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Alaskan U.S. Senator Ted Stevens going to the slammer

Posted by kayinmaine on October 27, 2008

(photo of Ted Stevens and Sen. Susan Collins of Maine talking about having a beer on Ted’s new front porch up there in Alaska, obviously)

Bah hahahahahahaha! We knew the old man had it in him. Guilty on all 7 counts. Yep, at the end of his life we just knew he’d be the type of old guy who just says, ‘fuck it’, and starts breaking the law as if he’s trying to outdo the Palin family in abuses of power and corruption totals!

Speaking of the Palins…

….is anyone in Alaska gonna look into that swanky home the Palins built for free using the outfit who built the sports complex, you know, the sports complex that Sarah Palin as mayor of Wasilla lobbied for to the tune of $23 million? Oh boy. I guess it’s not okay for Sen. Ted Stevens to take gifts and then lie about it, but it’s okay for Caribou Barbie and her family to get their home built through the same kind of fascist type capitalism!

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Republicans in Texas are desperately trying to steal the election for John McCain!

Posted by kayinmaine on October 25, 2008


Well, of course they are. Diebold is a big right wing supporter who loves George Bush and the American Taliban, so it makes sense that the ‘new and improved’ electronic Diebold voting machines are flipping votes from Democrat to republican and to other parties, because really, how else can the right wing Taliban of America win an election without stealing it? They can’t. America has always been left of center no matter how much the wingnuts try to tell us we’re not.

The American Taliban will stop AT NOTHING to win every year past, present, and future.

John McCain cannot win this year on his voting record (90% in favor of Bush’s economic & foreign policies), can’t run on his own wacked ideologies, and certainly can’t rely on Sarah Palin to get the loonies to gun down Barack Obama to win (though, she’s trying her hardest to!), so it makes sense Diebold is working overtime to get him elected!


I hate the American Taliban. This is a party who is made up of criminals, thieves, and people who hate democracy. The End.

SCREW THE AMERICAN TALIBAN OVER BY VOTING EARLY USING A PAPER BALLOT TO RECORD YOUR VOTE BEFORE ELECTION DAY, NOVEMBER 4, 2008. Call your local town/city hall to find out how to do it. It’s easy to do so do it!!!!

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Shocker! Ashley the McCain/Palin supporter is a big fat liar!

Posted by kayinmaine on October 24, 2008


We knew it would happen. Every time a right winger of America tries to paint a liberal out to be something they’re not or concocts a story to “prove’ that liberals are the hate mongers of our society, it backfires on the neocons! And yelling ‘fire!’ in a building that is not on fire just causes drama that could get someone hurt for crying out loud. This is the kind of crap we learned in grade school, meaning, we learn early on to not call wolf….ahhhhhh….but if you’re a neocon such as Ashley The Liar, then you resort back to grade school and make shit up, so you can get yourself some attention! Spit.

Can you imagine if she had picked a black man out of a line-up if the police had actually believed her story? Another innocent black man sent to jail (or beaten or killed) because a white woman such as Ashley (and Sarah Palin), yelled, “That black man raped me!” in a crowd of white racist men…..all because she wanted to feel important and because she wanted to help John McCain & Sarah Palin who don’t give two shits about her!

Good gawd. How low will the right wingers go over the course of the next week and the next 4 years when Barack Obama deservedly gets in the White House? I don’t even want to think about it. America’s streets will be unrecognizable because of the neck drooling knuckle dragging neocons and the blame will be placed solely on their shoulders too. Immature assholes!


If for some reason Ashley is mentally disturbed and did do this for attention, then she needs to get herself some help! I don’t care if she has to get Medicaid to get the help she needs either. Anyone who would create the fake plot as she did including engraving a “B” on her face is in serious need of psychiatric attention. This situation is a good case for why community organizers are important! She needs someone to take her under their wing to guide her back in the right direction. Currently, she’s going down the wrong road.

