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Shocker! Ashley the McCain/Palin supporter is a big fat liar!

Posted by kayinmaine on October 24, 2008


We knew it would happen. Every time a right winger of America tries to paint a liberal out to be something they’re not or concocts a story to “prove’ that liberals are the hate mongers of our society, it backfires on the neocons! And yelling ‘fire!’ in a building that is not on fire just causes drama that could get someone hurt for crying out loud. This is the kind of crap we learned in grade school, meaning, we learn early on to not call wolf….ahhhhhh….but if you’re a neocon such as Ashley The Liar, then you resort back to grade school and make shit up, so you can get yourself some attention! Spit.

Can you imagine if she had picked a black man out of a line-up if the police had actually believed her story? Another innocent black man sent to jail (or beaten or killed) because a white woman such as Ashley (and Sarah Palin), yelled, “That black man raped me!” in a crowd of white racist men…..all because she wanted to feel important and because she wanted to help John McCain & Sarah Palin who don’t give two shits about her!

Good gawd. How low will the right wingers go over the course of the next week and the next 4 years when Barack Obama deservedly gets in the White House? I don’t even want to think about it. America’s streets will be unrecognizable because of the neck drooling knuckle dragging neocons and the blame will be placed solely on their shoulders too. Immature assholes!


If for some reason Ashley is mentally disturbed and did do this for attention, then she needs to get herself some help! I don’t care if she has to get Medicaid to get the help she needs either. Anyone who would create the fake plot as she did including engraving a “B” on her face is in serious need of psychiatric attention. This situation is a good case for why community organizers are important! She needs someone to take her under their wing to guide her back in the right direction. Currently, she’s going down the wrong road.

29 Responses to “Shocker! Ashley the McCain/Palin supporter is a big fat liar!”

  1. WCBaboon said

    Ok let’s keep a list of the X-files [GOP Style]:

    [not chronological]

    Black Bear [ Shot Dead and left on public area of campus, obama signs left on top of the carcass]
    B-Girl – Self deployed A/B and Sybil like tendencies [I have complete and a [developing] sensitivity to mental disease]
    Numerous Democratic Party offices have had various attacks of vandalism, thefts, etc.
    Actress who played a “composite” right wing character in Oliver Stone’s “W” was reportedly assaulted / viciously attacked
    Idiocratic Hate Rallies sponsored by the McCain / Palin ticket

    Anyone care to add to the list?

    Hey, keep it coming WNI and I get my RSS feed everyday! I live to see a new post and for some cheap humor. Keep up the radical work. 11 days and a wake up my fellow blue bloods, hang in there!

    But remember nothing is in the can.


  2. kayinmaine said

    Cheap humor! We love that here! LOL Thanks WCBaboon. Just doing my part in this vicious election year. 😉

    More to add:

    Yelling “Kill him!” in the audience when Barack’s name is said!
    Yelling “Traitor” when Barack’s name is said because hanging is the result of treason!
    Hanging an effigy of Barack from a tree “for Halloween”! Spit.

    A search of the Internet should turn up more. 😉

  3. clif said

    Kay she is not the only reichwinger to lie like this;

    Justin Zatkoff, lied like she did,

    So did, Francisco Nava,.

    Of course don’t forget when the college repubies attack each other;

    Like Glenn Murphy Jr, the disgraced national president of the young republicans, or Michael Flory who actually attacked a young woman and plead guilty for raping her.

    But you will never heard the McCain campaign or drudge shouting about those TRUE stories or sarah palin calling their victims will you?

    BTW just who told McCain and st sarah to call her before they even verified her lies?

    We know who spread the lies both inside PA and to drudge;

    Peter Feldman, McCain’s Pennsylvania campaign communications director, who was pushing this lie as fast as he could instead of verifying it first, sorta like how Mccain picked palin.

  4. kayinmaine said

    Not only that, but the right wingers refuse to take the blame (and just make up stories to prove their case) for:

    The Iraq occupation
    Spying on Americans in February 2001
    Torturing prisoners
    Killing prisoners
    Raping Halliburton employees by Halliburton employees

    Oh the list goes on and on!

  5. kayinmaine said

    And Clif, the fact Johnny & Sarah Pee decided to not investigate Ashley’s claim before calling her is exactly how these two assholes will be in the White House. We’ve seen it for 8 years now: SHOOT FIRST ASK QUESTIONS LATER.

