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Joe the Plumber is connected to Charles Keating….yes, that one!

Posted by kayinmaine on October 16, 2008

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Well, we just knew ole Joe the Plumber would soon crash, burn, and end up a weepy little ash in fear of blowing away from the political winds. His 15-Minutes-of-Fame are now up. Poor thing.

Joe the Plumber is connected to Charles Keating. Nice.

There Joe was today talking as if he was the only plumber making $500,000 (oh wait….he is the only plumber making over $250,000 I would say!), but then the “Clifster” of White Noise Insanity posts this little tidbit including links.

I wonder if John McCain knows ole Joe the Plumber is related to his good ole buddy, Charles Keating? Bah hahahahahahaha! Oh gawd! He’s gotta. He’s just gotta.

It was nice knowing you Joe, even though we find out today we were right when we said to ourselves, “Say wha? Fox News was the first to report on Joe the Plumber? There’s something very fishy about that!!!!!”.

And in the land of Deception, a REAL LACKEY goes to die, without friends, and ends up being a national embarrassment once again as all republicans end up doing. Sad. Goodbye Joe!

53 Responses to “Joe the Plumber is connected to Charles Keating….yes, that one!”

  1. kayinmaine said

    Here’s more on Robert Wurzelbacher and the Lincoln Savings & Loan:


  2. carol said

    Well, what can you say to that?
    I wonder what John McCain will think of that little snippet….so Joe knows folks that John McCain used to “pal around with”….what goes around comes around!!!

  3. Grant in Texas said

    “Joe” did live in Arizona, McCain’s turf for awhile according to his first divorce papers (married twice).


  4. clif said

    Grant you forgot to note these costs in Joe the plumbers divorce;

    OBAL 3/28/1997 COST APPLIED TO : SHELTER (10000260)

    OBAL 3/28/1997 COST APPLIED TO : BATTERED WOMEN (3%) – COUNTY (10000230)

    Which means Joe also seems to be a wife abuser, which is probably the center of his divorce.

    Maybe that is why he seems angry in the interviews he is giving, he has anger management problems.

  5. Grant in Texas said

    I think “Joe” is single again living with his 13 year old son as he has made no mention of a wife and said “good-bye” to some reporters saying he needed to get back in the house to be with his son.

    Eddie. He was giving an interview on Fox News on Tuesday so the McCain campaign surely knew about him….

    What Joe also said in his interview with the media this morning:

    REPORTER: What do you hope for your son’s future?

    WURZELBACHER: Not to have to pay $10 trillion back. I mean come on now. Social Security is a joke. I have parents. I don’t need another set of parents called the government. You know, let me take my money and invest it how I please. Social Security, I’ve never believed it, I don’t like it I hate that it’s forced on me.

    You know, as far as for my son, I want him to live in America that he’s proud of, I’m tired of people doubting America, saying that we’re the bad country. I mean that upsets me and my friends greatly. you know. We are the greatest country in the world. Stop apologizing for it. I mean really, I get real mad about that I’m not sorry for being American. I’m not sorry for having the things i have. I’ve worked for them.

    I wish our borders were closed and you have to come through in a legal manner. I’m not sorry for any of those things, I’m not sorry that we’re in Iraq. My friends in the military that come back have told me the thanks that they’ve received for us being there. It doesn’t get enough play. We’ve liberated another country. freedom, things that every one of you guys take for credit — take for granted. Everything that Americans take for granted, these guys haven’t had it, now they’ve got that’s an incredible thing.

    That’s almost, I don’t know if you are Christians or not, but that’s like somebody coming to Jesus and being saved. These guys have freedom. Our guys here that are poverty stricken have cell phones. Those people over there, they have one pair of pants and a shirt. You know, what we’ve done over there is an incredible thing. Has it kept us safe? Absolutely. I believe in that 100%. WMDs or not, I don’t care, we took the fight to them, we’ve done a pretty good job there. Could have done better? Yeah, sure, but It’s easy being an arm chair quarterback. Hindsight they say is 20/20. I call it x-ray vision. So I’m like i said, proud of our military and proud what we’ve done over there. so that’s pretty much the main thing there….

    REPORTER: Do you think senator McCain will stop by your house?

    WURZELBACHER: I asked the campaign if he would…. REPORTER: They haven’t reached out to you since this started?

    WURZELBACHER: They called me and asked me to attend one of their rally’s, but I’ll be in New York over the weekend, so I haven’t.