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Glenn Beck is okay with militias in America but is scared of Bill Ayers

Posted by kayinmaine on October 23, 2008

(MySpace picture)

This morning on the way to work my ears were bleeding as I listened to the Glenn Beck radio program. He was talking about the Fairness Doctrine and how awful it would be to have liberals on every program to counterbalance his asinine bullshit. Poor thing. Anyways, he went on and on and on about how the Fairness Doctrine was not really fair and he started on this diatribe of fear by basically saying that the liberals were gonna take over the airwaves, our rights as U.S. citizens, and the universe if Barack Obama gets in. Oh the fear was raging this morning!

Then it happened.

A listener called in and asked Glenn Beck point blank if it’s time to start militias in this country to defend our rights as U.S. citizens, because…well…he was getting scared of all the Fairness Doctrine talk. Glenn wasn’t taken aback by this concept of militias, as much as he was of the caller who was giving A REASON for the liberals to go after shows like Beck’s in the future, because it’s that kind of talk (the talk of rising up militarily against the US government by US citizens) that would get Beck’s program and others pulled off the air.

Glenn decided to talk about militias and then talked about how scary it would be if our guns were taken away from us and how the liberals will actively work to do this (what a joke….we just want some regulation, morons! Spit). Oh yes…Glenn sat there in front of his microphone today just spewing the right wing forked tongue bullshit to get his listeners so scared that they all started calling each other to form a militia right then and there!

Militias are good. Ayers is bad, apparently…

Oh, but Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, John McCain, and other neocons have spouted for weeks now about how dangerous Bill Ayers is! Yeah, you know, the Bill Ayers who with others blew up the same statute twice, who tried to blow up the Pentagon (sorry Glenn, but the Pentagon is a small city unto itself…not gonna happen…even a missile on 9/11 couldn’t take the whole thing down!), the Congress (again, kind of laughable compared to a militia), and the only THREE PEOPLE WHO DIED AS A RESULT OF BILL AYERS’ BOMBS…..WERE 3 MEMBERS OF THE WEATHERMEN!

Okay, let me see if I have this straight…the neocons are deathly afraid of Bill Ayers (even today after 40 years), but have no problem casually talking about forming American citizen militias to rise up against the American government within our country’s borders and to also start killing American citizens who are of the opposite political ideology as yourself?

Wow. And to think Bill Ayers was the son of a wealthy industrialist who was pissed off at our pompous government during the Vietnam war, because our government was killing people in a foreign land and not listening to the American people who wanted this crazy occupation and the killings to stop!

The right wing of America has gone batshit crazy! They don’t know this yet…..but even their shit smells too! Holy cow. Can you say…..STUPID MORONIC VIOLENT ANTI-AMERICAN HYPOCRITES?

Glenn Beck can incite violence or form militias to overthrow our government, because he has a national radio program to do it. He reaches more people than Bill Ayers did, who didn’t have a radio program or a television program. Nope. Ayers just had some friends who felt the same way he did.


The next time you hear or read one of the wingnut neocons spouting off about Bill Ayers and how scary he was and is, remember this post. The right wingers want you to be afraid OF THE WRONG PEOPLE. It’s the neocons Americans should be afraid of. Get it?

The End.

And we remember how David Koresh (the Neocon Savior) of the Branch Davidians had his own religious militia…


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RUDY GUILIANI: Ronald Reagan was never tested by al-Qaida

Posted by kayinmaine on October 20, 2008

Recently, Joe Biden made the statement that Barack Obama will be tested as the next President, as did John F. Kennedy, and even gave the impression the event will be so huge that we as a country might have to go to war…again.

Here’s part of what Joe Biden said (emphasis mine):

“Mark my words. Mark my words. It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy….The world is looking. We’re about to elect a brilliant 47-year old senator president of the United States of America. Remember I said it standing here if you don’t remember anything else I said. Watch, we’re gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy. And he’s gonna have to make some really tough – I don’t know what the decision’s gonna be, but I promise you it will occur. As a student of history and having served with seven presidents, I guarantee you it’s gonna happen. I can give you at least four or five scenarios from where it might originate. And he’s gonna need help.”

