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Politicians…don’t piss down our backs and then tell us it’s raining!

About Kay & White Noise Insanity

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KayInMaine…I am a 40 year old single Mom of a 14 year old son who has been talking with other Americans since before the 2000 election. I found the Left Blogosphere @ three years ago after having my voice squashed on the AOL Top News message boards on a daily basis since 2000. I was loud and the monitors there didn’t like it. I am thankful everyday to have blogging as my outlet now to be able to speak freely, to expose the insane white noise that has engulfed our nation and to work through it, and to talk with other Americans who are feeling the say way!

What is ‘white noise insanity’?

Here goes…

White noise is a low dull sound that drowns out other sounds (simplistic definition but you get the idea). Lies, deceits, and propaganda have been drowning out the reality of the past eight years under the leadership of Bush, Cheney, Rice, Gonzales, and others who use their own form of white noise to keep Americans from hearing the sounds of war/occupations, corruptness, and the slow erosion of our Constitutional rights. It’s insanity to me! As Americans, we must expose these politicians when they use their white noise to try to deceive us. Like my tagline says, we know the difference between rain on our backs and someone pissing down it. It’s the politicians who think we don’t know the difference and that’s the problem.

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  1. Hi Kay…..I’m Catherine. I live in Florida, I’m 40 and have a 16 year old son and a 12 year old daughter. I love your site. I have strong feelings on politics as you do, especially on how US policy will effect my kids.

    Anyway, I began my blog a few weeks ago, and it is doing pretty good, considering I’m not really sure what I’m doing as far a “blogging” goes. I started blogging more to perfect my writing than to “blog”, I have a political site and two other non-political sites.

    I’m actually writing to see if you might want to “contribute” to my political site? I have been really busy this week with out-of-town family staying with me. And I asked someone who had commented often on my site to write an article or two for me to post on my site….it worked out good. As far as my “writing” goes, I want to focus more on my non-political blogs….but still maintain and write for my political blog.

    I’m not exactly sure how you do it, but I know you can have a blog with more than one writer. I was hoping to do that with my blog. Would you be interested in being part of something like that? Or do you have any advice for me on that??

    Thanks, and again……love your blog!

  2. Mildred said

    Dear Kay, I tried to get to your friend’s webb site; however I was not able. How can I get any money to you for your trip to Washington. I am not sure I will be able to make it myself. Mildred

  3. kayinmaine said

    I’ll email you Ms. Mildred. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I’ve been waiting for you to. 🙂

  4. Ox said

    Kay, there is nothing more important than freedom of speech, and John A had me banned for weeks. I believe it has been lifted, but will never say a word there ever again!

  5. kayinmaine said

    Ox, you’re more than welcome to chat here. 🙂

  6. Kim? How come I can’t post comments?

  7. kayinmaine said

    You still can’t JP? WTF!!!!

  8. kayinmaine said

    I did find a bunch of your comments as “spammed” and did approve them. My spam catcher has caught some of yours, Mirth’s, Clif’s, and Mike’s for some reason. Not sure why and it’s not me who is doing it!

  9. Pedro Abreu(Brazil) said

    Hi..How are you?
    Remember me at Monument Square?..”BRAZIL AGAINST WAR TOO”..
    I really want to thank you about the pictures..
    They are realy good..I’ll keep them to me and show to my family and friends in Bazil…
    But now I need one more for favor of you:
    Do you if will be bus going to washington on 17 March?
    I really want to go there to show that Barzil hates Bush too…
    so I’ll wait for your answer…
    thank you very much!

    Pedro Abreu

  10. Mildred said


  11. Mildred said

    Kay, I do not believe that we will ever see any big change until we have the tapayers pay for the campaign. These polititions are just bought people. Most of us can not pay to play.

  12. kayinmaine said

    Hi Pedro! I am going on the bus on March 17th!!!! I’ll email you to let you know that. Woohoo! We’re going to DC together!!

  13. kayinmaine said

    Hi Ms. Mildred! Yes, I’m a little upset about the democrats right now. Americans want change and right now they’re not giving it to us! Dammit.

    Thanks for the money, by the way! You are so awesome!

  14. craig said

    kay, we’re thinking of moving to maine in 2008, and need info – like, how many maine residents are like you and chris achorn… vs how many are like our old neighbors in arizona LOL!

    can you pmail when you have some time? we’d like to visit maine this july, and could use some pointers on where to look for future residence…

  15. I’m not sure why I haven’t seen this site before today, but I followed a link from Chris Achorn’s site and i’m pleasantly surprised. You’re doing great work here Kay, and I hope that maybe in the future we can work together. Come over and see us at Turn Maine Blue sometime, i’ve just added you to our blogroll. Cheers!

  16. kayinmaine said

    Thanks Craig!

    I’m surprised you hadn’t seen my blog either. I have a big Internet voice! 😆 The neocon trolls tattle on me all the time too.

  17. kayinmaine said

    Craig, I don’t know many people that don’t like Maine people when they come to visit or live. The REAL Mainers, meaning the ones who have lived here a long time, have a wonderful built in sarcasm and humor that makes life enjoyable here and Mainers happy people. 🙂

    I grew up in southern Maine and Chris lives on the eastern coast of Maine. I bet where he lives there’s lots of Maine old timers!

    Soooooooooo, come on up!

  18. oceallaigh said

    Greetings from mid-coast. Though I’m afraid I’m one of those PFAs. From Massachusetts. The long way. Long story. Your correspondents, I think, will find lots of blue Mainers. Leastways, ’round heah on the coast. Just don’t listen to our radio station :(.

  19. Peter said

    Hi Kay,

    I have just come across your website and I also saw your recent post at TurnMaineBlue.com and could not be happier to have found liberal Maine bloggers. You have a great site. I also saw your comment on Adam Cote’s announcement and I am glad to hear you support his jump in to the race. I plan on working with Adam on his campaign and hope to build a strong bridge to the netroots. Hopefully we can start a conversation and build from there. Thanks and take care.

    Peter Greene

  20. kayinmaine said

    Wow! Thanks so much for stopping by, Oceallaigh & Peter! I am so thrilled to be posting over at Turn Maine Blue and with a name like that we need to get crackin! Actually as Oceallaigh pointed out…Maine is pretty blue as it is.

