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Todd Palin to come to Maine today to campaign for McCrazy

Posted by kayinmaine on October 11, 2008

Grammy Sarah and Grampy Todd holding their grandson Trig….


I wonder if Todd Palin will be gathering up snakes to ward off the Barack Obama supporters when he gets to Maine today being the Pentecostal nutjob he is? Huh. I wonder. Or maybe he’ll need to start speaking in tongues to ward off the media and the police after landing here in Maine? Hey, could be!

Todd Palin, who is the husband of Sarah Palin and who both were part of the Alaskan Independence Party (you know, the political group who hates the US Constitution and who wants Alaska to secede from the nation, because they’re…..so patriotic! Spit), will be coming to Maine today to help John McCain and his wifey out. Well, guess where ole Todd is going to?

Palmyra & Presque Isle, Maine.

It takes 6 hours to travel from Kittery, Maine to the northern part of the state which borders with Canada. Here’s a map showing you where the brave Todd Palin will be today…

Presque Isle:

And then Palmyra (which is near Pittsfield/Dover Foxcroft in this map)…

Most of the population of Maine lives south of Augusta and along the coast, so I find his choices very interesting. That said, the wingnuts in Maine will travel any distance to touch the Lord Savior Sarah Palin’s husband!

I wonder if Sen. Susan Collins will be meeting with Todd today? It wouldn’t surprise me. She’s a right wing religious wingnut as is Todd. Collins has stated she supports McCain’s pick of Sarah as his VP, which tells me Susan is also fine with young girls of America becoming pregnant after being raped by their daddies or a stranger and also supports these young girls to go full-term even if they have broken bones & bruises! Hey, Sarah is and Suzie-Q supports her.

MAYBE THIS IS WHY PLANNED PARENTHOOD DUMPED SUSAN COLLINS AND IS SUPPORTING TOM ALLEN NOW? Hey, could be. Tom Allen would never support the idea of forcing an 11 year old girl to go full term in a pregnancy if a rape occured…even through incest!

6 Responses to “Todd Palin to come to Maine today to campaign for McCrazy”

  1. Bernie said

    American Dream

    It begun whit a blessing
    but it ended whit a curse,
    making life easy
    but making it worse.
    Now some are looking and many just stare
    waiting for something that`s
    already there.
    Just turn to your fellow man and say
    How does it seem
    he will look at you and say:

    GET OUT OF MY DREAM!!!!!!!!

  2. carol said

    I quite frankly don’t know how either of the Palin’s have the nerve to go out in public after this hearing found Sarah guilty of abuse of power!!!!!
    It just goes to show that they have no shame, and power is so much more important than being honest and up front about it all….they were hoping it would stay under wraps until after the election I’m sure.
    These are not the kind of folks I want anywhere near the White House…..they have no real understanding of the average American
    and what’s more they don’t really care.
    John McCain has shown real lack of judgement on Sarah Palin from the beginning…she was always just a quick gimmick for him…..but she is so power hungary she will sell her soul to the devil to accquire it.

  3. kayinmaine said

    Great point, Carol. No different than Dick Cheney saying to the American people, “So?”, when told the American people don’t like what he’s doing! Republics give the middle finger to the US Constitution and to the American people. It’s as simple as that.

  4. Chris from Maine said

    Most politicians go to Portland when they come to Maine.. the choice of Presque Isle and Palmyra are very strange.

    btw, Maine is gonna go Obama, I dont know why Todd “Alaska First” Palin is even bothering coming here.

  5. Grant in Texas said

    Isn’t far northern Maine already dominated by Republican backwoodsmen? Preaching to the already converted? But maybe Todd will bag him a moose while there.

    I see the Palins and the McCain campaign are saying this was all an Obama stunt to discredit them. However, this investigation, in REALITY was instituted by the majority ruling Republicans in the Alaska legislature who began this journey long before the world outside of Alaska and John McCain even knew who the Palins were.

  6. Ayam Jago said

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