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Do the McCain/Palin audiences crack you up too?

Posted by kayinmaine on October 26, 2008


I’ve never seen anything like it.  Here’s John McCain, Mr. $100,000,000 Man Who Owns 7 Homes & 13 Cars, telling the people in his audience that he’s one of them. And how does the audience (the average audience member is making less than $50,000/year) react when Johnny lies to them like this? THEY APPLAUD LOUDLY! Yep, the McCain/Palin audiences are stooooopid.

Here’s the other crap the McCain/Palin audiences scream their lungs out for (not Johnny’s words, but it’s what he implies at his rallies) when Johnny spews it:

“Tax the poor; feed the rich!” *deafening applause*

“If you make $18,000/year, you too could have a chance to become a multi-million dollar man/woman if I’m your president!” *clapping, stomping, fist shaking*

“The only spreading of the wealth around should be to those making over $250,000! Because we work hard for a living!!!!” *deafening applause*

“Fight! Fight! Fight the poor!” *deafening applause*

“Joe the Plumber is not a liar!!!!! He’s just like me!!!” *stomping, applauding, giving the middle finger to the cameras*

“War is peace!!!! More wars means more money in the pockets of the uber wealthy! Hail uber wealthy! Down with the poor & middle class! Boooooo hisssssss!!!!!” *standing ovation, loud applause*

“Mr. Obama will raise your taxes, but I will have more Wall Street bailouts, because we all know it’s the corporations in America that run America and we are patriotic in catering to them!” *wild applause*

“Deregulate everything so as to give control to the corporations! Screw the people power! Corporations are the power!!!! *applause & “USA! USA! USA! rant”*

“Freedom is slavery! More slaves! More slaves! More slaves!”  *loud applause, whistling, banging heads together*

“No one should pay taxes, because by doing so, cuts revenue to our government and this makes us strong!!!! *fist shaking, wild applause, standing ovation*

“Bill Ayers is bad, but American armed militias against the US government inside our borders is good and not scary! Down with Bill Ayers! Up with the American Taliban!” *chanting USA! USA! USA!*

“Ignorance is strength! Smart people don’t know what they’re doing! We need imbeciles like you in the audience to help America!!!! *loud wild applause w/Nazi-like arms raised*

Well, there you have it. The McCain/Palin audiences applaud their own demise each and every time they’re at a rally. Johnny & Sarah want to lead them off the cliff, but the audience is too brainwashed to hear it or notice. That’s right. As they’re applauding their demise, Johnny, Cindy, and Sarah smirk silently to themselves. Evil. Pure evil.

21 Responses to “Do the McCain/Palin audiences crack you up too?”

  1. Grant in Texas said

    I once attended a taping of a TV talk show and there was a sign off to the side of the stage telling us WHEN to applaud. I wonder if they have such a device or cheerleaders at these rallies for their “spontaneous” “Drill, Drill, Drill” or the Nuremberg-style “USA, USA, USA!”

  2. Grant in Texas said

    Sunday morning surprise in Palinland…

    Sarah’s newspaper ENDORSES OBAMA!


  3. kayinmaine said

    Bah hahahahahaha! Anchorage endorses the Governor’s opponent! Love it Grant. I just got off the phone with my Dad who is down on the west coast of Florida. I told him how his neighbor’s out back have put out a big Obama/Biden sign near their mailboxes and Dad said, “That’s okay. Nothing wrong with that”. I love my Dad. 😉

  4. kayinmaine said

    Elisabeth is speaking right now in Florida to introduce Palin. Hasselbeck tells us the media is more interested in Sarah’s close than the issues! Bah hahahahahahah! Another pretty liar for the American Taliban speakeths.

  5. Grant in Texas said

    Three of the eleven homes on our cul-de-sac now have McCain-Palin signs, leaving eight yards uncommitted. I am wondering if those neighbors not making a statement are possibly supporting Obama. The latest sign to go up is the home of a gay couple on the corner. They each bought a new Lincoln recently, a Navigator and a Pick-Up so maybe they fall in McCain’s tax bracket for the rich. My partner and I don’t have much to do with them. First of all they act like divas, and after we have turned them down several times for hot tub parties, they have cooled towards us. Probably would be even more aloof if they knew how we voted. Except for the snooty Assembly of God preachers on our street, most on our street are most friendly and cooperative and we don’t care to ruffle any feathers. Anyway, how we vote is nobody’s business. If the gay boys on the corner want to be Republicans, let them….that’s like a black man wanting to join the KKK.

  6. kayinmaine said

    And guess what the audience is yelling? You betcha! “USA! USA! USA!”. I bet the audience thinks Sarah and Elisabeth are buying their clothes at J.C. Penney. LOL! What a bunch of morons.

  7. Grant in Texas said

    The Republicans HATE the media but they do love to have the media’s cameras at all of their events.

  8. kayinmaine said

    Grant, I wonder how many of your neighbors are not putting a McCain sign out because they’re voting for Obama? I bet they’re telling their neighbors they’re going to vote for McCain, but really, aren’t. I love it. Republics don’t like to look disloyal, so they’ll say they’re voting for McCain, when really, they’re voting for the smart team: OBAMA/BIDEN!

