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Sarah Palin booed when she congratulated the Phillies for winning the World Series

Posted by kayinmaine on October 30, 2008

I love it. Apparently the people of Erie, PA despise the Phillies. Had Sarah Palin done her homework like an exceptional executive leader would have or had surrounded herself with people who could look past her looks, she would have known this prior to opening her lipstick coated mouth. Huh. I guess she has surrounded herself with a bunch of Joe the Plumbers who worship her for her boobs and not for anything else. Yep, they just follow her around like a bunch of robots. I guess she’s getting what she paid for! And I’m not talking about her clothes either! I’m talking about the blind leading the blind. She’s blind, they’re blind, and her little mini-run-for-the-presidency is summing up to be the most hysterical (and racist!) uneducated one in history!

23 Responses to “Sarah Palin booed when she congratulated the Phillies for winning the World Series”

  1. In the past, Philly fan has booed Santa Claus. I’d not make too much of this.

  2. Chris from Maine said

    pennsylvania is a big state. western pennsylvania support the pittsburgh teams (generally) and eastern pennsylvania supports philly teams (generally).

    i guess its like the different parts of new york city.. the “mets parts” and the “yankees parts”.

  3. kayinmaine said

    That was the point, Chris. She was in Erie, PA which is the area of the state where the they don’t like the Phillies.

    Gerald, I loved it when Sarah was booed by the Philly fans when she dropped the puck. It was priceless.

  4. Gage said

    I heard something on local news today. A poll by Tulane University has Obama at 43% to McCain’s 46%, the rest undecided. The lead in for the story was how surprised the pollsters were to find the race so close in Louisiana. Normally, the republicon candidate would have no less than a ten point lead. this is exciting as hell to me. Barrack could actually win this state! Up the Blue! Down torie swine! Up the Revolution!!!!!

  5. Gage said

    Also, there’s a an anti-Barack group here that has been mailing out letters to the homes of female welfare recipients warning them about ways they could lose their welfare benefits by registering to vote, all lies of course. The letters have been traced to the group and a number of these people were arrested today for voter intimidation. Yipeee!

  6. Palin is a Whore said

    I just got home from a kick-ass rally with President Bill Clinton! I am so FIRED UP AND READY! I really hope you all can hear his speech. I swear it was his best ever. He actually mentioned how we need to turn back a radical right-wing philosophy (translation: radical Religious Right horseshit!)

    I agree with President Clinton. We all need to do our part to make sure we don’t end up with another 4 years of Bush and the Religious Right. OBAMA/BIDEN, baby!

  7. Andy said

    From an Erie resident:

    Most of the coverage of this gaffe calls Erie “Pirates Territory” and that Erieites hate the Phillies. That’s only half true. First of all, there are at least as many Cleveland Indians fans here as Pirates fans, because Cleveland is closer to Erie, and well, the Pirates are terrible.

    But the main reason why this is such a gaffe isn’t because the Phillies are hated in Erie, it’s because no one cares about the Phillies. Philly is a seven hour drive. Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, Buffalo, Cleveland, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Cincinatti, and Rochester are all closer to Erie than Philly. And many people have random favorite teams. I guarantee you that there are more Yankees, Cubs, Tigers and Red Sox fans in NW PA than Phillies fans. Just wanted to point that out, and say that as an obama supporter, this gaffe was hilarious to see. Palin might as well have said “Sorry about the Rays losing, Erie.” She’s such an exeperienced politician that she can’t even pander right!

  8. clif said

    O/T but funny as hell;

    Jesus People Pray That False Idol Will Save God’s Economy

    Wasn’t there something about NOT having false gods, and praying to idols somewhere in the book these people claim to follow?

    In fact if I remember right they even made a movie about it ……

    Where is Moses, (or Charlton Heston) when you need him?

    Maybe Charlie can rise from the dead and show these good people the error of their ways ……

  9. clif said

    BTW the ultimate in cognitive dissonance.

  10. clif said

    59% of respondents in a NYT poll say sarah palin is NOT ready to be VP or president, which means the other 31% of people are as stupid as she is.

  11. kayinmaine said

    Gage, I think this election is gonna be a barn burnah! Woohoo! Good for the Louisiana for staying on top of voter fraud. Excellent.

    PIAW, wow! Bill Clinton! How big was the crowd? He did a fantastic job of introducing Barack the other night after Barack’s ‘fireside’ chat with Americans. He was fired up! Loved it.

    Clif, I heard that poll this morning. I’m so glad Americans aren’t fooled by Sarah. As a woman, I don’t know how any woman can see her as a feminist. She is a slap in the face of feminism. Women I talk to about her are disgusted.

  12. kayinmaine said

    Wow Clif. If that picture is real and isn’t photoshopped, the message is HUGE. I would actually be able to say some in America have come a long way. 😉

  13. kayinmaine said

    Thank you Andy for some insight on the dynamics of Erie! I just thought it was funny again for Sarah to only know HER audience and not caring about anyone outside it. 😉

  14. kayinmaine said

    O.M.G. Clif! The nutcases are worshiping the Wall Street bull to turn the country around? LOL Wow. Some Americans have lost their mind. Sad really.

  15. Christopher said

    I keep hoping someone throw a pie in her face, a la, Anita Bryant.

    She deserves it, what with all of her homophobic, religious zealotry pitting people against one another.

    She’s really a nasty heffa.

  16. kayinmaine said

    Good morning Christopher! There’s a new scary Halloween video up from the Obama campaign. Enjoy. 😉

  17. kayinmaine said

    By the way, how come your blog isn’t connected to your name today? http://fromtheleft.wordpress.com/ 🙂

  18. Christopher said

    Hi Kay,

    You know what? I never even noticed this until you pointed it out.

    I will see if I can figure out where inside the dashboard I can fix this. Thanks for the heads up!

  19. kayinmaine said

    You should be able to add your blog link on the dashboard page. Make sure you put “http://”, otherwise, it won’t link. 😉 And you’re welcome! 😆

  20. Christopher said


    Thanks for the info. I may have to ask for help if I can’t find it.

  21. Grant in Texas said

    An 82 year-old blogger from Texas and her life-long friend in Maine “apologize” for recently calling Sarah Palin a bitch:


    Helen Philpot vents against everything the Republican party has become from what she remembers from back in the day when it was the party of Sen. Barry Goldwater – when the party stood for fiscal responsibility, small government and personal freedoms. Back when most of the racists, the Dixiecrats, were still in the Democratic Party and 40% of black America (including Martin Luther King, Jr.) was still in the “Party of Lincoln”. She says that since the election of George Bush, the Republican Party went from being respectable to being a party of intolerant fundamentalists and ignorant fools. She says she will stop calling Bush a jackass and Palin a bitch when they stop calling people like her terrorist sympathizers, socialists, unpatriotic, etc.

  22. steph said

    That’s nothing, Palin has got a couple of chants going at the Boleyn Ground: “One man and his dog went to bed with Palin, two men and his dog went to bed with Palin, etc…” and “Does she take it up the arse?”. All the men in my family are Irons (West Ham fans) and so is Obama – apparently, for the last six years!!!

    Which is rather surprising given the club’s reputation for violence, anarchism, trade unionism, anti-Americanism, hatred of the police and punk classics, like “War on the Terraces”. Somehow, I can’t see Obama singing that or shouting out, “I’m West Ham till I die…” still a very good choice of team. 🙂

  23. Joe D said

    Christopher, you’re a little panty waste! You support a waif president

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