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Glenn Beck is okay with militias in America but is scared of Bill Ayers

Posted by kayinmaine on October 23, 2008

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This morning on the way to work my ears were bleeding as I listened to the Glenn Beck radio program. He was talking about the Fairness Doctrine and how awful it would be to have liberals on every program to counterbalance his asinine bullshit. Poor thing. Anyways, he went on and on and on about how the Fairness Doctrine was not really fair and he started on this diatribe of fear by basically saying that the liberals were gonna take over the airwaves, our rights as U.S. citizens, and the universe if Barack Obama gets in. Oh the fear was raging this morning!

Then it happened.

A listener called in and asked Glenn Beck point blank if it’s time to start militias in this country to defend our rights as U.S. citizens, because…well…he was getting scared of all the Fairness Doctrine talk. Glenn wasn’t taken aback by this concept of militias, as much as he was of the caller who was giving A REASON for the liberals to go after shows like Beck’s in the future, because it’s that kind of talk (the talk of rising up militarily against the US government by US citizens) that would get Beck’s program and others pulled off the air.

Glenn decided to talk about militias and then talked about how scary it would be if our guns were taken away from us and how the liberals will actively work to do this (what a joke….we just want some regulation, morons! Spit). Oh yes…Glenn sat there in front of his microphone today just spewing the right wing forked tongue bullshit to get his listeners so scared that they all started calling each other to form a militia right then and there!

Militias are good. Ayers is bad, apparently…

Oh, but Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, John McCain, and other neocons have spouted for weeks now about how dangerous Bill Ayers is! Yeah, you know, the Bill Ayers who with others blew up the same statute twice, who tried to blow up the Pentagon (sorry Glenn, but the Pentagon is a small city unto itself…not gonna happen…even a missile on 9/11 couldn’t take the whole thing down!), the Congress (again, kind of laughable compared to a militia), and the only THREE PEOPLE WHO DIED AS A RESULT OF BILL AYERS’ BOMBS…..WERE 3 MEMBERS OF THE WEATHERMEN!

Okay, let me see if I have this straight…the neocons are deathly afraid of Bill Ayers (even today after 40 years), but have no problem casually talking about forming American citizen militias to rise up against the American government within our country’s borders and to also start killing American citizens who are of the opposite political ideology as yourself?

Wow. And to think Bill Ayers was the son of a wealthy industrialist who was pissed off at our pompous government during the Vietnam war, because our government was killing people in a foreign land and not listening to the American people who wanted this crazy occupation and the killings to stop!

The right wing of America has gone batshit crazy! They don’t know this yet…..but even their shit smells too! Holy cow. Can you say…..STUPID MORONIC VIOLENT ANTI-AMERICAN HYPOCRITES?

Glenn Beck can incite violence or form militias to overthrow our government, because he has a national radio program to do it. He reaches more people than Bill Ayers did, who didn’t have a radio program or a television program. Nope. Ayers just had some friends who felt the same way he did.


The next time you hear or read one of the wingnut neocons spouting off about Bill Ayers and how scary he was and is, remember this post. The right wingers want you to be afraid OF THE WRONG PEOPLE. It’s the neocons Americans should be afraid of. Get it?

The End.

And we remember how David Koresh (the Neocon Savior) of the Branch Davidians had his own religious militia…


18 Responses to “Glenn Beck is okay with militias in America but is scared of Bill Ayers”

  1. clif said

    Kay did you hear, Glenn is off Headline news and is cuttin’ and runnin’ to faux noise where his sorry ass belonged all along.

    CNN knows who is gonna win and doesn’t want that hack now that the criminal GOPers are gonna be totally outa power.

    It seems Chris From Maine didn’t fight the good fight in vain after all.

  2. kayinmaine said

    Yes, I heard Clif! Let’s hope Fixed News also kicks his ass off. After having 8 hemorrhoids removed from his ass, it’s time to remove the biggest one! LOL

  3. kayinmaine said

    Exactly. Chris did good. I think he made Glenn cry a couple of times on his radio program. One day I was taking a break at work and had Beck on. I had a feeling Beck was going to talk about Chris’ blog because of the way he was talking about a ‘pain in the ass blogger’. LOL So, I ran to a phone and called Chris to let him know..and sure enough…Beck mentioned “My Two Sense” on the air! It was so hysterical.

