White Noise Insanity

Politicians…don’t piss down our backs and then tell us it’s raining!


Posted by kayinmaine on October 31, 2008

The right wing robots keep spewing their crap! Stop them now!!!! Before it’s too late!!!!

(hat tip to Jane Hamsher of FDL for the video)


  1. JFH said

    If you’re afraid of the robot, all you have to do is remember these words:

    “Gort, Klaatu barada nicto”

    Problem solved!

  2. Grant in Texas said

    Amy Goodman on how John McCain got a “trick” and not a “treat” from Republican “movers and shakers” who put a Palin razor-blade in Johnny’s apple.


  3. Grant in Texas said

    Bush must be expecting an Obama win as he is busy today with his scary “tricks”…..at the moment, the Bush White House is working to enact a wide array of federal regulations (as many as 90), many of which would weaken government rules aimed at protecting consumers and the environment, before President
    Bush leaves office in January.

    The new rules would be among the most controversial deregulatory steps of the Bush era and could be difficult for his successor to undo. Some would ease or lift constraints on private industry, including power plants, mines and farms.


  4. molly said

    Thank you President bsh for single handedly ending that awful ‘ol republic party. WE owe ‘ya. At least a jury trial for war crimes.

  5. molly said

    Sorry I misspelled Bush…got carried away there.

  6. Grant in Texas said

    Eight days ago Sarah Palin said she would release her medical records but today her camp says they are “not ready YET!” Could it be they show she was never pregnant last year???

  7. kayinmaine said

    Grant, Sarah’s minions are creating NEW medical documents to reflect her ‘pregnancy’ and are photocopying them over and over in the hopes they look ‘old’, you know, from six months ago to dupe the public. See? These things take time! And besides, a doctor from the outside had to be paid big bucks to create these ‘originals’, so as you can imagine, this doctor had to think long and hard if whether or not he wants to keep his doctor’s license to practice medicine after committing such fraud and being found out!

  8. Grant in Texas said

    Andrew Sullivan asks, “Why does Sarah Palin refuse to prove that her baby – the baby that has been a campaign prop for two months – is actually one she gave birth to? Remember what we have been told by a McCain source about Palin:

    ‘She does not have any relationships of trust with any of us, her family or anyone else.’

    If her own family doesn’t trust her, why should we? I’m begging the McCain campaign to make me look like a total fool for even wondering. Please, blow my skepticism out of the water. Prove I’m full of “crazy shit.”


    Is this THE “Immaculate DEception?”

  9. Grant in Texas said

    I was chastised on another progressive blog for bringing the absent medical records up with the link to Andrew Sullivan. I guess we “good liberals” are to “play nice” and never question Palin and it’s also “hands off her family”, the family she blatantly USES for props! No wonder Democrats lose elections decade-after-decade because we refuse to get a speck of mud on our hands. But then we can be smug in our defeat that we always do the “right thing”! When the other side throws mud in offense, can we never play defense?

    Meanwhile Palin had her “out-of-school” kids on the stage AGAIN today, showing off little Piper in her “Snow Princess” Halloween costume. In the meantime the Obama girls quietly go to school every day, are kept off the stages. Does Alaskan law not demand her kids be in school?

  10. JFH said

    I think that Obama being a closet Muslim is more likely than Bristol Palin being able to give birth on April 18th and get pregnant in less than 4 weeks AT A MAXIMUM!… AND being able to cover this up in a conspiracy that would involve dozens of people… AND defy the odds between a 44 year-old women vs. a 17 year old women of having a Downs baby… AND be smart enough to organize a conspiracy of this size, but was not smart enough to claim or show she was pregnant at the 4 month point (the point where Bristol was supposedly hidden from the world because the family knew she was pregnant)…AND getting SO lucky that her daughter was impregnated so quick as to give a good alibi for Bristol once Palin became a candidate for VP.

    Andrew Sullivan has an excuse, he’s potentially in the final stages of AIDS and may not be thinking clearly; y’all don’t.

  11. kayinmaine said

    A closet Muslim now? Wow! You wingers sure are reaching! Since you’re going down this road, did you know John McCain is actually Joseph Goebbels’ son, Joseph, and has been hiding this fact from the public? It’s true and very disgusting and disturbing. How dare Joseph “McCain” say he’s for the people and one of us, when really, he’s the sone of a war criminal and wants to continue on the same path as George Bush (his grandfather Preston Bush financed the Nazis) has! Bastard. I hate him.

  12. kayinmaine said

    Bristol Palin gave birth to Trig in April early (it’s very possible Sarah got the dates wrong originally when she was concocting her story, but had to say she gave birth to Trig a month early to Alaskans). She then got pregnant again right off the bat. Very possible and it does happen.

  13. Gage said

    seriously. This is so gruesome it’s almost unbelievable.

    I can’t even come up with any words for this. I always new bush was a maniac. I didn’t know he’s a ghoul.

    Bush’s body parts trophy:

  14. Gage said

    Appropriate for Halloween.

    This is almost unbelievable. We all know george bush is an egomaniacal sadist. But did you know he is a ghoul? Yes, he keeps body parts as trophies. Not kidding:

  15. Gage said

    Halloween special…

    This is unbelievable. No, wait. That’s not true. It IS believable! That’s what makes it so scary.

    As far as I know, the only people who keep human body parts as trophies are serial killers and ghouls.

  16. JFH said

    “A closet Muslim now? Wow! You wingers sure are reaching! Since you’re going down this road, did you know John McCain is actually Joseph Goebbels’ son, Joseph…”

    Good point, so I’ll restate (because you don’t quite get sarcasm): Bristol Palin giving birth to Trig is JUST AS LIKELY as John McCain being the son of Joseph Goebbels.

    Trig Palin was born on 18 April… Two weeks later would be 2 May (biologically, the EARLIEST POSSIBLE date that ovulation could occur) making 1 Sep (when the announcement that Bristol was “around” five months pregnant) FOUR months later. Yes, with a bunch of lies AND a HUGE conspiracy it IS biologically possible, but it would be a HUGE statistical improbability.

    Most women don’t begin ovulation until AT LEAST 4 weeks after giving birth, and it takes a LEAST a few weeks for a women to recover from childbirth.

  17. kayinmaine said

    Why was birth control demanded by the women of this country years ago? Oh that’s right! Because if they gave birth and then dropped the soap in the shower, they got pregnant again! Baby factories they were. Bristol Palin is too.

    Can you tell us what hospital Trig Palin was born at? So far no hospital in Alaska has a record of it and you would think when the Governor had a baby, this would be a time of celebration. Nope! Didn’t happen like that. “Sarah gave birth” and then was back working 3 days later looking fit and trim.

    The fact you believe how far along Bristol is today in her pregnancy shows how much you are a jackboot licker. Believing anything coming out of the mouths of the Palins is stupid! They lie first and then make up a story later to go along with it.

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