Joe Biden went on to add that when this event happens the world is going to find out Barack Obama has a spine of steel.

So today I was taking a break from work sitting in my car listening to the Rush Limbaugh show. He had Rudy Guiliani on today and the two of them were talking about Joe Biden’s comment. At one point, Guiliani made the statement that Ronald Reagan had never been tested.

Here’s the conversation (emphasis mine) from Limbaugh’s site:

GIULIANI: I find the remark very puzzling. And exactly why he did it and what motivated it only Joe Biden can explain. I do know that if he’s predicting that the president he’s supporting is going to somehow motivate an attack on the United States, it would seem to me he’s doing it for a reason. I guess the reason is, the lack of experience that Senator Obama has. I think he went on to say, “Watch, we’re going to have an international crisis, a generated crisis to test the mettle of this guy.”

RUSH: Right.

GIULIANI: Well, I think it would be far better off to have a president that wouldn’t tempt people to want to test his mettle the way Joe Biden is talking about, and it is true that at least history records that that’s what happened with John Kennedy, that Khrushchev tested him and believed that he was flaunting and then went ahead and Cuban missile crisis, other things happened. But that didn’t happen with Ronald Reagan. No one tested John Kerry’s mettle. In fact, they released the hostages as he was being sworn in as president of the United States, if I recall correctly.

RUSH: Mr. Giuliani, do you realize how many times Bill Clinton was tested by Al-Qaeda, starting in 1993 through Mogadishu to the USS Cole, and every time Clinton was tested, he failed, and that’s why they tested Bush on 9/11.


RUSH: And we haven’t been hit since.

Now, why wasn’t Ronald Reagan tested by al-Qaida? I know! Here’s what I think: Because during the Reagan Crazy years, Reagan & George H.W. Bush were busy overseeing the Iran/Contra scandal/death squads throughout those 8 years. Funny how Reagan & Bush Sr. never mentioned al-Qaida from 1980-1992 (Bush Sr. president from 1988-1992), which is so interesting, because those were the years al-Qaida was gaining strength, and it wasn’t until Bill Clinton kicked George H.W. Bush’s ass in the 1992 election that al-Qaida decided to come out of the woodwork to attack the World Trade Centers in 1993…around 30 days after Clinton took office.

Bill Clinton was the first U.S. President to say the words, “al-Qaida”. Yep, he was and isn’t it interesting that Osama bin Laden was the head of this group and it was George H.W. Bush, the bin Laden family, and the Saudi royals who were already in business with each other for years when Bush Sr. was VP and president…but yet….not one mention of this death squad until they bombed the WTCs in 1993 and it was mentioned by Clinton and not Bush Sr.

(Bill Clinton had his FBI track down and arrest all 5 individuals involved. Remember that? Our nation was safe until George Bush took the reins in 2000)

Was Bush Sr. pissed off for losing to Bill Clinton? Could be. Maybe this is why al-Qaida attacked us in 1993.

This is why I think al-Qaida is the base (al-Qaida means, “The Base” or foundation) of the Bush Family and Friends, Inc. And this is why Ronald Reagan was not tested by this death squad!

I know what you’re thinking. You’re wondering why al-Qaida tested George W. Bush’s resolve in 2001 aren’t you? Well, I’ll tell you what I think. During the 1990’s there was a group of Reagan Crazies/right wing think tankers calling themselves, the Project for the New American Century, and these assholes (in the current Bush Regime, such as, Dick Cheney) realized they could use al-Qaida in a way to get what they want by allowing them to attack our nation, so they (the American/Halliburton oil maggots) could get back into Iraq to steal this country’s oil (and to use Iraq as their own central front in endless wars in the Middle East)! And they did. They waited for the 11 year anniversary of the New World Order that George H. W. Bush gave on September 11, 1990 and sat back and allowed Americans to die on September 11, 2001.

