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The next time John McCain says ‘my friends’ think of this video

Posted by kayinmaine on November 1, 2008


(hat tip to Foothillsmike of FDL for posting this video today)

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John McCain funded a PLO right wing think tank?

Posted by kayinmaine on October 31, 2008

Ooopsie dooooo. It appears John McCain is MORE connected to Bill Ayers and Rashid Khalidi (a PLO sympathizer) than Barack Obama is. Seems Johnny gave Mr. Khalidi close to $500,000 in the last ten years when Johnny was in charge of the International Republican Institute. Keith Olbermann explains (hat tip to Rutherford Lawson for posting this video on her blog):

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Sarah Palin booed when she congratulated the Phillies for winning the World Series

Posted by kayinmaine on October 30, 2008

I love it. Apparently the people of Erie, PA despise the Phillies. Had Sarah Palin done her homework like an exceptional executive leader would have or had surrounded herself with people who could look past her looks, she would have known this prior to opening her lipstick coated mouth. Huh. I guess she has surrounded herself with a bunch of Joe the Plumbers who worship her for her boobs and not for anything else. Yep, they just follow her around like a bunch of robots. I guess she’s getting what she paid for! And I’m not talking about her clothes either! I’m talking about the blind leading the blind. She’s blind, they’re blind, and her little mini-run-for-the-presidency is summing up to be the most hysterical (and racist!) uneducated one in history!

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Sarah Palin gives a speech on oil production to an audience of solar panel supporters

Posted by kayinmaine on October 29, 2008

Here’s Sarah Palin driving to the speech and singing this tune, “I’m a little bit oil….and I’m a little bit rock & coal…”:

Ummmmm, does it makes sense to be giving a major speech on oil with a ‘drill baby drill’ kind of enthusiasm by mentioning Alaska/Oil/Pipeline constantly through out the speech, when you’re talking to a group who want alternative energies, such as solar panel technology? Well, that’s exactly was Sarah “me me me and more me” Palin did today! I’m telling you…it was embarrassing to watch. And I did watch the whole thing, mind you. At one point I thought of throwing the tv across the room when she was using her ‘poor me/poor Alaska’ attitude constantly. Oh yes! Poor Little Alaskan Oil Princess just wants Alaska to be the next Saudi Arabia, so she and her King’s men can charge the rest of the 49 U.S. states three times the amount for oil! Isn’t that right, asswipe?

Embarrassing. Ironic. She truly is.

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Check out the new McCain/Palin campaign sign! It’s gonna be popular!

Posted by kayinmaine on October 28, 2008


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Alaskan U.S. Senator Ted Stevens going to the slammer

Posted by kayinmaine on October 27, 2008

(photo of Ted Stevens and Sen. Susan Collins of Maine talking about having a beer on Ted’s new front porch up there in Alaska, obviously)

Bah hahahahahahaha! We knew the old man had it in him. Guilty on all 7 counts. Yep, at the end of his life we just knew he’d be the type of old guy who just says, ‘fuck it’, and starts breaking the law as if he’s trying to outdo the Palin family in abuses of power and corruption totals!

Speaking of the Palins…

….is anyone in Alaska gonna look into that swanky home the Palins built for free using the outfit who built the sports complex, you know, the sports complex that Sarah Palin as mayor of Wasilla lobbied for to the tune of $23 million? Oh boy. I guess it’s not okay for Sen. Ted Stevens to take gifts and then lie about it, but it’s okay for Caribou Barbie and her family to get their home built through the same kind of fascist type capitalism!

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Not sure why, but every time I see Cindy McCain on my tv I think of this song…

Posted by kayinmaine on October 27, 2008

Have you seen her lately? She just stands there behind her husband lost in space and eyes glazed over. What the hell is the woman on? I doubt acid or heroin, but come on, what pharmaceutical is making her into a full fledged fascist neocon (without the neck drooling, though, I suspect we’ll see that at some point in the next 8 days)! I’m scared for her.

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When your campaign fails….blame the plumber, the housekeeper and the staff for it

Posted by kayinmaine on October 26, 2008

Poor American Taliban (the republican party). They just can’t seem to bring themselves to admit that it wouldn’t matter who they put on the ticket this year, Americans are just fed up with cowboy-fascist-capitalism and are voting for Barack Obama and the Democrats running statewide and locally. Oh, but if you’re Karl Rove and William Kristol, you can’t admit this, but rather, blame the plumber, the housekeeper, the candlestick maker, and the staff instead:

And remember, when you realize John McCain has admitted to voting 90% of the time in favor of George Bush’s economic & foreign policies over the last 8 years, make sure you don’t confuse him with George. Okay?

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Do the McCain/Palin audiences crack you up too?

Posted by kayinmaine on October 26, 2008


I’ve never seen anything like it.  Here’s John McCain, Mr. $100,000,000 Man Who Owns 7 Homes & 13 Cars, telling the people in his audience that he’s one of them. And how does the audience (the average audience member is making less than $50,000/year) react when Johnny lies to them like this? THEY APPLAUD LOUDLY! Yep, the McCain/Palin audiences are stooooopid.

Here’s the other crap the McCain/Palin audiences scream their lungs out for (not Johnny’s words, but it’s what he implies at his rallies) when Johnny spews it:

“Tax the poor; feed the rich!” *deafening applause*

“If you make $18,000/year, you too could have a chance to become a multi-million dollar man/woman if I’m your president!” *clapping, stomping, fist shaking*

“The only spreading of the wealth around should be to those making over $250,000! Because we work hard for a living!!!!” *deafening applause*

“Fight! Fight! Fight the poor!” *deafening applause*

“Joe the Plumber is not a liar!!!!! He’s just like me!!!” *stomping, applauding, giving the middle finger to the cameras*

“War is peace!!!! More wars means more money in the pockets of the uber wealthy! Hail uber wealthy! Down with the poor & middle class! Boooooo hisssssss!!!!!” *standing ovation, loud applause*

“Mr. Obama will raise your taxes, but I will have more Wall Street bailouts, because we all know it’s the corporations in America that run America and we are patriotic in catering to them!” *wild applause*

“Deregulate everything so as to give control to the corporations! Screw the people power! Corporations are the power!!!! *applause & “USA! USA! USA! rant”*

“Freedom is slavery! More slaves! More slaves! More slaves!”  *loud applause, whistling, banging heads together*

“No one should pay taxes, because by doing so, cuts revenue to our government and this makes us strong!!!! *fist shaking, wild applause, standing ovation*

“Bill Ayers is bad, but American armed militias against the US government inside our borders is good and not scary! Down with Bill Ayers! Up with the American Taliban!” *chanting USA! USA! USA!*

“Ignorance is strength! Smart people don’t know what they’re doing! We need imbeciles like you in the audience to help America!!!! *loud wild applause w/Nazi-like arms raised*

Well, there you have it. The McCain/Palin audiences applaud their own demise each and every time they’re at a rally. Johnny & Sarah want to lead them off the cliff, but the audience is too brainwashed to hear it or notice. That’s right. As they’re applauding their demise, Johnny, Cindy, and Sarah smirk silently to themselves. Evil. Pure evil.

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“The Vet Who Did Not Vet”

Posted by kayinmaine on October 25, 2008

I love this video! Watch it until the end. Fantastic. 😉

(hat tip to Gerald of Turn Maine Blue for the video)

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