    Peter, even though I’m a liberal it doesn’t mean that I’m anti-military. My cousin Scotty was over in Iraq for 2 years and he’s home now. Right from the start I never blamed our troops. It’s the Bush Regime whom I blame for everything. I want our troops home and that doesn’t mean I don’t support them…quite the contrary. I want them home because I care about them! What some have had to go through at Walter Reed is an abomination and is a testament to how the Bush Regime REALLY feels about our soldiers: they don’t care.

    Thanks so much for coming by! We are going to have so much fun over at TMB. 🙂

  21. We sure are going to have some fun over at TMB. Peter, feel free to get in contact with me as well if you want to help bridge the netroots. I’m want to help out each and every Democratic candidate in our state, so i’m definately willing to help.

  22. Peter said

    Hi Kay,

    I could not agree with you more. The Bush Administration uses troops as political props and tools. We desperately need leadership that respects the troops sacrifice and is willing to make tough choices to ensure their safety while in harms way, and health after the fact. We definitely have some work to do.

    I also wanted to mention that I plan to organize some house parties for Adam in the coming months in order for him to meet as many people as possible in a casual setting. Let me know if you have some interest in attending or hosting. Thanks and take care.


  23. Lee said

    Hey Kay,

    Just saw the response you left at my blog on my ‘space’ post. Thanks for stopping by. Really liking your blog!


  24. Lee said

    and…hope you don’t mind I added you to my blogroll

  25. KayInMaine said

    Awesome Lee! Thanks so much. 🙂

  26. Dahju said

    Love your comments about Susan Collins. Time to remove the Jackboot Lickin’ Bushee.

  27. kayinmaine said

    She’s a jackboot licker alright, Dahju!! She has a lot of company too and that’s why our nation is so freaking messed up and why the democrats are going to have a hard long road to fix everything.

    Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  28. Kayinmaine you have an interesting site here. I got to it checking out my referrers tag at my site. The tag was Reed. Mines is a links site where I try to direct people to news links that are not connected with CNN or Fox. Your white noise concept has a lot of validity. Will try to send some clicks your way.
    hunterseeker in the Caribbean.

  29. kayinmaine said

    Thanks Hunterseeker. 🙂 I always appreciate hits, especially the ones I cast on the heads of the neocons. LOL I’ll take some blog hits just to be fair. 🙂

  30. Jack Fitzgerald said


    It’s me from the bus to DC. Hope you had a safe trip home from Portland. I sure got kicked in the nuts when I went on TWS (Together We Served), the Marine site that I hang out on, many of whom were at the March on the Vietnam Vet’s side. Crazy Gyrenes. They just can’t give up their warrior facade and grow up!

    My Best


  31. scott said

    Kay –

    I found you via AmericaBlog. You are so on target! I adore your views, your comments, I share them all! I’m a native New Englander, with a family from Maine, and I can’t stand anything Bush. This main is a TRAITOR. This man and the rest are absolutely destroying this country, and will have it under martial law before you can count to two, if they have their way, all rights, investigations, and government destroyed… Keep it up, Kay. The message has to go out!


  32. kayinmaine said

    Thanks Scott! I’m so glad you like my blog. We’re having fun over here trying to take down the most vicious, vile, un-Patriotic, and un-American/Constitutional cabal to ever walk the halls of the White House! Our Forefathers would have done the same thing that we are. Let’s make them proud. 🙂

  33. nytexan said

    I really enjoy you site and the passion you put in you post. I have put you in my blogroll a/k/a sites I visit. I would love for you to cross post on my site which by the way is a political liberal site, bluebloggin.com Keep up the great work.

    Debbie (nytexan)

  34. sauer kraut said

    Eh. Wonder what took me so long to find this site. Plenty of non-neocons in Maine or from Maine. Just don’t get ’em going with gun talk and they’ll agree with most anything reasonable you say.

    So, yer from Pohtland? Isn’t that like… in new hamster?


    ps – you should join mybloglog if you havent already. you can find me there under “sauerkraut” or as that crazy cat avatar on Oceallaigh’s site.

  35. nytexan said

    Thank for adding me to your blogroll

  36. Carl Nemo said

    Hi Kay,

    I thought I’d visit your blog. Your thoughts on the various issues are smokin’ and spot-on to say the least! Keep the faith…! I post on CHB and have noticed your incisive, thoughtful, follow-up posts to Doug’s site.

    Carl Nemo, Washington State

  37. kayinmaine said

    Thanks Carl! CHB is a wonderful place to talk to other Americans. 🙂

  38. Valley Girl said


    Enjoyed reading your blog. Congrats on your work.

    (I just sent an email to you at the addy you gave, about an upcoming live chat with Tom Allen.)

  39. Valley Girl said


    here’s the main link, but I sent others in my email.


  40. kayinmaine said

    Thanks Valley Girl! Awesome news about the live chat with Tom Allen. 🙂

  41. Valley Girl said

    Kay- just saw your comment at DWT! Thanks. email me just to say hey!, even if you don’t have any questions. I am really exited about this.

  42. kayinmaine said

    I did Valley Girl. Your email from me awaits. I’m excited about the Tom Allen live interview. So many questions, so little time! 🙂

  43. Lee In Houston said

    You have no right to stand before “The Wall Of Honor” and grin like a cherub fool while trashing America and the brave troops who fought and died for freedom. A great shame upon you.

  44. terry said

    Great blog…Bush sucks!

  45. kayinmaine said

    Lee in Pukistan, you have no right to be breathing the same air as the freedom-loving-Americans of our nation! You’re vile and you stink it up. No one cares about you Oil Maggots and your GOP. America is sick of you.

    I bet you’ve never been to the Vietnam Memorial. Hell, I bet you’ve never served your country, you yellowbellied chickenhawk! Go to Iraq now, Lee.

  46. Roy Gedat said

    Greetings from Norway, Maine Kay,

    I added you to the links on my blog today. Love the look of wordpress!


  47. nytexan said

    My comments are not posting do you have me blocked.