Here’s George H.W. Bush’s New World Order speech when he was president:

The assholes want to rule the world! Of course they need their own death squad to disrupt world markets or to use so they can benefit financially from endless wars for crying out loud!

See? This is why Ronald Reagan was not tested by this death squad.


I bet Joe Biden knows this too. I bet he knows all about George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumfeld, and the other American Traitors who purposely ignored the warnings an attack was coming to our nation on 9/11/01. I bet Biden knows these asswipes are conspiring right now. Wouldn’t surprise me if the assholes are.

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U.S. Sen. Susan Collins is in line with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann statement against liberals, but is against McCain robo-calling in Maine

Posted by kayinmaine on October 18, 2008

Sen. Susan Collins of Maine has issued a statement that she does not agree with the McCain campaign with the robo-calling they’ve been doing here spreading anti-Obama messages. Oh, but she does in her own little way agree with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s comments that liberals in Congress should be investigated in a Hitler-like fascism fashion. She would deny this though because right now Suzie-Q is hoping Mainers really do believe TOM ALLEN IS A MAFIA MOB BOSS!

(anyone who is against Unions in this country but are for sending American jobs overseas to people who don’t speak English are the REAL AMERICA-HATERS! Right, Suzie?)

Sen. Susan Collins wants you to believe that she would never stoop to robo-calling, because really, in her mind she believes she is a moderate and is better than this kind of thing, but yet, she’s done attack ad after attack ad against Tom Allen for months now and when Allen does an ad pointing out the truth of Collins’ voting record, Collins cries fowl! Spit. Can’t be a moderate when you’ve been voting for George Bush’s economic & foreign/domestic policies 55-80% of the time over the past 8 years! Oh, but apparently this is illegal to point out according to the Collins Mafia in Maine!

Interesting, because for the past 8 years Sen. Susan Collins has EMBRACED GEORGE BUSHITLER’S POLICIES and never spoke out when Americans were locked in cages 2 miles from where George Bush was standing giving a speech (and it’s still happening too!). Collins never once said it was anti-American to spy on American’s phone calls well before 9/11/01 as George did, and she never said it was anti-American to FIRE PEOPLE FROM THEIR JOBS FOR SPEAKING OUT AGAINST GEORGE BUSH. And what about recently when I spoke my mind on my blog about her affair with a married man in Tennessee whose wife had Alzheimer’s? Huh? Was it okay for her anti-American staff to redirect the link to that post in 2 different “Susan Collins Google Alerts” within 12-24 hours of it being posted, loading one of the links with a TROJAN that ended up infecting my computer, making it inoperable, and completely crashed my hard drive? Huh? SEN. SUSAN COLLINS IS ANTI-AMERICAN AND IS IN LINE WITH MICHELLE BACHMANN WHETHER SHE WANTS TO ADMIT IT OR NOT!

Susan Collins “always” tells the truth! She’s swears! Girl Scouts honor! Oh wait….


(that must be a secret code used only by Collins Mafia personnel? Huh. Could be)

And let’s not forget how Collins’ Mafia underling, Lance Dutson, went after those ‘foul-mouthed fem bloggers’ and how he strong armed Google for not allowing him to use Moveon.org’s name in attack ads on his website to attack Moveon.org!

Moveon.org & Google ended up backing down, but that’s because they were up against the Collins Mafia of Maine! That’s right. It could have gotten real ugly. I wonder how many funerals would have come out of it? Huh. We’ll never know now.

I’m telling ya….THE WHOLE ENTIRE COLLINS CAMPAIGN HERE IN MAINE IS ANTI-AMERICAN! No free speech for anyone unless you’re in their Mafia Family! See? This attitude hasn’t changed since 1996 either. Trust me on this. Collins will play dirty, smile to herself, but will then hold a press conference to try to get everyone to feel sorry for her, because apparently she’s the victim in all of this! Oh please. What an ass.

