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I’m voting for Barack Obama, so why the hell aren’t you?

Posted by kayinmaine on October 4, 2008

Barack Obama is not a perfect man, but I think he’s perfect for our country as we try to move forward after the mess George Bush & Dick Cheney have left behind. The American psyche is damaged and in some cases, it’s damaged beyond repair. There will be some who will never recover from what the Bush Regime put us through. That said…

We have to rise up! America needs to go back to it’s foundation for us to feel whole again. Richard Trumpka of the AFL-CIO gave an incredible speech to Union members this past summer about Barack Obama and what he sees for our future. To me, it’s very uplifting, because as the daughter of a paper Union worker, I understand this passion. I understand this clear thinking. UNIONS WILL MAKE OUR COUNTRY WHOLE AGAIN. I promise. Had Unions been strong in our country over the last 8 years and hadn’t been shit on by the right wingers, we may not be in the mess we’re in right now. Americans need good paying jobs, job security, a great work environment, and feeling like they have a family in the workplace!

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