  6. democommie said


    I watch this campaign unfold and think, “How in fucking hell did these people ever get these jobs?”. The McCain “strategists” aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer; hell, they’re not as sharp as the spoons.

  7. kayinmaine said

    Democommie, it appears their cheese fell off their cracker awhile ago! LOL

    Yes Clif, that’s another twist to this guy Joe. He’s a spouse abuser, doesn’t have his plumber’s license, is behind on his taxes, and in my eyes appears to be a Nationalist skinhead (bald, beady eyes)! Wow, just wow.

    Good gawd.

    Are all plumbers like this? Since Joe represents all plumbers now according to the McCain campaign, then I guess he does.

  8. kayinmaine said

    Interesting Grant that the McCain campaign would know Joe’s number that fast! *shaking head*

    One good thing, if McCain shows up we then have a picture of McCain standing next to Joe to flash around the Internet! 😆

  9. JBrown said

    Regardless of where you live or what your occupation is the story of Joe the plumber should be a wake up call for the middle class of this nation; not because of the socialist undertones of Senator Obama’s ‘Spread The Wealth’ policies, but rather because of the reaction of his campaign, his surrogates and the fringe-left media to anyone that questions “The One”.

    Yesterday, left-wing bloggers, the fringe-left media, Senator Obama’s supporters, surrogates, Senator Biden and Obama himself made the decision to ignore the serious realities of Obama’s policies that will hinder the opportunity for upward mobility and instead made the decision to attack the voice of the ‘average Joe’ who dared to question the Senator, launched investigations into his personal life and launched a campaign to destroy his credibility.

    Now let me first say, that if you think in any manner that Joe’s personal life, where he lived or how he is registered has any impact on the simple question that he asked Obama, then you are living in a fantasy world. Joe is no operative of the Republican party, his simple question to Obama was in no way planned and his personal life has no bearing on the reality that Senator Obama’s tax proposals are rooted in the purely socialist belief that we should ‘Spread The Wealth’. But instead of responding to Joe’s charges and questions; instead of denouncing the reality that Obama’s tax plan is an exercise in socialism, Obama’s campaign and surrogates reacted by trying to destroy Joe the plumber.

    On the campaign trail, Obama referred to Joe as ‘that guy, Joe! Who makes $250,000 a year” going on to slam him, “I don’t know any plumbers who make $250,000 a year”. Joe Biden attacking by stating he doesn’t have any plumbers making $250,000 a year in his neighborhood. Apparently, Biden and Obama need to spend more time at home depot where they will run into contractors, who own small businesses that make $250,000 a year. Instead of defending their plans, instead of stating that changes may have to be made if it turns out that their plans will hurt more small businesses, they chose to distort Joe’s story and undermine his argument.

    In the media the attacks from Obama surrogates were ferocious, asking what do we know about Joe The Plumber? Well he’s just wrong and doesn’t understand how Senator Obama’s plan will really help him! He doesn’t represent the vast majority of small businesses!

    Online the attacks were vicious from left-wing sites such as Huffpo, Kos and others: Joe is ignorant…He just doesn’t understand how Obama’s plan really works! He’s a liar – his name’s not even Joe! This was a set-up, he’s an operative of the McCain campaign or Republican Party! He’s not even a plumber and doesn’t even make $250,000 a year! Of course then they turned their attacks on his personal life, his family, etc…

    But my favorite is from the SF Chronicle, a know left-wing publication, yet a nationally printed publication:

    “He is registered as a Republican, and voted in the state’s GOP primary in March”. Does this really have a bearing on anything, after all I thought Obama was the post-partisan politician.

    “He has lived in McCain’s home state of Arizona – in both Mesa and Tucson.
    — He lived in GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s home state of Alaska – in North Pole, from September 1992 to July 1993.” Again, anything to do with the Obama’s policies? Oh wait, he must be an operative under Todd Palin’s control because he live in Sarah Palin’s home stat 13 years before she became Governor.

