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McCain campaign paid $176,000 to Lincoln Strategies to REGISTER VOTERS

Posted by kayinmaine on October 21, 2008

“We paid what to who???? Good gawd.”, said Cindy & John McCain in unison as they stared blankly at the camera… (picture)

And guess what? The GOP operative for Lincoln Strategies that the McCain paid this money to is under investigation FOR VOTER REGISTRATION FRAUD! Well, of course he is, because really, is there anyone connected to John McCain’s campaign that is a lawful American citizen? Doesn’t appears so. Hell, even his VP pick, Sarah Palin, is now being investigated for charging the state of Alaska for her children to travel with her. The previous Governor of Alaska NEVER did that. Apparently, staying at the Ritz Carleton is a cheap alternative. GOOD THING SARAH SOLD THE GOVERNOR’S PLANE! Wow, that saved a lot of money for Alaskans. *rolling eyes*

15 Responses to “McCain campaign paid $176,000 to Lincoln Strategies to REGISTER VOTERS”

  1. JFH said

    Yep, this is certainly worse than the Obama campaign that paid FIVE TIMES THIS AMOUNT for GOTV money to ACORN…

  2. clif said

    JFH can you say;

    President Barack Hussein Obama, cause you will be hearing it a lot son.

  3. Gage said

    Early voter intimidation in North Carolina.

    The mcShame campaign is emailing the locations of polling places where voters are most likely to be supporting Obama in North Carolina and encouraging their folks to go out to the polls and try to intimidate early voters. So weird, because here in Louisiana, you can’t even wear a political button and stand across the street from a polling place let alone wave signs and holler at folks going to vote.

    Yep, the North Carolina republicunts are taking it down another notch. This is so reminiscent of my youth in Mississippi in the early 1960’s where blacks were intimidated (and often murdered) for trying to register to vote. All that’s missing are the lynching but they’re probably on the way. Here’s an article about it with video links. I found this at Jon Taplins blog:


  4. clif said

    Gage the “real Americans” of 2008 will go down like the “real Americans” of 1865 did in that state.

    Fighting for the wrong cause ….. and losing at it.

  5. Grant in Texas said

    Here in Texas, black voters have been called or sent mail saying that to have their vote for Obama be counted, they have to mark BOTH the “Vote Straight Ticket” box AND the Barack Obama/Joe Biden box. However, if they do that, the vote is negated, thrown out!

  6. Gage said

    Yep, Grant, they’re doing things like that here in Louisiana also. Mailers warning people that if they have any outstanding tickets and try to vote, they’ll get arrested at the polls. I hate republicunts. And they claim to love democracy. If we have another “selection” this time because of their shenanigans and riots break out in every city in this country, do you think they’ll give a shit? Hell no. They’re animals.

  7. grantinhouston said

    It looks like the Palins have been ripping off Alaska. Thanks to the vetting they have now received from the “lower 48” I wonder if she can be re-elected governor of Alaska.


  8. Grant in Texas said

    Please help this TAX-POOR ‘murican….

    Some reich-wing “talk-radio hosts” are raising money for Samuel “Joe” Wurzelbacher (aka: Joe the Plumber) to pay his back taxes of $1200.00 plus $500 more for a plumbers license. They have raised $1820.00 now for “poor” Joe so they are over their goal:


  9. kayinmaine said

    Grant & Gage, I hope the media down South is explaining the ballots & the process to the people down there! Jees. Gage, up here in Maine we also cannot yell who we’re voting for or wear anything indicating who either.

    LOL Only $1820.00 has been raised for Joe the Plumber? Huh. I thought Joe the Plumber was a reflection of themselves? Bah hahahahahahaha! Hysterical.

    Reported this morning on MSNBC:

    SARAH PALIN HAS SPENT $150,000 ON CLOTHES & MAKEUP and even spent $75,000 in Minnesota (the price of a house) last time she was there. And she’s supposed to be ‘one of us’? Bah hahahahahahahaha? What a lie that one is. John McCain is worth over $100,000,000 and he wants us to think he’s ‘one of us’ too. *shaking head* Shameful pieces of crap the reich wingers are.

  10. molly said

    In NC…if you vote straight dem. ticket…there won’t be a vote for president. Uncounted. That is the state I am from . lots of racism from the whites and quite a bit fromt the blacks in Durham..my home town.

  11. kayinmaine said

    Molly, are you serious? That should be illegal!!! Of course, in a racist state here in America, I suppose it would be considered “illegal” to vote a straight Dem ticket.

    Poor republic Party. They tell us we have freedoms, BUT YET, THEY CONTINUE TO TAKE THEM AWAY! I hate them with every ounce of my being. Sick of their bullshit.

  12. Anthglhx said

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