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John McCain LOVED ACORN before he was against it

Posted by kayinmaine on October 14, 2008

Another flip flop! Bah hahahahahahahahaha! Hysterical. I wonder if Sarah, Johnny, and the rest of the neocons are going to give a retraction now after all their ACORN bashing they’ve done for weeks. Doubt it. As usual, the neocons are acting as if ACORN has been around for 8 years, when really, it’s been around for 3 decades. I guess they’re slow learners.

Besides the video below, FDL gives us more on how pathetic McCain’s campaign is.


17 Responses to “John McCain LOVED ACORN before he was against it”

  1. kayinmaine said

    From the ACORN site (first link in post):

    ACORN to McCain: Have You Lost That Loving Feeling?
    October 13, 2008

    Senator Allied with ACORN as Recently as 2006, Now Turns Cold Shoulder

    October 13, 2008, Miami, FL – U.S. Senator John McCain’s recent attacks on the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) are puzzling given his historic support for the organization and its efforts on behalf of immigrant Americans. As recently as February 20, 2006, Senator McCain was the keynote speaker at an ACORN-sponsored Immigration Rally in Miami, Florida at Miami Dade College – Wolfson Campus.

    The rally, co-sponsored by ACORN in partnership with the New American Opportunity campaign (NAOC), Catholic League Services – Archdiocese of Miami, Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center, Florida Immigrant Coalition, Miami Dade College, People for the American Way/Mi Familia/Vota en Accion, the Service Employees International Union, and UNITE/HERE, was intended to call attention to the need for comprehensive immigration reform.

    Senator McCain spoke at the rally attended by hundreds of ACORN members, most of whom were dressed in the red shirts typical of its members. Senator McCain’s speech focused on the Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act, a bipartisan, comprehensive reform bill, which McCain sponsored with Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA).

    Bertha Lewis, Chief Organizer of ACORN, said, “It has deeply saddened us to see Senator McCain abandon his historic support for ACORN and our efforts to support the goals of low-income Americans. Maybe it is out of desperation that Senator McCain has forgotten that he was for ACORN before he was against ACORN; he was for immigration reform before he was against immigration reform; and he was a maverick before he became erratic. We were thrilled to partner with him to help reform the outdated immigration laws in this country, and were pleased to work closely with him on this issue.”

    Lewis continued, “We expected Senator McCain to support our efforts to give voice to millions of Americans who have never participated in an election before. We are surprised at his efforts to vilify an organization that, until recently, he saw as an ally. Maybe this surprise attack and change of heart is indicative of his state of mind, and the way he would govern.”

    Senator McCain and his campaign have recently launched a series of coordinated attacks on ACORN, the nation’s largest community organization of low-and moderate-income families.

    Ms. Lewis went on to say that, “We are sure that the extremists he is trying to get into a froth will be even more excited to learn that John McCain stood shoulder to shoulder with ACORN, at an ACORN co-sponsored event, to promote immigration reform.”

    Senator McCain was joined at the rally by Rep. Kendrick Meek (D-FL), Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart (R-FL), leaders from both political parties, immigrant communities, and members of labor, business, and religious organizations.

  2. carol said

    John McCain proves to us all over and over again that he does not know what he is doing….he’s always on Sen Obama for being invloved with this or that and when facts come out he has been right there as well!!!!!
    I think his age is showing more and more and he just flounders about lurching from idea to another….just hoping that something, anything will resonate with the American people.
    Oh I forgot….he has Sen Obama right where he wants him…so this is why he is all over the map, it’s a cunning new plan!!!

  3. Vianne said

    Are yo kidding. McCain DID NOT give $800,000 to ACORN. ACORN has neve supported a REpublican.
    Get your facts straight. Stop being sheep and swayed by the smooth talk.

  4. kayinmaine said

    Uh ha. I see Vianne. You didn’t watch the video nor read the statement from ACORN. Why am I not surprised? Oh wait! You’re a McCain supporter and have an IQ of 12 like the rest of them! Hell, here’s what you whiny ass titty babies are complaining about now…


    It’s time for the regressives to catch up! Yep, the American Taliban (the republic party) needs to start educating themselves! You morons do know the year is currently 2008, right? I know this might be a shock, but it’s not 1955 anymore, okay?

  5. kayinmaine said

    Awww, Johnny is saying what makes America special are the people in the room. And you know what? I agree with him! We are a country of immigrants and most of our population is poor or lower middle class. WE ARE AMERICA no matter how many times you neocon want to scream that it’s the uber wealthy who are America! It just ain’t cuttin’ the mustahd anymore.