    “And as for that unscripted moment that ended up on Fox News, the one at a rally where he questioned Sen. Barack Obama about the American Dream – and whether he’d have to pay higher taxes under Obama’s plan?” Back to the Fox News – McCain Campaign operative conspiracy theory…You got him chronicle! Joe is an operative of the Republican Party and the conspired with Fox News to set up Senator Obama. Of course, I still can’t figure out how it is that they convinced Senator Obama to make the decision to make an self-described UNPLANNED DOOR-TO-DOOR Campaign stop in Joe’s neighborhood. I’m sure that Joe has been planning for months and waiting for the opportunity to open up his bedroom window and see Senator Obama on the street with a flock of reporters. Oh yes, by the way…a flock of reporters, of which only one had the balls to actually replay Senator Obama’s candid “Spread the Wealth” response.

    ” His first name isn’t really Joe. It’s Samuel” OK, so Samuel J. cannot be trusted because he uses his middle name.

    “That’s after the AP, bloggers, investigators and librarians – and The Chronicle – turned up court documents and birth records…For one, Wurzelbacher’s expressed concern about paying more taxes looked a bit tarnished with the revelation that he owes Ohio about $1,200 in personal income taxes, according to the Lucas County Court of Common Pleas records. And there’s a 2007 civil filing that shows a record for a $1,200 owed to a creditor, St. Charles Mercy Hospital.” Seriously, again how does this have an impact on the question asked of Senator Obama? So he owes taxes? So he has had financial troubles and owes a hospital money? I would think that Joe would be the ideal voter for Senator Obama; A middle class American struggling to pay taxes and struggling financially because of health care costs!

    So what is it about Joe’s story that should provide an important lesson?

    Joe is the average citizen, the middle class American that struggle everyday with bills and works to hopefully provide a better life for his son. Yet, when he has the tenacity to actually question the proposals of a Presidential Candidate, they set out to destroy him as though he is the epitome of everything that is wrong with this nation. When Joe exercises his freedom of speech and freedom of expression, they set forth to silence his voice by avoiding the real question at hand and resorting to infringing upon his personal life. Joe’s story is a picture of what we can all expect to occur if Pelosi, Obama and Reid have total control of our government. There will be no room for dissent and no right to question our elected officials.

    The reality is that Obama campaign does not want to talk about the question that Joe asked, because there is no other response that they can provide than the “Spread The Wealth” answer given by Senator Obama. The reality is that Obama does not want Americans to know that he is not interested in you achieving the American Dream, he is only interested in the idea of a society in which there is a ruling class and then a class of workers, all of whom have the same possessions and same level of wealth. There are societies that have set forth down this path before, and it hasn’t worked then and it will not work now. Obama hasn’t responded to Joe’s statement that his policies are socialist for a reason…because the reality is that they are.

    Is this the society that middle class Americans want for themselves or their children? A society in which if you dare to question authority you are subject to personal destruction? A society in which the truth is suppressed and propaganda reigns supreme?





  10. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    JBrown….pull your head out of your ass before you die from a lack of oxygen.

  11. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    Hmmm socialist verses fascist….

    Funny how whenever a politician threatens to make the elite pay more taxes the elite are quick to scream “socialism!”

    Just as during the great depression, America needs to begin a New Deal type of a program that not only put Americans back to work but also helps to rebuild our deteriorating infrastructure. Now if that sounds like socialism to nutjobs on the reich…f**k em!

  12. JFH said

    Joe the Plumber is connected to Charles Keating. Nice.

    WRONG, please try again…

    Just as during the great depression, America needs to begin a New Deal type of a program that not only put Americans back to work but also helps to rebuild our deteriorating infrastructure.

    Uh, the New Deal didn’t do anything to recover from the Great Depression, World War II did.

  13. Joe Da Plumber said

    America needs to begin a New Deal type of a program that not only put Americans back to work

    Speaking of jobs time for you to get back to work.

    Those jizz shots on the peep show floor won’t clean themselves.



  14. JBrown said

    “JBrown…pull your head out of your ass before you die from a lack of oxygen.” – Uuncle Fester Lurks

    I must say there Uncle quite a responsive comeback you have there…glad to see that you can make your point come across so clearly…lol.

    I was really waiting for Uncle to say something like “Joe the Plumber is guilty and deserves to be attacked. He refuses to vote for Obama – and has a reason. We can’t have that!”

    You see there Uncle, Joe is just a big distraction from the fact that Obama revealed his “share the wealth” philosophy a little TOO CLEARLY this time. Joe tripped him up and now Joe must suffer to distract from the real problem for Obama called ‘the truth’.