    Stupid, moronic, and dangerous Johnny & Sarah are! They’ve got good company too: George Bush & Dick Cheney to name just two members of their Hate & Lying Society.

  6. kayinmaine said

    I just got this poll in one of my Google Alerts:


    I still think the actual poll numbers are: 68% Barack, 24% Johnny.

  7. clif said

    Hey Kay, do you think st sarah will ask ashley todd to help with her loser campaign in 2012?

    After all they are now both lyin’ reich wing phone buddies.


  8. clif said

    Kay this map about says it all;

    Shows how much support Obama really has, and how far the reich wing has had to retreat the last four years.

  9. kayinmaine said

    Clif, at this point I’m thinking Sarah is going to fix her son up with Ashley! Satan loves a brood of hate. See? 😆

  10. kayinmaine said

    Great map, Clif. 😆

  11. Chris from Maine said

    knew it was fake from the first time i saw the picture.. the B was backwards, she obviously did it herself.

    very disturbed woman, and a very typical mccain supporter.

  12. Grant in Texas said

    Supposedly Bill O’Reilly now calls her a “pinhead” but if her ruse had been successful, O’Reilly would have catapaulted the racism, but now that she got caught, he has no empathy for her and slimes her.

    The story here in Texas is that Ashley had flunked out of A&M, had been at nearby Blinn College, a community college in Brenham, TX, in order to bring up her grades, but had taken the semester off to travel with College Republicans from campus-to-campus, mostly in the northeast, to work for the McCain campaign.

    Here is a picture of Ashley, sans eye shadow and “cut” in the A&M
    campus paper wearing a “Tennessee” sweatshirt:


    Here’s one of her several online diaries where she says she is a political science major:


    She was a Ron Paul supporter before McCain-Palin:


  13. clif said

    At least both CNN and MSNBC had news stories exposing the fraud and even part of the reich wingers, like Hugh Hewitt, who were pushing this fraud, before they checked it out.

    Even, the hack, drudge had her exposed as a fraud, in his own idiotic way.

  14. Grant in Texas said

    My posting above with links was blocked but she originally was a supporter of Ron Paul, may no longer be an A&M student due to bad grades (in her major…political science), had dropped out of school to work with College Young Republicans for McCain-Palin out of their New York office. She is being trashed now by the likes of Bill O’Reilly probably due to her bad acting which caused her to get caught!

  15. Palin is a Whore said

    WCBaboon, good thing I’m a Democrat and not a reicht-winger like you, or I’d kick your fucking ass right now. Why do you come to this blog time and again (and subscribe) if Kay and the rest of us “liberals” annoy you so? You sense of humor is warped like this Ashley Todd person’s. Maybe you need some counseling, too.

    Kay, what this Ashley girl did was heinous, and I hope she serves jail time. The minute I heard her story, I figured she was making it up. I even thought that Palin had possibly put her up to it!

  16. RP said

    What a crackpot. Can you believe there are some rightnutwingers actually suggesting that she could have been a democratic plant? These bozos never seem to amaze me.

  17. Gage said

  18. kayinmaine said

    LOL PIAW! WCBaboon is on our side as far as I can tell and he was just being silly about the cheap humor. I mean, really, I could start charging everyone, but instead, I throw my thoughts out there for zero dollars! 😆

    You’re sweet, though, to stand up for me and the WNI limo riders! I appreciate it. 😉

    And yes, what Ashley did is disgusting, racist, and vile. It’s going to get worse once Barack becomes our next president. Prepare for it.

  19. Grant in Texas said

    Bill Maher joked last night on HBO that Ashley immediately got phone calls from McCain and Palin giving her their support, but Karl Rove then phoned her and called her an “idiot” for screwing it up!

    Was looking for some love from Freepers for this obviously messed up girl who may have mental issues (if it was her idea!). Howver, they think she was an “Obama plant”…from Free Republic:

    This sounded like an Obama put up job from the beginning. Another phony story about the awfulness of the McCain supporters.
    …by Bertram3

    This story and the resulting over saturation by the media defending Obama will only serve to further paint him as the “black candidate”…by Maverick68

    The whole story has a demonRAT stink all over it. Is this woman really a McCain volunteer? or a plant?…by 13Sisters76

    A SET-UP TO HURT MCCAIN??????…by icwhatudo

    I’ve been suspicious of this story since it broke last night, but if it turns out to be an Obama plant all along? Wow. Game over and welcome to you, President McCain…by mquinn

    This really makes us look like nitwits…by redk

    Unless we learn that she is a libbie plant…by Cecily

  20. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    A SET-UP TO HURT MCCAIN??????…by icwhatudo
    A setup to hurt McCain???? Bah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    McCain hurt himself when he chose the brunette bimbo from Wasilla.

