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Why does Levi Johnston’s sister refer to Sarah Palin as the mother-in-law in this picture?

Posted by kayinmaine on October 11, 2008

There are some out there like me who do not believe it was Sarah Palin who gave birth to Trig Palin on April 18th in Wasilla, Alaska. In fact, if you CLICK HERE, you will note the hospital that she supposedly gave birth to Trig in, his birth is not listed. Oh yes, a family can ask to not have the birth publicized, but why would an acting governor of Alaska want to keep the birth of her 5th child a secret? I mean, really, what kind of information would be included in the little write up and picture that the people of Alaska already didn’t know? It doesn’t list the Social Security number of anyone in her family including baby Trig, so why would the Palin’s not want anyone to see this hospital birth announcement? Hmmmmm….

Oh wait. The whole entire pregnancy was a cover up, because it was Bristol Palin (16 at the time) who was pregnant with Trig starting in July/August 2007 and who gave birth ‘early’ in April, and who got PREGNANT AGAIN RIGHT AFTER GIVING BIRTH TO TRIG at the age of 17! Yep, that’s it! Bristol Palin is on her 2nd pregnancy in a year.

See? I can’t let this die. It shows more abuse of power, how lying is the norm for her, and how Sarah Palin when backed into a corner and to protect her family to the death, will fake a pregnancy (you can buy fake pregnant bellies online, ya know…makes for a good Halloween costume! See how real they look?) just to make sure the image of her family stays intact! Telling the truth is better than lying & covering up, right Sarah? I mean, really, this is what you’re teaching your children isn’t it? Spit.

And another thing that is very interesting in all of this…

When you look at the following picture, does Sarah Palin look to you as if she has just given birth to Trig? I don’t know any pregnant woman (unless they’re a crack whore who was extremely unhealthy throughout the whole pregnancy) who after giving birth doesn’t have some kind of roundness to their bodies whether it’s in their face, hips, fingers, or ankles! And why did Levi Johnston’s sister (pictured below along with Sarah and Trig) label this photo on her MySpace page as, “Mother-in-law, Trig, and myself”? Huh? I’ll tell ya why! Her brother Levi is the father of Bristol’s current child (so we’re told), so it would make sense that Levi’s sister would be calling Sarah her brother’s ‘mother-in-law’ after Trig was born, because the sister knew her brother was the father of Trig when this photo was taken!


The fact Sarah Palin looks like she is NOT the one who gave birth to Trig in this picture explains why Sarah Palin was able to finish her speech in Texas (she told those there-after A PHONE CALL-her water had broke), was able to stay there for some time, and then was able to board a commercial plane back to Alaska (anywhere from an 8 hour to 12 hour flight) without anyone on the plane suspecting she was pregnant (the commercial airliner would NOT have allowed a very pregnant/in-labor woman on the plane. No way!).

Sarah got a PHONE CALL right before or earlier before going out on the stage in Texas to give her speech. Was this phone call coming from Alaska letting her know that her daughter Bristol’s water broke and she needs to come home now? Seems likely to me! How else can you explain Sarah’s behavior then? Are we to assume she wasn’t looking forward to giving birth to a Downs Syndrome baby and was taking her sweet ole time in the hopes ‘something’ might happen to him? Horrible though, but I think it’s time the Palins come clean on this!

Since Alaskan officials have found she did abuse her powers as Governor, I think we need to go back to the Trig pregnancy now. Sorry, but it’s a story that is not sitting right with many Americans! Honestly, we don’t care if Bristol Palin got pregnant at 16 and is now on her 2nd pregnancy at the age of 17, but we do care about is the VP nominee telling us the freaking truth for crying out loud! It’s a truth issue!


27 Responses to “Why does Levi Johnston’s sister refer to Sarah Palin as the mother-in-law in this picture?”

  1. stophate said

    Interesting Story I must admit. Now that Sarah Palin has been shown to be a power abuser, this seems a bit more plausible.