  15. JBrown said

    “Just as during the great depression, America needs to begin a New Deal type of a program that not only put Americans back to work but also helps to rebuild our deteriorating infrastructure. Now if that sounds like socialism to nutjobs on the reich…f**k em!” Uncle Fester Lurks

    Well sir I don’t know your age, or life experiences, but I do know one thing…you have no clue about US History and quite possibly have made once of the most ludicrous arguments I have ever heard about the New Deal.

    Just to enlighten you a bit sir:

    In 1932, Franklin D. Roosevelt was running for re-election. At the time, over 10,000 banks (40% of those that existed in 1929) had failed, GNP had fallen by over 30% since 1929 and unemployment had risen to a staggering 23.6%.

    Prior to Roosevelt’s election, President Hoover who had tried to combat the economic free fall through monetary measures, attempted a bold new approach: He raised the top marginal tax bracket from 25% to 63%.

    Hoover was viewed publicly as aloof on his handling of the economy and as a result Roosevelt handily defeated Hoover. During Roosevelt’s first year in office, he would face a third banking panic and declare a federal bank holiday to prevent another run on banks. He would institute massive expansion of the federal government including the Agricultural Adjustment Administration, the Civilian Conservation Corps, the Farm Credit Administration, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Federal Emergency Relief Administration, the National Recovery Administration, the Public Works Administration, the Tennessee Valley Authority, the Emergency Banking Bill, the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933, the Farm Credit Act, the National Industrial Recovery Act and the Truth-in-Securities Act. Unemployment would rise in 1933 to 24.9%.

    Between 1934 and 1936 Roosevelt would institute the Federal Communications Commission, the National Mediation Board, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Works Progress Administration, the National Labor Relations Board and the Rural Electrification Administration.Congress passes the Banking Act of 1935, the Emergency Relief Appropriation Act, the National Labor Relations Act, and the Social Security Act.

    In addition, the government would resort to deficit spending to pay for the government expansion and in 1936, Roosevelt would raise the top tax bracket to 79%. Despite the tripling of the top tax rates, deficit spending and massive government expansion, by the time of Roosevelt’s re-election unemployment had only dropped to 16.9%.

    After Roosevelt’s inauguration in 1936, the lack of economic improvement and rising taxes that had now invaded the middle class would lead to a sharp decline in Roosevelt’s public approval and cause a rift within his own party.

    Roosevelt’s economic plans began to come under fire and economic conditions which had slightly improved since 1932 began to deteriorate. The Supreme Court would rule the National Recovery Administration to be unconstitutional. As the reality that government spending was not solving the depression, by the middle of 1937 the economy was once again retracting and Roosevelt’s proposals for more New Deal legislation in late 1937 and 1938 would fail to win the support of either Republicans nor Democrats. By the end of 1938, unemployment had once again risen to 19.0%.

    In 1939, Congress would finally grant Roosevelt’s requests to begin rebuilding the military when they granted him $1 billion for defense spending. Roosevelt had fought for the spending since taking office in 1933. The growing hostilities and outbreak of World War II in 1939 and 1940 would cause the allies to turn to US manufacturing might and finally end The Great Depression.

    Roosevelt was a great president, but for those most part his lasting contributions to our society are often misperceived. Roosevelt’s expansion of the government was important not because it ended the depression, but rather the long term economic safety nets that programs such as Social Security, FDIC and the Securities Act provided. Many of these programs were needed, yet were designed as long-term security blankets. Roosevelt will long be remembered in popular view as a beacon of strength through WWII and a guiding hand through the depression. Yet, Roosevelt’s real contribution to America is the 8 years prior to the outbreak of WWII where he fought tirelessly against both parties in a mostly blocked attempt to end the protectionist economic policies of the US, re-establish internationalism and end the military isolationism of the 20’s and 30’s.

    WWII ultimately and unfortunately ended the Great Depression. At the onset the war, Roosevelt had been politically battered, the economy had improved little, and both his own party and Republicans were considering the elimination of programs such as Social Security. In 1943 and 1945 the government would once again raise taxes to an astonishing 90%, but this time the 1943 move would occur to help fund the war effort. The 1945 increase would be made not because our economy was slowing but rather for the reasons that John F. Kennedy stated best: “…our present tax system, developed as it was, in good part, during World War II to restrain growth.”

    By 1945 the government had discovered the implications of taxation upon economic growth. Kennedy understood, but it seems today, we have forgotten.

