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The New World Order is here! Thankya Bush family & friends!

Posted by kayinmaine on October 10, 2008


The Secret Society of the Bush Family & Friends has finally come to fruition! The New World Order is underway with all stock markets crashing right now as you read this. Isn’t that nice? Spit.

What is the New World Order? It’s a dramatic restructuring of the Powers….one country/one group will control the WHOLE PLANET and we will all be slaves to them. America is not strong right now. We’re broke and we are the laughing stock of the planet. Think we’re gonna be okay? Bah hahahahahaha! Oh, you’re funny if you think so. George Bush, Dick Cheney, and their ilk DON’T CARE ABOUT US. I repeat…..THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT US. Not even their little neocons who want to drink their blood!

George H. W. Bush announced THE NEW WORLD ORDER on September 11, 1990:

THE MORNING OF 9/11/01 IS WHEN THE NEW WORLD ORDER OFFICIALLY STARTED. What an anniversary & celebration, huh? Remember how George Bush didn’t move when he was sitting in the classroom? Well, he was waiting for the “house to burn real good” so he and his friends could collect their “insurance money”. Oh yes! We witnessed the birth of the destruction of the world that morning. It was the first day of the rest of our lives!

And, ummmmm….

Wasn’t it us liberals who have been screaming this was going to happen because of the evil fascist Pigs we’ve had in the White House for the past 8 years? Haven’t we? Yes we have and in the past week or so, Laura Ingraham said on her radio program, (paraphrasing but not far off), “Remember all those conspirators we laughed about when they talked about black helicopters and the New World Order? Well, I’m starting to think they were right! Yep! They were right all this time!”.

Oh yes! Even some of the right wingers are now understanding we liberals weren’t lying and were spot on!


It’s gonna be a horse race to the finish line to find out which country comes out on top or how the world will be divided! Isn’t this fun?

I guess it would make sense to listen to liberals from now on, huh? Yes. I think that is a smart move. You cannot say we didn’t warn you about this! Assholes.

We will become slaves to a few people at the top. Nice.

So, what do you think is going to happen next in the New World Order? Any ideas?

27 Responses to “The New World Order is here! Thankya Bush family & friends!”

  1. JFH said

    You’ve now officially gone off the deep end. You’re a frickin’ psycho and so is anyone who believes this post.

  2. kayinmaine said

    Oh really? What if Russia comes out on top after this financial meltdown? How ya gonna feel when Russia invades our country like we did Iraq? Oh, but hey! You still think George Bush is the best president America has ever had, isn’t that right JFH? You still live in La La Land while the rest of us are seeing the reality of what is currently going on!

    John McCain was a signer of the PNAC. Nice. He must be happy as hell that the economy is melting down and this is why he doesn’t want to talk about it to his neck drooling knuckle dragging supporters!

  3. kayinmaine said

    And did you play the video of George H.W. Bush, you know, the son of Preston Bush who financed the Nazis under Hitler? Oh yes! The New World Order is here and even ole Hitler wanted the same thing! The Bush family hates America and would love to rename it, The Bush Republic, and would like to rewrite the christian bible too. George will become the New Jesus and you and the rest of the wackos will hang on his every word! 😆 Loser.

  4. kayinmaine said

    The neck drooling knuckle draggers speaketh and they’re spreading lies & deceits as usual:

    It’s sad watching the neocons. They truly are the stupid people of our nation, but of course Palin & McCain know this, so it’s why they keep feeding the Pigs to spread the right wing gospel: LIES, LIES, AND MORE LIES!

  5. Christopher said

    Initially, I thought we were seeing the end of Reaganism and Thatcherism but I now think it is much worse.

    I was and I remain, diametrically opposed to the $700 billion dollar bailout of George Bush’s friends and family members on Wall Street. Not for a second did I believe the bullshit oozing from Bush’s economic, propaganda team of Paulson and Bernanke. Now we learn from Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) that the Congress was threatened with Martial Law by Cheney if the House didn’t vote to approve the bailout.

    Call it, government by fiat.

    Someone said the United States is now a banana republic with nukes. I think this pretty well describes what this country has become.

    In coming months and years, I think we’re moving closer to a devolving of the country, where the United States splits into 4 or 5 separate nation states. Culturally and economically, the country is no longer governable as it exists today.

  6. clif said

    Kay in some ways your right, things are going to change drastically.

    We were the undisputed super power of the planet after the first gulf war ended, and the soviet union collapsed.

