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When your campaign fails….blame the plumber, the housekeeper and the staff for it

Posted by kayinmaine on October 26, 2008

Poor American Taliban (the republican party). They just can’t seem to bring themselves to admit that it wouldn’t matter who they put on the ticket this year, Americans are just fed up with cowboy-fascist-capitalism and are voting for Barack Obama and the Democrats running statewide and locally. Oh, but if you’re Karl Rove and William Kristol, you can’t admit this, but rather, blame the plumber, the housekeeper, the candlestick maker, and the staff instead:

And remember, when you realize John McCain has admitted to voting 90% of the time in favor of George Bush’s economic & foreign policies over the last 8 years, make sure you don’t confuse him with George. Okay?


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Do the McCain/Palin audiences crack you up too?

Posted by kayinmaine on October 26, 2008


I’ve never seen anything like it.  Here’s John McCain, Mr. $100,000,000 Man Who Owns 7 Homes & 13 Cars, telling the people in his audience that he’s one of them. And how does the audience (the average audience member is making less than $50,000/year) react when Johnny lies to them like this? THEY APPLAUD LOUDLY! Yep, the McCain/Palin audiences are stooooopid.

Here’s the other crap the McCain/Palin audiences scream their lungs out for (not Johnny’s words, but it’s what he implies at his rallies) when Johnny spews it:

“Tax the poor; feed the rich!” *deafening applause*

“If you make $18,000/year, you too could have a chance to become a multi-million dollar man/woman if I’m your president!” *clapping, stomping, fist shaking*

“The only spreading of the wealth around should be to those making over $250,000! Because we work hard for a living!!!!” *deafening applause*

“Fight! Fight! Fight the poor!” *deafening applause*

“Joe the Plumber is not a liar!!!!! He’s just like me!!!” *stomping, applauding, giving the middle finger to the cameras*

“War is peace!!!! More wars means more money in the pockets of the uber wealthy! Hail uber wealthy! Down with the poor & middle class! Boooooo hisssssss!!!!!” *standing ovation, loud applause*

“Mr. Obama will raise your taxes, but I will have more Wall Street bailouts, because we all know it’s the corporations in America that run America and we are patriotic in catering to them!” *wild applause*

“Deregulate everything so as to give control to the corporations! Screw the people power! Corporations are the power!!!! *applause & “USA! USA! USA! rant”*

“Freedom is slavery! More slaves! More slaves! More slaves!”  *loud applause, whistling, banging heads together*

“No one should pay taxes, because by doing so, cuts revenue to our government and this makes us strong!!!! *fist shaking, wild applause, standing ovation*

“Bill Ayers is bad, but American armed militias against the US government inside our borders is good and not scary! Down with Bill Ayers! Up with the American Taliban!” *chanting USA! USA! USA!*

“Ignorance is strength! Smart people don’t know what they’re doing! We need imbeciles like you in the audience to help America!!!! *loud wild applause w/Nazi-like arms raised*

Well, there you have it. The McCain/Palin audiences applaud their own demise each and every time they’re at a rally. Johnny & Sarah want to lead them off the cliff, but the audience is too brainwashed to hear it or notice. That’s right. As they’re applauding their demise, Johnny, Cindy, and Sarah smirk silently to themselves. Evil. Pure evil.

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“The Vet Who Did Not Vet”

Posted by kayinmaine on October 25, 2008

I love this video! Watch it until the end. Fantastic. 😉

(hat tip to Gerald of Turn Maine Blue for the video)

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Republicans in Texas are desperately trying to steal the election for John McCain!

Posted by kayinmaine on October 25, 2008


Well, of course they are. Diebold is a big right wing supporter who loves George Bush and the American Taliban, so it makes sense that the ‘new and improved’ electronic Diebold voting machines are flipping votes from Democrat to republican and to other parties, because really, how else can the right wing Taliban of America win an election without stealing it? They can’t. America has always been left of center no matter how much the wingnuts try to tell us we’re not.

The American Taliban will stop AT NOTHING to win every year past, present, and future.

John McCain cannot win this year on his voting record (90% in favor of Bush’s economic & foreign policies), can’t run on his own wacked ideologies, and certainly can’t rely on Sarah Palin to get the loonies to gun down Barack Obama to win (though, she’s trying her hardest to!), so it makes sense Diebold is working overtime to get him elected!


I hate the American Taliban. This is a party who is made up of criminals, thieves, and people who hate democracy. The End.

SCREW THE AMERICAN TALIBAN OVER BY VOTING EARLY USING A PAPER BALLOT TO RECORD YOUR VOTE BEFORE ELECTION DAY, NOVEMBER 4, 2008. Call your local town/city hall to find out how to do it. It’s easy to do so do it!!!!

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Shocker! Ashley the McCain/Palin supporter is a big fat liar!