  48. Aeris Gainsborough said

    I heard about this site from David Drake (aka mrssatan).

    I am very saddened to say that WLVP is now a sports station, instead of Air America:


    To continue listening, please listen at:


    Check out Mike Malloy (whom David Drake hates) at 9 P.M. EST to Midnight EST at:

    and donate to Nova M to help out Mike Malloy and his syndicator, Nova M at:



  49. kayinmaine said

    Aeris, I found out first hand on Friday morning, June 1st, when all I heard was effing sports on that channel. Yuck. Thank you for the links. I will listen online from now on. 🙂

  50. James said


  51. James said


    I found your site through Chris’s site. I must say for as much as I disagree with the point of view you both have, I enjoy your ramblings for nothing more than laughs to brighten my day. I am so glad there are some tinfoil hat wearers (Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanies) still out there and they are keeping up all the good work. Again just my opinion (and as a blogger you know that amounts to nothing) 🙂 keep up the good work and assuring me atleast I know a couple of times a week I will have good laugh.

  52. kayinmaine said

    You’re welcome, James. I think. LOL

  53. HArrison O said

    Kay, send me your email address asap.

  54. Lee said

    Another leftie slogger…yawn.

  55. kayinmaine said

    Oh wow, another knuckle dragging neocon….*barf*.

  56. 1970cs said

    This is very likely one of the main sources for pesty trolls. This is from Wikipedia – Giyus.org

    The Megaphone desktop tool is a Microsoft Windows application distributed by the World Union of Jewish Students and other pro-Israel organizations, through the Giyus.org website. Released on July 19, 2006, it delivers real-time alerts about key articles, videos, blogs, and surveys to subscribers so that they can voice their opinions and work together to support Israel on the public opinion front.

    Contents [hide]
    1 The software
    2 Coverage
    3 Commercialization
    4 Partner organizations
    5 See also
    6 External links

  57. kayinmaine said

    1970s, most of the reich wing trolls who come to White Noise Insanity are from the oil/gas industry. Pukes, they are…

  58. Peter Woodruff said

    Kay this is a great blog! I’m so glad I stumbled on to it. Do you post photos of current events that bloggers send to you?


  59. kayinmaine said

    Peter, I post the pictures of the events that I attend and if I’m sent pictures from bloggers to post, I will do it. 🙂

    I would love a picture of the human peace sign that you and others in Portland formed on the Eastern Prom yesterday to post here! My readers would love to see it. 🙂

  60. Loving the new haircut, girl!



  61. dailytri said

    Hey there. I just stumbled on your blog. Thought I’d tune in for a while and see just how rad it gets.

  62. kayinmaine said

    Dailytri, you’re in for a treat. Some days the neocons actually piddle on the floor of the White Noise Insanity limo. It gets out of control. 😆

  63. tangodaddy said

    I am Canadian. I met up with you on Americablog many months ago and realised then your your opinions were valid and reasoning sound. Just last week you responded to my concerns about the Thule Society and again you were spot on with the comments. This site has now become one of my required readings.Your voice and message is being heard around the world. Give them hell Harry oh I mean Kay..

  64. Nile said

    Hi Kay,

    Just happened across your page this evening (here in Greece) and really like it. I especially appreciated this:

    “White noise is a low dull sound that drowns out other sounds (simplistic definition but you get the idea). Lies, deceits, and propaganda have been drowning out the reality of the past six years under the leadership of Bush, Cheney, Rice, Gonzales, and others who use their own form of white noise to keep Americans from hearing the sounds of war/occupations, corruptness, and the slow erosion of our Constitutional rights. It’s insanity to me! As Americans, we must expose these politicians when they use their white noise to try to deceive us. Like my tagline says, we know the difference between rain on our backs and someone pissing down it. It’s the politicians who think we don’t know the difference and that’s the problem.”

    Wonderfully put!

  65. kayinmaine said

    Hi Tangodaddy! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

    Hi Nile in Greece! The white noise coming out of the White House & DC is ‘deafening’, no? The sad part is Americans are not stupid but the White House treats us like we are. Tired of them! 🙂

  66. Innocent Bystander said

    Big Howdy from Dexter, Kayinmaine!

    Responded to your comments on the Web Report tonight and thought I’d stop over to have a look around. You might want to visit the Maine page at http://www.democraticunderground.com It’s not really a blog, more like a progressive block party!

  67. kayinmaine said

    Hi Innocent Bystander from Dextah, Maine! Nice to see you here today. I read your comment over on Susan Collins’ shit storm blogger’s site. LOL

    I haven’t been to the Democratic Underground for awhile, so I will definitely check out what WE CRAZY MAINAHS are doing over there! LOL

    Thanks for stopping by. I love when Mainahs do. 🙂

  68. Kay…I live in Prentiss TWP close to the Canadian border..So glad to find your site. I have a problem with a wind farm soon to come to my area. Evergreen , who is putting it in conducts themselves like Enron did. We had a public hearing last week …My picture was in the Bangor News (it was awful) but anyway the young execs. were openly making fun of me . My neighbor wrote the most wonderful email to Marcia Famous head of LURC…telling how hurt she was at the way they were making yukking it up. This email is a brilliant piece of writing. I think it is going to save our mountain..which will be destroyed …unless we stop them. Maine does not need the power but out electricity bills would go up and possibly taxes. This is solely a money making thing for Maine. The people living around the mountain will live in torment…the animals will leave Stetson Mt. Tourism is all we have left up here. Now Maine wants to take that away.I have a friend who works with a Mr. McCleod ..our state rep. He went to the hearings as he is on the utilities commission. He read THE email and went from endorsing the wind farm to going to back to dams.The email is powerful.The Enron guys lied outrageously under oath. It is because we are poor. We are the sacrifice…but it won’t be easy like the Mars Hill wind farm.We are in contact with Mars Hill people and there is a tough group here in Prentiss TWP. If you have any tips ..could you let me hear from you. The mountain is old growth hardwoods full of all kinds of animals..it will be leveled and filled with concrete with wide roads to bring in equipment. There is nothing environmentally friendly about it. But since the state will make money ..the people who are supposed to protect us are taking a pass. Thanks for anything that you can pass on to us in our fight. Martha thacker

  69. kayinmaine said

    Martha, I’m going to email a friend here in Maine to see what she thinks. 🙂

  70. Gene Zerna said

    Hi Kay, I got to your homepage tonight after seeing your signature (I live in Raymond on Lake Sebago) on Digby’s comments re Freddy (likely our next preznit based on this country’s adoration of celebrities and actors). Anyway, I was so entertained by your homepage tonight with the Britney/Bush comparisons, and that picture of the back of Senator Craig’s head, that I plan to check back here regularly. By the way, WHO is that in the photo with Craig? And why does he have such a beatific smile just because Craig is shining his shoes?

