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Poor Cindy McCain. She’s suffering greatly with her son being in Iraq…

Posted by kayinmaine on October 9, 2008

“Honey, I’m suffering. Give me one of those $10 pills from my purse please”, said Cindy to her husband Johnny in the following picture…

Poor Cindy McCain. She’s trying to rally her husband’s supporters by stating she’s suffering because her son is in Iraq and she wants you to spend one day in her $1,000 pair of shoes (plus shipping & handling, of course) she got in her $100,000,000 dollar life (oh, and don’t forget the $300,000 outfit she wore to the Republican National Convention!)..so you can feel how bad it is to be in her life. She’s suffering man! She was so pissed off that Barack Obama voted against a troop funding bill because it didn’t have a time-table for withdrawal that she forgot to mention….her husband also voted against funding the troops, because it HAD A TIME-TABLE FOR WITHDRAWAL in it! That’s right! Her husband wants her son to stay in Iraq until he dies! See? Cindy is fine with this, but when the black man votes against funding, because he wants Cindy’s son to come home to spend the holidays with her, well, she faints holding a $4,000 silk hanky!

Would Cindy McCain’s son starve to death…..evah? Nope! Not on your life! Barack Obama’s kids would under Cindy’s husband leadership should he get in the White House, however. Spit.

By the way, while Cindy’s son is in Iraq, Johnny decided to whore out Cindy to a redneck ‘beauty contest’…

Poor Cindy & Johnny! They are suffering greatly! And they’re taking this Iraq-war-thingy veeeeeeery seriously as you can see.

Lying sacks of crap.


20 Responses to “Poor Cindy McCain. She’s suffering greatly with her son being in Iraq…”

  1. carol said

    I had no idea Cindy could actually talk to be honest, after the debate watching her follow her hubby around with her hands behind her back.
    Of course you noticed how she didn’t mingle…talk…shake hands with the audience and looked more like a scared schoogirl.
    I guess that would be far too below her station to be seen doing that…unlike Michelle and Sen Obama who stayed for 15 mins afterwards…talking to people!!!
    Such contrast in these two candidates and it shows who is really in touch with the American people….the McCain’s may have lots of money…cars and homes, but there is something you can’t buy and that is class….REAL CLASS!!!!
    I see now though we have the 3 Muskateers on the campaign trail as it appears that Cindy has either woken up or has been ALLOWED
    to grace the stage and speak alongside the BARRACUDA BABE!!!!
    It doesn’t really matter how many they have on stage and what trash they all talk…..nobody of any consequence is listening anymore….we’ve been there and done that….next attack please!!
    Not many more days to see these poor excuses for the HUMAN RACE and then they can fade away into oblivion!!!
    It just cannot come quick enough for me I can tell you.

  2. kayinmaine said

    The 3 Stooges? Bah hahahahahahahahaha! Good one, Carol. How about “3 Imbeciles in a Tub”? LOL That works too.

    Poor Sarah. She looked scared also yesterday standing on stage. Now why is that? Oh that’s right! She’s been showing her legs, flicking her hair, and winking at the neocons in the audience as she yells, “That black man raped me! Get him Jim!!!”, and just couldn’t believe the negative sexual energy in the room. It affected her.

    I wonder how many neocons left yesterday’s McCain rally and went home to take their ‘patriotism’ out on their daughters? Sarah won’t care if these daughters get pregnant by their daddies either. She loves that shit. It’s full-term for you 11 year old girl! Buck up if you can’t handle the pregnancy with all those broken bones & bruises!


    I hate the American Taliban. I really do.

    Okay, off to work! Have a great day, Ms. Carol. 😉

  3. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    The chill that Cindy felt go down her spine is what she feels every morning when she sees Johnny McCorpses flabby, old, wrinkled naked body when he hops….struggles into the shower.

  4. Laseryohanna said

    OH YEAH! I am a retired counselor to whom those 11 year old girls got to when they could. And many much older. Your statement has caused me to write and begin a blog and get out there with you and your concerns. They are mine. Scary stuff. And irresponsible… and … well no need to get on their level.

    Proud to respond, Yohanna

  5. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    John McCain continues to use the so called *success* of the surge against Barack Obama. I believe it’s time for Barack to counter McCain with these facts:

    * The surge was launched for the purpose of giving the Iraqi government more time to get their shit together. Based on that criteria, thru no fault of our brave soldiers the surge has been a collosal failure.

    * To solely give credit for the decrease of violence in Iraq to General Petraeus and his surge strategy is not only preposterous but blatantly dishonest. The decrease of violence can be directly be attributed to two facts:

    1-Our government has been paying off (bribing?) different tribes to not fight against us. What happens when the flow of money ends?

    2-The cease fire by Al Sadr and his army.

    Barack Obama needs to stress these realities of the surge to counter the only legitimate issue McCain has left against Barack.

  6. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    Hmmmm did anyone else notice that Sarah Palin didn’t sound so folksey in her and McCain’s interview with Sean Insanity last night? What a phony!

  7. Grant in Texas said

    Maybe Cindy isn’t repeating her lament because fact checkers have found that John McCain ALSO voted to not fund our troops because the bill included a time line after Obama voted no because it didn’t include a timeline. Also, JOHN voted for the damned war in the first place and has been its number one cheerleader. Aren’t the Bidens also suffering due to their son ALSO fighting in Iraq?

