. If Martial Law was going to happen, it will happen sometime this month, because there’s no way George Bush would want it any other way!

    So, what do you think it will be? Nuclear attack or an American militia that has been formed secretly over the last 8 years BY THE BUSH REGIME will start gunning Americans down? I don’t know, but the negative energy in the air is thick. Something is coming. Hold onto to your hats! Stock up on canned goods (I am) and necessities. Put some cash where you can get it easily (not in a bank LOL).

    Nite nite everyone. Going to bed again shaking my head in disgust at the nightmarish last 8 years. 🙂

  7. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    Why didn’t congress make extending unemployment benefits part of the bailout bill? They added 6 million for wooden f**king arrows for cripes sake?

    Both parties sold us out on this bail out plan. They could have waited. They could have started out with less money. It’s all part of a scam of course. Not only does Bush get to give billions to his buddies on Wallstreet but congress just made sure that their 100% guaranteed government pensions are totally secure also.

  8. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    Why the f**K didn’t congress demand that unemployment benefit extentions be part of the bailout bill? For cripes sakes they made sure $9 million went to wooden f**king arrows for children! Both parties have sold us out. This bail out not only allowed Bush to give away billions of dollars to his buddies on Wall Street but it also guaranteed that our politicians 100% guaranteed government pensions were also secure. Rat bastards!

  9. carol said

    Should we be surprised that this useless jerk would want to vito that…..so much for the American people hurting..like he even cared in the first place.
    We need to get rid of this Republican party like yesterday….roll on Nov….they just prove over and over that they don’t give a damn about the American people.

  10. Grant in Texas said

    I still won’t relax until after November 4, as once again there is movement out there to disenfranchise Democratic voters:


    If you can’t win them, steal them!

  11. earl said

    everything i’ve been telling people about for the last 30years is finally happening to us and there is only one solution to this entire problem [we need a revolution to ensure our own evolution!]just think about it, what else in history has ever brought about the needed change that the people needed!most of all of this started after wwii,when the government saw how much man could do when left to his own, they couldn’t afford to take the chance that they might lose control of us so they started implimenting this plan [project-conundrum].look at the russians, right now they’re putting their military fleet where it’s not supposed to be allowed to be without bring us to the edge of war according to the monroe doctrine

  12. Grant in Texas said

    If the Republicans steal yet another election next week, a rebellion may just take place. We have to stop this forward march towards fascism our nation has been on for several decades now.

    Putting U.S. missiles next door in Poland and the Czech Republic has only pushed the Russians to test the Monroe Doctrine. What’s good for the goose……!

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