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Barack Obama’s amazing 30 minute ‘fireside chat’ with the American people

Posted by kayinmaine on October 29, 2008

I’m telling you….Barack Obama, his wife, and his two adorable daughters is exactly the kind of family our nation needs in the White House right now. They are wonderful. Barack is wonderful. America is gonna be wonderful once again! Thankya Jeebus!!!

14 Responses to “Barack Obama’s amazing 30 minute ‘fireside chat’ with the American people”

  1. clif said


  2. Grant in Texas said

    He will make a president we won’t have to be embarrassed about. Unlike Bush and Palin, he even knows how to correctly pronounce “nuclear”! He comes over most presidential and I trust him to make intelligent decisions.

  3. clif said

    Watching Bill Clinton on stage with Barack Obama is also priceless.

    Barack Obama has owned this day, and set the stage for the next couple of days news cycles.

    McCain is all but retired.

    And the TWIT might as well ask faux noise what their best offer is.

  4. clif said

    Barack Obama and Bill Clinton brought out 35,000 people at 11 PM on a Wednesday night to hear them speak …….

  5. kayinmaine said

    Clif, was the video amazing or what? Goosebumps!

    I see the ROM (republican owned media) is now talking about the polls. Joe Scarborough and his gang are saying the polls reflecting ‘12% undecided’ is really bad news for Barack. Say wha? How about this Joe: NICE TRY IN MANIPULATING THE POLLS FOR YOUR VIEWERS TO LOOK AS IF THERE’S A HUGE MARGIN FOR A MCCAIN WIN! Pathetic. 12% is not undecided right now. They were 3 months ago, but not now. Be honest for once! And if the election is stolen based on your ‘facts’ then we’ll know for sure what you were part of the party who did it!

  6. clif said

    I wonder if “Joe” is acting the way he is because he knows like Tucker “waste of time” Carlson, (you remember the bow tie in a suit who replaced Rita Cosby when MSNBC dumped her), after his contract is over he is gone?

  7. kayinmaine said

    Oh probably, Clif. Joe had a dead intern in his office, you know, an intern who was going to spill the beans about the players in the upcoming 9/11 attack that hadn’t happened yet. He’s been on this ice ever since.

  8. clif said

    Kay, actually I think things just might be more interesting about Lori Klausutis then has been told.

    Scarborough had announced in late May 2001 he was resigning on September 6th 2001, and she died on July 20, 2001 and Scarborough resigned on Sept 5th 2001.

    Wanna know why Joe’s may announcement is interesting?

    Chandra Levy was murdered on May 1, 2001

    The investigation into her disappearance(before they even knew she was murdered) uncovered an affair with then U.S. Representative Gary Condit, who had his name slimed while the supposed liberal press ignored the death of Lori Klausutis almost completely.

    I wonder why Joe had to quickly resign from congress in the middle of a session?

    Why a corner who had lost his medical license in two states (Missouri and Florida) was allowed to do Lori’s autopsy?

    Why Joe losses it every time this is brought up?

  9. kayinmaine said

    Yep. I remember the Levy death and how 9/11 took it off the national press. Lori knew a lot about a lot of things. Maybe it was the Levy murder she had the info on? I always remembered it as Lori knowing about what was going on behind the scenes before 9/11 and somewhere Joe Scarborough was involved? Huh. Maybe Joe was also involved in the Levy murder (or had hired someone to do it)? Hey, you just never know at this point. Just because they’re Senators & Reps. doesn’t mean they’re just, pure, and good. If I remember correctly, a good portion of the Saudi hijackers were in Florida and were gambling at casinos down there owned by right wingers. Joe knows Florida. 😉

  10. kayinmaine said

    Here’s one link:


    And here’s another…


    Maybe ole Joe was sleeping with all these women but was telling his wife who he was separated from…that he wasn’t? Hey, sometimes one has to kill another to shut them up. Spit.

  11. clif said

    Well the part of the story that doesn’t get much attention was Joe’s wedding in Oct 2001.

    I bet he was two timing his second to be wife with Lori and she told Joe she was gonna spill the beans.

    The Chandra Levy killing matches at least one more killing in her neighbor hood which was never solved either.

  12. kayinmaine said

    Good points, Clif. Of course, Joe will never talk publicly about what really happened, because, you know, he could implicate himself. Spit.

  13. Grant in Texas said

    I watched both McCain in Ohio and Palin in Rush Limbaugh’s hometown in Missouri this morning. The LIES are growing and implications are that Obama “hates” America, not a real American, is shady, will tax anyone makeing $42K a year (meaning a large chunk of America). You just know where Obama is going to redistribute the wealth…to the lazy baby mommas whose job it is to push out a baby a year so they can buy a Cadillac or Chrysler 300 from their welfare checks and food stamps, giving the rest of the “distribution” to their crack-smoking baby daddies.

    The inferences are getting so blatant and obvious I wouldn’t be surprised if McCain slips up and uses the “N” word before it is all over. McCain introduced “Joe the Plumber” in Defiance, Ohio and JOE WASN’T THERE. McCain was looking all around for him but he was a no show…probably at his new publicist/agent’s office cutting a country and western record deal.

  14. musesofamom said

    I had some concerns about the 30 minute infomercial. I really did not want it to come off as a myopic ego trip, but all my concerns were gone within the first 5 minutes. It was a wonderful piece that spoke to a cross-section of Americans. As he has shown throughout the campaign he is an American that loves this country and her people and he will bring good sense and compassion to the White House.

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