  2. Chris from Maine said

    I will admit, that there are a lot of questions surrounding this whole family…

    about the picture.. the first comment is on may 16th, so the picture was before that, and since trig was born on april 18th, the picture was taken less then a month after trig’s birth. it is odd that Sarah doesnt look like someone who just gave birth (at least to me). And yes, I cant imagine any airline allowing a woman in labor to board a flight.

    however, bristol was (according to the Palins) 5 months pregnant on Sept 1st, which puts the conception date before April 1st, which is before Trig’s birth. So therefore either they are lying about how many months Bristol is pregnant (she certainly looks 5 or 6 months pregnant to me) or Sarah did indeed give birth to Trig, and for some reason didnt gain much weight during the pregnancy.

    also the mother in law thing was probably referring to levi and bristol, since Sarah will be his mother in law when levi and bristol get married. You dont need to have a child together to have a mother in law.

    But there are a lot of unanswered questions, thats for damn sure.

  3. kayinmaine said

    Sarah told people in her office and in her life that she was breast feeding Trig. Well, when you’re breastfeeding you have to eat more calories to keep your milk good for the sake of the baby so it gets it’s nourishment it needs. During breastfeeding, women usually keep their post-pregnancy weight on to a certain extent. Their boobs are huge during this time too! Sarah is wearing a non-breastfeeding regular sweatshirt in this picture and appears very thin in the picture as well.

    Maybe Sarah was lying about the breastfeeding too? I mean, really, can the woman ever tell the truth or is she a typical right winger who habitually lies and is pathological about it? Hey, wouldn’t surprise me!

    I believe Bristol went into labor early and then got pregnant again right off the bat (you can get pregnant while breastfeeding if it was Bristol who was breastfeeding Trig). I know this, because I am adopted and was born in April of 1968. On my original birth certificate in 1968, a question is asked to my birth mother if there were any live births before mine. She answered, “4”, and then the question was asked, “When did the last live birth occur?”, and she answered, “July 17, 1967”. You do the math. My birth mother gave birth to my half-sister on July 17, 1967 and then the following spring, I was born. It happens! I had a cleaning customer years ago who had 3 kids in 5 years during the time I cleaned for them. Another good example. 😉

    If I took a picture of my sister’s infant son being held by her future husband’s sister and his mother was standing next to them, I would probably label it, “Tommy, baby Trig, Jeannie mother-in-law”. Levi’s sister was reporting what she saw in the picture. She said it was her, baby Trig, and her brother’s future mother-in-law (marriage was obviously talked about during Trig’s pregnancy and this is why when the 2nd pregnancy was announced, marriage is now being talked about!).

  4. Grant in Texas said

    First of all, why the waiting for Bristol and the “baby daddy” to be married? The cat is already out of the bag that Bristol “slept around”.

    We shall soon see WHEN (December 25th?) and IF (sadly a miscarriage or stillbirth could intervene only deepening the mystery) Bristol gives birth, giving around what approximate date she did become “pregnant” by Levi (while she was allegedly suffering from the disease, mononucleosis). But, mark my word, for privacy reasons it will probably be only our taking “their word” about the birth weight/length, etc. to tell if it will be a full term baby or a preemie. And we know we can take the word of the Palins to the bank!!!

    The main thing that has always bothered me was Sarah’s story of dawdling around in Texas after her “water broke” at 4:30 a.m. but then NEEDING to give a speech that afternoon before the Republican Governor’s Convention, then the long flight home, 4 hours to Seattle where there was a change of planes, then another 4 hours to Anchorage. She claimed she wanted the baby to be an Alaskan rather than a Texan so GAMBLED with his life???

    http://startelegram.typepad.com/politex/2008/04/governors-water.html [Comments interesting]

    But having water break in supposedly the 8th month meant it was a premature birth with possible fatal consequences and Sarah drove by many good hospitals in Dallas-Fort Worth that have great NICU (neonatal intensive care units). About half of Down’s Syndrome babies are born with heart defects, which often require surgery by a specialist.