    Uh ooooooooooooooooooooooh, even the Goldwaters are supporting Barack Obama! Bah hahahahaha!


  4. clif said

    Kay, I hope the fake news corps keeps all those losers, because with more and more Americans rejection their type of slime, their ratings can only go one way,

    DOWN just like Bill O’s have done.

  5. clif said

    Chris should do one last post.

    All it needs to say is;


  6. kayinmaine said

    Yep, Bill O’s ratings are way down and KO pointed out the other night that Billo got a $40 million contract and his show is down 20%! LOL What a waste of money that was, Fixed News!

    Guys like Beck, Ass Limbo, Neal Bortz, and other extreme wingers on the radio will turn their shows into racist/KKK meetings and will cause their own demise. Of course, who will they blame after they rant for days calling Barack a n****r? Oh that’s right! The liberals! Gawd I hate them all. Spit.

  7. kayinmaine said

    LOL Clif. Yes! GOOD RIDDANCE ASSHOLE! Perfect.

    KO is on. Love, love, love him! Then it’s Rachel Maddow up at 9pm. Can’t wait. 😉

  8. mah29001 said

    David Koresh, late leader of the Branch Davidians a “neo-Conservative”? Last time I checked, he was ironically defended by Marxist radical Ramsey Clark a notable spokesman of the Workers’ World Party.

  9. Chris from Maine said

    Beck is finally off TV thank god. He stabbed CNN in the back and was working with Fox on a deal the whole time, so they yanked him the day after the deal was announced. He will be on Fixed News next spring unfortunately, but thats a good place for him.. an asshole surrounded by even bigger assholes.

    And Beck has no problem with militias, as long as they listen to his show and salute the right wing flag and hate “liberals”. Trust me.. he loves right wing militias.

    As for terrorists, Beck and his allies love republican terrorists (Bush, Cheney, Nixon, Reagan, abortion clinic bombers, bin Laden).

  10. Chris from Maine said

    Oh, and I know I got under Beck’s skin.. it wasnt exactly hard to do. He hated me, and I hated him.

    In the end, he will get lost in the Fox News universe, and I will have won.

    Mission Accomplished.

  11. clif said

    Congratulations Chris, job well done.

  12. Grant in Texas said

    I guess our TROLL doesn’t know that Marxists advocate atheism and David Koresh ran a RELIGIOUS cult where everything was SHARED with him, including young girls. He thought he was Jesus and didn’t fear death as the was sure he would arise again on the third day.

    Funny how trolls don’t know the difference between communism and fascism, that they are 180 degrees apart. Then some of them are home-schooled.

  13. RP said

    Wow…what a lineup Fixed is putting together – some of the most illiterate and demoralizing idiots money can buy. Fixed Noise is really going for the gusto with this one.

  14. Grant in Texas said

    Faux News is also hiring EX-New York Times “journalist” Judith Miller, too.


  15. Grant in Texas said

    Congratulations Chris. Now see what you can do to get rid of Lou Dobbs too! Maybe I can return to CNN some day.

  16. kayinmaine said

    Hi Chris! *waving* Poor Glenn Beck. Chris was mean to him. LOL Now CNN hates his guts so he has to go to Fixed News now to hang with the right wing crazy base he’s always represented. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, Glenn is a neocon troll now. We knew the time would come where he would be put back in his place. 😆

  17. kayinmaine said

    LOL The reich wing troll on this thread is trying to convince us that David Koresh was a lefty? Bah hahahahahahahaha! Oh gawd, that’s too funny!!!! Yeah, yeah, all liberals are extremely religious, think gawd is talking to them, and form a religious militia for when the rapture/Armageddon happens. Are you effing serious? Wow! You neocon trolls have lost your mind, as usual.

  18. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    Well at least now if we want to listen to hate and lies on cable TV most of the delusional bobbleheads are all on one channel. Now if only Joe Scarborough, Pat Buchannan and Lou Dobbs would move over to FUX?

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