Posted by kayinmaine on October 24, 2008


We knew it would happen. Every time a right winger of America tries to paint a liberal out to be something they’re not or concocts a story to “prove’ that liberals are the hate mongers of our society, it backfires on the neocons! And yelling ‘fire!’ in a building that is not on fire just causes drama that could get someone hurt for crying out loud. This is the kind of crap we learned in grade school, meaning, we learn early on to not call wolf….ahhhhhh….but if you’re a neocon such as Ashley The Liar, then you resort back to grade school and make shit up, so you can get yourself some attention! Spit.

Can you imagine if she had picked a black man out of a line-up if the police had actually believed her story? Another innocent black man sent to jail (or beaten or killed) because a white woman such as Ashley (and Sarah Palin), yelled, “That black man raped me!” in a crowd of white racist men…..all because she wanted to feel important and because she wanted to help John McCain & Sarah Palin who don’t give two shits about her!

Good gawd. How low will the right wingers go over the course of the next week and the next 4 years when Barack Obama deservedly gets in the White House? I don’t even want to think about it. America’s streets will be unrecognizable because of the neck drooling knuckle dragging neocons and the blame will be placed solely on their shoulders too. Immature assholes!


If for some reason Ashley is mentally disturbed and did do this for attention, then she needs to get herself some help! I don’t care if she has to get Medicaid to get the help she needs either. Anyone who would create the fake plot as she did including engraving a “B” on her face is in serious need of psychiatric attention. This situation is a good case for why community organizers are important! She needs someone to take her under their wing to guide her back in the right direction. Currently, she’s going down the wrong road.

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John McCain’s brother, Joe, calls 911 to complain about a traffic jam

Posted by kayinmaine on October 23, 2008

The Brothers McCain…


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes….nothing says ‘experience with old age’ then the brother of a presidential candidate calling 911 to complain about traffic, because you’re just a gawddamn asshole who shakes his cane at everyone who is in his way and then tells everyone to ‘fuck off’ when you realize what a gawddamn asshole you really are being!


If you want to know how John McCain will be as president, just take a look at his pompous ass brother.

(hat tip to Ari of Oxdown Gazette which is part of FireDogLake for posting about this today)

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Glenn Beck is okay with militias in America but is scared of Bill Ayers

Posted by kayinmaine on October 23, 2008

(MySpace picture)

This morning on the way to work my ears were bleeding as I listened to the Glenn Beck radio program. He was talking about the Fairness Doctrine and how awful it would be to have liberals on every program to counterbalance his asinine bullshit. Poor thing. Anyways, he went on and on and on about how the Fairness Doctrine was not really fair and he started on this diatribe of fear by basically saying that the liberals were gonna take over the airwaves, our rights as U.S. citizens, and the universe if Barack Obama gets in. Oh the fear was raging this morning!

Then it happened.

A listener called in and asked Glenn Beck point blank if it’s time to start militias in this country to defend our rights as U.S. citizens, because…well…he was getting scared of all the Fairness Doctrine talk. Glenn wasn’t taken aback by this concept of militias, as much as he was of the caller who was giving A REASON for the liberals to go after shows like Beck’s in the future, because it’s that kind of talk (the talk of rising up militarily against the US government by US citizens) that would get Beck’s program and others pulled off the air.

Glenn decided to talk about militias and then talked about how scary it would be if our guns were taken away from us and how the liberals will actively work to do this (what a joke….we just want some regulation, morons! Spit). Oh yes…Glenn sat there in front of his microphone today just spewing the right wing forked tongue bullshit to get his listeners so scared that they all started calling each other to form a militia right then and there!

Militias are good. Ayers is bad, apparently…

Oh, but Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, John McCain, and other neocons have spouted for weeks now about how dangerous Bill Ayers is! Yeah, you know, the Bill Ayers who with others blew up the same statute twice, who tried to blow up the Pentagon (sorry Glenn, but the Pentagon is a small city unto itself…not gonna happen…even a missile on 9/11 couldn’t take the whole thing down!), the Congress (again, kind of laughable compared to a militia), and the only THREE PEOPLE WHO DIED AS A RESULT OF BILL AYERS’ BOMBS…..WERE 3 MEMBERS OF THE WEATHERMEN!

Okay, let me see if I have this straight…the neocons are deathly afraid of Bill Ayers (even today after 40 years), but have no problem casually talking about forming American citizen militias to rise up against the American government within our country’s borders and to also start killing American citizens who are of the opposite political ideology as yourself?

Wow. And to think Bill Ayers was the son of a wealthy industrialist who was pissed off at our pompous government during the Vietnam war, because our government was killing people in a foreign land and not listening to the American people who wanted this crazy occupation and the killings to stop!

The right wing of America has gone batshit crazy! They don’t know this yet…..but even their shit smells too! Holy cow. Can you say…..STUPID MORONIC VIOLENT ANTI-AMERICAN HYPOCRITES?

Glenn Beck can incite violence or form militias to overthrow our government, because he has a national radio program to do it. He reaches more people than Bill Ayers did, who didn’t have a radio program or a television program. Nope. Ayers just had some friends who felt the same way he did.


