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Republicans in Texas are desperately trying to steal the election for John McCain!

Posted by kayinmaine on October 25, 2008


Well, of course they are. Diebold is a big right wing supporter who loves George Bush and the American Taliban, so it makes sense that the ‘new and improved’ electronic Diebold voting machines are flipping votes from Democrat to republican and to other parties, because really, how else can the right wing Taliban of America win an election without stealing it? They can’t. America has always been left of center no matter how much the wingnuts try to tell us we’re not.

The American Taliban will stop AT NOTHING to win every year past, present, and future.

John McCain cannot win this year on his voting record (90% in favor of Bush’s economic & foreign policies), can’t run on his own wacked ideologies, and certainly can’t rely on Sarah Palin to get the loonies to gun down Barack Obama to win (though, she’s trying her hardest to!), so it makes sense Diebold is working overtime to get him elected!


I hate the American Taliban. This is a party who is made up of criminals, thieves, and people who hate democracy. The End.

SCREW THE AMERICAN TALIBAN OVER BY VOTING EARLY USING A PAPER BALLOT TO RECORD YOUR VOTE BEFORE ELECTION DAY, NOVEMBER 4, 2008. Call your local town/city hall to find out how to do it. It’s easy to do so do it!!!!


24 Responses to “Republicans in Texas are desperately trying to steal the election for John McCain!”

  1. McCain would have won Texas anyway. I am weary of both sides cheating.

  2. kayinmaine said

    Are you sure about that? Why steal the election then in that state if it’s a shoo-in for McCain? See the point?

  3. Grant in Texas said

    Front Page headline today in the Houston Chronicle is that Obama leads McCain in Harris County (includes Houston) by 50.4 to 43.3 and in the U.S. Senate race, Democrat challenger Rick Noriega leads Sen. John Cornyn by 47.0 to 40.1. So it looks like Obama is helping the down ticket candidates. The first two days of early voting, 83,000 voted in Harris County, TWICE the normal traffic of past years. Houston makes up about 1/4 of the state’s population. Austin is Democratic, Dallas has been going Democratic (even elected a Democrat lesbian Latina for Sheriff four years ago). San Antonio is majority Mexican-American and that demographic is going for Obama 63.0 to 36.7. The Hispanic percentages are close to the religious affiliations here for Hispanics. Once nearly 100% Roman Catholic, fundamentalists have made great inroads into the Latino community with many now pentecostals, Jehovah Witnesses, and Mormons.

  4. Grant in Texas said

    My posting about Obama taking a lead in Texas blocked by Askimet. Guess Spamcatcher doesn’t like bad news for McCain 😉

  5. Chris from Maine said

    and for every instance of election fraud you discover, there are 50 you dont.

    this election is not over yet. The repubicans still control the voting machines. I’m glad here in Maine (at least up here) we use paper ballots.

  6. kayinmaine said

    Check out this picture of Joe Lieberman:

    If they dump Gov. Palin, all is not lost

    Bah hahahahahaha!

  7. Grant in Texas said

    The fraud in Texas is that many mailings have gone out to those targeted as living in Democratic precincts, or having minority names, telling the voter to vote first for Obama then ALSO mark the “Straight Democratic Ticket” for the vote to count. If a voter follows those FRAUDULENT instructions, the ballot is not counted, but is rejected! One only votes the “Straight Ticket” and marks nowhere else except on any ballot initiatives like bond issues, etc.


  8. kayinmaine said

    Oh but the right wingers of America have voted straight ticket for the republican candidates for years now! Assholes. Hypocritical, criminal assholes.

  9. Grant in Texas said

    I got this heads up from a cyber friend in Colorado who attended this anti-McCain rally in Durango that drew a bigger crowd than John McCain did for his (he should’ve brought his “beard”…Sarah Failin’)


    A high school classmate emailed me she attended the rally on American Legion Plaza in Indianapolis that attracted a crowd of 35,000 in “red state” Indiana. BTW, she owns a condo in a high-rise in downtown Indy and got a notice from her HOA to take down her Obama sign from her window ON THE TWELFTH FLOOR. It seems the only signs allowed in windows are “Go Colts” or “Go Pacers” signs!

    Now if folks don’t become overconfident and stay at home or Diebold doesn’t cast its votes, hopefully, we will get the neocons out of the power in Washington.

  10. Palin is a Whore said

    Even though I love the rush of seeing everyone at the polls, I’ve been thinking about voting by absentee ballot to hopefully ease the burden of the lines on Tuesday and to make sure my vote doesn’t mysteriously “disappear” or get changed to “McCain”.

    Also, I’ve been worried the radical right/Palin supporters might do something unscrupulous come Election Day morning like open up fire on places that they know are heavily Democratic in hopes of scaring people away from the polls. Seriously, that would keep a majority of Obama supporters — heck, MOST people home — the rest of the day! (Yeah, I know I sound like a paranoid nut but I wouldn’t put anything past the die-hard folks who are hellbent on getting abortion outlawed and think Palin in the White House is the way to do it!)