    Look at the electorate college maps morons…it’s already a done deal! Obama doesn’t need to sink to McCains level to win. Besides it’s the republikkkans who do the planting (Joe The Plant)

  21. kayinmaine said

    The right wingers are losing it big time. They can’t stand to see how obviously ridiculous their party has become and how they resort to incredibly vile racist crap when they’re losing, Uncle. It’s so great their tactics are getting some coverage, because over the last 8 years the media hasn’t touched this stuff, nor have they reported the back stories to the story.

  22. WCBaboon said

    “WCBaboon, good thing I’m a Democrat and not a reicht-winger like you…”

    I am a partisan Democrat you buffoon.

    While my temporizing and poorly crafted posts always lean towards humor, I am not sure how anyone [who happened to read my occasional post] could believe I was, veering right!?

    Someone needs to relax a little bit, imo and secondly, keep the politik metaphors to a minimum.

    .Good day. 10 Days and a wakeup to go…

  23. WCBaboon said

    I really don’t like it when people demonstrate poor impulse control.

    Not unlike hitting “send” before you think about your content, you can’t “unsubmit”, well at least not on most wordpress blogs.


  24. WCBaboon said

    Also, WNI:

    “Cheap Humor”, quoting myself, was not meant to be a “shot”. It wasn’t meant to rate the actual content, your content as it were, but more I was referring to the redeeming qualities of your site. It was a poorly constructed opening statement.


  25. Grant in Texas said

    I got you WC. I have been accused wrongly sometimes online (where folks can’t see your facial expressions) so have started to type in a /snark after I make statements that are intended to be more than just words on a page.

  26. Palin is a Whore said

    OOPS! I do apologize WC. I think I may have gotten you confused with somebody else. 😦

    I know it’s no excuse, but I was listening to Anderson Cooper’s report about Ashley Todd and race-baiting in this election on CNN at the same time I started reading the comment section of this post. I do admit I was more than a little fired up about the whole thing because I had just gotten home from work when I found out her story was a LIE.

  27. Grant in Texas said

    It’s sad that in our nation, we don’t have the vote yet. There have bee so many ploys over the years to disenfranchise. I think Iraq with its ‘purple finger’ voting is probably already more democratic and less corrupt. When I was a kid, there were mostly paper ballots (it’s still the only way to vote in some nations) and most often we had winners to announce by morning. Problem now is we want instantaneous satisfaction, want everything NOW.

    Many nations like the UK, Canada, Australia use mostly paper ballots. In the UK they have different ballots for different races like for example here in the U.S., a ballot for the President, the House, the Senate, etc. They color code the paper and these simpler ballots are easier to count and most all results are in overnight and a winner registered. In the U.S. we often have very long complicated ballots with maybe 50 different offices to vote for. In some states, they also have complicated and strangely worded propositions (intentional?) that one also must decide along with electing office-holders. California is one of the worst sometimes having a couple of dozen “props” like this years’ Proposition 8 on gay marriage.

  28. kayinmaine said

    I love ‘cheap humor’. For example…my son this summer asked if he could cut his jeans to make shorts. I told him he could. After he was done, he come into the office holding the cut off pieces and said to me, “Mom. Take these to the village to swap for food!”. 😆 Hey, I’ll take humor any way I can get it…..and I love, love, love the off hand free humor especially!

    This year’s election is a tense one. No doubt about it. 😉

  29. WCBaboon said

    glad we got that sorted out.

    I will work on my temporizing and you know PIAW …it’s all good, you’re post was appreciated.

    $#$#@! I swear, these next 9-10- into 11 days including election night [I have no plans for sleep on November 4th…] are going to be rough! I was sitting there this morning reading the paper, feeling glum, and then I saw Barack’s speech in Canton, Ohio today! Amazing and the fire in his eyes is back [where that had merely softened…since Denver].

    One day at a time but hit the youtube site if you need a pick me up from your candidate, if you need to read the pulse of Ohio and have about 20 minutes, watch the speech from Canton.

    Have a nice day.

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