The next time you hear or read one of the wingnut neocons spouting off about Bill Ayers and how scary he was and is, remember this post. The right wingers want you to be afraid OF THE WRONG PEOPLE. It’s the neocons Americans should be afraid of. Get it?

The End.

And we remember how David Koresh (the Neocon Savior) of the Branch Davidians had his own religious militia…


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3,000 professors support Bill Ayers

Posted by kayinmaine on October 23, 2008

Oh boy. Does this mean all 3,000 professors (Democrat & republic) are terrorist sympathizers now?

*pointing microphone at McCain & Palin’s lips*

*crickets chirping*

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Sarah Palin is proud to be a redneck

Posted by kayinmaine on October 23, 2008


At a rally recently, Sarah Palin was talking to the crowd and said she was proud to be a redneck. Does Sarah even know what a redneck is? Does wearing a $150,000 wardrobe mean one is a redneck? And how about all the real estate holdings Sarah & Todd Palin have, plus their airplane, and the stays at the Ritz Carleton? Huh? Is this being a redneck?

If Sarah can’t find the misspellings in the above signs, well, she could very well be a redneck. You decide, though, the following picture of Sarah Palin in a grocery store wearing the following outfit does put her near the redneck level…


See? Very redneckishy.

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Al-Qaida backs John McCain for the presidency

Posted by kayinmaine on October 22, 2008

Al-Qaida annouced today that John McCain is supported for the presidency by this group.

And so did the KKK. Apparently, THIS IS THE VIDEO. Anyone think this might be just another CIA created video to fool the masses? Or is it very possible, John McCain, who/is was part of the Project for the New American Century, really is the guy The Base of the Bush Family & Friends, Inc. and the KKK want? You decide.

And then there was that GOP Congressman who was helping al-Qaida/da terrorists….

I’m sorry, but this whole thing is laugh-out-loud funny, because it seems to me al-Qaida is really just The Base and the voice of the Bush Regime/Family/Friends to tell Americans what it is that they want. In other words, they’re duping us again. And they’ve created a website. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, how cute.

First off, doesn’t it seem a little weird to you that these al-Qaida sites are password protected? You’d think al-Qaida would want the whole world to read what they’re saying, because according to George Bush, al-Qaida wants Muslims to take over the world, so wouldn’t it make sense to not having a password protected site? Seems a little…..shall I say….strange & weird? I mean, really, if George Bush wants the world to know something, he doesn’t go down in the basement of the White House and into a closet to scream it, now does he? Having a password protected site means only those who have been invited to participate and who have been given the password can enter the site to participate in it.

Oh boy.

And isn’t it weird that most of the al-Qaida sites have been shut down since 9/11, but the one that remains online and active is a site called, ‘al-Hesbah’, which “might” be run/overseen by the Saudi government to get jihadists by fooling them into thinking it’s a real site, when really it’s not? You know, as John Kerry would say, “holding the carrot in front of the rabbit” (or something like that LOL).

I thought it was hysterical to read in the following paragraphs that al-Qaida has a ‘slick media production arm’ and they have ‘members only’ forums too (emphasis mine):

Yet suspicions of a deliberate disruption campaign have been fuelled by the fact that a fourth website, al-Hesbah, continues to operate unimpeded, with several experts suggesting it may be being used by Saudi intelligence to monitor and entrap jihadi militants.

But the episode remains shrouded in mystery. All four sites posted material produced by as-Sahhab, al-Qaida’s slick media production arm – mostly video clips of “martyrdom operations” in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere – as well as statements by Osama bin Laden and his Egyptian deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Access to the sites is typically password-protected and they have different levels of entry: the most public are statements issued by al-Qaida-linked groups as far afield as Uzbekistan and Algeria. There are also member-only forums where participants use pseudonyms.

All are monitored by academics who study jihadi groups and presumably by Arab and western intelligence agencies.

What if this site was really run by our CIA and this is where all those CIA-created audios of Osama bin Laden talking with an old picture of him on the screen? Hey, could be. Seems more likely. I doubt the Saudi royals give two shits about the jihadists, because really….15 of the 19 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia and the Saudis would be fine if America was blown to smithereens!


Did you know ‘al-Hesbah’ (there’s something weird about that name? What does it sound like?) is an ‘.org’? LOL Yep! They’re an .org (I wouldn’t click on it just incase Big Brother Al-Qaida Bush is watching), which means, they can write off this site on their taxes. 😆  And isn’t it “strange” that ABC News advertises on it’s front page? I’m thinking back to their docudrama called, The Path to 9/11, that basically blamed Bill Clinton for 9/11. Yep, after working 9 months on the job, George Bush was not at fault for 9/11 at all. *rolling eyes* (I think MSNBC & CNN were thrown on this site to make it look good…notice how Fox News is not listed…seems like a right wing thing to do to leave out Fox, now doesn’t it? Yep.)

As usual, something doesn’t seem right about al-Qaida. Seems to me like it spends it’s days helping out the American Taliban (the republic party here in America), doesn’t it to you?

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