    I really, really hope they just let things happen naturally, but you know how they always have to play so dirty (i.e., keep people in fear!) OBAMA/BIDEN!!!!!!! I hope to God we all wake up Wednesday morning to “OBAMA WINS BY A LANDSLIDE!!!!”

  11. Grant in Texas said

    President George W. Bush late Friday asked Attorney General Michael Mukasey to investigate whether hundreds of thousands of newly registered voters in the battleground state of Ohio would have to verify the information on their voter registration forms or be given provisional ballots, an issue the U.S. Supreme Court weighed in on last week and ruled FOR Ohio.

    The unprecedented intervention by the White House over a court decision less than two weeks before the presidential election may result in at least 200,000 voters in Ohio not being able to vote on Election Day if they are forced to provide additional identification when they head to the polls.

  12. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    Grant in Texas Says:
    October 25, 2008 at 5:28 pm
    President George W. Bush late Friday asked Attorney General Michael Mukasey to investigate
    Grant, I hope the 200,000 voters are able to vote BUT if Mukasey pulls some partisan crap we have nobody to blame but Schumer and Feinstein.

  13. Grant in Texas said

    The Republicans hope they can throw out many of the 200,000 ballots due to typos, like numerals or letters that aren’t an exact match. Like if your driver’s license says William J. Smith and your registration is Bill J. Smith at the same address. People need to get in the habit of signing everything the same way!

    This past week I had to renew my car tags for the next year. My driver’s license and registration had my street address spelled correctly as “Tern” (the small sea gull) and my new insurance card spelled it “Turn” and I had to argue with the lady that its the same damned street even though the address numbers were the same on every document. I got my new tags (deadline is Oct 31) but I immediately notified my insurance carrier and they are mailing me a new card with my street spelled correctly. I thought to myself, what if the same typo had been made on my voters registration roll???

  14. kayinmaine said

    Check out this party:



    Grant, the republicans are filthy human beings. Stealing elections is so Banana Republic, but then again, they hate American democracy so they welcome a Banana Republic any day of the week.

  15. gully said

    Maybe you can explain why if Obama is going to win in a landslide there is so much voter fraud going on with ACORn then? He must be scared he’s going to lose.

  16. Grant in Texas said

    A brainwashed TROLL, I see. It was ACORN that brought up the fraudulent registrations, giving a heads up to registrars. By law they HAVE TO turn in ALL registration cards regardless, unlike a Republican group in 2004 in Las Vegas that turned in ONLY Republican registered voters dumping anyone registered as a Democrat in a dumpster trash box.

  17. gully said

    On the contrary Grant, you seem to be the one who is brainwashed.

  18. clif said

    Golly, Gully’s an idiot.

  19. Grant in Texas said

    Yeah I could post some credible links but then those with saturated brains are a lost cause. They are too far gone to waste any time over.

  20. molly said

    #7…In NC, if you vote straight ticket..no vote is cast for president. Don’t know if that is for dems. and repubs. or not. Know it is for dems.

  21. kayinmaine said

    Gully, did ACORN try to steal the 2004 & 2000 election? If not, then I think you and your morons are just bringing up ACORN because YOU KNOW MCCAIN IS GOING TO LOSE. The End.

    ACORN has been around for at least 20 years. How come now? Why is it you knuckle draggers are so concerned? RACISTS? Yep!

  22. Grant in Texas said

    My Sunday paper has a Texas Zogby poll showing that except for the “county judge” who is a Republican incumbent, ALL of the local races, sheriff, district attorney, 15 court judges….almost down to dogcatcher, are going DEMOCRAT. In the first weeks of early voting so far, 1.5 million have voted in Texas, a record. So evidently Obama at the top of the ticket has LONG coattails even helping county and city pols here.

    In Texas, a county judge is not a judge of a court of law but the “judge” of the county commissioners “court”, IOW he is like the “mayor” of all of the unincorporated parts of Harris county. County “Judge” Emmett was on TV a lot directing the coming and going of Hurricane Ike and it was felt that generally he did a good job of coordinating FEMA, the power companies, etc. The trailing incumbent Republican sheriff, elected 16 years ago has been charged with having the county build part (or all?) of a ranch home on some land out of the county….kind of like Sarah Palin getting a free house for herself as a kickback for awarding a construction contract the multi-million dollar Wasilla hockey rink, a federal “earmark” Sarah got gifted from Uncle Sam.

  23. kayinmaine said

    Wow Grant! 1.5 million voted already? That’s more than Maine’s population for crying out loud! Wonderful. It’s not surprising, though, that the republican sheriff is using federal funds to get his ranch home built. This is how republicans operate throughout this whole country. Americans seem to be waking up to this fact and are voting loudly against it. It’s about time. 😉

  24. Tumblr article…

    I saw someone writing about this on Tumblr and it linked to…

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