    However we the neo-cons took the WRONG lesson home from that era.

    Instead of seeing the collapse in Moscow was the result of their over extension instead of our greatness the neo-cons set the seed of our current folly.

    Instead of learning the lessons that every country which over extended whether the British Empire and Soviet Union who did it with careful planning of Germany and Japan who both did it recklessly during the WW2 era, we followed a mid course. We tried to economically dominate the planet using our military as a big stick, then the neo-cons surged into insanity by sending troops to force democracy on Iraq and became the second super power to be stalled in a quagmire in the middle east.

    Hence we find ourselves at the moment in quite a pickle. we can’t push forward, and moving in any other direction means repudiating the neo-con free market ideology the right wing clings to … which is why the Bush government is so lethargic at the moment. The moves they have made is a repudiation of the Reagan-Freidman trickle down fraud they clung to the last two and a half decades.

    Things are definitely going to change, and in ways that will make the neo-con right wingers heads explode.

    However the rest of the planet will NOT sit idly by and let any ignorant piss ant run the planet, especially a clown who has shit all over it for the last 7 1/2 years.

    No the Chinese hold far too many cards we need them NOT to play, which means we can’t push too hard on them. Given the massive amounts of dollar currency they hold, combined with the amounts of the Bush government’s begging for money to keep their complete failure of a foreign policy running any moves by him would result in the collapse of our fiscal situation along with the severe contraction our economy is going thru, which would mean a depression on steroids.

    Add to that the complete repudiation of the lassie fair-free market, NO regulation style of economy we have pushed which has lead directly to this moment where the stock markets are seeing 5-10% drops and trillions in wealth wiped out, we have few choices.

  7. JFH said

    How ya gonna feel when Russia invades our country like we did Iraq?

    Hen, we STILL have the most powerful military in the world. Can I give you a quick lesson in global warfare?

    No country has been able to advance in or invade a country without superior air power and sea power. No country, including China can afford the air power or sea power that it would require to overcome the US advantage in those areas.

  8. JFH said

    Ummm, that was supposed to be HEH not HEN…

  9. clif said

    Add to this the over extension of our military so we can’t threaten the planet in 2007 like Bush did in 2002-2003, and you might realize if he tried it they would put his sorry ass on the Hague, Cheney right beside him.

    Given the fact China and the Arabs hold so much of our debt and are the dealers who feed our overindulgence fix right now, we have to play nice or go cold turkey like we did in the 1930’s.

    Another fact is the worlds economic power is moving from our ability to set and demand the rules to a shared process. we can’t stop Russia from loaning Iceland a NATO ally money to stave off their bankruptcy, and insolvency as a nation.

    We have little ability to do anything with our military after the last 7 years because we are stuck in two quagmires one completely optional. This means that Bush can talk all he wants but his big stick is stuck in the mud. Yes they have the Navy, but as every major conflict has shown, unless you can control the events on the ground with enough troops you LOSE, and we lack enough troops in Iraq to effectively control it, they are still running from crisis to crisis.

    So Bush’s ability to push hard there is far past it’s time, and even Maliki knows it. So do the Iranians, the Saudis and of course the Russians. This is why they knew their Georgian adventure was safe from our interference. This is also the reason Putin is thumbing his nose and sending a little military assistance to Chavez, which is the center of the push back against bush and the neo-cons for all the meddling they have done below the radar in South America, the past 7 years.

    Given the Bush Doctrine is a complete failure world wide, the ability for him to have his way is not going to happen, but things are gonna change and it won’t be much fun for us here.

  10. clif said

    So while the right wing chants their tired old slogans they have NO way to push their failed agenda and they know it.

    They are soon to be pushed on the dust heap of history and the republican party better find a new way to present it’s self or they are going to be the next party to be compared to the WHIGs. After this year’s loss they will go thru the blame game internally, which means St Johnny will soon be more ostracized by the hard right then he was before this campaign.

    I see things being a three way split for power, the social conservatives lead by Huckabee (Palin ain’t got the ability to lead this group, she is a flash in the pan), fiscal conservatives lead by Romney and somebody to replace McCain on the national security wing where the neo-cons live.

    This will be interesting to watch, because of the discrediting of the neo-cons, and the refutation by the world economy of the lassie fair style of governance of the right wing fiscal conservatives. The social conservatives are mostly older people and thus their power shrinks each year, with the younger people going for the progressive side by a vast majority, and even the younger conservatives learning the hard way the Reagan thru Bush ideology has ended in complete failure on all fronts.

