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Politicians…don’t piss down our backs and then tell us it’s raining!

Not sure why, but every time I see Cindy McCain on my tv I think of this song…

Posted by kayinmaine on October 27, 2008

Have you seen her lately? She just stands there behind her husband lost in space and eyes glazed over. What the hell is the woman on? I doubt acid or heroin, but come on, what pharmaceutical is making her into a full fledged fascist neocon (without the neck drooling, though, I suspect we’ll see that at some point in the next 8 days)! I’m scared for her.

4 Responses to “Not sure why, but every time I see Cindy McCain on my tv I think of this song…”

  1. Grant in Texas said

    I have wondered how much this campaign is being driven by her ambitions to be the queen of the White House, decorating Christmas trees, doing her Princess Diana thing. John has his daddy issues just like George W. Bush but is she driving this old man to an early grave?

  2. kayinmaine said

    Exactly Grant. She and Sarah Palin want to be the next Jackie O! Sick. No thanks. I’d rather have Michele Obama in there who is smart and buys her cloths off the rack for less than $150.00:



  3. Gage said

    Kay, this will explain Cindy:

  4. girldujour said

    LOL! I think it’s because she’s so hungry. For crying out loud, get that woman a burger and fries!

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