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US Senator Susan Collins of Maine donated $10,000 to convicted felon Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaksa

Posted by kayinmaine on October 28, 2008

…AND AS NOTED ON COLLINS WATCH, SEN. SUZIE-Q HAS NOT GIVEN TO A DEMOCRAT’S CAMPAIGN THIS YEAR. Hmmmmmm, but I thought ole Suzie-Q was the ‘Bipartisan Queen’? Oh wait. That’s just another lie coming out of Suzie’s mouth to make herself out to be something she’s not in the hopes the neck droolers of Maine won’t notice.

Don’t let Sen. Susan Collins fool ya.

Sen. Susan Collins loves the convicted felons…

She loves the religious wingnuts, such as, Rick “Terry Schiavo is alive even with a liquid brain!” Santorum…

Suzie loves, loves, loves the war criminals (Dick Cheney and George Bush)….


…and don’t forget how much she loves John McCain, you know, the Keating-5/Lincoln Savings & Loan guy who is for deregulating the banks, supporting George Bush no matter what, and who also agrees with Susan that Sarah Palin is the best thing to ever happen to the country…

I would have supplied a picture of Sen. Susan Collins with Sarah Palin from when Palin came to Bangor recently, but for “some reason” there isn’t a picture of the two. Why? Because Sen. Susan Collins was too scared to be there to support Sarah Palin and stayed clear! I guess she didn’t want KayInMaine to post a picture of the two dingbats? Huh. Could be.

13 Responses to “US Senator Susan Collins of Maine donated $10,000 to convicted felon Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaksa”

  1. kayinmaine said

    I wonder if it upsets Collins to know that republicans are calling Sarah a ‘whack job’? Huh. I wonder. Something tells me she would protect Sarah to the end (hey, Sarah wears expensive clothing which is something Collins looks for in choosing her comrades):


  2. Palin is a Whore said

    Oh, looky loo… It’s that hopeless Norm Coleman from Minnesota, right in there with those nuts. Yet he has the nerve to bombard us with non-stop “plain-folks” style commercials where he’s dressed down in a blue shirt, whines about the economy and the “tough times”, and pledges to “reach across the aisle” to get things done. Don’t know if you’re familiar with this FUCKING ASSHOLE, Kay, but he used to be a Democrat. Then that wasn’t working for him politically so he switched to Republican. Now, he’s saying he’s in the middle. WTF-EVER. He’s like McCain, he goes whatever way the wind is blowing…

    Well, ole Norm knows his number is up; in fact, the only real reason he ever got elected was because Paul Wellstone got killed in a plane crash! Enjoy it while it lasts, Normy. Hope the door hits you in the ass on your way out, just like it did your pal, Rick Santorum. Boy, was he ever the ultimate ASSHOLE from HELL. Yet, that malicious Sarah Palin still manages to make him look almost angelic…

  3. Grant in Texas said

    An article in the new New Yorker talks about at ambitious Sarah Palin campaigning for her VP job for several years, kissing up to Washington “insiders”:


    The McCain-Palin Compliance Fund had its name filed in Feb. 2008 and McCain-Palin domain was purchased in July 2008, so somebody was promoting Palin for some time it appears. Wonder WHEN John McCain found out he was going to be saddled with her?

  4. Palin is a Whore said

    I just read this and want to vomit. There’s talk of Palin running for President in 2012. PUH-LEASE. Can we just get through this election already?

    “Sarah Palin may soon be free. Soon, she may not have the millstone of John McCain around her neck. And she can begin her race for president in 2012.

    Some are already talking about it. In careful terms. If John McCain loses next week, Sarah Palin “has absolutely earned a right to run in 2012,” says Greg Mueller, who was a senior aide in the presidential campaigns of Pat Buchanan and Steve Forbes. Mueller says Palin has given conservatives “hope” and “something to believe in.”

    Mueller also argues that Palin could run a more convincing campaign on traditional conservative issues in 2012 than McCain has in 2008.

    “One weakness in McCain’s campaign is not campaigning on strong, pro-life, traditional values issues,” Mueller said. “There has been a certain level of discomfort over the years by McCain over guns, God and life issues.”

    But Mueller thinks that, while some conservative intellectuals have deserted and derided Sarah Palin, the Republican base likes her and could stick with her.
    “She would run in 2012 as the populist, conservative reformer that she was originally introduced to the country as,” Mueller said. “If Obama wins, you will see him moving the country to a sort of Euro-socialism. That will fail, and she can target an economic-populist message to the country.”

    Mueller says McCain and Palin could still win next week. But if that happens, Mueller thinks Palin should get a lot of the credit. “A lot of conservatives are not excited by John McCain, even though I think he has been saying some good things,” Mueller said. “If they vote, they will vote for Sarah.”

    Full article at: news.aol.com/elections/article/is-palin-preparing-for-a-2012-run/229009?icid=100214839x1212344530x1200783519


  5. Maine Owl said

    Hi KayinMaine, those are some plenty disturbing pics! Sorry your post at Maine Owl on “Senator Collins fools us” disappeared. It wasn’t me– the hosting company moved servers on me and hosed yours along with one of my own posts in the restore. That was just bad luck! Thanks for visiting.