  71. kayinmaine said

    Hi Gene! Thanks so much for coming into the front seat of the White Noise Insanity limo to talk to me. 🙂

    Shining his shoes? Uh huh. Yeah, that’s what he’s doing. LOL Who is the guy? I have no idea. Someone on here said it was the Australian PM. LOL Personally, I think it’s an intern who has been working for Sen. Craig for years…*wink wink*. He’s the oldest intern ever in the history of DC interns!

    Wow! You don’t live too far from a friend who is in Standish. That’s a beautiful area of the state. I dated a guy who had a summer place on Sebago. It was a fun summer. The relationship? Not so much. LOL

    Stop on by to chat again Gene! Nice having you here. Digby is great. Enjoy everything she does. 🙂

  72. bookwolfphd said

    Greetings from Tennesse. Could you possibly roll that lovely limo down here. In case you hadn’t heard, Tennesseans are proudly touting the emergence of Fred Thompson from the Republican pack (and i do mean PACK). I teach at a fairly large college and have the temerity to be FEMALE, reasonably articulate (unless i am cussin’ out some ignant …. …. fill in own expletive), a lesbian, liberal, and an opinion i am fairly willing to express.

    BTW-came by your blog by way of your Blue Crowned Conure post…i just adopted one from a rescue agency because we presently have a government that supports legislation like the Patriot Act, trots out mis quoted Biblical scripture, but cannot seem to understand that “dominion” implies a level of care. Sorry, am still hot about the life my new feathered child had to endure because animals are regarded as property (and not very valuable property at that). Hence, we have animal cruelty laws that….well….DONT DO SHIT.

    I am originally from South Portland. Keep up the screaming….

  73. kayinmaine said

    Good morning Bookwolfphd! I rescued my Blue Crown Conure too years ago. He came to me emotionally a wreck, couldn’t fly because he had been caged for years, and only had his grey down feathers left on his body! It took some time, but through lots of love and patience, he became a healthy, fun, loving bird!

    Have fun with your Blue Crown! They’re lots of fun and veeeeeeeeeeery playful. Roscoe would wink and purr at me a lot…..that was his way of telling me he loved me. So cute! You’ll enjoy that too at some point!

    “we presently have a government that supports legislation like the Patriot Act, trots out mis quoted Biblical scripture, but cannot seem to understand that “dominion” implies a level of care.”…..

    You ain’t kidding! LOL Nice description. Sooooo accurate. 🙂

    Stop by my blog anytime! I love talking with Mainahs. By the way, I have friends in South Portland and a few relatives.

  74. misteranonymous said

    kay is lying piece of shit

  75. kayinmaine said

    Awwwwww, poor widdle troll….has to come to my About page to speak his pathetic little peace.

    How’s your blog doing? Oh wait! What blog?!! Who the hell would want to read what you have to say, huh? LOL!

  76. CJ said

    Why Kay, I can’t believe that you would delete my posts. Afraid of a little free speech from a non-ranting person?

  77. KayInMaine said

    Excuse me? Prove that I deleted your posts, wingnut!

  78. CJ said

    Well, they were there before, and now they are not. QED.

  79. K said


    I spoke Truth to Power a couple of years ago (I think) and Cheney had me extroidinarily rendered. Please be careful. You have no idea how powerful these people are. You are extremely lucky that you web site is still active and you haven’t had an ‘accident’ yet. Even those we consider our allies (the Democrats) are not to be trusted.

    Be careful and Godspeed.


    Edited by Kay:

    Oh please! I could care less what the fascists think or do to me. They have the problem. Not me. 🙂

  80. xCxJx said

    Sweet Kay, how can you censor me? Especially after you promised that your sanction is to post my IP and email address. Liar. But what more could one expect from a housecleaning paralegal with limited intelligence and a severely limited grasp of political science… sigh

    Edited by Kay:

    Here you go: xCxJx | cheney@halliburton.com | IP:

    Nice email address. Are you also a Sen. Susan Collins jackboot licker who hates America?

    OrgName: America Online
    OrgID: AOL
    Address: 22000 AOL Way
    City: Dulles
    StateProv: VA
    PostalCode: 20166
    Country: US

    NetRange: –
    NetName: AOL-172BLK
    NetHandle: NET-172-128-0-0-1
    Parent: NET-172-0-0-0-0
    NetType: Direct Allocation
    NameServer: DAHA-01.NS.AOL.COM
    NameServer: DAHA-02.NS.AOL.COM
    NameServer: DAHA-07.NS.AOL.COM
    RegDate: 2000-03-24
    Updated: 2003-08-08

    RTechHandle: AOL-NOC-ARIN
    RTechName: America Online, Inc.
    RTechPhone: +1-703-265-4670
    RTechEmail: domains@aol.net

    OrgAbuseHandle: AOL382-ARIN
    OrgAbuseName: Abuse
    OrgAbusePhone: +1-703-265-4670
    OrgAbuseEmail: abuse@aol.net

    OrgNOCHandle: AOL236-ARIN
    OrgNOCName: NOC
    OrgNOCPhone: +1-703-265-4670
    OrgNOCEmail: noc@aol.net

    OrgTechHandle: AOL-NOC-ARIN
    OrgTechName: America Online, Inc.
    OrgTechPhone: +1-703-265-4670
    OrgTechEmail: domains@aol.net

    # ARIN WHOIS database, last updated 2007-11-20 19:10
    # Enter ? for additional hints on searching ARIN’s WHOIS database.

