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Does republican Rep. Michele Bachmann want liberals murdered and/or rounded up?

Posted by kayinmaine on October 17, 2008

Why is it okay for someone like Bachmann to spew her right wing rhetoric and strike fear in the tin can hearts of the republican base knowing it might make a few of them…..well, you know…..enter a church and start blowing a few liberals away?

Why was a Hitler-like fascist White House over the past 8 years okay with Michele (remember the CIA prison camps where Bush signed off on allowing the people to be tortured? Or how some of the prisoners down in GITMO died and Bushitler didn’t care?)??????????????????????????

And Bachmann (are you Jenn of the Bungler’s twin sister? It’s very confusing!)…..if you had been given the chance to listen to what Michelle Obama had actually said, you would have heard her say that she’s proud of America for the first time in her ADULT LIFE and she said that because Americans were coming out of their homes (mostly whites by the way! That was the case here in Maine in February 2008 when we held our Democratic Caucus!) to SUPPORT HER AWESOME HUSBAND! Of course she’s proud. We are too!


17 Responses to “Does republican Rep. Michele Bachmann want liberals murdered and/or rounded up?”

  1. kayinmaine said

    “Michelle Lies Like Hell” is up for reelection this year, so what better way to tell this American Taliban jackboot licker you can’t stand her domestic terrorism rhetoric to fuel the flames against the mulatto man (Barack’s mother is white! Oh the horrors!/snark), you can give money to her opponent, who is sane:


    Thank you!

  2. carol said

    This woman is a disgrace….the whole Republican party are totally out of line….what the hell is wrong with them all?
    They are hell bent on causing controversy and inciting people..I have never seen anything like it….how did these nuts ever get into office?????????
    I think the McCain campaign will go down as the MOST DESPICABLE campaign ever…..and how they can hold their heads up after this I do not know!!!

  3. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    Michelle Bachmann is a certified nutjob from my State and I wish her all of the worst! The bitch recently purchased a $1.3 million home. Isn’t that nice! The average American is struggling to keep their homes and this evil bitch goes out and buys a McMansion.

    Sadly she is my republican sisters idol. I told my sister the day after Bachmann man handled Bush after his State of the Union speech that I hoped Bachmann saves our country by giving Bush a blowjob and my sister totally freaked out, whining how dare I talk about her idol like that. Wahhhhhhhhhhhh!

  4. pacer521 said

    Yeah, great post! You should write a post on Palin in total — here’s my post.


  5. gage said

    It occurs to me that there has not been one single republicon woman whom I’ve listened to in the past ten years who didn’t strike me as being either on strong sedatives or hopped up on speed. Michelle, you have those glassy Laura Bush eyes. Have you been dipping in the thorazine again?

  6. Grant in Texas said

    “An ACORN community organizer received a death threat and the liberal activist group’s Boston and Seattle offices were vandalized Thursday, reflecting mounting tensions over its role in registering 1.3 million mostly poor and minority Americans to vote next month.

    “Republicans, including presidential candidate John McCain, have verbally attacked the group repeatedly in recent days, alleging a widespread vote-fraud scheme, although they’ve provided little proof. It was disclosed Thursday that the FBI is examining whether thousands of fraudulent voter-registration applications submitted by some ACORN workers were part of a systematic effort or isolated incidents.


    McCain and Palin are terrorists, and should be arrested and prosecuted for inciting violence. This is the dirtiest, slimiest, most absolutely hate-filled campaign I have ever witnessed and I have been politically active all of my life beginning with being a Goldwater volunteer at the Republican National Convention in 1960. This goes beyond the Swift-boating of Kerry and even the robocall attacks on McCain himself in 2000. Someone has to put a stop to this before people are killed.

  7. Grant in Texas said

    Fixed link to above:


  8. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    I agree Grant. What the GOP and the McCain/Palin campaign is disgusting. If you can’t win on your own merits tear apart the whole country with lies, hate, fear, violence and racism.

    As I said not too long ago. The republican party has been taken over by Satan and a bunch of counterfeit christians. What else could explain such despicable acts by the so called faith based party of God?

  9. kayinmaine said

    After Bachmann’s comments on Hardball, her opponnent, Elwyn Tinklenberg, started raking in $200/minute and last I heard he had received over $30,000! Nice.


