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Sarah Palin inciting violence with her boobs again…

Posted by kayinmaine on October 9, 2008

I watched this today live as it was happening, and I got to tell you, I had a flashback to the 1950’s when our nation ‘took pride’ in publicly lynching the black man! Unfreakingbelievable.

Also, a member of the audience asked John McCain about the Hate Crimes bill and he just rambled on about nothing. Then Sarah Palin chimed in and spewed fascist neocon propaganda which included a few ‘he’s a maverick!’ in it as well. I’m telling you…both McCain & Palin did NOT want to talk about the Hate Crimes bill when they were holding their KKK MEETING campaign rally today. Joe Biden is correct about these two…IT’S WHAT THEY DON’T SAY IS SCARY.

Um, neocons? You’ve lived under Hitler-like Fascism for the past 8 years and you’re telling us today you’re scared of socialists? Bah hahahahahahaha! You mean to tell me that after all this time all we had to do was flash you the following picture and it would have scared you enough you would have left our country? Wow! Good to know…

(picture credit)


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Prominent REPUBLICANS & DEMOCRATS in Illinois have no problem with Bill Ayers or Barack Obama

Posted by kayinmaine on October 9, 2008

Sarahbaracuda driving over the McCain Campaign Bridge to Nowhere (and she doesn’t want you to know her ‘domestic terrorist connection’ HERE and HERE, shhhhhhhhhhh)…

I wonder if Sarah Palin and Johnny McCrazy know that the lies & smears they’re spreading about Barack Obama “palling around with terrorists” or being a “domestic terrorist sympathizer”, they’re also calling prominent REPUBLICANS & DEMOCRATS in Illinois the same thing?

Huh. I wonder if they realize this. I highly doubt it. This is a duo who couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag, even if we started a hole for them!

Something tells me though, ole Johnny and Boobs Palin wouldn’t care if the truth hit them in the stomach, because if it did, we know what they would say: “IT’S THE LIBERALS FAULT THAT WE LIED!!!!! WE DIDN’T WANT TO LIE & SPREAD SMEARS BUT THE LIBERALS MADE US DO IT!”

Assholes. You just know they would blame us.


Let’s take a look at the “REPUBLICAN/DEMOCRATIC DOMESTIC TERRORISTS” that worked with Barack Obama and Bill Ayers on the Annenberg Challenge and other good stuff (all quotes found in THIS ARTICLE):

WALTER ANNENBERG: The founder of the Annenberg Challenge (and The Annenberg Foundation), which is a group that works hard to REFORM URBAN EDUCATION. Annenberg died in 2002. Bill Ayers helped Annenberg write up the grant proposal and according to Annenberg was ‘instrumental’ for this group. Annenberg also donated $50,000,000 to the United Negro College Fund. Barack Obama was the Chair of the Annenberg Challenge and did work with and meet with Bill Ayers several times.

ILLINOIS STATE REPRESENTATIVE DIANA NELSON: She said this about the lies & smears the McCain campaign is spreading about Barack Obama and Bill Ayers….“It was never a concern by any of us in the Chicago school reform movement that he had led a fugitive life years earlier…It’s ridiculous. There is no reason at all to smear Barack Obama with this association. It’s nonsensical, and it just makes me crazy. It’s so silly.” She also went on to say the republicans she’d meet would react this way about Ayers…“[they] might snort when they ar the name Bill Ayers, because they know he comes from a wealthy family, they know he became a radical activist early in his life … but beyond just snorting, I don’t think anyone gives it another thought.”

ANNE HALLETT: She worked closely with Bill Ayers on the Annenberg Challenge and had this to say about Ayers & the Barack attacks, “I don’t remember ever hearing anyone raise concerns or questions or concerns about [Ayers’] background…and that included everybody I was engaged with,” including prominent Republicans, and corporate and civic leaders in Chicago….[it’s] a smear campaign. It’s a political diatribe that has no basis in fact. The Chicago Annenberg Challenge was an extremely positive initiative. It was well-vetted, thorough, and the fact that it is now is being used for political purposes is, in my opinion, outrageous.”

These three worked directly with Bill Ayers the ‘domestic terrorist’ that Sarah Palin and Johnny McCrazy want you to freak out about. According to their own rhetoric, Walter Annenberg and anyone associated with his estate, family, or friends is a domestic-terrorist-sympathizer and has committed treason just by associating with any of the three. This formula McCain & Palin are using means that Diana Nelson and Anne Hallett are also committing treason! I wonder if these women wear burkas with bombs underneath it? I bet! According to the McDRAINONOURRATIONALBRAINS, they have and are plotting and planning the ‘big one’ as you read this! Yeah, yeah, ole Sarah and Johnny are implying this every day until election day because they’re assholes.

Here’s John McCain hugging a current domestic terrorist of America….

Just so you know, Bill Ayers & Barack Obama also worked together on another prominent charity in Illinois called the, Woods Fund of Chicago, you know, one of those ‘horrible’ community organizer groups that helps out kids in the inner city! Oh yes. It’s very apparent to me that THE ‘DOMESTIC TERRORISTS’ OF OUR NATION ARE DOING MORE GOOD FOR OUR FELLOW AMERICANS THAN THE AMERICAN TALIBAN IS (which is the republican party courtesy of George Bush, George McCain, Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin, Karl Rove, and Phil Gramm who is currently the cause of our financial collapse! Financial domestic terrorism at it’s finest!). Isn’t that odd that the label of ‘domestic terrorist’ means you spend your days helping out the kids/adults in your area who need it, while it’s the right wing elitists from Alaska and Arizona who are the ones who want you to think they like ya, when really, THEY’RE GONNA SCREW YA THE FIRST CHANCE THEY GET!

