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A socialist wants to get rid of the US Constitution & the Bill of Rights?

Posted by kayinmaine on October 28, 2008

Socialism is all about the power of the people (Barack Obama in front of 100,000)…


The right wingers are freaking out about a Barack Obama presidency. All day yesterday, starting with Glenn Beck’s radio show, the theme was: SOCIALISTS HATE AMERICA. SOCIALISTS THINK OF THE CONSTITUTION AS A ‘GAWD DAMN PIECE OF PAPER’ AND WILL WORK TO DESTROY IT. SOCIALISTS HATE THE BILL OF RIGHTS.

Unfreakingbelievable. It’s such nonsense. Socialists want RIGHTS FOR EVERYONE. Get used to it. It’s fascism that wants to erase the rights of the people and the right wingers are now freaking about a 2001 radio interview Barack Obama did where he talks about the Civil Rights movement in this country. Here’s part of it:


What the wingers are most afraid of in this audio is how Barack, once again, talks about redistributing the wealth. Of course, Barack is not saying then or now that he’s going to send in the National Guard to steal money from the uber wealthy in this country. Nope. This is how the right wing fringe is perceiving it to be. What he’s saying is, even after the Civil Rights movement, blacks in our country were able to sit at a lunch counter….but then points out….they weren’t able to get a job or at least a good paying one based solely on their skin color. To Barack, this was one part of the failure of the Civil Rights movement. Employing people generates income and when we’re paid, we spend our money.

Do the right wingers of America understand over the last 8 years George Bush decided where American taxpayer money would be spent? Do they understand that most of our money goes to the military? I doubt it. They’ve been thrilled with the idea the wealthy have not paid their taxes during a time of war while spending an additional $10 BILLION/month in a foreign land. Bankrupting America is patriotic to them apparently…

May I say this? It was Ronald Reagan who embraced the idea of redistrubting the wealth with the Earned Income Tax Credit. Nice, huh? Do the right wing Reagan Crazies know this? Oh, probably not. They just want you to be scared of socialism, when honestly, they have no idea what it is or what it means.

Socialism today looks different than it did decades ago, but the common theme still is: socialists want power to be in the hands of the majority of people and not in the hands of a few at the top. Why do the right wingers fear this concept? Is it because they’re fascists and think America should be a dictatorship/Banana Republic where the White House makes all the decisions and gives the finger to Americans? Apparently.

Why is it a bad thing for the wealthy in America to pay their fair share of the taxes? And why should they be able to send American jobs overseas without punishment? Regulation of the banking industry & Wall Street is needed right now, so why the hell are the wingers in America who are making $18,000/year so afraid of this kind of socialist thinking? Do they not care about our country or the citizens in it?

Union jobs are bad? It’s a socialist concept that Americans should be paid a fair wage to live in our society and should have a stable job no matter what color, religion, or creed you are. This is scary to the right wingers? Why??????? No one is saying all of Americans have to work in a Union, but it should be an EASY option for the majority of skilled employees who want it.

Here’s a Union leader talking to members about Barack Obama and the importance of Unions in our country:

What a great man! Thank you Richard Trumka! My father raised us kids on Union wages when he worked for a paper mill for most of his working years.

LET’S USE THIS POST TO FIND OUT WHAT IT IS THE RIGHT WINGERS ARE REALLY SCARED OF. After 8 years of Hitler-like fascism, I truly am puzzled why the right wingers are scared of socialism.

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