  9. kayinmaine said

    Exactly Grant. Without the media, we wouldn’t know how much the McCain/Palin ticket is lying to Americans. Oh, but in their warped little minds they think they’re telling the truth!

    Sarah is wearing pink today. Is she a secret Commie? Could be. THE MCCAINS ARE IN THE PROCESS OF MAKING BEER DEALS WITH CUBA. Pink could be this ticket’s favorite color this year!

  10. kayinmaine said

    Sarah is now bragging about her Eskimo earrings she’s wearing today. Let me guess….Sarah refused to play full price for them and started throwing around, “Ummmm, excuse me! I am the Governor! I don’t have to pay for a damn thing if I don’t want to!”. Spit.

  11. Grant in Texas said

    I know what Hasselbeck is going to say every day as I read the RNC talking points online the night before. You betcha, her email box is full every morning with her orders for the day. Elisabeth’s degree at Boston College is in design and she used to work for Puma shoes, so she should know something about fashion. She should know that much of the cost of a garment is paying for using the designer’s name. It surely isn’t in the labor for somebody in Honduras or Sri Lanka to sew it. Michelle Obama got compliments for the dress she wore on “The View” and told the ladies on the show where one could buy it, off the rack for $150.

    Hasselbeck and Palin are two-peas-in-a-pod. Elisabeth opposes the “morning after pill” as an over-the-counter drug. She has stated, “I believe that life begins at the moment of conception,” and says the pill should be banned — even in cases of rape and incest.

  12. kayinmaine said

    Off-the-rack is poison to the republic party, Grant! They shudder at the thought! Oh, but they’re one of us. Spit.

  13. pacer521 said

    yep, they do crack me up.


  14. carol said

    Just who is Elisabeth Hasselbeck anyway…I don’t know why she is so important that Sarah Palin feels she has to have her tag along with the rest of her crew…is it” GIRL POWER”!!!!
    Is it supposed to rally more women….I think most women by now are sick to death of Sarah Palin and her nonsense..nothing she has to say now has any credibility at all!!!
    We all know that the “regualar gal” has more than one side to her
    and being power hungary is one…..she fancies herself as President….heavens above can you imagine that!!!
    The clock is ticking for the McPalin camp BOY, and are we ready to see the back of them both???

  15. Grant in Texas said

    I think the Republicans are going for the “eye candy” hoping more men will vote with their “little heads” for the shapely Palin. Palin-Hasselbeck don’t register so well in most women’s heads that are on their shoulders. Kathleen Parker, a conservative who supports Obama now, writes that she thinks McCain was bedazzled by Palin’s beauty. I don’t think Palin is beautiful, myself, but then I am turned on more by a pretty face AND INTELLIGENCE than by shapely gams.


    Remember McCain has been a womanizer his whole life. No wonder Cindy tags along at all rallies keeping her eye on him. BTW, what happened to his old younger blond “lobbyist” who used to accompany him on the Straight Talk Express BEFORE Cindy began tagging along? McCain could cover a lot more states if he, Cindy, and Sarah weren’t always on the same stage so much of the time and went separate ways. When was the last time you have seen Michelle, Biden, and Obama on the SAME stage. Of course they can be trusted to be away from handlers whereas Palin is still kept on a leash for fear she might have to answer a hardball question for anyone on camera.

  16. kayinmaine said

    Yep….orgasms mean you are loyal to the American Taliban!

  17. RP said

    They were even applauding when Johny blundered and fumbled his words last week in Pennsylvania:

    “You know, I think you may have noticed that Senator Obama’s supporters have been saying some pretty nasty things about Western Pennsylvania lately,” McCain told the audience in the town of Moon Township. “And you know, I couldn’t agree with them more.” I couldn’t disagree with you. I couldn’t agree with you more than the fact that Western Pennsylvania is the most patriotic, most god-loving, most, most patriotic part of America, and this is a great part of the country.”


  18. Palin is a Whore said

    Oh, God, you crack me up. But you’ve hit the nail on the head. Why people making $50,000/year or less would ever vote Republican is beyond me. It would almost be funny if it wasn’t so damn maddening!

    So, now Palin’s got a triple sister? Geez, how many does she have? Michele the Bitch Bachmann, Elisabitch Hasselback, who else? I don’t want to get too optimistic because there are so many racist assholes in the world, but the only way McCain’s going to be able to turn this election around is if (1) the Republicans pull some dirty stunt at the last minute and steal the election or (2) if he kicks Palin off the ticket at the last minute and puts somebody else on. I read an article the other day about how some of McCain’s staff can’t stand Palin and called her a Diva so there is even turmoil within their own camp.

    I know, that’s impossible right? I mean, no way is Miss Innocent Alaska a Diva, right? Whatcha talkin’ ’bout, Willis?

  19. Palin is a Whore said

    I spell like some of the Palin supporters. I meant to say, “triplet sister”.

  20. kayinmaine said

    I don’t know…I thought ‘triple sister’ was hysterical, PIAW! I’m serious. Either way it’s funny. 😉

  21. Gage said

    Don’t know if any of you have heard but the RNC has decided to pull funds for Bachmann’s campaign ads because of her McCarthyist statements last week. She’s done one ad “apologizing” for it, but the RNC is still going to save their bucks for someone a little less radical. I’m looking for a link to post.

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