    This is how we hit these assholes….by giving money to their opponent and to NOT VOTE FOR ASSHOLE!

  10. kayinmaine said

    Actually, Tinklenberg’s donations were up to over $100,000 since last night! Wowzer. Kick that bitch out!

  11. kayinmaine said

    Elwyn Tinkelberg has issued a ‘thank you’ to the Kossacks:


    He’s feeling the American love from all of us!

    Isn’t it interesting that it’s the liberals right now who are standing up for America by telling Michelle Bachmann that we don’t like her evil anti-American tone, which is her saying anyone who doesn’t agree with her politically should be investigated? I guess Michelle doesn’t realize that her politics reflects the last 8 years of the Bush Regime was was and is HITLER-LIKE FASCISM! That’s right. Even Hitler would have done and said the same thing as Michelle did last night, but she’s too stupid to realize it.

    Check out this video in the comment section of Tinklenberg:


    Even the cows are scared of Michelle’s picture! Hysterical! 😆 😆 😆

  12. Palin is a Whore and Bachmann is Her Twin Sister! said

    Kay, this woman — this THING! — brings so much shame to my home state of MN it’s embarassing. She’s just as bad as that Gayle Quinnel from trailer trash Shakopee.

    Michele Bitchmann is about as stupid — maybe even more stupid — as her twin sister, Sarah Palin. Women like this give women like Hillary Clinton a bad name!

    I am very afraid of Fundamentalists like Michele Bachmann. They will not be happy until Barack Obama is hung up my a noose, beat in the streets and assassinated. They should be ashamed of themselves, but they aren’t because they claim God’s on “their” side. I WANT THESE PEOPLE TO CRAWL BACK INTO THE HOLE THEY CAME FROM AND GO AWAY!!!!

    Anway, here’s a blog you might enjoy. It’s all about Bitch #2.

    dumpbachmann at blogspot dot com

  13. kayinmaine said

    Well, PIAWABIHTS (LOL!!!), Satanic Michelle’s opponent has gotten over $125,000 in donations since last night because of her rant, so in reality, this is a good thing.

    Notice how Chris Matthew’s didn’t interrupt her last night? Well, that’s because he wanted the world to see HOW THE NEOCONS OF THE LAST 8 YEARS REALLY THINK!

    Gawd would never approve of Michelle or those like her and this is why the neocons are always ranting that gawd is on their side, because they know it isn’t true!

  14. RP said

    This woman has got to be the most ignorant individual I have ever heard. She has basically committed career suicide with these outlandish comments. Maybe her and Palin can go pal around with each other after they both lose their positions in the upcoming election. Or perhaps after they are unemployed Joe the Plumber can give them a job…dumb idiots.

  15. gage said

    I have always voted Democratic, but where I come from that doesn’t mean a lot since most of the Dem candidates from here are moderate to right-leaning. I vote Democratic, but it wasn’t until the bush administration and Iraq that I became decidedly leftwing. One of my fondest things to do is to tell the hard rightwingers every opportunity I get just how I became a liberal. Them. Their arrogance, their proud ignorance, and their pettiness. They pushed me to the left. Now, Michelle Bachmann and a whole shitload of people like her are about to see just how many other people they’ve pushed away. Up the Revolution!

  16. Grant in Texas said

    I just talked with my multi-millionaire Republican brother on the phone yesterday afternoon and he is early voting for Obama, even if his taxes go up! He was wavering and said IF McCain had selected Romney (he has several Mormon friends and isn’t afraid of them!) he might have voted for John, in whom he is most disappointed, but he said his selection of Palin did it for him, bringing him to the Democratic Party. (I have been trying to get my strong Republican family “to see the light” since 1965!) Same for my 76 year old sister, also widowed by a Republican millionaire insurance executive (who was a two term state legislator), who has voted straight Republican since Eisenhower.

    I am sure many Republicans won’t tell you they are voting for Obama, seeing as how Kathleen Parker and Christopher Buckley are being savaged now for supporting him now, but in the privacy of the voting booth, I think many “thinking” Republicans will rise up against the neocon fundies and vote Obama.

  17. Grant in Texas said

    Response to Gage blocked by Askimet….

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