  81. xCxJx said

    Let all who present themselves to this board beware: Kay does nothing but spew her wretched propaganda, and when you call on her to debate intelligently to back it up, she crashes like a house of cards, deletes your comments and blocks your email and IP (which incidentally doesn’t work. I guess they don’t have anonymous proxy servers in Maine…)

    Edited by Kay:

    Here you go: xCxJx | cheney@halliburton.com | IP:

    Nice email address. Are you also a Sen. Susan Collins jackboot licker who hates America?

    Also, does it bother you that Lance Dutson who is Sen. Susan Collins’ paid blogger & IT Directer is also deleting comments and banning people on his site?

    I ban you asshole trolls/liberals who come here to bad mouth me. I’m tired of YOUR childishness.

  82. ” I’m tired of YOUR childishness.”

    Awwwwww that’s so SAD! And here you claim the neocons despise you and you don’t give a shit.

    I guess you DO give a shit if you can dish it out but then block those who dish it back.

    You’re a typical single mother cunt. A loud, cunt, that’s all you are.

    Go ahead, publish my IP. And my email address. It’s all by proxy Lil Miz Cunt, so you have no way ever of knowing who or where I be.

    It’s no different than when you surf via proxy through your free AOL disc.

    OrgName: RIPE Network Coordination Centre
    OrgID: RIPE
    Address: P.O. Box 10096
    City: Amsterdam
    PostalCode: 1001EB
    Country: NL

    ReferralServer: whois://whois.ripe.net:43

    NetRange: –
    NetName: 85-RIPE
    NetHandle: NET-85-0-0-0-1
    NetType: Allocated to RIPE NCC
    NameServer: NS-PRI.RIPE.NET
    NameServer: NS3.NIC.FR
    NameServer: SEC1.APNIC.NET
    NameServer: SEC3.APNIC.NET
    NameServer: SUNIC.SUNET.SE
    NameServer: TINNIE.ARIN.NET
    NameServer: NS.LACNIC.NET
    Comment: These addresses have been further assigned to users in
    Comment: the RIPE NCC region. Contact information can be found in
    Comment: the RIPE database at http://www.ripe.net/whois
    RegDate: 2004-04-01
    Updated: 2004-04-06

  83. elizabeth said


    I, too, first read your posting on ABlog. I think you offer very insightful and dead on observations. Most of the time I agree with you whole heartedly. Good luck with this blog and I will be tuning in here instead of ABlog as it has deteriorated into a social gab fest. I’m a lurker, not a poster, as I am not eloquent enough to post.

    Keep fighting the good fight!!!

    Elizabeth in Houston

  84. A Thinker said

    So it sounds like from your articles you are an extraordinarily opinionated American so I’ll make this brief since these comments in no way will penetrate your single minded head. From looking at your website I am disappointed, not in the politicians that apparently have been pissing on your back (don’t ask don’t tell) but by looking at your first page I find you to be a very poor analyst of political situations, the top story on your page… the draft? WTF? If you really think the draft is coming back any time within the next few years you are sadly mistaken. First of all the American outrage would be more than enough to ensure it’s inactivity. OH you may say, oh well Americans aren’t outraged but guess what thats not the reason it wont be used. The draft has become an obsolete form of gaining soldiers, with todays advanced fighting force civilians have become worthless. The training required and the general will to fight cannot be achieved with the draft as seen in vietnam. Unlike the world of world war two guns are no longer point and shoot (I know you may think oh well yes they are but by guns i mean weapons and Americas advanced weaponry now requires much more training and cost much more, making the use of them in a civilians hands worthless). I won’t dwell on the draft looking on i see bush cutting healthcare funding… oh man sweet jesus not healthcare. You should be much more outraged by the fact that healthcare costs twice as much in america as other countries and that corrupt doctors are raping Americans for healthcare. Most of your blog looks like copy and paste without much thought. Instead of bitching to people that will never become of anything organize, vote, get people to vote, start a damn organization, join an organization, stop wasting your time on this crap and try to change it. I know you think your inspiring people and opening eyes to these travesties but guess what, everyone knows they happen and they honestly don’t give a shit and this is not the inspiring forum to raise the masses.

  85. kayinmaine said

    I see you’re an American who can’t tell that I didn’t make the FIRST comment about a draft. It was a retired Lt. General of our armed forces who said it, but you don’t want to hear that, huh? Nope! As a cannonball-headed American such as yourself, you’d rather attack the messenger, right A Thinker? A thinker? Hardly! LOL!

    If there’s a draft, will you be nervous because for the first time in the last eight years you might have to sign up or your kids will have to? Poor thing! I’ve been dead set against George Bush’s & Dick Cheney’s illegal occupations and will not allow my son (even under the next president!) to fight in them. Get it? A draft would end all the Bush/Cheney illegal occupations & future wars, now wouldn’t it? Yep!

    So, you’re saying Americans don’t give a shit about our country in your last sentence, huh? SO WHY THE HELL ARE YOU HERE ON MY BLOG AND WHAT WAS IT THAT INSPIRED YOU TO WRITE ME? I thought you said I didn’t have much of a voice to inspire anyone? Huh. I guess you were wrong again, huh A Thinker? A thinker? LOL! Sorry, I just had to question your Orwellian name you gave yourself again!

    Most blogs are copy & paste with opinions attached to it. If you haven’t noticed this, then A Thinker is not a good name for you. Maybe you should change it, “I Don’t Notice Much”? I think so.

    What are you doing to inspire people? Bah hahahahahahaha! Thinking? Bah hahahahahahahaha! Oh gawd, that’s funny.

  86. Laurie said

    Does anyone know where the candidates stand on nuclear power production?

  87. kayinmaine said

    Hi Laurie,

    Here’s some info on Obama and his stance on nuclear power production (click on link to read more):


    With pressure to find new energy and do it quickly, politicians also have been pulled into the debate.

    Take U.S. Sen. Barack Obama. In testimony last spring before a subcommittee dealing with clean air and climate issues, the freshman senator echoed the arguments of the pro-nuclear lobby.

