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Reese Hopkins goes to jail for raping a child

Posted by kayinmaine on October 25, 2008


Last spring I did a post on how a little boy had threatened to kill George Bush and near the end of the post I talked about how disgusted I was having to listen to Howie Carr’s WRKO fill-in for the day, Reese Hopkins, because Reese went off on a tangent about little girls and talked in a weird perverted way all the way home! Good gawd, this Reese guy sickened me and now I’m finding out that Reese Hopkins (he no longer works for WRKO in Boston) RAPED A CHILD!

I saw it coming too. He was an absolute pervert on the radio that day….even going as far to say watching a porno film with your children is a good thing. Spit. Yuck.

Reese has been arrested and I hope he spends the rest of his life behind bars.

(hat tip to THE TRUTH for bringing this to my attention)


6 Responses to “Reese Hopkins goes to jail for raping a child”

  1. Chris from Maine said

    real sicko if he did was hes accused of.

    he should be in jail for life, because short of murder, there is no worse crime then rape, especially rape of a child.

  2. kayinmaine said

    He’s a right winger, Chris, so it’s not surprising Reese is a child rapist.

  3. gully said

    The child you wrote about is 12 years old, 7 years older than Obama wanting children to learn about sex in kindergarten. Besides, you wrote that rape is no big deal and that anyone raped gets over it in time. What’s the big deal? You’re just hypocrite.

  4. Grant in Texas said

    I see our TROLL here has bought the McCain LIE. The only thing suggested by the state of Illinois in the legislation (that didn’t pass BTW) was that kindergarten kids could be taught in an AGE APPROPRIATE MANNER that no adult had any right to touch them in certain body places in order to start educating children about the reality of molestation. BAD sex education if you are a child molester.

  5. molly said

    Perverts lean Republican.

  6. Marie Laveau said

    Liberals are the sickest perverts of all, mostly homosexual.

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