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Did Sarah & Todd Palin get their house built for free by Todd’s buddies who built the sports complex in Wasilla when she was the Mayor?

Posted by kayinmaine on October 14, 2008

It appears so! Last night on Keith Olbermann’s Countdown, he reported that the extragant home owned by the Palins was actually built for free (or close to it anyways!) by the company (Todd’s buddies, of course) who received $12.5 MILLION in federal contract money to build the stadium in Wasilla, Alaska.

Someone needs to do a full investigation into Todd Palin, you know, the Shadow Governor who is also abusing the governor’s powers. Spit!

Sarah Palin driving her very, very cheap car to get out of dodge…

This is so interesting, because Sarah just released her 2006/2007 tax returns and stated on it the family made @ $170,000 for each year, but yet, when you look at their real estate holdings (plus a private plane), you wonder if someone isn’t being entirely honest on her taxes, because really, how can you have millions of dollars worth of stuff, but only making what she’s reporting!

Nice. Not only has she abused her power repeatedly while Governor, but now we’re seeing that she’s getting sweetheart deals using American taxpayer money! Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska….move over….Sarah is here to take your place!

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Now Levi Johnston (Bristol Palin’s boyfriend) is lying to us…

Posted by kayinmaine on October 13, 2008

Will the McCains & Palins make the White House the “White Trash House” if they win in November? Seems likely…

(picture credit)

It’s not surprising Levi Johnston is lying to Americans, because really, he has a very good teacher right now: HIS FUTURE MOTHER-IN-LAW SARAH PALIN (now why the hell would a judge ask Ms. Sarah to preserve her emails? Because she might delete them to protect herself? You betcha!)!

Apparently the Palin “morals/values” family who believe in abstinence (but their daughter right now is on her 2nd pregnancy and is only 17), who believe in America (but they fail to tell you about how Sarah & Todd used to be members of the Alaskan Independence Party that wants Alaska to secede from the nation!), and who tell us that education is very important for the younger generation (*gasp*).

Well, Levi Johnston has now announced HE’S GOING TO DROP OUT OF SCHOOL, so he can go work on the North Slope like his future father-in-law (Mr. Ski Doo Dude himself!) , which is so interesting because THIS PERSON reported that both Bristol & Levi had dropped out of school at the beginning of September 2008 (if you noticed, the link in the post goes to a failed page now! Oopsie! Big Brother does not want you to know this truth!)! And just when you thought you couldn’t gasp anymore without fainting…


Oh please. Can anyone say ‘white trash Americans’ please? The only time you see a family like this in your life is when you drive by the nearest trailer park or on our televisions. It’s sad really. How can the Palin’s look Americans in the eyes when they clearly are a laughable combination of fools who WILL BE DANGEROUS WITH ANY MORE POWER THAN THEY ALREADY HAVE (or think they have)? Huh?

It’s bad enough that GOVERNOR Sarah Palin has been found guilty of abusing her power, even though she’s saying she didn’t. Oh yeah! Like we can trust her at this point! Jees. How embarrassing she is to the women of this country who actually do have morals, values, and WOULD NEVER USE THEIR CHILDREN AS A WAY TO PROTECT THEMSELVES!

For crying out loud would someone make this family stop please! Jees. They’re giving me a stomach ache, a headache, and a very bad urge to have a cocktail at 10pm at night!!!!

(hat tip to Grant in Houston who provided a couple of the links in this post) 😉

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The PPH/Maine Sunday Telegram throws it’s support to George Bush’s biggest supporter: SEN. SUSAN COLLINS!

Posted by kayinmaine on October 13, 2008

Sen. Susan Collins is not fighting for you. Wake up please! She backs Big Business who receive Big Federal Contracts and when you call her office, you don’t get a call back or even her personal cell phone number, because you’re a schmuck and not a corporate whore who has an in with her! Oh yes, I have a cleaning customer who is the president of a large company in Portland who has a direct line to Suzie-Q and she’s available to him whenever he wants her to be. Remember this as you read this post.