  16. JFH said

    Give it up, JBrown, unless the “facts” come from a left wing blog, these guys will either:

    1) Refute your argument by nitpicking a single point that has nothing to do with the crux of your case

    2) Change the subject and/or call you a neocon

    or (if you REALLY have them stumped)

    3) Ignore you

    There are no grey areas on this blog… if you don’t agree with them, you’re either wrong or a liar or both… That’s just the way they roll here.

  17. Jesus Kay, I mean I know you’re a total psycho, that once advocated killing her own child should The One not get elected, but I never thought I’d see you stoop so low as to attack poor Joe.

    Jbrown… good luck here, she’s insane.



  18. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    JFH Says:
    October 17, 2008 at 3:56 pm
    if you don’t agree with them, you’re either wrong or a liar or both… That’s just the way they roll here.
    Yup thats what republicans do. At republican blogs they ban you for saying things they disagree with. While here at WNI you get to say what you want without getting your comments deleted or being banned. Why is it that republican blogs do not allow free speech?

  19. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    Jenn…you have been proven as a liar so what you have to say on any subject is irrelevant just as the Bush cheerleader JFH. Boy I wish I could spread the truth and facts over at Jawa Report but they don’t like the truth or facts, why? Because it is a conservative blog filled with racist, hateful people.

  20. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    Hmmmm now where did JBBrown cut and paste that from because God knows those aren’t his own words?

  21. Grant in Texas said

    JBrown, plagiarized his post at #15, a TYPICAL CUT-AND-PASTE TROLL from another reich-wing blog!


    He also plagiarized post #9 from the same blog:


    Poor JBrown, wants so badly to be a part of the blogging intelligentsia! But to be original and not stealing others’ words would mean THINKING on his own! THINKING IS HARD WORK! Ask George W. Bush.

  22. Grant in Texas said

    Post above blocked by Askimet where I outed JBrown as a plagiarizing fraud. Now watch JBrown go to his dictionary to look up the BIG word….”plagiarize.”

  23. kayinmaine said

    JBrown a republican senator John McCain supporter is plaigarizing? And Jenn of the Bunglers is defending him? Bah hahahahahahaha! OMG, that is so classic.

    According to the trolls, we’re wrong, but they’re right, but yet………..THEY HAVE NOTHING TO PROVE US WRONG WITH.

    Okay trolls! Link to Joe’s plumbing license, show us he’s not connected to Robert Wurzelbacher, tell us why Joe said he made $250,000 as a plumber, but only makes $40,000, and please prove to us USING COURT DOCUMENTS that Joe “Sam” Wurzelbacher DIDN’T ABUSE HIS PAST WIVES.

    Thanks! Enlighten us! Educate us!

    😆 😆 😆

  24. kayinmaine said

    Isn’t it hysterical how the big War Party neocons are suddenly victims to the lefties in this country? Bah hahahahaha! But I thought you assholes were the ones who protected America, who are all serving in Iraq, had all the money in the world to fix things, and who are the big tough warmongers who are strong? 😆 Guess you assholes were lying once again!!!

  25. kayinmaine said

    Oh, and JBrown? Don’t stand too close to Jenn of the Bunglers because you’ll get a venereal disease. She’s infected 20% of the country, which is so interesting, because that’s the percentage of people supporting George McCain right now! Is this why you’re all mentally ill? Got herpes on your brain?

  26. Grant in Texas said

    I see reich-wingers are upset with “lefty” bloggers investigating many aspects of “Joe’s” life but then McCain kept repeating his name over and over and like Sarah Palin, we need to learn more about somebody who comes from “out of nowhere!” espousing a political agenda. It appears that the FIRST blogger to tie “Joe” to Frank Keating’s son-in-law was a conservative, McCain supporter:


  27. Grant in Texas said

    Error above. It’s CHARLES “good friend of John McCain” Keating, the CONVICTED FELON instead of “Frank”. Don’t know why I just typed that other than I am eating a “frankfurter” right now.

  28. Joe Da Plumber said

    I am eating a “frankfurter” right now.

    Yeah, and its hairy balls are smacking your drooling chin!

  29. clif said

    Joe Da Plumber

    Lowlifes like you are gonna have to get a real job soon son,

    The McCain crazy train is gonna derail next month and losers like you are gonna have to find another minimum wage job.

    There is always going back into the sewers you and the rest of the reich wing hate machine live in son.

  30. Joe Da Plumber said

    I’ll just go back to being your pimp cliffi. I want your dentures gone – your regulars told me they’ll pay another $5 for your “talents” if they’re gone.

