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Check out Tom Ryan’s latest video about voting machine fraud

Posted by kayinmaine on November 1, 2008

Someone over on FDL just posted a link to this in the comments. I though it was hysterical (and frightening of course!) and I hope Tom Ryan wins his race this Tuesday:

6 Responses to “Check out Tom Ryan’s latest video about voting machine fraud”

  1. clif said

    How stupid is sarah palin really,


    The Prank Call: Palin Thinks She’s Speaking To Sarkozy

    Man is she gullible and STOOPID to boot.

    They don’t screen her calls any better then McCain vets his VP picks.


  2. clif said

    Kay, you’ll like this one, if askinet lets go of it.

  3. opit said

    Voting machine fraud and much more electoral jiggery have been covered at BradBlog for years. Worth a look.

  4. steve said

    hi Kay,

    hope your well.

  5. lou said

    I guess then we should do a recount from the ’08 election?

    Oh found this you may enjoy


  6. Anniee451 said

    No post-election posts? Weeping in your wheaties or what?

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