    Then she drove by Anchorage hospitals with NICU units to go to the Wasilla Hospital (where there is no public record of Trig Van Palin’s birth) to have a premature baby that was KNOWN ahead of time to possibly have special needs in a small town hospital WITHOUT a NICU and not having a neonataologist specialist obstetrician on staff.

    However, even though she didn’t know she would be running as vice-president in April, Sarah had her AMBITIOUS political life to answer for and having a teenage daughter to give birth, especially after she had been a proponent of ABSTINENCE taught in Alaska’s public schools would have been an embarrassment, so such HYPOCRISY would not be a topic IF Sarah magically became the mother. According to the NY Times, she only told her parents, family and staff that she was “with child” on March 4.

    It only took two days after her coming out to the world as McCain’s running mate before they quickly announced Bristol was pregnant due to the immediate questions being asked all over the internet the “immaculate misconception”. Such rumors could be discounted then by having Bristol allegedly conceiving BEFORE Trig’s birth thus making a great excuse that Trig could not possibly be hers. So are they telling one lie to cover a worse lie that FIRST they had manipulated the media, also?

  5. Grant in Texas said

    My last posting was blocked. Will try this one, now. In Googling to find out how many hours Palin dawdled around in Texas after her 4:20 a.m. amniotic water breaking before giving that “most important speech” (more important than giving a LIVE birth!) to other Republican Governors, I found this Vanity Fair timeline:


  6. Grant in Texas said

    On the timeline at Vanity Fair, Bristol was in a car wreck with 19 year-old Joshua Moffett two months before Trig was born, so should Levi jump to claim fatherhood? Maybe we need Maury Povich to do a show with its infamous DNA testing to find out who the “baby daddy” really is. The Palins would fit right in with the rednecks featured on Maury’s show.

    In December 2007, Bristol transferred from Wasilla HS to West Anchorage HS because she was allegedly diagnosed with the disease of mononucleosis and had to be quarantined from her classmates for “five months”. So what about the poor kids at West Anchorage who then unknowingly had a “typhoid Mary” in their midst? Her five months “quarantine” would have expired in April when Trig was born.

    I had mononucleosis my sophomore year in college. I was NEVER quarantined but sent home from school to have TOTAL bedrest for a semester, told not to even read or watch much TV in order to rest even my eyes, so I listened to radio all day….most boring. I for sure wasn’t riding around in cars and getting involved in accidents. For a couple of months I was dragging around in my frat house of 60 guys feeling exhausted and initially treated for anemia before being diagnosed properly with “mono”. Student health services hadn’t given me a complete blood workup to detect the latter for some reason. We used to call “mono” the “kissing disease” and since I didn’t kiss any of my frat brothers, nobody living close around me came down with it. I was engaged to wed at the time and my fiance never came down with it either even though we had played a lot of “tongue hockey” early on before I began feeling really rotten.

  7. xavster said


  8. JFH said

    Your hatred really has blinded your ability to think reasonably. Kay, you are no different (and certainly no better) that woman who believes that Obama is an Arab…

    Your bigotry toward people who don’t think like you is really, really sick. I’ll pray for you though, so that maybe through Go’s grace you can see that most people are kind and good, independent on their political beliefs.

  9. JFH said

    Whoops I meant “God’s grace” not “Go’s grace”

  10. Kathy said

    I have never, for one moment, believed that Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig. My mother had ten kids, and I could tell when she was pregnant in her first week. This is the biggest bull story I have ever heard, not that her daughter got pregnant, but Palin’s holy abstinence only and anti-abortion stance and then this big fn’ lie to go with it. Palin is an insult to women all over the world.

    I put up a cartoon on my site about this a while ago. Maybe I will repost it. I am glad you posted this.

  11. clif said

    Your hatred really has blinded your ability to think reasonably

    Stand in front of a mirror and your statement hold the truth son.

    Your bigotry toward people who don’t think like you is really, really sick.

    More pure projection by our resident numb-skull, JFH

    You know the clown who stated the Troopergate investigation was OVER and going nowhere.

    How was the crow son.