    This will be a very hard thing for the right to grasp because they refuse to admit they and their policies failed. Until they do, like any junkie, they will keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting things to turn out differently. The world has change but they refuse to do so, thus they are flailing about looking more and more unhinged, but they refuse to admit they have the problem we don’t.

    Given the shift in the center of economic and even military power, they have to change their cries and slogans or they will seem even loonier then the former confederate soldiers who would claim the south could have won, only if ……..

    We NO longer are the world super power because out economy can’t support our military entirely, and hasn’t since the 1980’s. No empire or super power on the planet has survived militarily if it’s economy was unable to support it’s military for the long term. yes we could “win” battles for the short term, but I am NOT so sure we could emerge victorious if Bush and Cheney tried to force the rest of the planet to bow down in the way you posit. I also think Bush and Cheney know that also. I also think the Chinese, Russians and Europeans know that, which is why things have slowly changed, on Iran, and Israel.

    Nobody could conquer the US, but by the same token, it should be apparent to anybody but the kool-aid kids, we have NOT conquered Iraq in any real sense of the word. We disposed the government of Saddam Hussein, but have never subjugated the Iraqi people so like the Japanese and Germans from WW2 or the Russians in Afghanistan we are standing on the ground BUT not controlling their homeland. That is why the neo-cons and kool-aid kids can’t understand why we can NEVER win in the way they hoped to do in 2003.

    Given this and the dismal loss they face, after the election in November it will be interesting to watch the right wing go through it’s shenanigans to place blame everywhere but in their laps. The struggle for the moderate republicans to rest control of the party from these juvenile people because other wise they face becoming a long term minority party. But the juvenile right have NEVER faced a loss like this thus their real vile persona’s will rise and the next couple of years will be very entertaining to people who watch these things.

  11. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    Wow…JFH must live in a bubble devoid of all reality.

    * JFH, whose to say China, Russia and other countries won’t align themselves together to take us out?

    * Are you naive enough to believe that it would take a full on invasion to take our country down? Cyber attacks on our electrical grids, hacking into the pentagon computers, electro magnetic technology to shut down everything. And economic warfare. Our country may have the greatest military albeit it is stretched dangerously thin, but there are other ways to render this country useless if someone really wanted to do it.

    * New World Order? One World Government? One World Currency? Many people think it is happening. Do you really believe that the Patriot Acts I & II were really passed to keep us safe? Shit will hit the fan one day in this country and then we will understand exactly why all of those new laws were passed after 9/11. It is to control us. Anyone who will stand up to the “new” government will quickly be rounded up. Any dissenters will be arrested. But JFH is one of those who want to remain keeping his head in the sand.

  12. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    Thousands of Troops Are Deployed on U.S. Streets Ready to Carry Out “Crowd Control” –Naomi Wolf


  13. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    Whether you believe in the bible or not one cannot ignore what is happening in this country and worldwide. In the book of revelations it tells of the mark of the beast, the coming anti-christ and armegeddon.

    Now I don’t profess to understand what these things spoken of in the bible mean but it seems to me that a global economic collapse could very well be the crisis to trigger a one world currency (mark of the beast) where the anti-christ comes on the scene as a political figure who solves all of the economic problems the world faces.

    For those who do not believe in the bible you still cannot ignore what is happening around us. The power and elite are taking over the world and we are just sheep to them. It’s not too far fetched to see chaos world wide and then police states to control us. Is this all fiction? I really don’t know but I don’t see any good in the future with the direction we are heading in today, even with Barack Obama as our new president. For we all know who really controls our government.

    Now I will leave and return to read all of the attacks on me

  14. Grant in Texas said

    I am an atheist so whatever the Book of Revelation has to say I could care less. Personally, I prefer “The Brothers Grimm”.

    However, this “crash” has happened before in my lifetime, after WWI in the 1920’s. Although it didn’t lead to the “rapture” then as some expected, we did have the worst “Armageddon” in the history of the world, WWII. We had a world-wide economic depression (which might come again except we have more socialism now to hopefully keep things from getting as bad), but the Depression then did give rise to the Nazis, Fascists as they were called in Italy and Spain, and militarism in Japan. So we are not in a good place.