Sarah Palin & Johnny McCrazy can say what they want about Bill Ayers, but the reality is, Ayers and others during the 1960’s were pissed off about the Vietnam war and were reacting to a government that would not listen to them. There were quite a few like them. They may not have blown statues and people up, but they were as angry as Ayers was. I’m not saying what Ayers did was right, because it wasn’t, but once the war was finally over in the 1970’s, he has spent the rest of his life as an advocate for kids. Those that know him today don’t see him as a domestic terrorist….even prominent republicans who have worked with him know he’s a totally different guy. Oh, but Sarah & Johnny don’t care! They want to win an election so they’re willing to call ANYONE who has met Bill Ayers…even if it was in line at the grocery store….A DOMESTIC TERRORIST!

Unfreakingbelievable. Are we sick of the McCain camPAIN yet? Yep. We are and that’s why Barack Obama is going to win big time in November!

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Poor Cindy McCain. She’s suffering greatly with her son being in Iraq…

Posted by kayinmaine on October 9, 2008

“Honey, I’m suffering. Give me one of those $10 pills from my purse please”, said Cindy to her husband Johnny in the following picture…

Poor Cindy McCain. She’s trying to rally her husband’s supporters by stating she’s suffering because her son is in Iraq and she wants you to spend one day in her $1,000 pair of shoes (plus shipping & handling, of course) she got in her $100,000,000 dollar life (oh, and don’t forget the $300,000 outfit she wore to the Republican National Convention!)..so you can feel how bad it is to be in her life. She’s suffering man! She was so pissed off that Barack Obama voted against a troop funding bill because it didn’t have a time-table for withdrawal that she forgot to mention….her husband also voted against funding the troops, because it HAD A TIME-TABLE FOR WITHDRAWAL in it! That’s right! Her husband wants her son to stay in Iraq until he dies! See? Cindy is fine with this, but when the black man votes against funding, because he wants Cindy’s son to come home to spend the holidays with her, well, she faints holding a $4,000 silk hanky!

Would Cindy McCain’s son starve to death…..evah? Nope! Not on your life! Barack Obama’s kids would under Cindy’s husband leadership should he get in the White House, however. Spit.

By the way, while Cindy’s son is in Iraq, Johnny decided to whore out Cindy to a redneck ‘beauty contest’…

Poor Cindy & Johnny! They are suffering greatly! And they’re taking this Iraq-war-thingy veeeeeeery seriously as you can see.

Lying sacks of crap.

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The Army’s 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team is NOT training to kill Americans on our soil

Posted by kayinmaine on October 9, 2008

Wow, that’s nice to know. *rolling eyes*

Remember the post I did questioning why our military was training on American soil to combat Americans and I wondered what the timing was all about? Well, I decided today to go back to the Army Times article to reread it and lo and behold there’s a CORRECTION at the bottom of the article now, that reads:


A non-lethal crowd control package fielded to 1st Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, described in the original version of this story, is intended for use on deployments to the war zone, not in the U.S., as previously stated.

Ah ha, I see. Feel better now?

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Have you met the guy who is handling the $700,000,000,000 bailout money?

Posted by kayinmaine on October 9, 2008


It’s not Henry Paulson, you know, the bald guy who can’t look ya in the eye when he’s doing a press conference and the guy who used to head Goldman Sachs. Nope, it’s his Mini-Me, Neel Kashkari, who worked with Paulson at Goldman Sachs and now works with him at the Treasury! Basically, the Evil Twins of Goldman Sachs is going to be handling America’s money. Nice huh?

Here’s a little background of who Neel is:

From Time.com:

• Kashkari grew up in Stow, Ohio, an Akron suburb. As a high school student, he was a fan of heavy metal bands like AC/DC, whose lyrics dot his high school yearbook. He is 35 years old.

• He comes from a family of scientists. Father Chaman has a doctorate in engineering, and won a Presidential award for his work in getting water to African villages. Kashkari’s mother, Sheila, is a retired pathologist, and his sister Meera, specializes in infectious diseases.

• Accordingly, Kashkari also studied science, getting his masters in engineering from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

• He and his wife Minal live in Silver Spring, Maryland, with their dog Winslow.

Feeling like Sarah Palin’s son is the one in charge of $700,000,000,000? He listens to AC/DC? Hysterical.

And here’s his connection to George Bush/Dick Cheney because you just knew there would be a connection!…

From Energy Risk USA (emphasis mine):

Neel Kashkari is Senior Advisor to U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson, Jr. He provides counsel to the Secretary on key policy matters and was one of the architects of President Bush’s “Twenty in Ten” energy security plan.

Prior to joining the Treasury Department, Mr. Kashkari was a Vice President at Goldman, Sachs & Co. in San Francisco, where he led Goldman’s IT Security Investment Banking practice, advising public and private companies on mergers and acquisitions and financial transactions. Prior to his career in finance, Mr. Kashkari was a R&D Principal Investigator at TRW in Redondo Beach, California where he developed technology for NASA space science missions such as the James Webb Space Telescope.

Originally from Stow, Ohio, Mr. Kashkari graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a BachelorA’s and Master’s degree in Engineering. He also received an M.B.A. in Finance from the Wharton School.

Just thought you ought to know this information. 😉

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