    “As Congress considers policies to address air quality and the deleterious effects of carbon emissions on the global ecosystem,” Obama testified, “it is reasonable — and realistic — for nuclear power to remain on the table for consideration.”

    At the same time, Obama has emerged as a leading voice for renewable energy sources — just like his senior colleague U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin. The two Democrats have been vocal boosters of subsidies to boost ethanol production.

  88. Hi, Kay!!

    When you get to Wasington, can you ask them to do something about the situation with Maine’s Attorney General?


    (The AG knew all about Peter Degennaro and Caldi Builders long before those scams happened. Duh.)

    Oh yeah, and then ask how on earth Lance Dutons became Susan Collins’ webmaster…..)!!

    How outrageously BIZARRE……

  89. DBabbit said

    I just found your website through a search on Google for “White House Insanity” – Your blog is #2 on the list. Love what I’ve been reading! You are right on target. BTW, I have your RSS on my site. I’ve just started it up – nothing much there (yet), but I am so sick of Bush and his cronies.

    BTW, I’m south of you – way down in rain soaked Georgia. Oh, and the draft is already in the works – maybe “A Thinker” needs to learn this – It’s called the “Stop-Loss Policy,” and it has been in effect for several years. Only instead of recruiting new soldiers, (because the military is having problems with that)the military is hanging on to the ones already in the service.


    It’s been in effect since 2004.

  90. Kay…

    I love your attitude and thanks for the comments on my blog. If you are on MySpace please add me as a friend.

  91. August said

    I’m happy I came across your blog this morning, the amount of research and wit you cram into each post is incredible. Its nice to see a political blog with a sense of humor but some real thought put into it as well. Keep up the good work, I hope this site continues to gain momentum.

  92. One Citizen said


    I think your website is quite impressive. You’re not only a witty and expressive writer, but you’re well researched. On top of all that, you’re a progressive like me.

    The reason I’ve decided to write to you is because I’m a creative spirit as well, both writing and creating original graphics. If you don’t mind, I’ll email some of my original graphics from time to time to you, along with express permission for you to post them as you wish.

    Sometimes I put a blurb line along the bottom which you may feel free to crop out as you wish. As in this one:

    The backstory inspiting the graphic is here





    and finally


    here’s another one you might enjoy placing on your site.

    My images and comments have been featured on Buzzflash and Bartcop quite often over the last several years but they’re often rejected as being too controversial.

    Anyway, if you have an idea to illustrate, let me know.

    Carpe Pacem,

    -oc (my friends pronounce it “oh SEE”)

  93. kayinmaine said

    OC, love the photos and Gif you created! Do you have a website? If so, copy & paste it here so I can check it out. I’d love to use the Gif of McCrazy! I’d have to figure out how to post it here, but I’m positive Gif’s can be done.

    Thanks so much for stopping by! We here in the WNI limo love having company with like minded progressives. We run over, then back up, and run over again the reich wing trolls who try to get in, however. Just thought I’d give you a heads up on that. It can get bloody at times. 😆 😆 😆

  94. Thank you for fighting and making your voice heard. The Kassandra Project needs intelligent writers who can share the message of urgency and individual freedom. If you wish to contribute, please contact me. You can copy your writing from this site onto the Kassandra WordPress site. The site can be found at:

  95. […] About Kay & White Noise Insanity […]

  96. Ralph said

    Wow…I was trying to figure out what drove you to such levels of frustration that you would be so ugly….then I saw your picture and realized that you haven’t gotten laid in…..well…probably since your son was born so what’s that about 14 years or so? A good Dick would fix all your problems…(there’s one in the White House you know…) now, I realize you won’t post this but damn it’s gotta suck for you that Hillary’s back to being barefoot and in the kitchen where she belongs….
    McCain in 08!

  97. kayinmaine said

    You support John McTeleprompter? Well, that explains your comment! 😆 Let me guess you call your wife/girlfriend/mother/sister/Aunts A CUNT & A WHORE like Johnny McTeleprompter calls his wife? I bet!

    Your old man is going to lose in November. Bah hahahahahaha! I can’t wait to watch George Bush’s 3rd term go down in flames!!!!

  98. susan said

    Hey Kay,

    I know about you from FDL. I used to be an active participant there, but after looseheadprop posted that unsubstantiated hit piece on Obama sometime ago, I stopped commenting and now only rarely stop by. I found everything about that post from the photograph that accompanied it to the inuendo disgraceful and so unlike FDL. And now I find it unforgivable that Jane has not posted a congratulations to Senator Obama, the African-American community, and to our county. I’m done there, I’ve had my issues with Jane over the years, but this was the last straw (and I have always been a Hillary fan – not my choice for president – but always admired her intellect and passion, but she lost me these past few months, and I have NO respect for her now).
    I was reading the thread where you talked about the Maine Democratic Convention. I was there too. I only wished I’d known and maybe we could have met. The Hillary people were obnoxious, though I have to say that within our Hancock County caucus, things were good and they realized that we’ve got to come together to defeat McCain. But what pissed me off the most was that during the Obama parade, the hillbillies were shouting, screaming, waving there signs, and being disruptive and childish. During Hillary’s parade the Obama folks were respectful and quiet.
    I know there are obnoxious folks on both sides. but how does Obama get blamed for everything the media does? How can Paul Lukusiak (who I have also admired) claim that Wright, Ayers, and Flaeger are all big issues for Obama? They’re only big issues because the media chooses them to be. How can he actually say that he’s sitting out Nov. to wait for Hillary in ‘2012? Are these people insane? I have two 12 year old daughters that need a Democratic president to be elected in November. Jane hasn’t said much, but I get the feeling that Lukusiak says the things that she feels she cannot in order to keep FDL neutral. What do you think?
    I had been really sad about losing FDL as a community, but I have made some friends – one who lives here in Hancock County. I miss many of the people there, but life moves you on.
    You might be interested to know that Bar Harbor passed an Iran War Resolution Tuesday at our open town meeting. After having to jump through many hoops with the town. They wanted us to go away so badly, but we persevered.
    take care and be well –
    (wow, ralph is a sorry guy, you can tell he’s a republican. Can’t argue on substance – okay I’ll just say something really nasty about you). Go away Ralph please. 🙂

  99. kayinmaine said

    Hi Susan! Thanks so much for coming by today. Darn it, I would have loved to have met you at the Maine Democratic State Convention too last weekend! The Hillary supporters were unbelievable, huh? Wow. When the Hillary supporters were smooshed inside the lobby before going out to the floor, I was trying to get through so I could smoke a butt outside. I kept saying, “Have a good time everyone! Enjoy your moment in the spotlight!”, but when they saw my Obama pins and the Obama shirt I made, they pushed me. By the time I got through the crowd I was bullshit. I should have given one of them a right cross to the face but figured the WATBs (whiny assed titty babies) would have blamed Barack Obama as the one who did it! 😆 Losers they were this past weekend.