    This crash isn’t hurting the wealthiest as they are still sitting on all kinds of assets and are waiting like vultures to buy stocks when they hit the lowest cost, so they can profit eventually on the losses of the millions of small people who will have lost so much. Remember during the 1930’s, many of our nation’s mansions, Beverly Hills, River Oaks in Houston, Chicago’s North Shore suburbs, the Hamptons, etc. had a building boom as the super rich could hire very cheap labor (wages for those lucky enough to not lose their jobs dropped an average of 60%) and building materials were cheap due to loss of demand. The super-rich bought the many luxury cars built in that era that no longer exist….the Pierce-Arrow, Packard, Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg, the new Lincoln Continental, etc.

    So the rich will get rich, the poor even poorer. This can lead to revolutions that could replace unregulated capitalism, which has failed the common man, with socialism/communism OR, corpfascism which like in the 1930’s give rise to ruthless dictators. I see a Wisconsin man screamed at McCain yesterday that he didn’t care about the economy, but wanted McCain to put a stop to “socialism”.

  15. Grant in Texas said

    Steve Weissman of Ramparts Magazine writes that the right-wing zealots will, in fact, ratchet up the cliched mantras that have led us into most of the current mess. We all know the routine:

    • Leave the free market free of government oversight and regulation.

    • Privatize Social Security and government services.

    • Pursue free trade with no protection for workers or the environment.

    • Expand American control of the world’s oil and natural gas, both to benefit Big Oil and as a political weapon to control the behavior of other nations, friend and foe.

    • Talk of spreading democracy while propping up dictators.

    • Give the Pentagon a budget every year the size of the hopefully one-time Wall Street bailout.

    • Leave the military as the heart and soul of our response to militant Islam. Dare not talk to “the enemy”!

    • Continually break down our constitutionally-mandated separation between government and militant Christianity.

    These imperatives are the holy writ of the radical Republican revolution once preached by Ronald Reagan and now pursued by John McCain and Sarah Palin. But, sadly, many of the same notions have become the song and dance of prominent Democrats as well – in the Clinton administration, in Congress, and even among a large number of advisers now surrounding Barack Obama.

  16. JFH said

    • Leave the military as the heart and soul of our response to militant Islam. Dare not talk to “the enemy”!

    • Continually break down our constitutionally-mandated separation between government and militant Christianity.

    WOW, just WOW, yes the enemy of this world is not the non-negotiable militant Islamists; but the Christians in this country… Do y’all actually believe the crap that you spew?!

    Your anti-American hate goes a bit too far sometimes.

  17. JFH said

    • Leave the free market free of government oversight and regulation.

    The current crisis actually occurred because of government interference in the market. The government said, “You need to provide the lower class the ability to qualify for mortgages”. Big companies said, “Well, that’s not a great business decision, but if you back up these mortgages, sure we’ll take the large profits if you lower the risk.”

    THAT’S THE BOTTOM LINE, IT WAS NOT “Bush economic policies” that caused this (wes recovered very, very quickly from the Enron type failures), it was the socialists like Barney Frank that made this happen.

  18. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    Well in all honesty there is room to place blame on both parties but by reading our comments and JFH’s comments, I have come to the conclusion that we are all dumbasses as we sit here and point fingers and argue back and fourth at whose fault the current crisis is, although this latest surge by the republicans about ACORN is an obvious ploy to deflect blame to the democrats.

    Check and mate. Conquer and divide. Mark this down as another landslide victory for the corporate machine and the banksters who really run and own our government. Nothing will change. The crooks are walking away with billions of taxpayers dollars as punishment for their greed, stupidity and failure. Our elected officials in DC are all cowards or bought and paid for puppets to really go after Wall Street, so the beat goes on. As Grant said “The rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer.”

    If he were still alive today I wonder what the late great Paul Wellstone would say about all of this?

  19. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    JFH Says:
    October 10, 2008 at 3:11 pm
    Your anti-American hate goes a bit too far sometimes.
    JFH…what do you have to say about these anti-American comments? I cannot wait to read your response…if you respond at all.

    “I’m an Alaskan, not an American. I’ve got no use for America or her damned institutions.” …

    “The fires of Hell are glaciers compared to my hate for the American government.”

  20. Grant in Texas said

    Using our military to solve our problems is NOT the way that the Jesus Christ I know from the Holy Bible would use to solve problems. But we need constant war as our economy has become entrenched in the military/industrial complex which President Eisenhower WARNED us about. Win one war, we need ANOTHER one!

