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Joe the Plumber’s right wing family was on welfare a couple times?

Posted by kayinmaine on October 22, 2008


But I thought all right wingers of America come out of the womb working a full time, very good paying job right off the bat and end up millionaires by the time they’re 30? And isn’t it the right wingers of America who are always saying it’s the liberals who are sucking the life out of welfare & are the ones having all the abortions? Well, they’re wrong as usual! It’s the children of poor/middle class right wingers of this country who are mainly on welfare and who are most likely to be at the clinic in their area getting an abortion any day of the week. Why? Because they’re raised with the idea you blame the liberals for everything, but don’t tell anyone you’re blaming the liberals for everything you’re doing! Yep, they’re the Masters of Finger Pointing.


Hypocrites. Pure and simple. No further explanation needed. Go back to what you were doing. Tell a neocon you think they’re a hypocritical dingbat.

Hey, nothing wrong with welfare. It’s helped a lot of children and families for years and it is needed, but what is so funny about Joe the Plumber saying his family was on welfare at least twice, is he’s the one who is going after Barack Obama for his policies, when really, Barack’s policies will help him a lot! John McCain’s policies, however, will help the uber wealthy, but Joe the Plumber is too dumb to realize this and that’s because he was raised in a way to blame the liberal first.


14 Responses to “Joe the Plumber’s right wing family was on welfare a couple times?”

  1. kayinmaine said

    Speaking of dumbasses such as Joe the Plumber, check out the misspellings in this banner by a typical uneducated right winger:


    Bah hahahahahahah! The Dumbing Down of America begins with the republic Party! 😆

  2. kayinmaine said

    No different than “Get a Brian, Moran”. 😆 ROTFLMFAO!

  3. Grant in Texas said

    I went to my high school 50th class reunion this past summer and we all exchanged email addresses. Well, just got this Obama hate email from a classmate, Dick Butt (actual name!) who now lives in Shreveport, Louisiana and is a Southern Baptist. He even sent it to the half of the class who are Democrats. The Republicans must be running scared and getting desperate. This guy wasn’t close to me in high school and this action doesn’t endear him to me now.


    If you put the first line of this email in Google, you will get umpteen reich-wing websites that are copying over this pack of lies.

  4. Grant in Texas said

    Posting blocked. Got a new Gravatar, “Mr. Natural” whistling a song. I lost my hair by age 30 and bought a hairpiece but after six months chucked it as it was too much of a hassle and it didn’t look natural. My “smoking” friends started calling me Mr. Natural after the “keep on truckin'” guy from Zap Comics.

  5. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    Remember this comment. I predict after Barack Obama becomes our 44th President the radicals on the reich, the counterfeit Christians, the KKK republicans and the gun toting, backwoods pig f**king Rednecks of the South will make the Weatherman look like angels.

  6. JFH said

    I don’t know anyone who’s against TEMPORARY welfare… Heck, we all pay into unemployment insurance, so if you lose your job, it’s no different than drawing Social Security if you’re disabled (that plus worker’s comp).

    What Clinton signed was the end of ENDLESS welfare.

  7. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    Jihadists For McCain

    The message, posted Monday on the password-protected al-Hesbah Web site, said if al-Qaida wants to exhaust the United States militarily and economically, “impetuous” Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain is the better choice because he is more likely to continue the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    “This requires presence of an impetuous American leader such as McCain, who pledged to continue the war till the last American soldier,” the message said. “Then, al-Qaida will have to support McCain in the coming elections so that he continues the failing march of his predecessor, Bush.”


  8. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    Hmmm JFH why do I get the feeling that if Joe The Plant…Oops Joe The Plumber were the centerpiece of Obama’s campaign and it was learned that his family received welfare you wouldn’t have expressed such a comment about welfare as you did? You republicans are so empty, so soulless, so predictable and so Anti-American…how does it feel?

  9. Grant in Texas said

    The Republicans have really become the Party of HATE. No wonder my Republican family has finally come around to leave it. This is NOT the Republican Party I grew up in from the 1930’s to 1960. Here is a video of a McCain rally a few days ago in Virginia where Republican Muslims were treated worse than dirt. Even in 2000, Muslim-Americans were majorly Republicans with Bush getting 60% of the Arab vote in Dearborn, Michigan. At this rally, the haters had both the crescent and star and the Soviet hammer and sickle worked into this anti-Obama bumper sticker.


  10. JFH said

    Hmmm JFH why do I get the feeling that if Joe The Plant…Oops Joe The Plumber were the centerpiece of Obama’s campaign and it was learned that his family received welfare you wouldn’t have expressed such a comment about welfare as you did?

    Because, you, like Kay, are so shallow as to make broad, irrational assumptions on a significant percentage of the American public. Not only do I support short term welfare, but I my church and I support soup kitchens and the homeless for longer term situations.

    BTW, you realize “Joe the Plant” was approached by Obama not the other way around. That’s some pretty sophisticated “plant” strategy that the McCain campaign has. If so, I got to vote for THOSE guys!

  11. RP said

    WTF!!!! This Joe the Jerk is an idiot! This dipshit has thrust himself into a shitbed with these assholes and now the slimy dirt about ole Joe finally comes out. It was also reported today this dumbass has been driving around on a suspended driver’s license for failure to pay over $700 in traffic fines. This is in addition to the over $1200 in back taxes he owes. What a typical law-biding right winger.

  12. kayinmaine said

    Grant, I think you’re handsome! Your man is very lucky. 😉

    Uncle, I think you’re right. All their hemming and hollering about Bill Ayers was so hysterical, because these hate-crime-criminals will be out to get EVERYBODY who doesn’t think like them in their warped little minds. They’ll have Michele Bachmann as their brainwashed leader too! Maybe even Sarah since she’ll be out of a Governor’s job too.

    JFH, have you read the comments of your right wing commrades over the years online? THEY ARE MAKING THESE BROAD STATEMENTS ABOUT LIBERALS BY SAYING WE ARE THE ONES ON WELFARE & ARE THE ONLY ONES HAVING ABORTIONS. My post is point out the hypocrisy of your party once again.

    SIDEBAR NOTE: If you aren’t able to read between the lines, JFH, then maybe hanging on liberal blogs is too much for ya to handle? You have to have a certain IQ to figure out what I mean. See? Neocons are prone to not being able to see the larger picture or the actual message without being told what it is. Okay?

    RP, everything ‘sold’ to the American people by Joe the Plumber has been found to be false. No wonder Johnny McTeleprompter is running with Joe’s story anyways, because his whole campaign has been one big lie from start to finish. 😆

  13. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    JFH Says:
    October 22, 2008 at 3:52 pm
    BTW, you realize “Joe the Plant” was approached by Obama not the other way around. That’s some pretty sophisticated “plant” strategy that the McCain campaign has. If so, I got to vote for THOSE guys!
    Nice try moron. Joe The Unlicensed Plumber weaved his way thru a crowd and than shouted out a question at Barack Obama who than approached him to politely answer his question. Joe The Plumber had already been news with Rush Limpballs a week or so earlier. Once again just like your pathetic party you try to recreate reality.

  14. Interessanter Post. Ich lese jetzt weiter hier auf der Seite.

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