    Sorry you’ve had such a “bad time” on FDL. Please come back, because some nights I need the backup. LOL Yep. There are nights when I am alone on my soapbox while they pummel me from all directions. I don’t care, though. I believe what I believe and there aren’t too many in this world that I will give power to to change that. See? Come on over!

    Again, thanks so much for stopping by Susan!

  100. a-mart said

    post 85 is priceless… and btw Kay, you are a sarcastic and funny as hell… witty should be your middle name… anyway… i live in conservative OKLAHOMA, and i was listening to Laura Ingraham on the radio and she said some stupid ass shit.. then i looked up some stuff on her and ran into ur blog… u had made a blog earlier this year about her… and i TOTALLY AGREE with what you said about her… anyway…i looked around a little on the site, and i was reading some of the more recent posts on this section and looks like you’ve managed to make some “friends” 😉 have a good day and thanks for the laughs lol

  101. kayinmaine said

    Thanks for stopping by, A-mart! Laura Ingraham makes my skin crawl. 😉

  102. Timotheus said


    Without God in your life you will always be restless and mad…no matter who is running the country.


  103. kayinmaine said

    Really? Gawd is in George Bush’s life and look at the mess he’s made? No thanks! Gawd can shove it.

  104. J R said

    To Kay:

    I read your brief profile and read quite a few of your emails. It’s not too difficult to figure out what your against, but is there anything that you could put forth that is productive (other than dull sound–i.e. white noise). Kudos for getting off your tail and starting a website. I just hope there is more to your life that popping off without the facts.

    J R

  105. diembe said

    Wandered in on a lark after having googled the term “oil maggot.”

    Greetings from California, from an exiled native Mainah who shares your take on how thoroughly the right wing has made a mess of things both here and abroad.

  106. kayinmaine said

    LOL Diembe. You Googled “oil maggots” and found my blog? Excellent! 😆 My job is done. 😉

    There’s been quite a few exiled Mainahs who come here to say ‘hi’. So happy that you did too!

  107. doubletalkexpress said

    I stumbled across your blog and have really been enjoying your posts. I think you might find my new blog useful in continuing to point out just what a flip floping out of touch looser John McCain really has become.


    Stop by and let me know what you think…

  108. jdlarge08 said

    Hi Kay,
    I’m 64, US WASP born and raised, resident of S. Korea most of the past 20 years, and I am very pleased to have found your blog, because now, instead of racking my brain to make many or most of the points you seem to make pretty effortlessly, I’m just going to post a link to you and tap in a little intro that says about what I just said, and it’s going to free up my time enormously to write about art and other stuff. I’ll probably keep part of an oar in the political water, but as long as you’re pulling so hard, I’ll just kind of lay back in the canoe here and enjoy the sound and motion here atop your rockin’ and rollin’ wave.
    Jack Large

  109. kayinmaine said

    Welcome Jack! Oh sure…have yourself a nice relaxing day in the canoe with the fishing pole resting on the side of it while I do all the work for ya. 😆 You retired people are something else. 😆 😆

  110. watching swiftboaters said

    Hi Kay,

    how do we get the “blog?,” “thread,” about Susan Collins dishonsty and sexual preferences out front? I wish to state out front, I DO NOT CARE ABOUT HER SEXUAL PREFERENCES, but “what goes around, comes around.” She is playing dirty, so LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!








    It was explained to me that they can’t steal state elections and local. But, they can steal the presidential. If you will notice, they did not steal the last local elections, Dems took over. So, when they do, for the third time, what they have done, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO???? Rove is smart enough to apply other tricks in other states. They have a LOT to lose if they allow an honest election to take place. If they allow an honest election, they will not be able to control judges who are in sitting on their war criminal cases. They will not be able to control judges whom they are going to pleaing in front of. If they lose, THEY WILL GO TO PRISON. I spoke to someone yesterday who said that he doesn’t even care about the impeachment, there are so many who are planning to put them in prison via the courts. They have broken many many laws. For this reason, they have BIG interest in stealing another election.


  111. watching swiftboaters said


    Kay, you are one BRAVE gal. In the day and age where our pc’s are being apprehended as we come back into the country (on c-span, a business woman said that they are taking laptops and keeping them for as long as they want, taking things off, and not informing the owners of what they did) where ANYTHING that we do can legally be opened up by the prez, when the prez can do anything he wants if for any reason he thinks we are “terrerests”, you are one brave brave gal. When i look back at the day before these thugs took over, it was so much nicer….yes, there were big problems (campaign financing) but this FISA thing, torcher thing, etc etc…they are hard pills to swallow.

    BRAVO Kay!

  112. watching swiftboaters said

    excuse spelling…torture…….don’t want to SPELL like PRESIDENT IDIOT speaks!

  113. kayinmaine said

    Good morning, Watching Swiftboaters! Well, this might explain why there are more lawyers giving to Barack Obama than Johnny McTeleprompter. I’m thinking there’s gonna be lots of lawsuits & trials come 2009 and ole Barack being a Constitutional lawyer (having taught classes at Harvard), well, I can see why the lawyers are throwing their money behind him!

    Poor Johnny McTeleprompter. All his money is coming from Big Oil, but he wants us to think that’s not true. Uh ha, I see. *rolling eyes*

    Watching Swiftboaters, I’m sure Sen. Susan Collins’ office has put a fatwa on my head. One of their trolls knows my real name and address. Nice, huh? If I end up dead we’ll know who to blame…



  114. […] a very unexpected H/T to Kayinmaine at White Noise […]

  115. loomisnews said

    Y’all quit picking on John McCain. He’s only made any mistakes cause he missed his afternoon nap.

