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Sarah Palin’s ‘hockey mom ass’ got booed loudly at a hockey game!

Posted by kayinmaine on October 12, 2008

You gotta love Americans during a time of crisis. They are not fooled by the snakes in the grass, the wolves wearing sheep’s clothing, or Satan, so it gives me great pleasure to show you the following video. It’s Sarah Palin the hockey-mom getting her assed booed by Hockey Moms. It’s beautiful. Enjoy!

(and as you watch it and listen to it note how loud the music gets….the officials at the hockey game had to turn the volume up to drown out the boos)


32 Responses to “Sarah Palin’s ‘hockey mom ass’ got booed loudly at a hockey game!”

  1. Uncle Fester Lurks said



    Oh my! We should be afraid of this woman! Look how close her name is to Satans. *snark*

  2. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    OMG! She even needed someone to hold her hand when dropping the puck! Bah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  3. kayinmaine said

    I just changed the video to a BETTER ONE WHERE YOU CAN HEAR THE BOOS WAY LOUDER! Holy cow.

  4. clif said

    Do you wanna know why she dragged her daughters there?

    Because she claimed people wouldn’t BOO her sorry ass if her children were there.

    The GOP Vice-Presidential nominee said at an earlier fundraiser that she would stop some of the booing from the rowdy Philadelphia fans by putting her seven year old daughter, Piper in a Flyers jersey. She said, “How dare they boo Piper!”

    In other words she was trying to hide behind her own children, how despicable can she get?

    Oh right, she is the babblecuda.

  5. kayinmaine said

    Yep, she uses her children as if they’re props in a play. Trig Palin is a Downs Syndrome baby who is kept up all hours of the night, because Sarah wants us all to believe she’s the mommy! Oh please. Put that child in bed and leave him with your freaking mother to watch him while you parade your ass around America lying to us. Asshole. I’m sorry, but she’s a very bad mother. If I as a single Mom did that to my son, society would freak out! Spit.

  6. kayinmaine said

    Clif, right now Sarah is the Booooooocuda. LOL 😆

  7. Grant in Texas said

    Why are her kids not in school like the Obama children? Even though she uses her children as photo-op props, nobody is ever to mention them. Ed Snider, the owner of the Philadelphia Flyers and 76ers is a founder of an Ayn Rand Institute and has given $25,000 this year to both McCain and the RNC, so maybe the fans didn’t like him pushing Palin on them.

  8. kayinmaine said

    I’m sure they’re ‘home schooled’, Grant, which means they’re learning every day that the earth is 6,000 years old, Americans (mentioned in the bible of course *rolling eyes*) lived alongside the dinosaurs, and having babies right after you start your menstrual period is patriotic. See? Right wing home schooled those children are. And we wonder why the McCain/Palin rallies are now considered KKK rallies! Pure stupidity in a building!

  9. Kathy said

    Hey Kay, I am really glad I found your blog, we see things the same way. Your blog is like a life saver in an angry sea of fucking morons. Palin’s dinosaur beliefs are so stupid, even a little kid would roll their eyes. I feel sorry for her kids, she’s using them for her own gain, I wonder if the blog world could give Palin a collective boooooo, maybe on Halloween, cause she’s a witch.

  10. Just Me said

    Kay In Maine;
    And if the homeschooling parents don’t “brainwash” them towards a love of God,and keep them out of the GODLESS PUBLICK FOOL SYSTEM, then Satan and his Godless minions like YOU, will brainwash them in to lesbianism, queerism, atheism, and communism.
    Perhaps you should move to the SOVIET UNION – no its NOT dead – where they grab your child at age two, test him, and the STATE determines what his role in life to be.
    [ I reserve the right to use the male gender
    as inclusive of the FEMALE, as CREATED BY the God whom you know not ! ] Anyone who would place their child in a PUBLICK SCHOOL in this day & age, is totally void of the spirit of God.

  11. Grant in Texas said

    There is no Soviet Union, but I don’t expect a fool like our TROLL Just Fool Me would know that. You know NOTHING about the Russian school system which has given that nation the highest literacy rate of any nation in the world (98%).


