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Here’s what the republican party has boiled down to in 8 short years…

Posted by kayinmaine on November 1, 2008

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When your campaign fails….blame the plumber, the housekeeper and the staff for it

Posted by kayinmaine on October 26, 2008

Poor American Taliban (the republican party). They just can’t seem to bring themselves to admit that it wouldn’t matter who they put on the ticket this year, Americans are just fed up with cowboy-fascist-capitalism and are voting for Barack Obama and the Democrats running statewide and locally. Oh, but if you’re Karl Rove and William Kristol, you can’t admit this, but rather, blame the plumber, the housekeeper, the candlestick maker, and the staff instead:

And remember, when you realize John McCain has admitted to voting 90% of the time in favor of George Bush’s economic & foreign policies over the last 8 years, make sure you don’t confuse him with George. Okay?

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Joe the Plumber’s right wing family was on welfare a couple times?

Posted by kayinmaine on October 22, 2008


But I thought all right wingers of America come out of the womb working a full time, very good paying job right off the bat and end up millionaires by the time they’re 30? And isn’t it the right wingers of America who are always saying it’s the liberals who are sucking the life out of welfare & are the ones having all the abortions? Well, they’re wrong as usual! It’s the children of poor/middle class right wingers of this country who are mainly on welfare and who are most likely to be at the clinic in their area getting an abortion any day of the week. Why? Because they’re raised with the idea you blame the liberals for everything, but don’t tell anyone you’re blaming the liberals for everything you’re doing! Yep, they’re the Masters of Finger Pointing.


Hypocrites. Pure and simple. No further explanation needed. Go back to what you were doing. Tell a neocon you think they’re a hypocritical dingbat.

Hey, nothing wrong with welfare. It’s helped a lot of children and families for years and it is needed, but what is so funny about Joe the Plumber saying his family was on welfare at least twice, is he’s the one who is going after Barack Obama for his policies, when really, Barack’s policies will help him a lot! John McCain’s policies, however, will help the uber wealthy, but Joe the Plumber is too dumb to realize this and that’s because he was raised in a way to blame the liberal first.

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According to the neocons, Mickey Mouse will be showing up to vote on November 4, 2008

Posted by kayinmaine on October 14, 2008

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Have you been listening to the neocons on the tv & radio lately? Apparently after the 2000 & 2004 election was stolen due to republican voter fraud and rigging the computerized voting machines, turns out they don’t care about that….but do care about ACORN REGISTERING BLACK/WHITE PEOPLE IN INNER CITIES ACROSS AMERICA TO VOTE! Yep, and do they realize that the young kids who are canvassing all over the place for Acorn to get others to register to vote are actually signing up fake people/cartoon characters, because they’re tired and to reach their goal (they make money per registration form) they decided to make up a name so they can meet their quota for the day to make a little bit more money and so they can go home? Nope! THEY’RE ASSUMING THESE YOUNG KIDS ARE AS BAD AS THE REPUBLICAN PARTY!

How humiliating it must be to be a neocon Bush/McCain/Palin supporter to be this stupid to think that the REAL MICKEY MOUSE is going to show up this year to vote at your local polling place. Are they freaking serious? Is Mickey Mouse a US Citizen and where the hell did he find the time to get his driver’s license to vote in this country, huh? I mean, really, for all we know Mickey might have forced Daffy Duck, Goofy, and maybe even Eeyore or Winnie The Pooh to show, because Mickey Mouse is in on this liberal Acorn scheme and he just wants to drive the American Taliban of America insane!!!

Is the republic party insane and are they just going after Acorn, because they know their party and their candidate is going to lose in November to a black man and can’t stand the thought of it?

ANSWER: You betcha!

The right wing American Taliban (the republican party) was fine with voter fraud in 2000 & 2004, but they now want us to feel bad for them because they didn’t think of signing up Mickey Mouse in the first place!

And do the neocons understand the safeguards that are in place to keep the Mickey Mouses from showing up to vote? Well, first off, Mickey Mouse is just a cartoon character and will not be showing up to vote, but if Mickey Mouse was registered as a Democrat, chances are….the Democratic Chapter will at some point be calling registered voters to talk to them about the upcoming election. And guess what neocons? If a Democrat calls Mickey Mouse using the number provided (if it doesn’t come up as disconnected, of course) and a person does pick up and says, “I’m sorry, but there is no one here by that name”, the Democrat crosses that person off the list. Yeah, yeah, and when the list goes to the main office or to the local person who enters the data into the system, Mickey Mouse will be taken out of the system. And…..

….if a guy shows up at a polling place calling himself Mickey Mouse but produces a license showing a name of Todd Palin, well, that person can’t vote. But if he insists he’s Mickey Mouse than he may be asked to show another form of ID proving it (and this guy should have brought a current utility bill proving he is Mickey Mouse)


Oh, but the neocons are suddenly so worried about voting fraud this year and are so scared that dead people and Mickey Mouse are gonna steal the election! Dumbasses. BAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! So hysterical. Neocons are stupid & pathetic.

We liberals will feel bad for your “voter fraud stories”, neocons, when you all admit that your party stole TWO PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS OVER THE LAST 8 YEARS!

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