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Shocker! Ashley the McCain/Palin supporter is a big fat liar!

Posted by kayinmaine on October 24, 2008


We knew it would happen. Every time a right winger of America tries to paint a liberal out to be something they’re not or concocts a story to “prove’ that liberals are the hate mongers of our society, it backfires on the neocons! And yelling ‘fire!’ in a building that is not on fire just causes drama that could get someone hurt for crying out loud. This is the kind of crap we learned in grade school, meaning, we learn early on to not call wolf….ahhhhhh….but if you’re a neocon such as Ashley The Liar, then you resort back to grade school and make shit up, so you can get yourself some attention! Spit.

Can you imagine if she had picked a black man out of a line-up if the police had actually believed her story? Another innocent black man sent to jail (or beaten or killed) because a white woman such as Ashley (and Sarah Palin), yelled, “That black man raped me!” in a crowd of white racist men…..all because she wanted to feel important and because she wanted to help John McCain & Sarah Palin who don’t give two shits about her!

Good gawd. How low will the right wingers go over the course of the next week and the next 4 years when Barack Obama deservedly gets in the White House? I don’t even want to think about it. America’s streets will be unrecognizable because of the neck drooling knuckle dragging neocons and the blame will be placed solely on their shoulders too. Immature assholes!


If for some reason Ashley is mentally disturbed and did do this for attention, then she needs to get herself some help! I don’t care if she has to get Medicaid to get the help she needs either. Anyone who would create the fake plot as she did including engraving a “B” on her face is in serious need of psychiatric attention. This situation is a good case for why community organizers are important! She needs someone to take her under their wing to guide her back in the right direction. Currently, she’s going down the wrong road.

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