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BREAKING NEWS: Sarah Palin has ABUSED HER POWER per the Alaskan Legislative Council

Posted by kayinmaine on October 10, 2008

Sarah Palin trying to get out of dodge…

Wow! The report on Troopergate is now out, but no one knows where to find it. LOL I’m serious. If you know where it is, please link it in the comments. Thanks!


And CLICK HERE to read how this person thinks Sarah Palin will bow out of the race in a week or two and will be replaced by…..wait for it….*drumroll*….MIKE HUCKABEE! From bad to worse. 😆

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Meanwhile, George Bush will veto extending UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS after having HIS Wall Street bailed out

Posted by kayinmaine on October 8, 2008

You just knew the fascist Pig would do this! Oh yes, after the House of Representatives voted in favor of screwing average Americans over to bailout George Bush’s friends on Wall Street, the House right after did a vote on extending UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS starting early next year. Well, it passed overwhelmingly (I watched it on C-SPAN as it happened) by both republicans & Democrats. Well, George Bush is now saying if this bill passes both Houses and ends up on his desk, HE’S GOING TO VETO IT.

What a fucking asshole! Now, you would think ole Georgie would sign the bill, because after getting $850 billion in bailout money that he and his Pigs on Wall Street said they needed, would result in lots of jobs and unemployment would go down! Nope! THEY ALL FUCKING LIED TO US AGAIN. As usual.

I’m still feeling the same way Jesus is about George Bush, the American Taliban (the republic Party), and all their friends and family members….

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McCain/Palin supporter under Federal investigation for violating the Hatch Act

Posted by kayinmaine on October 8, 2008

Bah hahahahahahaha! I love it. Remember on Monday of this week when a UNIFORMED police officer got up in front of the crowd in Florida to introduce Sarah Palin and used Barack’s middle name ‘Hussein’ in the introduction? Well, because the asshole was wearing his on-duty police uniform, he’s now under investigation for violating the Hatch Act!

Of course, the McCain/Palin supporters will get away with yelling, “Kill him!” when Palin is talking about Barack Obama or Bill Ayers, or threatening & strong arming the media before a rally event, or yelling out ‘treason’ (when we all know George Bush, Dick Cheney, and the rest of the neocons are the ones who have committed treason) to incite violence against the Obama campaign! Oh yes! Inciting violence against the black man’s political campaign is perfectly legal and no one gets a trip to jail! Spit.

Good gawd, I love this, because Johnny & Sarah keep saying they and their supporters are white, just, pure, and good…and would never break any laws or would never allow anyone around them to either.  😆  😆  😆

Oh, and it gets better: MR. CORSI WHO WROTE THE ANTI-OBAMA BOOK, OBAMA NATION, WAS DETAINED IN KENYA THIS WEEK! Bah hahahahahahaha! Hysterical. Why don’t we just arrest all the wingers to save our nation right now? I think that’s a great idea.

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