  116. kayinmaine said

    Poor Johnny. He needs a nap and a pacifier every day before noon. 😆

  117. deannaizme said

    Very interesting site … I’ll be coming back. I’m glad I stumbled on you through the alliance.

  118. michael said

    just another dumbass liberal whore

  119. kayinmaine said

    Oh wow, just another dumbass jackboot licking reich wing moron is in our midst! *waving to Michael*

  120. loomisnews said

    Dumbasses say what?

  121. Michael said


  122. kayinmaine said

    Can’t hear?

  123. watching swiftboaters said

    I think that the Repub party has become used to a competitive party that lies down and takes it off of the hot-aired, namecalling, puffed chested, MACHO, MALE, bravado, know nothing about politics, hate mongering, personality-oriented-ignore-issues rightwing angry “Christian”, ruled by an upper income class that they are not even AWARE of, rightwing, cheating, lying, conniving, loudmouthed IDIOTS. I think that they are going to be VERY surprised, people like Michael and my brother, that

    WE AIN’T GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED, RIGHTWINGERS. A NEW BREED OF LEFTISTS HAVE BEEN BORNE. Through Darwin’s discovery of evolution we have learned that living beings adapt to circumstances. WELL, THERE IS A NEW BREED IN TOWN…….

    You have your cowboys, we have our pascifists. What the cowboys have turned ME into is a


    your days of running the show are OVER………………O—V—E—R…THEY ARE OVER….you are a bunch of heretics and it is time for ME to stand up to YOU, you bunch of hate mongers.




    You don’t think libersls get mad?………we have the most powerful weapon on earth……..we have REASON and INTELLIGENCE…

    You have bravado, big mouths, and………….well, not much more that I can think of….

    a bully is easily beaten by intelligence, you MORONS

    P.S. you call names that have nothing to do with issues or truth, such as “whore,” I call names ONLY that are true…..we have it ALL over you, you big mouthed jack assed pious biased rightwingers. I WOULD NOT GO TO HEAVEN UNDER ANY CONDITIONS IF A RIGHTWINGER WERE THERE….YOU TAKE HEAVEN………I’LL TAKE SANITY

  124. Chris Carlson said

    You’re a very rude woman. I feel sorry for you.

  125. kayinmaine said

    And you’re a neck drooling knuckledrooling neocon. I really feel sorry for you.

  126. David said

    I saw the picture of you standing in front of a veterans memorial. As a Veteran I say you are Welcome. Because I have fought hard to protect you and your fellows on this site right to speak freely. Some of my brothers and sisters in arms even died for your rights. We honestly do not care if you appriciate us or not. We still would do it. So continue with your blissful ignorance and know better people than you are defending your right to write the crap I seen on your site.

    I won’t be back to your site to check on your responses because I honestly do not care what you have to say. It is not worth reading. I also doubt you will post my contrary view because it does not fit with your agenda.

  127. David said

    Well I will be dammed it posted!! That part I take back. The rest still stands!!

  128. Randy said

    David Says:
    September 5, 2008 at 8:00 am

    I won’t say “thank you for your service” because you can call any neocon talk show and get that aural fellatio.

    What you and your fellow neocons love to point out without saying it in so many words is you fought for everyone’s right to free speech as long as it doesn’t contradict your views.

    Well, a big FUCK YOU for that service!

    My family has fought in every skirmish and war since America was “discovered” and I don’t need you to fight for any of my rights.

    I know you won’t see this because you said you won’t be back. I may or may not speak for others but who cares if you come back or not?

  129. kayinmaine said

    Bye David! Say “hi” to my father who was a tank Sargent in the early 60’s! Oh that’s right. David only likes Vets who are republican, isn’t that right asshole? You assholes go after John Kerry who has shrapnel in his leg from his wounds in Vietnam while at the same time you say you honor our Vets!


    I bet David has never been to the Vietnam Memorial in DC.

  130. kayinmaine said

    The only way our rights can be taken away is by a president such as George Bush. Killing people overseas to protect us argument…isn’t cutting the mustard anymore. Maybe back in the 1770’s it was, but not today.

    Any questions David or are you in the corner crying because you said you were leaving but really want to stay? Bah hahahahahahahahaha! Bye loser!

  131. Randy said

    George Bush said Osama bin Laden hated us for our freedoms so he and his neocon turds have been working their asses off for the last eight years taking all our freedoms away.

    Oh,… and George Bush is a “veteran.” How’s THAT for fighting for our rights?!

  132. kayinmaine said

    LOL Randy. Exactly. 😆 😆 😆

  133. Sarah said

    are there any pictures of your nipples on the internet kay

  134. kayinmaine said

    Sarah (Palin), you got enough nipples to worry about appearing on the internet, so don’t be worrying about mine! 😆 😆

  135. leon Gunther said

    We Love your Blogg. all of my Family agree with you. it is nice to know that a ‘Fello Traveler is out there.

    Love Leon, Kismet, Cedar,Josh & Spunky our Lab

  136. leon Gunther said

    Hello Fellow traveler we hope to meet you when you become Oxford’s next County Commissioner. Power to the People’ “Mission Accomplished’

  137. youdontgetit said

    wow. you libs just don’t get it. Obama lies to you more in one(1) day, then Bush did in eight(8) years. you accuse the right of hate speech and having big mouths? what do you call what you are all doing on this site. not only this site but all leftys cry about “big mouth republicans” spewing nothing but “hate speech” one second, then turn around the next second and say things that are so much worse. it is quite amusing to us normal, average American people. You guys are aware that America is a RIGHT of CENTER nation right? it has been since its founding. Its common sense for us “real Americans” This socialist manure that is being forced on us will never stand. Its just a matter of time now until the liberal trash in Washington DC is thrown out forever. I say forever because the right of center real Americans are waking up and seeing the truth about what this socialism/marxism is really. The Dems had a real chance with supermajority and president. its a shame they wasted it with radical obama.

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