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Sarah Palin gives a speech on oil production to an audience of solar panel supporters

Posted by kayinmaine on October 29, 2008

Here’s Sarah Palin driving to the speech and singing this tune, “I’m a little bit oil….and I’m a little bit rock & coal…”:

Ummmmm, does it makes sense to be giving a major speech on oil with a ‘drill baby drill’ kind of enthusiasm by mentioning Alaska/Oil/Pipeline constantly through out the speech, when you’re talking to a group who want alternative energies, such as solar panel technology? Well, that’s exactly was Sarah “me me me and more me” Palin did today! I’m telling you…it was embarrassing to watch. And I did watch the whole thing, mind you. At one point I thought of throwing the tv across the room when she was using her ‘poor me/poor Alaska’ attitude constantly. Oh yes! Poor Little Alaskan Oil Princess just wants Alaska to be the next Saudi Arabia, so she and her King’s men can charge the rest of the 49 U.S. states three times the amount for oil! Isn’t that right, asswipe?

Embarrassing. Ironic. She truly is.

24 Responses to “Sarah Palin gives a speech on oil production to an audience of solar panel supporters”

  1. kayinmaine said

    Blue Texan of FDL points out the lies & distortions of Palin’s speech today…


    The speech was truly pathetic, oh but I bet Dick Cheney was creaming his jeans, though! Wow. Sarah is on his X-mas list this year for sure.

  2. Grant in Texas said

    But she READ it well! /snark

    The pipeline where she didn’t take bids but GAVE a HALF BILLION of Alaskan’s money for R&D and permits, doesn’t have to be built, a Win-Win for Trans-Canada (aka Alaskan socialism “distributing their wealth with Sarah’s “friends”).

    Meanwhile, BP and Conoco who didn’t get Sarah’s “gift” of money are doing it the old-fashioned “capitalist” way, taking a RISK and doing their own R&D to develop their own pipeline.

  3. Grant in Texas said

    Askimet blocked my posting.

  4. kayinmaine said

    Grant, she slammed Exxon Mobile today which i thought was hilarious. I wonder if her car wouldn’t start when she tried to leave today after the speech? Maybe a couple of flat tires? Hey, could be, because we all know how those making $18,000/year and who support George Bush do not like it when anyone says anything bad about the Oil Fuhrer and his Oil Maggots! No, no, they’re fine with them making $35 BILLION in profits per quarter over the last few years. Spit. Dumbasses.

  5. kayinmaine said

    Barack’s 30-minute commercial is on!

  6. clif said

    I’m watching it.

  7. clif said

    Wing nuts head MUST be exploding which is why they are soooo silent.

  8. Palin is a Whore said

    I love the “me, me, me and more me” middle name! How true.

    She’s a fucking moron, Kay, but what do you expect from somebody with a pea-sized brain? I mean, really the only thing she’s good at is *thinking* she’s the cutest thing on earth and having babies (and that’s even questionable, considering how long she waited to get to the hospital to deliver Trig). Oh, and maybe being a malicious, snarky, sarcastic, stab-you-through-the-heart-while-thumping-you-over-the-head-with-a-bible BITCH.

    I wonder what the assholes are going to chant now that “drill, baby, drill” is utterly pointless. Gas was down to $2.09/gallon this evening when I got home from work. Are the assholes still going to complain about “high” prices now? Guess they’ll have to channel their inner-KKK and chant, “Kill, baby, kill”.

    You know who else has really been bugging the shit out of me the past few days? That fucking Joe the Plumber! You can’t tell me that asshole wasn’t a plant. How convenient he’s campaigning with McCain and fantasizing about a Congress run in 2010. Pfft. The Dems need to start screening the folks who come to their rallies like the Repukes do. Oh, but I forgot: the Dems like to INCLUDE — NOT EXCLUDE — everyone, even plants who are told to ask stupid questions/say assholic stuff so the Master can bring it up 800 times during one of his debates.

    OK, Barack’s commercial is on now. Gotta go!

  9. Palin is a Whore said

    WTF?! Was it on at 7 PM CENTRAL TIME? FUCK

  10. clif said

    Yes, it was on at 5 PM pacific time also.

  11. clif said

    BTW check u tube, it definitely will show up there, the Obama campaign will make sure of that.

  12. kayinmaine said

    I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooved Barack’s piece tonight! Good gawd the man has a ton of class. Johnny & Sarah Pee can’t hold a candle to him. Barack reeks of humanity, compassion, and trustworthiness.

  13. kayinmaine said

    PIAW, I’m sure Barack will have a link to it on his website. The site is busy tonight so good luck trying to get on!


  14. clif said

    PWIW, it didn’t take long;

    American Stories, American Solutions

  15. clif said

    kay feed your pet, askinet

  16. kayinmaine said

    Remember the letter I wrote to my local newspaper in this post:

    And then Joe Robinson called me a ‘lackey’? Well, there are still angry letters being sent to the editor towards me accusing me of being a big bad meanie for pointing this out (which is the truth, but hey, to the neck droolers….THEY CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!)? Well, a guy named Hap went after me in today’s paper accusing me of not doing my homework on Robinson (which is a lie and he knows it) and on Barack Obama. So what did I do? I just this second shot off this letter to the editor in response to him:


    My letter is in response to Hap Gallin’s letter to the editor entitled, “Do your homework” where he accuses me of not doing my homework on Barack Obama and how me pointing out that Joe Robinson’s family outside the county set up a PAC where anyone in the nation could give to his campaign was mean of me. I’m pro-Clean-Elections. Why anyone wouldn’t be is beyond me. Alrighty then…