    It is most similar to most European school systems where everyone gets a general education up through the first two years of high school. Then after testing, those who have an aptitude for success at a university are placed in classes to prepare them for college. Those with other aptitudes are given a CHOICE of what type of vocational school they wish to attend. In the U.S. we try to push every kid into a college prep curriculum whether they have any skills or not to achieve. Voc-Tech education is very much discounted here giving us an unskilled work force, the last folks to get employed, the first to become unemployed.

    When I first moved to Houston in 1965, my neighbor was a young German chef at the Sheraton downtown. He was already making more money than most of us, driving a new Corvette. He used to say he was “too stupid” to go to the “gymnasium” (and for our home-schooled Just Me, it’s not where they play basketball, but what they call their college-prep high school). He was given many choices of vocational/technical schools for such trades as machinist, welding, drafting, medical technolgy, etc. He said he “liked to eat” so chose chef school. He soon made a name for himself in Houston and did his best to satisfy his customers, some of whom were River Oaks millionaires. A couple of millionaires then backed him financially and set him up in his own restaurant, which eventually grew to his owning several fancy restaurants. So the German immigrant himself became a millionaire. Not bad for somebody who laughed about being “stupid”!

    As for “home-schooled”, a neighbor in nearby Friendswood, TX “home-schooled” her kids to PROTECT them from other heathen children and hearing about real science. In a conversation with God she was told that Satan was trying to “possess” her five children….so she drowned them in a bathtub to “save” them from the devil. Give me a clear-thinking rational atheist any day.

  12. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    Grant, to be fair, not all Christians are nuts. The so called christian right give the rest of us christians a bad name. I know many christians who are good decent people and I know many who are just as bad as any other person who they look down on or attack. Many of these so called christians are what I like to call counterfeit christians.

  13. clif said

    Just Me do you actually believe that crap or are ya so desperate for work McCain’s LOSING campaign is all ya can find (to eat Cheetos and play video games asll day, while at work) in the suck ass economy the Bush policies have produced?

    You’re stuck on paste eating stoopid, and probably will be long after you realize the rapture isn’t ever gonna happen and “jebus comin'” for hate mongers like you is another lie the reich wing fundies tell ya to get you to give them money fur not workin’ either.

  14. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    Now for the moron Just Fool Me, I doubt that he/she was ever home schooled and sounds a lot like one of the counterfeit christians I spoke of above. They spew certain verses in the bible to appear holier than thou and in groups they use certain bible scripture and twist it to fit their agenda.

    When I heard that Sarah Palin was a member of the PTA I knew exactly what type of a parent she was. What parent these days has the time to get involved with the PTA? Wealthy, counterfeit, stay at home mothers. In groups they try and take over meetings and use the delphi technique to win arguements. They do not represent the concerns of most of the parents of the average student, they are only involved in the PTA to push their agendas and they do this by out numbering others parents and resemble a pack of wolves.

  15. Grant in Texas said

    A study at Northwestern University on “belief” analyzes their results in terms of political divisions. “It found that politically conservative Christians described a godless world as one of incessant conflict and chaos, expressing strong apprehension regarding people’s inability to control their impulses and the attendant breakdown of social relationships and societal institutions.” Religion based on fear?

    “Liberal Christians, on the other hand, had a different set of concerns. For them, a world without God would be “barren or lifeless, lacking in color and texture, an empty wasteland that would not sustain them” and in which they would feel lost.” IOW, sounds more like their faith is based upon hope.


    My sister, like most everyone in my family, I would describe as a “liberal” Christian. She married a Disciples of Christ member (aka Christian Church) former state Republican legislator, started going to seminary before her retirement at age 62 as administrative assistant to a Republican State Senator. For the next decade she was an assistant pastor, in charge of “outreach ministries” at a large Houston Christian Church. Because of the small ‘c’ christians who have taken over the Republican party, and especially naming Palin to the ticket, she may vote for the first Democrat in her life and she has voted every election since Eisenhower’s second term. She graduated at the very top of her class at the U. of Houston (got to lead in several thousand grads at her commencement) and is most upset with the anti-intellectual course now being taken by the McCain campaign.

