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Al-Qaida backs John McCain for the presidency

Posted by kayinmaine on October 22, 2008

Al-Qaida annouced today that John McCain is supported for the presidency by this group.

And so did the KKK. Apparently, THIS IS THE VIDEO. Anyone think this might be just another CIA created video to fool the masses? Or is it very possible, John McCain, who/is was part of the Project for the New American Century, really is the guy The Base of the Bush Family & Friends, Inc. and the KKK want? You decide.

And then there was that GOP Congressman who was helping al-Qaida/da terrorists….

I’m sorry, but this whole thing is laugh-out-loud funny, because it seems to me al-Qaida is really just The Base and the voice of the Bush Regime/Family/Friends to tell Americans what it is that they want. In other words, they’re duping us again. And they’ve created a website. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, how cute.

First off, doesn’t it seem a little weird to you that these al-Qaida sites are password protected? You’d think al-Qaida would want the whole world to read what they’re saying, because according to George Bush, al-Qaida wants Muslims to take over the world, so wouldn’t it make sense to not having a password protected site? Seems a little…..shall I say….strange & weird? I mean, really, if George Bush wants the world to know something, he doesn’t go down in the basement of the White House and into a closet to scream it, now does he? Having a password protected site means only those who have been invited to participate and who have been given the password can enter the site to participate in it.

Oh boy.

And isn’t it weird that most of the al-Qaida sites have been shut down since 9/11, but the one that remains online and active is a site called, ‘al-Hesbah’, which “might” be run/overseen by the Saudi government to get jihadists by fooling them into thinking it’s a real site, when really it’s not? You know, as John Kerry would say, “holding the carrot in front of the rabbit” (or something like that LOL).

I thought it was hysterical to read in the following paragraphs that al-Qaida has a ‘slick media production arm’ and they have ‘members only’ forums too (emphasis mine):

Yet suspicions of a deliberate disruption campaign have been fuelled by the fact that a fourth website, al-Hesbah, continues to operate unimpeded, with several experts suggesting it may be being used by Saudi intelligence to monitor and entrap jihadi militants.

But the episode remains shrouded in mystery. All four sites posted material produced by as-Sahhab, al-Qaida’s slick media production arm – mostly video clips of “martyrdom operations” in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere – as well as statements by Osama bin Laden and his Egyptian deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Access to the sites is typically password-protected and they have different levels of entry: the most public are statements issued by al-Qaida-linked groups as far afield as Uzbekistan and Algeria. There are also member-only forums where participants use pseudonyms.

All are monitored by academics who study jihadi groups and presumably by Arab and western intelligence agencies.

What if this site was really run by our CIA and this is where all those CIA-created audios of Osama bin Laden talking with an old picture of him on the screen? Hey, could be. Seems more likely. I doubt the Saudi royals give two shits about the jihadists, because really….15 of the 19 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia and the Saudis would be fine if America was blown to smithereens!


Did you know ‘al-Hesbah’ (there’s something weird about that name? What does it sound like?) is an ‘.org’? LOL Yep! They’re an .org (I wouldn’t click on it just incase Big Brother Al-Qaida Bush is watching), which means, they can write off this site on their taxes. 😆  And isn’t it “strange” that ABC News advertises on it’s front page? I’m thinking back to their docudrama called, The Path to 9/11, that basically blamed Bill Clinton for 9/11. Yep, after working 9 months on the job, George Bush was not at fault for 9/11 at all. *rolling eyes* (I think MSNBC & CNN were thrown on this site to make it look good…notice how Fox News is not listed…seems like a right wing thing to do to leave out Fox, now doesn’t it? Yep.)

As usual, something doesn’t seem right about al-Qaida. Seems to me like it spends it’s days helping out the American Taliban (the republic party here in America), doesn’t it to you?

9 Responses to “Al-Qaida backs John McCain for the presidency”

  1. kayinmaine said

    Just found this article online about the Carlyle Group’s, Carlyle Capital, went belly up in March of 2008:


    Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac made dealings with this group.

  2. clif said

    In the end the surge failed, because they dragged out the time line, but never got what they went after in the first place.

    george w bush, the absolute worst president ever.


  3. clif said

    Kay, I don’t want to alarm you but you seem to be time traveling;

    kayinmaine Says:
    January 1, 1970 at 12:00 am

    You gotta tell me how you do it.

  4. RP said

    Yeah I have had it up to here (and that is pretty damn high) with all of this Al-Qaida this, Al-Qaida that bullshit. I find it amazing that they toss those words around (which as you point out clearly means the database) and expect people to shiver in fear. They should go ahead and change the domain they have from .org to .gov since it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that is who these assholes really are.

  5. kayinmaine said

    Clif, that is weird. It’s probably those right wing trolls who love my opinion so much, you know, hacking into my blog, threatening to kill me, or putting up my private info on the Internet in the hopes one of their BIGOTS kills me for not worshiping the GOP/George Bush as much as they do. Now they just want me to go back to 1970! 😆

  6. molly said

    Al Quaida/CIA …….Saw a documentary on LINK TV…mosque had just been blown up in Iraq…locals were asking what kind of uniforms the Americans were wearing.They know who is doing the terroism…CIA/Al Quaida/republicans. Now they are telling their terroists to protest early likely Obama voters.

  7. kayinmaine said

    I’m sure the Iraqis are hoping for an Obama win here in America, because as of right now, John McCain, Susan Collins, and the Bush Family & Friends, Inc. all want to stay in Iraq forever so they can continue the warprofiteering! See? The Iraqis are sick of us being there killing their families to keep an illegal occupation going.

  8. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    I see Iraqi citizens still want us out of their country and protested over a week ago over the agreement being worked out by our government and their puppet government to keep our troops in Iraq. Of course our *liberal* media didn’t do much coverage of the protest. Hmmm why would we stay in a country when the people obviously don’t want us there anymore?

  9. Grant in Texas said

    But, but, but….Iraq hasn’t signed any oil lease agreements with any U.S. oil company as yet!! WE CAN’T LEAVE! The only oil deal the “democratically elected” Iraqi government has made so far has been with the Chinese.

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