    And if the reich-wing christians (small “c” as they act like they are ignorant of the teachings of Christ) would, if they could get the power, become the American “Taliban”.

  21. carol said

    Did anyone see how the ballots in New York were written for Sen Obama….BARACK OSAMA!!!!! Supposedly a mis print…..oh, yes we really beleive that don’t we?????
    I am so disgusted with this vile election crap….I am so tired of this crap being done toward Sen Obama and this man has done nothing but be honorable….respectful and gracious.
    This whole thing is getting to be down right vicious….evil and wicked and I hope the rest of the country are as outraged as I am.
    I really think that the McCain camp should be brought under some kind of incitement rules here…..this has gone on for weeks now and ENOUGH is ENOUGH.
    There has never been any election like this before and it is shameful totally shameful…I am ashamed that the world might perceive these evil actions by the Republican party as a reflection of all Americans.
    I am so disgusted right now my blood is boiling!!!!

  22. kayinmaine said

    Starting with Ronald Reagan deregulating the banking industry, it’s been a slow boil until 2000 came along and the PNAC/NewWorldOrder assholes decided it was their one and only chance to get what they wanted!

    From 2002-2006 when the republics had a good lead in the House & Senate, they did nothing to combat the stock market and did not regulate NOTHING. Instead, they took us down a right wing infomercial where at one point they dragged Terry Schiavo to the floor to get the loonies to go crazy with fascism & fear! Pathetic.

    There is a ONE DEMOCRAT LEAD IN THE SENATE RIGHT NOW, and guess who it is? It’s Joe Lieberman. And guess who Joe Lieberman (former Democrat and now and ‘independent’) is supporting? John McCain! Yep, THIS IS WHY EVERYTHING THE DEMOCRATS HAVE TRIED TO DO FROM 2006 TO TODAY HAS BEEN BLOCKED in the Senate. The reason why the approval numbers are low for the Congress? It’s because the republics keep blocking everything that helps the American people! Smart Americans know this and THEY REMEMBER WHEN DEMOCRATIC BILLS LAID ON THE FLOOR OF THE HOUSE when the republicans were in charge (remember republic Denny Hastert? You can blame him) and the bills were ignored! Yep, the DO NOTHING REPUBLIC PARTY continues to blame the liberals FOR WHAT THEY DIDN’T DO AND WHAT THEY HONESTLY DON’T CARE ABOUT!

    Republics will always blame the liberals for what they didn’t do, because they’re too cowardly to admit they’re wrong, stupid, and pathetic.

    Using the same philosophy of the neocons of the last 8 years, BARACK OBAMA CAN BLAME EVERYTHING HE DOES AND DOESN’T DO ON THE BUSH REGIME! Isn’t that great, neocons? Hey, if you don’t like it, you have yourselves to blame. See?

  23. kayinmaine said

    Bush had no economic policy:


  24. kayinmaine said

    Grant, when the rich are forced to pay their taxes under Barack Obama, they’ll still be rich. This is another distortion by the right wingers. They want us to believe we’re playing Pied Piper by taking from the rich and giving it to the poor and in doing so the rich will starve to death. Ridiculous. If no one paid their taxes, America would be as powerful as Angola is to the rest of the world for crying out loud!

    George H.W. Bush raised taxes and no one died. We survived.

    Bill Clinton raised taxes and no one died. We prospered.

    George Bush has his corporate whores not pay their fair share of taxes and Americans are now losing their shirts, committing suicide (in some cases killing their whole families), and may very well not be able to survive the winter thanks to his NON-ECONOMIC/TAX POLICIES. America is currently a hell hole.

  25. kayinmaine said

    JFH, our nation was attacked on 9/11 inside our borders. Oh wait! George Bush & Dick Cheney wanted 9/11 to happen and that’s why the attack went so smoothly that day and was allowed to play out for Americans to watch and to psychology scare us into giving up our rights or anything they wanted. THE TERRORISTS LIVE IN THE WHITE HOUSE and WILL ATTACK AMERICA AGAIN AS SOON AS BARACK MOVES HIS FAMILY & LUGGAGE INTO THE WHITE HOUSE. Mark my words. This new attack will be just like the anthrax attacks: ORIGINATING FROM THE PENTAGON AT THE DIRECTION OF GEORGE BUSH & DICK CHENEY.

  26. Chris from Maine said


    Never forget.. as Mussolini said :

    “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power”.

    Welcome to the Fascist States of America.

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