Well, here we go! The Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram came out this past weekend in support of Sen. Susan Collins, you know, the Maine US Senator who is a jackboot licker to George Bush & Dick Cheney’s economic & foreign policies, and is about as moderate as Hitler was to the Jews for crying out loud.

The PPH is a failed newspaper, so it’s not surprising to me that they’re throwing their support to Sen. Collins who voted 67-80% in favor of George Bush’s failed economic & foreign policies.  Oh yes, the PPH is fine that she voted for George Bush’s illegal invasion of Iraq (which is costing us $10 BILLION/month), voted in favor of tax cuts for the uber wealthy (the top 5% of America which is @ 16,000 families total), and didn’t supply an ounce of oversight going after the no-bid contracts received by Halliburton, KBR (Kellogg, Brown, & Root)  and others (bilked BILLIONS AND BILLIONS from the American taxpayer), because by doing so, she would have pissed off George Bush & Dick Cheney who were fine with war profiteering! She cares about what they say and not what we Mainahs have to say! See? Whatever George Bush wants, he’ll get. Just ask Suzie-Q who is the Commander Guy’s Commander Girl…

She works hard for him (though she did let up on the jackboot licking over the course of the year, but that’s because SHE’S UP FOR RE-ELECTION! See? The proclaimed TWO-TERM SENATOR is now running for her THIRD TERM. One more lie to chalk up on the very big Lie/Deceit list!).

Why is the Portland Press Herald a failed newspaper? Well, you could say in part it’s because of the Internet where a good portion of Americans are getting their news. But you could also blame the obvious: THE PORTLAND PRESS HERALD AFTER 9/11/01 DECIDED TO BECOME A RIGHT WING NEWSPAPER WHERE WAR PROPAGANDA WAS ALL THE RAGE!

Sen. Susan Collins also gets all gushy over Dick Cheney too…

This is the reason why I’ve not bought a PPH newspaper since 2001, because the PPH took on the Orwellian mantra through their Editor-in-Chief, which was: WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH. Yep, for years the PPH’s Editor, Jeannine Guttman, would write an op-ed explaining to Mainahs that things were going to change and start looking different in the news we receive. She spent many hours telling Mainahs that war propaganda was good for the soul, the country, and she even went on to explain…if you noticed that what the PPH or the Bush White House was saying was a lie, you should just ignore it, because by doing so means you are a Patriot. Unfreakingbelievable! I’m telling you……….AS A REAL PATRIOT OF THIS COUNTRY I DESPISED GUTTMAN AND THE PPH FOR THEIR BULLSHIT! AND STILL DO! Germany’s Pravda under Hitler would have been proud of Guttman for sure!

Oh yes, and let’s not forget how much the right wingers at the PPH hates the Jews! This also didn’t help their coffers.

It wasn’t only me who has felt this way for years now about the PPH. Many did feel that the PPH had gone insane and they showed their distrust and disgust of the paper by not buying the “Fox News of Maine Newspapers” entirely because of their constant bullshit since 9/11/01. I don’t feel bad either that they’re now in a position where they have to sell their newspaper.

Did I tell you who the PPH is considering selling their newspaper to? You got it! Mike Liberty! Yep, the guy who the SEC filed charges against for FRAUD. Nice, huh? Well, it’s not surprising that the failed Portland Press Herald, which might be owned at some point by a failed/shady businessman…is now supporting the jackboot licking George Bush failure Sen. Susan Collins! It just makes sense!

I’m sure the PPH, Collins, and Liberty will get a Medal of Freedom before Bush leaves office. Seems plausible and we all know Sen. Susan Collins will proudly wear it under her US flag pin!

