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Obama/McCain debate conclusion: OUT WITH THE OLD; IN WITH THE NEW!

Posted by kayinmaine on October 8, 2008

Good gawd. Last night’s debate, however boring, showed Americans exactly who John McCain is. He’s part of the old, tired right wing agenda that hurts average Americans, promotes the wealthy, and doesn’t have a new idea, even if it was laid down in front of him. In other words, it’s more of the same if you vote for McCain!

As the old saying goes: “OUT WITH THE OLD; IN WITH THE NEW!”.

America needs ‘new’ right now. Our country has grown old & tired and it’s been beat around for the past 8 years. Our country needs medical attention and we’re not going to get even a Band-aid if Johnny gets in the White House! He couldn’t even resusitate a gawddamn fish right now!

Observations/thoughts during last night’s debate:

  • Tom Brokaw was a complete asshole to Barack Obama. He truly revealed this after his skirt flipped up by basically telling Barack Obama he could not rebut McCain’s statements and how he’s the Moderator Guy!  It was scary to watch! Pompous elitist asshole Brokaw has become.
  • A collective gasp was felt around the nation when John McCain reduced Barack Obama down to “that one”. Yep, the man representing George Bush & Dick Cheney’s 3rd term couldn’t even call the black man by his name! What an asshole.
  • Johnny was walking around the stage like he shit his pants or something. It was very irritating.
  • McCain should concede the election right now, so Barack Obama can start fixing our nation! Yeah, yeah, and we’ll tell George Bush to get out of the White House right now, so Barack can!
  • The town hall format was kind of weird. Seems ole Johnny who was dying to have a town hall debate with Barack for months now….ended up blowing it! Maybe Barack should have done a town hall with McCain because it would have kicked him out earlier?

What were your thoughts as the debate was happening? Or did you miss the whole thing because you fell asleep early on? 😉

Meanwhile, markets overseas are tanking this morning and the Fed Reserve is using band-aids right now. Eight years of Bush economic/foreign policy has been disasterous for EVERYONE!


9 Responses to “Obama/McCain debate conclusion: OUT WITH THE OLD; IN WITH THE NEW!”

  1. Canteloupe said

    Show your support for Barack Obama:

  2. kayinmaine said

    Not sure if your link is virus laded or not, so I’ve disconnected it, Canteloupe.

  3. kayinmaine said

    Two things John McCain did not mention last night:

    the Middle Class
    Sarah Palin

    See? John McCain is out of touch with regular people in our country. He could care less about us. Hell, he doesn’t even want to mention his poor VP, because he knows the nation cringes when he does!

  4. carol said

    It is obvious John McCain is out of touch, he never mentioned the middle class once in the debate….how could he understand the plight of the middle class when he owns 9 homes and 13 cars!!
    We have to be realistic here….John McCain is all for taking care of people like himself…big money and he can ramble on about how the American workers are the best in the world etc etc.
    Yes, that is all well and good but what does he intend to do for them that is my question….if he and the rest of the Republican party hadn’t deregulated the banking system and let them run amok, we would not be in this mess right now.
    Now all of a sudden as we heard yet again last night…”I know how to fix it”…..”I know what we have to do”…he can suddenly fix the problem…..just where has he been for the past 8 years!!!
    America you have to wake up to John McCain…this man will say and do anything as we have seen with his despicable campaign against Sen Obama….to get elected President.
    John McCain has no honour, is arrogant, rude and condescending….he feels he is owed this Presidency,well and I quote “My Friend” you are owed nothing.
    The American people deserve someone who can tell the truth for a start…really understands their needs in this time of crisis
    and can offer real solutions…most intelligent people can see through someone who is fake and that comes across when John McCain speaks….it’s not from the heart!!!
    If you want a better country for ALL Americans, a real change in government who need to held accountable then Senator Obama is the choice you must make.

  5. steph said

    Kay, it was an incredibly boring debate, I was beginning to nod off towards the end, the moderator was appalling and John McCain was awful, he said nothing sensible throughout the debate. I thought Obama made the much better points but I don’t think he put them across all that well. On the tax cuts, he should have said something like:

    "I'm a millionaire, so is John McCain, he's a multimillionaire. It's not us who needs tax cuts, it's you, the middle class. And that's what I'm proposing, taxes cuts for you, the middle class. What Senator McCain is proposing is tax cuts for millionaires and multi-millionaires.

    The Republicans have obviously learned nothing over the last eight years because tax cuts for the super rich and deregulation under the Republican administration of George W Bush is what got us into this mess! The difference between me an senator McCain, is I'll give you, the middle classes, a tax cut because it make sense but I won't give tax cuts to the super rich, like senator McCain and myself, because that makes no sense: it's the same irresponsibility and greed that has caused this economic crisis.

  6. molly said

    I went to sleep during the debate. Tom Brokaw and McCain have been left behind by time.

  7. clif said

    It was an old 20th century politician vs a young 21st century politician,

    McCain is looking backwards with “KGB”, Lebanon circa 1982, and rehashed 30 year old right wing talking points, against a politician talking change and the future, and of course the problems facing the middle class.

  8. Carl Nemo said

    Well said Clif!

    Carl Nemo **==

  9. adastra100 said

    kayinmaine, you are so right.

    That was a Republican Town Hall!
    Tom Brokaw was so rude, I couldn’t believe it. Mcsame talked longer, but Brokaw said that sh**t about how there are lights all around here of different colors telling you when your time is up. What a jerk!! Mcsame was walking around while Barack was talking, what a moron. Barack totally killed him on the issues. That’s all he needed to do. He didn’t even need to bring up Mcsames history of treason in Vietnam, or his trashing of the USS Forrestal. Go to Vietnam Veterans against John MaCain, and you will see the whole story. There are still eye witnesses that can prove the validity of these stories.

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