  16. Jack From Texas said

    The Hibernating Bear

  17. Jack From Texas said

    Some Thoughts On Liberal Christianity


  18. Robbie Johns said

    Peace brothers

  19. Hill Billy said


  20. Red Neck Joe said

    Peace & Love Bros/Sisters

  21. Aunt Pester Smurks said

    A lot of insane noise at White Noise Insanity, about the
    USSR being dead ?


  22. Grant in Texas said

    A parade of newcomers here all of a sudden. Welcome!

  23. clif said

    Me thinks it’s another tubes version of Sybil.

  24. Tex From Utah said

    Censorship at it’s worst, on this blog.

  25. Tex From Utah said

    I wonder if this link will post?
    I wonder if this link will post?

  26. clif said

    Yep some juvenile wing nut paying with mommy’s computer again worried the black helicopters from the soviet union are gonna time travel to 2008 and take his Sarah Palin blow up dolly away from his sorry ass.

  27. Tex From Utah said

    The filth mouthed on this link against Palin shows the lack of spirituality that exists in this mnation.

    There is no difference in McCain/Palin and Oblama/Biden.

    They ALL belong to ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. Read the Hegelian
    dialectic. They are playing the old White Hat / Black Hat ruse against the voters.

    They run the stage show of being at odds against each other when it’s all one big happy family. Republicrats.

    Have a nice life.

  28. Tex From Utah said

    Study and be prepared for what’s coming.
    You have been warned. Scoffers don’t bother.

  29. clif said

    Oh a wingnut fundi wack job to boot.

  30. Grant in Texas said

    Unlike the reich websites where dissenting views are deleted and IP addresses promptly blocked, Kay has been one to let postings stand, often because they make the trolls look ridiculous. I get blocked here often for some reason and seems mostly when I give a link to a “certain” New York newspaper as somehow I suspect the WordPress Askimet software having been programmed to support one political agenda since several of us progressives here are the only ones blocked. However, these many postings above represent pure TROLL spamming and I ask Kay to please delete them all so that regular posters here will not be lost in the clown “parade”!

  31. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    Heh! I must of upset some of the counterfeit christians on the radical right! LMAO!

  32. kayinmaine said

    Wow, I see the trolls who’ve been living under the front steps of the American Taliban Headquarters (the RNC/GOP) have been given their marching orders to spew more lies & deceits in honor of Nazi Brownshirts McCain & Palin!

    Does everyone remember when John McCain was orgasmic for the uber support of evangelical Reverend Hagee? You know, the Reverend who was fine with the Holocaust because he thought God sent Hitler in to kill off the Jews…

    and then he went on to piss off the Roman Catholics by saying he hates their guts.

    He even said gawd will send his terrorists to destroy America for our being friends with Israel:

    No one knew gawd has his own set of terrorists to kill Americans. Oh wait! They’re the American Taliban otherwise known as the republic Party of America! Nevermind. I forgot.

    …and here’s Hagee’s lame excuse as to why he says what he says:


    Rev. Hagee who supports John McCain and who John McCain wanted to support him thought the “sinners” (which are the black people according to Rev. Hagee) in New Orleans were punished at the hand of gawd:

    Hagee doesn’t even think Jesus was the messiah:

    LOL Wow! Oh, but the American Taliban wants us to believe Rev. Wright is scary! Sorry. Not gonna happen. Rev. Wright is AN EX-MARINE WHO HAS EARNED HIS RIGHT TO QUESTION HIS COUNTRY AND TO SAY HE’S PISSED OFF AT IT. Fat Boy Rev. Hagee has not. The End.

    Basically, Rev. Hagee is WAY WORSE than Rev. Wright, oh but the wingers don’t want to talk about that! Yep, it’s okay for Iran to say the Holocaust wasn’t real or the Holocaust was a good thing, but when a right wing fat Piggy evangelical such as Rev. Hagee say the same thing….THE AMERICAN TALIBAN IS FINE WITH IT!

    Hypocritical assholes.

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