I’m glad the PPH came out to support Sen. Susan Collins because it shows where REPUBLICANS ARE TODAY.–(Way to go! Your skirt flipped up over your shoulders revealing to us Mainahs once and for all who you really are!)–They will support each other to the death and don’t care about telling anyone the truth along the way! They’re scumbags! Then again, to be a republican means you have to be a scumbag. See? It’s all very simple.

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Why does Levi Johnston’s sister refer to Sarah Palin as the mother-in-law in this picture?

Posted by kayinmaine on October 11, 2008

There are some out there like me who do not believe it was Sarah Palin who gave birth to Trig Palin on April 18th in Wasilla, Alaska. In fact, if you CLICK HERE, you will note the hospital that she supposedly gave birth to Trig in, his birth is not listed. Oh yes, a family can ask to not have the birth publicized, but why would an acting governor of Alaska want to keep the birth of her 5th child a secret? I mean, really, what kind of information would be included in the little write up and picture that the people of Alaska already didn’t know? It doesn’t list the Social Security number of anyone in her family including baby Trig, so why would the Palin’s not want anyone to see this hospital birth announcement? Hmmmmm….

Oh wait. The whole entire pregnancy was a cover up, because it was Bristol Palin (16 at the time) who was pregnant with Trig starting in July/August 2007 and who gave birth ‘early’ in April, and who got PREGNANT AGAIN RIGHT AFTER GIVING BIRTH TO TRIG at the age of 17! Yep, that’s it! Bristol Palin is on her 2nd pregnancy in a year.

See? I can’t let this die. It shows more abuse of power, how lying is the norm for her, and how Sarah Palin when backed into a corner and to protect her family to the death, will fake a pregnancy (you can buy fake pregnant bellies online, ya know…makes for a good Halloween costume! See how real they look?) just to make sure the image of her family stays intact! Telling the truth is better than lying & covering up, right Sarah? I mean, really, this is what you’re teaching your children isn’t it? Spit.

And another thing that is very interesting in all of this…

When you look at the following picture, does Sarah Palin look to you as if she has just given birth to Trig? I don’t know any pregnant woman (unless they’re a crack whore who was extremely unhealthy throughout the whole pregnancy) who after giving birth doesn’t have some kind of roundness to their bodies whether it’s in their face, hips, fingers, or ankles! And why did Levi Johnston’s sister (pictured below along with Sarah and Trig) label this photo on her MySpace page as, “Mother-in-law, Trig, and myself”? Huh? I’ll tell ya why! Her brother Levi is the father of Bristol’s current child (so we’re told), so it would make sense that Levi’s sister would be calling Sarah her brother’s ‘mother-in-law’ after Trig was born, because the sister knew her brother was the father of Trig when this photo was taken!


The fact Sarah Palin looks like she is NOT the one who gave birth to Trig in this picture explains why Sarah Palin was able to finish her speech in Texas (she told those there-after A PHONE CALL-her water had broke), was able to stay there for some time, and then was able to board a commercial plane back to Alaska (anywhere from an 8 hour to 12 hour flight) without anyone on the plane suspecting she was pregnant (the commercial airliner would NOT have allowed a very pregnant/in-labor woman on the plane. No way!).

Sarah got a PHONE CALL right before or earlier before going out on the stage in Texas to give her speech. Was this phone call coming from Alaska letting her know that her daughter Bristol’s water broke and she needs to come home now? Seems likely to me! How else can you explain Sarah’s behavior then? Are we to assume she wasn’t looking forward to giving birth to a Downs Syndrome baby and was taking her sweet ole time in the hopes ‘something’ might happen to him? Horrible though, but I think it’s time the Palins come clean on this!

Since Alaskan officials have found she did abuse her powers as Governor, I think we need to go back to the Trig pregnancy now. Sorry, but it’s a story that is not sitting right with many Americans! Honestly, we don’t care if Bristol Palin got pregnant at 16 and is now on her 2nd pregnancy at the age of 17, but we do care about is the VP nominee telling us the freaking truth for crying out loud! It’s a truth issue!


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