  6. Grant in Texas said

    The Dominionists whose plan it is to turn Amerika into a theocracy loves them some Sarah Palin. Then we will have the christian taliban to fight here.

  7. Grant in Texas said

    Dr. James Dobson who refused to endorse McCain UNTIL Palin was selected, has Focus on the Family publish the “horrors” of an Obama presidency:


    Some highlights of the SIXTEEN PAGES: Lots of hating on gays. Makes one wonder about why does gay sex occupy their minds so much?!

    – By 2012, Obama has remade the U.S. Supreme Court into an activist, pro-gay institution, and as a result “the Boy Scouts no longer exist as an organization. They chose to disband rather than be forced to obey the Supreme Court decision that they would have to hire homosexual scoutmasters and allow them to sleep in tents with young boys.”

    — “Tens of thousands of Christian (public school) teachers either quit or were fired, and there are hardly any evangelical teachers in public school any more… In addition, many private Christian schools decided to shut down after the Supreme Court ruled that anti-discrimination laws that include sexual orientation extended to private institutions such as schools.”

    — “There are no more Roman Catholic or evangelical Protestant adoption agencies,” and Christian parents are being refused the right to adopt by secular adoption agencies because they have “”narrow’ or dangerous views on religion or homosexuality.”

    — “The Bible can no longer be freely preached over radio or television stations when the subject matter includes such ‘offensive’ doctrines as criticizing homosexual behavior.” In addition, “churches have no freedom to refuse to allow their buildings to be used for wedding ceremonies for homosexual couples.” and “homosexuals are now given special bonuses for enlisting in military service.”

    — Christian nurses, physicians, family counselors, lawyers and other professionals are being stripped of their right to work in those fields, and because homeschooling is now all but outlawed, thousands of homeschooling parents are moving their families to Australia or New Zealand.

    — The U.S. Supreme Court has “nullified all Federal Communications Commission restrictions on obscene speech or visual content in radio and television broadcasts. As a result, television programs at all hours of the day contain explicit portrayals of sexual acts.”

    — After President Obama pulled U.S. troops out of Iraq, “Al Qaida operatives from Syria and Iran poured into Iraq and completely overwhelmed the Iraqi security forces,” followed by mass executions. “The number put to death may soon reach the millions.”

    — Four U.S. cities have been hit by terror attacks, and “in mid-2010, Iran launched a nuclear bomb that exploded in the middle of Tel Aviv… President Obama said he abhorred what Iran had done, and he hoped the U.N. would unanimously condemn this crime against humanity.”

    — Russia has invaded and captured Georgia, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria “with no military response from the U.S. or the U.N.” Instead, President Obama moved to strengthen US ties with communist regimes in Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia.

    — Health care has been nationalized, and “the waiting list for prostate cancer surgery is 3 years.” In fact, “people older than 80 have essentially no access to hospitals or surgical procedures. Their ‘duty’ is increasingly thought to be to go home to die….”

    — “Conservative talk radio, for all intents and purposes, was shut down by the end of 2010,” and evangelical Christian book publishers have been barred from selling their products through Amazon, Borders and Barnes and Noble. And dozens of Bush officials, from the Cabinet level on down, are in jail.

  8. Chris from Maine said

    I wish change would come to Maine, but it isnt looking good.

    at least we will have a Democratic majority in government and real change can start coming to all of America, so thats a positive for sure.

  9. Just when is Collins up for reelection? I might just make it a point to come to Maine to work against the bitch. Is it okay to say bitch when referring to Susan Collins?

  10. kayinmaine said

    Good morning everyone!

    Robert, the bee-otch is up for reelection next Tuesday. LOL! By the way, I call her a ‘jackboot licker’, so anything goes at this point. ‘Lying sack of crap’ works also! 😆

    Chris, Allen still might have a chance (or at least give her a run for her money) because 10% of Maine’s registered voters have voted early. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if it was Maine’s young people who put Allen over the top over Jackboot Licker? I think so! Wow, that would be something.

    Maine Owl, I was wondering where my comment went! I figured it wasn’t too far. 😉

    Grant & PIAW, it’s laughable how Sarah is running for 2012 already. What does it mean? It means we continue exposing her from now until 2012 and not let up! I’m sure in her warped shallow brain of hers she’s thinking she’s a shoo-in. *rolling eyes*

    PIAW, Norm Coleman is as laughable as Sen. Suzie-Q is. These two think they’re ‘tough’, but really, neither could hold a gun straight. LOL

  11. kayinmaine said

    Chris, how was the weather last night where you live near the coast? When I left Cape Elizabeth yesterday afternoon the wind was starting to pick up. I heard on the news this morning that 5 times last night up where you are, the tide would go out and then a minute or two later the tide would rush back in like a tsunami! Wow. Quite a storm surge.

  12. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    Wow Grant! Dobson should be writing books!

  13. Chris from Maine said

    it was windy, but we didnt lose power or anything.

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