  12. ladykate said

    ummm…ARE YOU CRAZY?????? In a society such as ours, why on earth would Sarah even try to hide that Bristol had Trig? In my opinion, you are a raving lunatic!

  13. Grant in Texas said

    If you are a politician who doesn’t want anyone’s kids to have any sex education in Alaska’s school BUT “ABSTINENCE ONLY” then you don’t want the world to know that your unwed 17 year old daughter had a child, that’s why. You don’t have to be CRAZY to see that.

    Sarah’s HYPOCRISY trumped the truth possibly in this case. It only took two days of people all over smelling something fishy here before Bristol’s “real” pregnancy was announced.

  14. Kathy said

    @Grant in Texas,
    I concur, you are spot on!

  15. kayinmaine said

    Grant, Bristol Palin was 16 when she gave birth to Trig and is now a 17 year old pregnant with her 2nd child. Just thought I’d point it out before the neocons said, “See? Grant is stupid! Don’t believe anything he says from now on because he made this mistake!”. You know the drill. This is how the losing side on every issue in America answers everything. LOL

  16. kayinmaine said

    JFH, I hate neocons…not because of the color of their skin, but because of their wacked & hateful ideologies and policies that hurt 95% of the planet. This is not bigotry. I’ll wait for you to look up the definition of bigotry, because I know damn well you and Gayle have no idea what it means! So with that in mind, once you learn the definition can you call Gayle and let her know what it means? Thanks, Neocon America/World Hater.

  17. clif said

    ladykate Says:
    October 12, 2008 at 5:00 pm

    ummm…ARE YOU CRAZY?????? In a society such as ours, why on earth would Sarah even try to hide that Bristol had Trig? In my opinion, you are a raving lunatic!</i.

    lady tell it to the Wasilla hospital who is hiding their acknowledgment of the birth Sarah Palin claims occured there.

    They are hiding the records of that birth it seems.

    So according to you they are crazy.

    BTW why hasn’t Sarah Palin demanded they release those records like they do for every other child born in that hospital this year?

    It seems according to your logic she is Crazy also, lady.

  18. clif said

    Or is the hospital just crazy and Sarah Palin the raving lunatic because they refuse to release those records?

    Damn woman you certainly paint her with a broad brush there.

  19. clif said

    Isn’t calling the babblecuda a raving lunatic a little over the top?

  20. kayinmaine said

    Why do I get the feeling, Clif, the Palin family has threatened the hospital staff and their families that if they ever say a word about this they’ll end up dead? Wouldn’t surprise me, because Sarah is sooooooooooooo……….pentecostal christian. Ewww.

  21. […] Why does Levi Johnston’s sister refer to Sarah Palin as the mother-in-law in this picture? There are some out there like me who do not believe it was Sarah Palin who gave birth to Trig Palin on April 18th in […] […]

  22. kayinmaine said

    Very cool. This post is #85 on the Top Posts of the day at WordPress…



  23. Grant in Texas said

    Levi Johnston gives an interview. He has dropped out of high school his senior year to go work on the North Slope. He plans to marry Bristol next summer. The baby “boy” is due in mid-December and he is excited about becoming a daddy.


  24. kayinmaine said

    Wow Grant! Thanks for the link. 😆

  25. Grant in Texas said

    Geez, Levi, the “baby daddy” didn’t even register to vote! Probably figured his future Mom-in-law has the Alaska electors in the bag, plus he probably wants to bag him a moose on Nov. 4. Some “patriot”….not voting.

    He’s become a high school drop out, a great role model for his future son. He’s a liar big time saying someone else created his MySpace page where he describes himself as a “fuckin’ redneck”. What’s in the water in Wasilla? The “hockey stud” should learn to keep his Johnston in his Levis…abstinence for the goose and not for the gander??? He is a punk….a perfect addition to the Palin family.

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  27. kayinmaine said

    Hi Grant. I just did a post on this and gave you a hat tip for providing a couple of the links for me. Thank you!

    Okay, I’m going to bed. Have a great night. 😉

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