  6. Vianne said

    Well it worked so well that everyone deserved a home now let’s see how that works with health care. Being from Chicago – Obama never kept one of his pre post election promises. Lower taxes – never happened… Where in the world is he going to get the money for all of his plans. Move troops out of Iraq to save money but put them in Afghanistan??? Obama is not lowering taxes he’s proposing a tax credit. Obama is nothing but a smooth talker that drives peopleto look past the facts….
    WE are facing economic challenges and Obama is the least prepared candidate we’ve ever had. He wants to put the American public all on the same level.. Sorry – I work to hard for my money to give it away to people who jsut feel they deserve it. I can not get behind someone who believes in socialism. WE have sent to many soldiers to war to fight for our freedom. I’m not going to trun it over so easily. Obama has not a clue about our freedom in the world and will do nothing to protect it.

  7. Vianne said

    It’s your Hollowood rich that are screaming. They can afford to. Vote for Obama and let the country go down the tubes. You won’t have to worry about anything…. we’ll look like the countries we fought for our freedom against.
    Too many people with their hand out

  8. Vianne said

    Personal attacks – IQ – name calling. guess you need to vote for OBAMA as he will help pay for your education. Of course it will come out of my taxes but what the heck….. what do you care. Maybe you can put folks down using a little larger vocab.
    Who’s whining. Obama gave ACORN $800,000 how is that whining? Sorry that may be over your head.

  9. kayinmaine said

    The country has already gone down the tubes. You didn’t notice this? Bah hahahahaha! Well of course not. You’ve loved George Bush’s Hitler-like fascism over the past 8 years and haven’t yet determined fascism doesn’t work and it never will.

    Obama gave $800,000 to ACORN that helps the poor get out of poverty? Thank you Barack! You are one truly great community organizer and you will be absolutely wonderful for our country! I remember when George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton raised taxes and our country did terrific. Raise taxes on the uber wealthy! They’ll survive, Barack, as you know! We are so looking forward to your compassion, competence, and terrific judgment in everything you do for the next 4 years!

    We spit on fascism. So doesn’t the whole world. The world is waiting for Barack and not some old guy who wears astronaut diapers at his rallies.

  10. kayinmaine said

    Speaking of Hollywood why does uber wealthy, why is…

    Angie Harmon supporting McCain?


    Or Sylvester Stallone?


    Or the list of celebrities here:


    I thought celebrities were only supporting Barack, right wing moron? Oh wait! You’ve got your head up your ass again, huh? It’s time to take it out.

    Let me guess, you’re next move is to tell me that voter fraud is prevalent this year. Say wha? WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU IN 2000 & 2004? Oh that’s right! You’re fine with voter fraud as long as the American Taliban (the GOP) is doing it, huh? Asshole.

  11. kayinmaine said

    Johnny McTeleprompter really doesn’t have an economic plan for anyone but the uber rich in America:


    And the McCain campaign announced yesterday that they will not be bringing forth any new plans! Bah hahahaha! Why? Because McCain is a lunatic and he’s surrounded by lunatics and no one knows what they’re doing. This is how he’ll be in the White House too! As dangerous as George Bush & Dick Cheney!

  12. kayinmaine said

    How many Americans were given a $1.2 MILLION dollar mortgage when they ONLY made $80,000/year, had bad credit, and owed at least $125,000 in credit cards and got the ARM to help them get into a house? A TON! You betcha!

    Can’t blame the poor for this fiasco. It was the upper middle class and wealthy who took George Bush’s advice to go shopping, to buy any house you wanted, and to make sure you’re seen driving around in a hummer worth at least $80,000. See? GREED!

    And how about the Shadow Economy? Have you investigated this yet? Oh probably not! You still think the banking industry is highly regulated. Bah hahahahahaha! Stupid again as usual!

    Get your head out of your ass for once. You can breathe better if you do and the extra oxygen will help too.

  13. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    Republicans are always looking for scapegoats to blame for their failures while in control. Where is the accountability now bitches?

  14. Grant in Texas said

    The smear campaign against ACORN and Obama began earlier this year and was promoted by Richard Mellon-Scaife’s Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, the same reich-wing organization that spent millions trying to get something to stick on Bill Clinton.



    McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds is just now on MSNBC saying ONE million dollars was contributed to ACORN, UP $200K from previous stories….stretching the number. Ayers has been put out there AGAIN and now has saturated the American mind, so its time for a new smear this week. Next week it will probably be Rev. Wright again even though McCain once said he would not “go there!” But McCain may have forgotten he said that earlier this year.

  15. Chris from Maine said

    i have to say with the last name Achorn (pronounced acorn) these stories make me happy.

  16. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    Careful there Chris From Maine or you might be linked and attacked by some ignorant republicans in Maine. 🙂

  17. kayinmaine said

    Rush Limbaugh had a caller today ask him why McCain won’t talk about Acorn at these debates or bring it up in his rallies. Rush had to admit it’s probably because McCain is connected to the group himself. Bah hahahahahahahahahaha!

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