    BTW, the suicide rate among our over deployed and stressed soldiers is rising, increasing from 12.4 per 100,000 in 2003, when the Iraq war started, to 18.1 per 100,000 last year.

    This year, 93 active-duty soldiers have killed themselves in the first eight months, through the end of August. Houston has had two recruiters kill themselves in the past couple of months, making five recruiters stationed here in the city having killed themselves since this war started. They are under great stress to reach recruitment quotas putting in 12-15 hour days. And the number of our soldiers murdering their wives/girlfriends is becoming an epidemic at Fort Bragg.

  8. carol said

    I didn’t see the interview with McPalin and Hannity, but I’m sure Hannity was in his element as are a lot of men….it doesn’t matter that she is as thick as a plank (English term for dumb)..just as long as she is attractive and spews venom against Sen Obama.
    If she didn’t seem so folksy as Uncle Fester Lurks said…then it goes to show how two faced she is and will play any part that is offered for the highest price!!!!
    The McPalin ticket has become a joke……but I hope the American people will see that these two jokers just cannot get elected…..this country can’t afford it!!!

  9. JFH said

    Yep, the Republican party is FULL of hate… No hate here though!

  10. clif said

    the Republican party is FULL of hate

    The christofascist social conservative right wing part is, and any Palin Hate filled event shows that in spades son.

  11. clif said

    Cause that is her base.

  12. Janice said

    Poor Cindy,
    Guess you haven’t taken a ‘pretty’ little moment to think how other mothers whose sons went to serve in a contractors-made-BIG-money war feel. I guess the sons of the little people don’t get counted unless its election day for you. My advice is that you let the palin pitbull do all the hateful talking. You might break a stitch. Better yet, just ease your pain like the drunk six pack person she keeps mentioning. Yup, go have one of the beers she keeps hawking that you sell.

  13. Ephram said

    Can you still feel ? Hubby can’t.

  14. clif said

    Court Throws Out GOP Effort to Quash Trooper-Gate

    The Alaska Supreme Court has rejected the effort by Republican legislators to quash the Trooper-Gate investigation, affirming the decision of a lower court last week.

    Details from the ruling to follow…

    Update: The court wrote: “The order of the superior court issued on October 2, 2008 granting the Motion to Dismiss is AFFIRMED. An opinion will follow.”

    Looks like caribou barbie don’t have the cover up clout the reich wing in Washington has …. for now.

    Um … JFH

    looks like you were,

    WRONG AGAIN … son.

  15. kayinmaine said

    Who wants to bet Cindy McCain spent the whole day in a drug induced coma laying on the velvet lounge seat in her bedroom because Barack voted against a funding bill BECAUSE IT DIDN’T INCLUDE BRINGING CINDY’S SON HOME FROM IRAQ? Poor Cindy! But that’s okay. Cindy has her husband to keep her son in Iraq until he’s blown to bits by an IUD. See? Her life is actually great. I can’t wait to tell her when she wakes up! 😆

  16. kayinmaine said

    Thank you Yohanna at #4! We cannot forget it’s the right wingers of America who are hurting our children across this country. We need people like you to help combat THEIR mental illness! Let us know the name of your blog. Post it here when you create it.

    Exactly Uncle! Can you imagine waking up to a person that much older? Ewwww. I’d be taking pills too. LOL

    Grant, it’s so sad our soldiers are taking their lives rather than go back to Iraq. Well, because of George McCain voting for Bush’s failed policies 90% of the time, it’s not surprising our soldiers are taking their lives! So freaking sad.

    Clif, yep. Palin is pandering to The Base of the republic Party, which are the ones who have an IQ of 12 and who have a very high level of sexual arousal which is why the daughters of America are suffering at home by the hands of their fathers after they’ve gone to a Palin rally! Scary.

    Janice, your conclusion of Cindy is right on! 😉

    Ephram, the McCains are brain dead. Even Meghan McCain seemed mad, angry, and brain dead at the rally yesterday. She decided to become a republic this year (a gift to her dad Johnny!) and now look at her? She drools down her neck and drags her knuckles on the ground. Sad.

  17. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    JFH Says:
    October 9, 2008 at 2:43 pm
    Yep, the Republican party is FULL of hate…
    Finally something we can agree on! 😉

  18. Palin is a Whore said

    No wonder McCain picked Palin. Guess he’s nothing but white trailer trash, too.

  19. Laseryohanna said

    Thanks Kayinmaine on # 16, I am working on how to say what I feel/believe without it being ONLY inflammatory and actually can bring an inarguable position in the best English I can use. I am practicing on LiveJournal at the moment with quotations.. will let you know, thanks for the encouragement.

    You go!!! You and the people here give me hope that everybody is not buying the BS. Thanks for all of your writings. And I am also appreciating the whole group. This situation is so scary.

    WOW, love factcheck.org I hope Obama’s people pay attention so his writers and himself avoid saying things before they check them out.. because WE are checking.


  20. kayinmaine said

    No thank you, Laseryohanna! There are so many young girls being traumatized by their fathers in this country. If your blog gives much needed attention to this, it would do a world of good! Young girls need a voice in this country for sure.

    When you create your blog and get it up and running, come back here and post a link to it, so we can check it out. Don’t forget to add your blog address to your WordPress account profile, so it’s connected to your name wherever you go.

    Good luck!

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