  31. clif said

    Sorry BOY but you ain’t got the gonads to be a pimp which is why you hide in the tubes son.

  32. Joe Da Plumber said

    The gonads are resting on top of your tongue clifi.

    Back to work now -NO DENTURES!

  33. clif said

    Sorry son BUT as usual your delusions are all in your mind and not connected with reality like McCain campaign.

    I bet you are still waiting for the real joe the plumber to call ya back eh son?

  34. All right Kay, I will use facts here, so it might be confusing to you:

    1)Joe never said he made $250,000.He simply asked The One if he purchased the business he worked for and made $250,000 would he be penalized. Obama replied that yes, he would, time to spread the wealth around.

    2) Show me he IS connected to Robert Wurzelbacher. You know there are only about 50 people with my last name in this country, it’s very rare, yet I am not related to a single one of them. And don’t know them.

    3) Joe is not required to have a plumbers license if he is working with a master plumber, which he is.

    4) Why don’t YOU prove Joe abused his “past wives” using court documents. I’ll not hold my breath.

    You are the psycho bitch whining about jackboots, threatening to murder your own child should The One not win and you attack this INNOCENT man for daring to simply ask a fucking question???

    If brains were gasoline, you wouldn’t have enough to drive an ant’s Go-cart around the inside of a bottle cap. Why is it that the people with the smallest minds always have the biggest mouths?

    Now, why don’t you climb onto that Special Needs tricycle of yours with the fourth wheel attached for extra-ensured retard stability and pedal your fat ass down to the sports field and do some “outdoors” stuff for a change. Hell, if you don’t like it, you can always offer to lick-clean the jockstraps.

  35. kayinmaine said

    Just checking in to see if one of the trolls has provided many links disproving my claims as well as my readers. *scanning the comment thread* Nope! Nothing! Not one link….BUT LOTS OF INSULTS INSTEAD!

    Well, that explains it. As far as it rests right now, our claims are true and the right wingers can’t disprove them because the claims are true.

    Way to go liberals! You’re the honest ones once again. *slapping ya five* 😉

  36. clif said

    Kay at this stage in their LOSING campaign insults is all these MORONS got left,

    joe da plumber is doofus exhibit number 1

  37. clif said

    the idiot jenn askes questions instead of PROVING her facts are true with LINKS

    but with most reich wing hate mongers she thinks asking a question is stating a fact.

    they all do it that way.

  38. kayinmaine said

    *waving to Dummy Jenny*

    If Joe the Fake Plumber made EXACTLY $250,000, he would qualify for Barack Obama’s tax cuts/breaks. But if he made $250,001, he wouldn’t and would be taxed ferociously on that $1!

    Jenny, I provided a link in the post you didn’t read again that explained the connection. Your last name is unique? Let me guess….it’s SATAN? Yeah, that would be rare, but honestly Jenny Dummy, after the last 8 years of the Bush Regime, it’s not surprising there’s more than one now. Huh. Congratulations!

    So, the non-Master-plumber who is not licensed is going to buy a 2-man business? Why doesn’t the asshole start his own? Oh that’s right! As a right wing blowhard, he talks through his ass and hopes everyone is impressed with him!

    Did you know his current partner said the business was not up for sale?

    Here’s some links for you to waddle through about the abuse charges against King Joe of the Schmucks:


    I threatened to murder my own child? Provide a link please, Jenny the Jackboot Licker!

    Joe is innocent? He looks like most of the EXTREME RIGHT WINGERS IN OUR NATION (KKK, Arian Nation, Neo-Nazis, Nationalists, Alaskan Independence Party members)…

    http://www.nsm88.org/images/commander0017a.jpg (from this blog: http://naskaparty88.blogspot.com/) Nice guy. *rolling eyes*

    You’re putting down Sarah Palin’s child who has special needs? Wow! That didn’t take long!!! LMAO What’s wrong with special needs people? Huh? The Kennedy Family started the Special Olympics years ago! Oh wait! You hate the Kennedy family and anyone who does good for someone else! Nevermind. You’ll hate Trig Palin by Sunday!

    Oh, and one more thing…

    FUCK OFF! You’ve shit all over the back seat of the WNI Limo for crying out loud! *slamming breaks on* Now get the fuck out you FASCIST ANTI-AMERICAN PIG!

