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May I introduce to you the highly educated home-schooled McCain/Palin supporters?

Posted by kayinmaine on October 10, 2008

Here they are! If you thought Saudi Arabia was bad, wait until you view The Base (American Taliban) of the republic Party!

The American Taliban has brainwashed these people! Wow. I bet the average person in this video has an IQ of 16 and this is why they are so easily brainwashed.

Eight years of the Bush Regime: FASCISM/BANANA REPUBLIC. The End.



Yep! These people think being ignorant means they’re strong, educated, and know what they’re doing! Unfreakingbelievable. If Barack Obama is killed or injured at any time, I think the American people should sue the republic Party for a TRILLION DOLLARS to put them out of their misery once and for all. They are dangerous and they are the domestic terrorists of our nation. Bill Ayers is nothing compared to these asswipes.

18 Responses to “May I introduce to you the highly educated home-schooled McCain/Palin supporters?”

  1. Bernie said

    Worthless ectoplasma

  2. kayinmaine said

    *thumbs up*

    Yep. That’s exactly what they are, Bernie. This is what home-schooling does. It passes on stupidity to the next generation. LOL

  3. clif said

    It’s official, John McCain has had to back down his supporters from repeating the reich wing lies that have been spread for months,

    He told one person fearing Obama’s election “Obama is a decent person and a person you do not have to be scared of” and the kool-aid addled crowd BOOED McCain.”

    He took the mic away from a woman who was lying calling Obama an Arab, he said “NO mam, He’s a decent family man citizen who I happen to disagree with”,

    It must SUCK to have to back track on your campaign strategy ……. like he did.

    I actually hand it to him for doing it in front of the people Sarah Palin whipped into such a frenzy,

    I wonder if he is going to say to Sarah Palin;

    “NO mam, He’s a decent family man citizen who I happen to disagree with”

    Or is he afraid of saying that to her face?

  4. Grant in Texas said

    Now that Sarah Palin has just been found GUILTY of ABUSING the power of her office, where does she go next?

  5. kayinmaine said

    I saw that Clif! Wow, can you believe it? Sarah Palin has sexually aroused the McCain supporters into a hate-frenzy that McCain can’t even say anything nice about Barack at all! Wow. It’s too late, I think. Palin has aroused the racists of America.


  6. Grant in Texas said


  7. Grant in Texas said

    Hardball played a tape of people lining up to attend a McCain-Palin rally and the hate for Obama was scary. One after another believed him to be an ARAB MUSLIM TERRORIST! Makes me ashamed that we have such ignorant people in this nation. I hope the Secret Service stays on top of his hate.

  8. kayinmaine said

    New post up about Sarah Palin abusing her power. Report link is in the comment section if interested in reading it.

  9. clif said

    Oops the Troopergate report seems to say Sarah Palin BROKE STATE LAW.

    Where, OH where is JFH and his BIG PLATE of CROW.,

    and son, don’t say it is partisan cause the vote to release the report was 10 republican members and 4 democratic members, so a all of the of republicans on the committee voted to release the report … she just might have a bigger problem then losing the VP office but her criminal misuse of her governors office …..

    BTW JFH how do you take your crow?

    Raw of well done?

  10. kayinmaine said


    New post above talking about it. 😉

  11. Grant in Texas said

    So the “maverick” gets branded! But they have done a good job of turning Barack Obama into a scary Muslim Arab terrorist, so they will probably try to spin this, blame Democrats anyway, blame the LIBRUL media!

  12. Chris from Maine said

    These kind of people are the true base of the Republican party.

    Whatever they are told by Fox News, they believe as gospel.

    There was a guy on Howie Carr (radio guy up here) who said the markets crashed because they know Obama was going to be President. That is the kind of ignorance we are all facing.

  13. carol said

    The video is amazing, but we should not be shocked…yes, ignorance is alive and well in certain parts of the US
    These die hard ingnorant Republicans only want to have a WHITE person as President that is their real reason and the ones on the video what a bunch of losers!!!!
    Still, I feel that their wish may be be just that a wish….because they won’t be seeing mcCain as President this election.
    So sorry you bigots out there….change is coming and it’s not McCain!!!

  14. tippinpoint said

    Kay, I am from the Lehigh Valley, where this was filmed. I must assure you not everyone here is that ignorant. I am ashamed of these people.

  15. kayinmaine said

    I know that, silly. There are right wing crazies all over this country and the camera on this day happened to capture some in your state. I am ashamed of this kind of person too. To think it’s 2008 and the ‘angry mob against the black man’ mentality still exists! Yikes. Have republics ever mentally & emotionally grown up? Nope. McCain’s attempt to calm the angry mob down yesterday was fruitless, because Sarah Palin has fueled the fire. Very, very, scary indeed!

    So, Tippinpoint, please don’t think I was saying everyone in your state is like this. I know for a fact a good majority of Democrats and rational republicans (yep! they exist!) are voting for Barack Obama and are ashamed of the McCain supporters and what they’re doing! 😉

  16. carol said

    To Tippinpoint

    Yes, we do realize that NOT everyone from that area are bigots like the folks in the video and thank God for that…..good majoritiy of Americans are decent, sensible people who think for themselves and not what they see and hear from…FOX..HANNITY
    LIMBAUGH and unfortunately the McCain camp!!!!

  17. kayinmaine said

    *thumbs up* to Carol!

  18. Richard S. said

    I liked the part where the McCain supporters were shouting at the Obama supporters, “Get a job! Why aren’t you at work?”

    Why aren’t the McCain supporters at work?

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