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Sarah Palin has been running a Church/State governorship in Alaska

Posted by kayinmaine on October 11, 2008

As Sarah Palin stands before her supporters, they want to hear the word of gawd and how Sarah has a direct link to gawd. They hang on her every word and some even start talking in tongues to answer her calling…

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Isn’t that nice? John McCain’s VP pick, Sarah Palin, has been using her time as governor of Alaska (less than 2 years) as a way to get that ‘sane’ Pentecostal beliefs out there! Oh yes. It’s okay for her to do this and for the people of Alaska to pay her as if she’s Jesus on the payroll, but if anyone in America says they don’t believe in Jesus and thinks religion should be kept out of politics, Sarah Palin and her ilk will run these people off the road and then chase them down and kill them. Why? Because they’re American Taliban Christians! Even the Taliban in Afghanistan uses their own wacked religious ideologies to rally their supporters!

From The New York Times (emphasis mine):

What she didn’t tell worshippers gathered at the Wasilla Assembly of God church in her hometown was that her appearance that day came courtesy of Alaskan taxpayers, who picked up the $639.50 tab for her airplane tickets and per diem fees.

An Associated Press review of the Republican vice presidential candidate’s record as mayor and governor reveals her use of elected office to promote religious causes, sometimes at taxpayer expense and in ways that blur the line between church and state.

Since she took state office in late 2006, the governor and her family have spent more than $13,000 in taxpayer funds to attend at least 10 religious events and meetings with Christian pastors, including Franklin Graham, the son of evangelical preacher Billy Graham, records show.


”As I’m doing my job, let’s strike this deal. Your job is going be to be out there, reaching the people — (the) hurting people — throughout Alaska,” she told students graduating from the church’s Masters Commission program. ‘‘We can work together to make sure God’s will be done here.”

Why can’t a Pentecostal wacko as Sarah Palin is, just say as Governor, “As human beings, we must reach out to each other and help each other as much as we can. Please spend each and every day finding ways to help your neighbors out”. Oh, but no! She has to invoke gawd into the mix instead and only says stuff like this when she’s being paid by Alaskans to go to churches throughout the state!

George Bush & Adolph Hitler did this kind of campaigning and rallying of their supporters. George Bush said on one occassion that gawd told him to attack Iraq, and his supporters believed him. This is why today these same supporters are fine with our troops in Iraq killing Iraqis in an illegal occupation. They think gawd wants this to happen! On the other hand, Adolph Hitler acted as if gawd’s hands were around him and even went so far to make up his own religion to convince his supporters that what he was doing was what gawd intended and wanted him to do.

Scary. All right wingers are scary, but the most scariest of them all are those ones who use religion/gawd as a way to dupe the people into doing something they want done or to create a fake atmosphere of ‘doing good’, when rather, it’s hateful.

And no Sarah, the financial crisis our country is currently going through and mostly caused by McCain and those connected to him (former Enron Senator Phil Gramm comes to mind), a prayer to gawd isn’t going to help! Remember this. Spit.

5 Responses to “Sarah Palin has been running a Church/State governorship in Alaska”

  1. carol said

    How wacky is this Sarah Palin…..and they have the nerve to call Sen Obama…The Messiah!!!!!!
    I don’t know what planet she really came from….is she now a preacher come Gov come VP….will the real Sarah Palin please stand up!!!!
    The more you see and her about her the dafter she becomes and to think she has cheek to think that she is qualified for VP….with all her rantings of the past few days and her abusing her power….which she still says she is not guilty of…has America gone mad to still even consider her as VP??????
    I just hope Nov will be the last time we have to see this obviously demented woman and Mr Country First….enough is enough of them!!!

  2. Chris from Maine said

    Thank god she wont be let anywhere near the rest of the American government (a government her husband wants to secede from btw).

  3. Grant in Texas said

    On August 17, 2008, Palin attended her Wasilla Church when a Jews-for-Jesus pastor decried Jewry for denying Jesus.


    Part of the sermon “blaming” Jews for preventing “Christ’s return” here:

    These so-called Christian Zionists are in the same fold as John McCain’s favorite pastor, Rev. John Hagee of San Antonio who believes that Hitler was fulfilling God’s wishes by causing the Holocaust, sending Jews “home” to Israel. These “endtimers” “love” Israel only in that she HAS to meet THEIR conditions for the Second Coming…AKA “the rapture” as set forth in the Book of Revelation.

    FIRST, Israel must once again become a nation. Thanks to the United Nations taking away HALF of the Palestinian Arab land in 1948 and outright gifting it to the fast arriving Jewish immigrants leaving Europe, the creation of the modern state of Israel thus fulfilled, to some extent, STEP ONE of prophecy. However STEP 2 and STEP 3 haven’t come about as YET.

    Jerusalem must be seen as the undivided capital (U.S. moving their embassy from Tel Aviv to there as Palin promises??!). Then the third holiest site in Islam (after Mecca and Medina), the Al Asqa Mosque and Dome of the Rock, must be destroyed so that the Jewish Temple can be rebuilt after the Romans destroyed Herod’s Temple in 70 A.D. Eastern Jerusalem, that was given to Arabs along with the West Bank by the UN MUST ALSO become part of Israel….no independent Palestinian state, but ethnic cleansing of all Arabs with Jews once again becoming the sole occupiers of what was once ancient Judea and Samaria. However, even in the Bible they were not SOLE as there were other gentile tribes also living there as Jews left twice, then returned from such places as Egypt and Babylon.

    Of course these actions will infuriate the world’s BILLION Muslims, maybe setting up the LAST WORLD WAR (STEP 3) which will destroy all of mankind except for certain “saved” Christians who will be swept up into heaven in “the rapture” leaving the bulk of us on earth do die terrible deaths in the Battle of Armageddon. It is taught that 2/3 of the Jews will be destroyed for denying Jesus, but that the remaining 1/3 will finally accept him as the TRUE MESSIAH and of course will CONVERT.


    So in reality, the Christian Zionists are “playing” the Jews in order for their becoming “raptured” and the Zionist Jews, laughing behind the backs of the former, are “playing” the Christian Zionists in order to get their great huge support for Israel in the halls of Washington, D.C. The latter are not concerned about the fairy-tale prophecy that will “destroy” Jewry anyway. The Zionist Jews see themselves coming out on top with Greater Israel being fully restored with the vast help of the USA.

  4. Grant in Texas said

    Last posting here blocked by Askimet.

  5. Grant in Texas said

    Sarah wants “abstinence only” to be the only sex education in Alaska’s schools but research by a sociologist at the U. of Texas now shows that “evangelical teen-agers are more sexually active than Mormons, mainline Protestants, and Jews. On average, white evangelical Protestants make their ‘sexual début”—to use the festive term of social-science researchers—shortly after turning sixteen. Among major religious groups, only black Protestants begin having sex earlier.”


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