  39. clif said

    Kay, Joe can’t “buy” any construction based business that NEEDS licenses to run unless he or his employees hold the licensees that every state usually requires for contractors to work.

    He tried to be a loud mouth know it all, got his facts wrong and ended up being the victim of trying to one up Obama face to face, but mostly because McCain is so desperate at this point, that he seized upon this wife beater instead of checkin’ out his back ground, sorta like he did with the TWIT.

  40. kayinmaine said

    Clif, they have no links to prove their position. They never do.

    Here’s some fun links for Jenny to sort through (yes, they’re by DailyKos but these post contain actual links to REAL STUFF JENNY! Wow! Isn’t that cool, SATAN?):





    I’m sure Jenny is too lazy to research any of this and this is why the Jenny Jackboot Licking Satan’s are always saying, “But we don’t know anything about Barack Obama!”, even though he’s been running for 2 years, has had over 25 debates, and you can go directly to his website to see his thoughts on the issues!

    Yep, the American Taliban continues to go through life with their fingers in their ears and saying, “la lalalalala la la”.


  41. kayinmaine said

    Clif, I bet Joe the Fake Plumber wears a ‘wife beating t-shirt too’:

  42. clif said

    Kay hope they don’t watch this u tube video showing joe the plumber saying Barack is RIGHT and McInsane is WRONG.

    In other words the right wing wack job didn’t have his facts straight before running off at the mouth, and McInsane got his facts from joe the plumber I guess, so joe the plumber when he actually checked the facts had to correct him self, however we are still waiting for McInsane to do the same.

    I guess joe the plumber has more credibility at this time then even McInsane has because at least he could say Barack is RIGHT after all.

  43. clif said

    Kay, suzi-Q must thunk McInsane is gonna lose;

    McCain’s robocalls too sleazy for Sen. Collins (R) of Maine.

    from Talking points memo website.

    It must suck for a Bush boot licker to have to stab st Johnny in the back like this to save her own sorry ass.

  44. kayinmaine said

    Susan Collins of Maine will say ANYTHING RIGHT NOW TO GET ELECTED, Clif! If this wasn’t an election year, ole Suzie-Q would be saying, “Well, Americans have a right to feel the way they want to and they have a right to make a phone call. I have no problem with these robo calls. Ummmm, can someone call George Bush for me to tell him I’m feeling wildly erotic for him right now! Thanks Lance Dutson, my favorite computer guy!”.


  45. clif said

    She must be researching the right leaning polling site real clear politics where they predict,

    Obama/Biden 364

    McCain/Palin 174

    On November 4th, and she don’t want to be stuck with a LOSER like McCain/palin.

  46. kayinmaine said

    LOL Clif. Jenny researching? Bah hahahahahaha HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Good one, Clif! Actually, Jenny is right now playing the victim to the lefties and is drowning herself in alcohol and herpes cream (she had a major break out when I posted all those links for her above!). Poor thing. It must suck to be all tough-like all these years only to find out you’re the biggest wimp in the AmericaTalibanistan!

  47. clif said

    Well Kay, I’m gonna get some shut eye, hope the trolls worst night-mares come true on November 4th.

    You know the ones where we liberals really take over. (For a long, long time.)

  48. kayinmaine said

    Me too, Clif. Nite nite! Talk to you soon! 🙂

  49. JBrown said

    “JBrown, plagiarized his post at” – Grant in Texas…

    funny how I “plagiarized” work from MY OWN BLOG……and btw the second comment I “plagiarized” was from my wife…so next time there grant in Texas Might wanna check the name associated with the blog along with the email….how can I plagiarize my own work….actually you know what ask your VP candidate about his plagiarist past…..so another words just STFU since you have no clue wtf your talking about

  50. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    Forget your meds there JB? I hope you don’t take it out on the wife. I hear many insignificant republican husbands do that. So you plagiarized on your own blog…there is that better?

  51. kayinmaine said

    The troll has a blog and he’s named it ‘Politically Drunk’? Bah hahahahaha! Gawd, if that isn’t the truth I don’t know what is! The trolls have been drunk for the last 8 years and this is why they have no idea what the last 8 years actually means.

    Fascism did not work! Time for rehab, trolls!

  52. clif said


    just STFU since you have no clue wtf your talking about

    Take your own advice moron.

  53. It’s awesome to go to see this web site and reading the views of all mates regarding
    this paragraph, while I am also eager of getting experience.

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