    I’ve done my homework, but I bet Hap hasn’t. Since this letter will probably appear after the election has taken place, I think the following point should be made anyways:

    Bill Ayer’s the ’60’s radical’ worked for a guy named Walter Annenberg of Illinois. Who is Walter Annenberg you ask? He’s a prominent white republican of Illinois (he died in 2002) who started a foundation called the Annenberg Foundation in the 1990’s. This foundation is a charity set up by this prominent republican to help kids in the inner cities in Illinois and now across America. This prominent republican hired Bill Ayers, the 60’s radical guy, to write the grant proposals for his charity when it was in it’s infancy. Anneberg trusted Ayers so much in doing this, he put him on the Board of the Anneberg Foundation. In fact, if you had read newspapers in Illinois over the Internet, Hap, you would have read that many republicans who worked for the Annenberg Foundation had great things to say about Ayers and never once were afraid he was going to blow up the building. Barack Obama was also put on the Board of this foundation and the people who worked closely with both men said they are honorable people. Oh, and another thing, over 3,000 professors across the country support Bill Ayers. Any professors across America supporting John McCain and to show their enthusiasm for him set up a petition to make it publicly known? Nope.

    Did you know any of this before you wrote your letter, Hap? Doesn’t appear so. You believe the right wing spin, lies and smears of the republican party and this is why years ago the late great U.S. Maine Repubican Senator Margaret Chase Smith once said, “I don’t want to see the Republican Party ride to political victory on the Four Horsemen of Calumny – Fear, Ignorance, Bigotry, and Smear”. She saw it coming, Hap!

    And Hap? Did you know John McCain is worth over $100,000,000, owns 7-10 homes (some are apartments), and owns 13 cars? And did you know he is supported by William Timmons, you know, the lobbyiest guy who back in the 1980’s who lobbied on behalf of SADDAM HUSSEIN? I bet you didn’t know that. And how about the guy, former Enron Senator Phil Gramm, who snuck in a 262-page amendment prior to the 2000 election that had the Enron loophole in it and glorified the credit default swaps, you know, half the reason why the banks tanked, huh? Or how about how the McCains are in the process of making a beer deal with the Cuban government?

    $64 trillion in hedge funds, $10 billion/month spent in Iraq while we occupy it, $700,000,000,000 bailout….and people are blaming Carter & Clinton for this mess? I’m sorry, but if you had done your homework you would have found that Ronald Reagan was the one who deregulated the banks during his tenure. Did you know Reagan also supported the Earned Income Credit? What a socialist Reagan was! Wow.

    All of this can be found online, Hap, but something tells me, you won’t being doing your homework, when it’s much easier to listen to the braindead radio hosts who know you won’t. They like that in a listener. Trust me. I know. I’ve done my homework.

    Oh boy! It’s gonna be a bahn buhrnah! Get the hose to put out the fiyah!

    By the way, there was a woman who wrote a letter this week defending Clean Elections, Terry Hayes, and what I had to say about the Robinson’s tactic. Her last name is “Ackley” and signed her letter as, “M. Ackley (That’s Ackley, not Lackey) Buckfield”. LMAO! I love her! Nice defense on my behalf. I bet she was one who got my ‘LACKEY’ sticker when I was passing them out the other day. 😆 😆 😆

  17. clif said

    Nice letter Kay, hope they print it before next Tuesday.

  18. kayinmaine said

    I don’t get the paper everyday, but from what I’m seeing when I do, I’ve upset the locals big time! LOL I’m not sure, but I think the letters are only printed on Thursday, so if for some reason there’s time, it will appear tomorrow. Doubt it, though. Dammit.

  19. kayinmaine said

    Out of the 20 or so letters printed in today’s paper, at least 3 were lambasting me. LOL This isn’t the first time I’ve done this kind of thing. I’ll never forget the time right after 9/11 when the two local radio hosts (one is a repub and the other a dem) had banded together in a bond of unity. I started calling in with my liberal views and the right winger couldn’t stand it! OMG, he was freaking. In fact, as soon as a I would call, “Right Wing Bonnie” who lived in the same town as me would call in and the whole rest of the show would be all of them lambasting me. Did I relent and go crawl under a rock? Nope! I didn’t give up. Then one day I was walking into Wal-Mart with my young son and noticed the two hosts standing outside the building to collect money for the holidays (yes, they were ringing a bell LOL). I said to myself, “I’ll fix that Mike’s ass”. When my son and I came out later on, I went right up to them and said, “Hi. I’m Kay from ********”, and both went, “Whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. Did Mike want to shake my hand or hug me like the Dem did? Nope! He just stood there with a pissed off look on his face.

    The ending to this story?

    Oh boy. It’s not good.

    Mike the Neocon was visiting his brother out of state when he collapsed and died of a heart attack. Okay, I don’t mean to laugh….but many in my life said, “Good gawd Kay! You killed the poor man!!!”. Ooooopsie.


  20. kayinmaine said

    Here’s a blip about Mike’s death:


    Sad. Very sad. 😉

    I suppose I should have laid off a bit after George Bush illegally invaded Iraq. Oopsie. Maybe I shouldn’t have called that day to stand up for flag burning and pointing out that if all the US flags on the planet were burned all at once, America would still be standing? Ooopsie on that one too. LOL!

  21. kayinmaine said

    The YouTube of Barack’s 30 minute piece:


  22. Uncle Fester Lurks said

    CSPAN is replaying Baracks commercial right now!

  23. kayinmaine said

    Thank you C-SPAN!!!! *waving to Uncle*

  24. Grant in Texas said

    I love this Tom Toles cartoon:

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